Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventures of Meso Larry

In the Mesopotamia Unit, there are a some words that I want you to know. These words, 11 of them in all, are important words to understanding Mesopotamia. For this unit, to help us find the definitions, I created a new social studies character named "Meso Larry" (Mesopotamia Vocabulary, get it?) Meso Larry is a down and out, 62 year-old social studies super hero who is depressed and overshadowed by the popular Blueman and Johnny Rawten. Meso Larry longs for a chance to prove himself worthy and to show everyone that he can do just as much as Blueman and Johnny. Fortunately for Meso Larry, his chance is coming.... 
Task: With the story, write down the definitions to each Vocabulary word in your Mesopotamia Work Packet. 
Read: The Adventures of Meso Larry

DUE for 10 completion points on Friday, October 12th in class. 


jasminel said...

nice idea lol

kaitlinSorensen LAST YEAR said...

hey mr. klumper its kaitlin :)

3sebastionw said...

A good chant but he got to see what he gots to be good.

3Nicole H. said...

I really like the story!!!!! I want to read it angain and again and again!!!

8RobbieW said...

Sorry I left my packet at home so I will try this for my points
I typed these out so Im not Copy and pasting
civilization: a group of people in an organized society
Mesopotamia: Land between 2 rivers
polytheism: belief in more than 1 god it goes with zugirat (I spelt it wrong) if not :/
Zugirat: temple used to worship
Cuneiform: First system of writing
Code of Hammurabi: set of laws from king Hammurabi
Irrigation: Controls how much water a farmers crop gets
Fertile Crescent: Crescent shaped area good for farmng
Hanging Gardens: Built by King Nebuchadnezzar (used goggle chromes spell check)
city state: a unit complete with a government and unique traditions

Sorry if I caused a hassle I left my 3-ring at school

3sean frearson said...

i liked the story it was pretty cool btw Mr. klumper is my favorite teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also im gonna me 12 the same month mr. klumoers birthday is