Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 "Ask the Public" Results Graphs

I sent you out on a mission. It was a mission to find out what the public thought about the four fabulous inventions of Mesopotamia: Irrigation, wheel, money, and writing. The task was to interview six adults, asking them what they think is the most important and least important of the fabulous four inventions in our world today. I think it is interesting to look at these graphs and see what people think overall. As you look at the graphs for overall and for each class period, does anything surprise you? Is it different than you thought? Any reason why the results are what they are? Any feelings or thoughts on the results? I find it interesting that the overwhelming majority of the people said money was the least important of the four, yet MANY people devote their lives to making as much money as they can, their whole world revolves around it, it effects their happiness, etc. So, perhaps people are in denial, perhaps they really think it is important but don't want to seem greedy... Just my thoughts. Think for yourself and look at the data. 

View the 2012 Ask the Public Results Graphs

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