Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Greek Mythology Interview

You have all selected a greek mythology character. Today, you will be completing the third activity with this character: a blog post in which you pretend to interview the character you chose. With the greek mythology character you chose, you have done three very different activities, all in an attempt to not just memorize your character, but to learn about them and be able to share knowledge about them. For this blog post, you will interview your greek mythology character. You are the person asking questions. Assume you know nothing about your character and are trying to learn about them. Though you already know the information, this will help others learn about your character through a different mode of learning. This is the third way you will be sharing your greek mythology character with the class.
TASK: Pretend you are interviewing your greek mythology character. You need to ask them AT LEAST five questions. THREE of those questions MUST be about information about your character. These interviews will help us learn even more about each other's characters.
DUE: In-Class blogging.
FOLLOW-UP: Once all interviews are posted, you will have to post a follow up comment about a classmate's interview in which you summarize what the interview was about.
These interviews will also help us post to our Wall-Wisher.

Me: Hi, what is your name?
Ares: My name is Ares.
Me: Cool. Do you do anything special?
Ares: HA! What kind of question is that? Of course!
Me: Well, what is it?
Ares: I should not even be talking to a meager mortal like yourself.
Me: Come on, just tell me what is so special about you.
Ares: I am the God of War!!!
Me: Not scared. I heard you were a coward.
Ares: How dare you say that! Take it back!!
Me: No.


3 braidenp said...

Me: Hi Hephaestus,how are you doing today?

Hephaestus: Just great, thank you very much.

Me: Your welcome,what are you the god of, perhaps ugliness?

Hephaestus: No! Just becase I get my hands dirty doesn't mean I'm ugly. And in fact I'm the god of fire and blacksmithing.

Me: Sorry(not). By ugly.

3Dylan B said...

Me: Hi what is your name?
Poseidon: My name is Poseidon.
Me: What weapon do you use?
Poseidon: Surely you have heard about me! It's the Trident!
Me: So what's about the whole horse thing?
Poseidon: Well, I invented the horse and the horse impressed Demeter.
Me: Cool, so what god are you of then?
Poseidon: WHAT!?!? You do not know what god I am of? I'm the god of the Sea of course!!
Me: Oh, yeah I remember, who are you the brother of?
Poseidon: Geez! do you know anything!? Zeus, does that ring a bell?
Me: Okay, that will be all, Thank you for your time!

3saraHG said...

Me:Hi, what is your name?
Pegusus: My name is Pegusus.
Me:Awesome do you have anything special?
Pegusus: That is a silly question, of course I do.
Me: So, what is it?
Pegusus: If you really want to know.
Me: I do I do now!!
Pegusus: I can fly mohoo!!
Me: wow all I can do is walk run you know the rest.
Pegusus:Well nice meeting you.
Me: what is your sypol?
Pegusus: It is wings.
Me: cool, what is somthing that you did?
Pegusus: I saved soliders from teh war and flyed them to safey.
Me: cool bye

3marshalle said...

Me-hi what is your name?
pserus- itnis purseus thank you
me- I got a few questions to ask you.
persues- fire away
me- what kind of god are you?
perus- I am a tiantn god.
me- whoo that is cool.
me- what are you the god of?

3eddie said...

me:hi may i prsent you apollo.
mr. apollo what are your special powers.
apollo:hi kid i am welcome to be here and my special powers are music ,healing ,and light.
me:now can you tell me what are your symbols.
apollo: of course my symbols are the red cross and inside theirs a snake ,my next one is a archer then a golden lyrec.\
me: thank you very much now

3eddie said...

me:hi may i prsent you apollo.
mr. apollo what are your special powers.
apollo:hi kid i am welcome to be here and my special powers are music ,healing ,and light.
me:now can you tell me what are your symbols.
apollo: of course my symbols are the red cross and inside theirs a snake ,my next one is a archer then a golden lyrec.\
me: thank you very much now

3HannahH said...

Me: What is your name?
Aphrodite: My name Aphrodite.
Me: Can I ask you a few questions?
Aphrodite: Yeah, sure.
Me: Are you a goddess?
Aphrodite: Yes.
Me: What are you the goddess of?
Aphrodite: The goddess of love and beauty.
Me: Are you married to anyone?
Aphrodite: Yes, Hephaestus.
Me: I got what I need thanks.

3SethS said...

me:hi what is your name
cyclopes:i am a cycopes
me:ok who are your parents
cyclopes: they are uranus and gaea
me:is having 1 eye a disadvantage or an advangtage
cyclopes: it is defintally a disadvantage because we can become easily blinded but however we are physically strong so it is not a total disadvantage
me:what are cyclopes best known for
cyclopes:WOW you really do not know that well of course we are best known from a story called homers story of odysseus
me:well that will be all the questions for you
cyclopes:finally we are done bye

3gracie l said...

me: hi centaur, how are you today?
centaur: very good.
me: what are you exactly?
centaur: i am half man and half horse, very uncommon if you ask me.
me: do you have any special powers?
centaur: well i am very strong and quick, i guess you could call those special powers...
me: cool, so i heard you get drunk alot, is that true?
centaur: that is kindof an embaressing question to ask but yes i do like to get wild and drunk!
me:alright thanks centaur! bye!

