Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White Shirt Production: What is Democracy?

In 2011, my student teacher and I went to the mall in Sioux Falls, SD to see what people knew about Democracy. After all, Democracy is the type of government we have in our country today, so you would think adults at least would know about our government and the leader of our government which is the president. What we discovered was very interesting. A lot of people refused to go on video because they did not know the answers. Many people could not figure out if certain people were presidents or not. It was very fun and enlightening talking to random strangers. We definitely got a lot of weird looks. Watch the video above to check out our day at the mall.
You will be doing something similar to this in 2012. However, you will not be video taping yourselves or asking strangers. We will be doing a project called, "Ask the Public: What is Democracy?" to find out what people really know about our government.


8grace b said...

Was Mr. Ellington dude your student teacher???

Anonymous said...

Wow thats pretty awesomee :)

unknown said...

haha did he acually get the girls number