Monday, October 15, 2012

"Ask the Public" Project Details

This week, we are going to work on a different type of a project. It is called "Ask the Public" and it goes along with our Mesopotamia Unit. We are going to go out and conduct interviews, asking the public what they think. You are going to be interviewing adults! This is a great opportunity for you to work on the skill of talking to adults. It is a skill 6th graders overall struggle with, so this will be good practice. You are going to interview 6 adults, asking them about Mesopotamia inventions and inventions in general.  The "Ask the Public" detail sheet is attached, but here are a few main details:
DUE: October 22nd, 2012 in class. 60 points.
Task: Interview 6 people (interview questions included)
Print off a Cover page (details of cover page included with link)

Be respectful and Confident!
Thank each person
Each adult MUST be 25 or older
Only ONE interview can be with a person related to you
Only ONE interview can be with a middle school teacher

Click here to read the full details sheet on "Ask the Public." 
Click here to see an example of the Cover Page


Holmboy said...

This was coool

9SydneyR said...

All the adults I asked got confused on the fourth one. Some thought it was just plain hard! I helped them though. It was kind of fun!