3Jacob J said...

Me: Hi what is your name.
Hercules: My name is Hercules.
Me: Cool name.
Hercules: Thank you.
Me: What are some of your speciel powers.
Hercules: My powers are incredible streagth and bravery.
Me: Those are some cool powers. Who are your parents.
Hercules: My dad was Zues.
Me: What is your symbol?
Hercules: My symbol is a Wooden club.
Me: I heard that Hera tricked you into killing your family.
Hercules: Yes. I prayed to Apollo and he gave me 12 tasks to get rid of my crime.
Me: You know that some people call you the greatest hero of Greek Mythology.
Hercules: It is an honor. I have to go bye.

3alyssaf said...

Me: Hi I am Alyssa and You are?

Rhea: I am Rhea.

Me: Why did you trick Cronus

Rhea: Because I was mad at him

3 hailey s said...

me: What is your name?

athena: My name is Athena.

me: So you are that greek gooddes?

athena: Why do you want to know?

me: I just wnted to know calm down.

athena: Yes I am. I am the greek goddes of art, reson, and literature.

me:Cool do you have a symbol?

athena: Yes it is an owl.

me: Cool!

3felicityk said...

me: Hi,whats your name?
Artemis: My name is Artemis.
me: Cool. Don't you have a twin brother.
Artemis: Yes, Apollo.
me: Cool. Are you the goddess of anything?
Artemis: Yes! I am the Goddess of the Hunt, moon, forest, wildlife, and childbirth.
me: Wow! That is a lot.
Artemis: ya i know

3BryceA said...

Me:Hi everyone this is our special guest. (What's your name again?)
Hades:My name is Hades the all mighty lor...
Me:ya ya ya whatever so Hades are you any other god than god of the dead?
Hades:Yes actualy I am also god of wealth and money.
Me:So where do you live?
Hades:You may think Mt Olympus but I live in the underworld it is home sweet home.
Me:So what would you rather do than sit and watch the dead people?
Hades:I would like to be the all mighty ruler of course.
Me:Well do you get out much?
Hades:No i live and stay in the underworld.

3 vALOREE h. said...

Me: Hi, Im Valoree Whats your name?

Hestia: Hestia its nice to meet you!

Me: Its nice to meet you to!

Me: Lets get started the first question what is your symbol?

Hestia: the Harth

Me: Are you Zues's sister?

Hestia: Yes

Me: do you like being Zeus's sister?

Hestia: Yes

Treynten 3W said...

Me:sup man,what's your name?
dionysus: My name is DIONYSUS!
Me:Well that answered my qustiion nicly,So what can you do that is kool like ares?
Dionysus:Well yes, I can controll the growth of grapes and also creat potions that throw people in a maddend state.
Me: NICE!!!

4mitchellg said...

Me: whats up apollo?

Appollo: Duh! the sky and the sun wich I happen to be the god of.

Me:oh cool.

Apollo: yup... what kind of music is that it sounds terrible!

Me: its just normal music gosh.

Apollo: the music that im use to listening to is palyed on the leria.

Me: oh thats ur symbole isnt it?

Apollo: yes it is.

4georgek said...

me:Who are you

Hermes: I am hermes

me:ok what are you doing

Hermes:sending a message because i am the messenger god.

me: how do you get there

Hermes: the wings on my shoes and hat.


Hermes:ok i have to go if im late zues will never forgive me.

4kjd said...

Me:Hello lady Hestia. Are you well?

Hestia:yes, I am fine. Thank You.

Me:Sure. So, what are you the goddess of?

Hestia:well, I am the goddess of the hearth and the home.

Me:Sounds Snugly. Is your symbol one of those things?

Hestia:Yes, my symbol is the hearth. It's kind-of like a fireplace.

Me:Cool. I heard you were the most mild, or calm goddess of Mt. Olympus. Is that true.

Hestia:Yes, it is true. All those rough gods. War-like and all. *sigh*

Me:One last question lady Hestia. May I come back again to visit sometime?

Hestia:I would love that. Good-bye!

4bradyd said...

Me: Hi what is your name?


Me: Dude chill, you dont have to yell


Me: What! Why would you eat your children
Me: Was the oracle correct
Me: i dont know, i would do the same if my children were being eatin or if my siblings were being eatin
KRONUS: no comment

4tiad said...

MeP:hi my name is Tia and yours is.
Aphrodite:my name is Aphrodite godess of love and beauty.
Me:well then Aphrodite what is your syble.
Aphrodie:my symble is a dove
Me:cool i love doves now the next queshtion is it hsrd being a god or godess
Aphrodite: no i love being a godess becsuse you get to be immortal and get cool powers.
Me:who sre you msrried to if you dont mind me asking.
Aphrodite:no not at all i m maried to Hephaestus.
Me:isent he the uglyest god?
Aphrodite:people might think sooo but not me he is the man of my life
Me:well that is all focks hope yuo enjoyed meeting Aphrodite good night foks
Aphrodite:night every one.



Me: Hi, Hera

Hera: Hi

Me: Well do you have any special powers?

Hera: Actually I dont.

Me: Do you have any symbols?

Hera: Yes, two actually the peacock and the crown.

Me: Well, what is your husband name and what does he do?

Hera: Well, my husband Zeus is the ruler of the gods and he always thinks he is great.

Me: Wow, that most be terrible having to deasl with that all day.Another question, if you dont mind, I heard that you and Zeus had the longest honeymoon.

Hera: we did we stayed at the island of Samos for three hundred years.

Me: Wow, that long, is that why Zeus has his white beard.

Hera: Uhh.. No... My husband can detroy you, I hope you know.

Me: Ohh... Im so scared..

4sydneyn said...

Me: Why, Hi there Athena! How are you doing?
Athena: Fought a battle with someone just this morning. My day is going just peachy!
Me: Glad to hear that! I'm guessing you are the god of...?
Athena: What? I am a GODDESS! I am the goddess of wisdom and war! Duh!
me: I am so sorry about that!
Athena: whatever. I just tell my owls to peck you. ha.
Me: Oh, so the owl is your symbol?
Athena: No, it's a potatoe! Of course it's the owl.
Me: Moving on then! Next question, when were you born?
Athena: I was born sometime. But I do know that I was born Full grown out of my father's head.
Me: And your father was Hades, right?
Athena: No! its Zeus! I don't even like hades! Get your facts right!
Me: Sorry! I heard a rumor that you are very fond of the city Athens. Is this true?
Athena; YES!!! I love Athens!
Me: COOL!! If you don't mind me asking, Are you dumb?
Athena: Of course not! I am the goddess of wisdom and war! DUh!
Me: Well you seem pretty dumb to me! What is 1+0?
Athena: Well...umm...it is...um... and it's time for my lunch break!

4ColeJensen said...

Me: So Nike i hear your pretty athletic ?

Nike: You know it best runner and flyer there is!

Me: so what are you the godess of ?

Nike: victory of course.

Me: wow i dint expect that.

Nike: why ?

Me: well you just dont look like it no offence.

Me: so are you aware that there is a shoe brand named after you ?

Nike: no

4Rachael c said...

Me: Why are you a hybrid?

Chimera:I am made of three animals thus for I am a hybrid.

Me: Who are your parents and what are they?

Chimera: My mother is Enchinda and my father is typoon they are part snake part human.

Me: How many siblings do you have?

Chimera: Two siblings.

Me: Sorry to ask are you a boy or girl?

Chimera: A girl of course wise one.

Me: No need to get snapy

4NatalieW said...

Me: What is your name?

Arthemis: I am Arthemis.

Me: What are you?

Arthemis: I am an olympian god.

Me: So what do you do?

Arthemis: I roam around the forests with my silver bow and arrow.

Me: What are you the god of?

Arthemis: I am acually a goddess and i am the goddess of the hunt, moon, childbirth, and environment.

Me: What represents you?

Arthemis: My bow and arrow.

4freyag said...

Me-hi what is your name?
Rhea- my name is Rhea
me-sweet our names rhyme so do you or did you any things intersting?
Rhea-well of coarse are you crazy im a godess duh!
me-hey im the one asking the questions
Rhea-sorry and yes i tricked my wicked husband cronos into not eating my 6th and final child and just gulping a rock down instead
me- wow thats the coolest thing i ever heard well what are your kids's names?
rhea- they are zeus, demeter, hera,posiden,hestia,and hades.
to be continued

4Courtney M said...

Me: Hello what is your name sir?
Poseidon: I am Poseidon, nice to meet you.
Me: Nice to meet you too. So do you care if I ask you some questions?
Poseidon: Sure what would you like to know?
Me: Everything, well lets just start out with what are you the god of?
Poseidon: I am the god of the sea. Come on dont you have any harder questions?
Me: Well sure who is your father and mother?
Poseidon: My father is Cronos and my mother is Rhea.

4mackenzieh said...

me: you look really good today medusa with your hat on. (but not really)

medusa: oh shush it! do you really want me to take off my hat!?!

me: no thank you! but lets get to the questions.

medusa: ok

me: do you feel good or bad to be in the monster catagory?

medusa: well both good and bad cuz you get to scare people and they dont really like you.

4kanet said...

me:what how do you survive i just what how.
centaur:it is a comolicted series of vains that are... never minde but the poit is i am half man and half horse.
me:...................um ok (werido)
me: oh nothing so um whats the task
centaur:um first let me say that i am not only in greek mitholigy.
me: cool whats the task?
centaur: in a minuate.

6kevin g said...

me, what is your name is it zues
hades, no it is hades smart one
me, do you have a symbol and what is it
hades, yes i do it is the bident
me are you a olimpyan or a titan or a monster
hades, i am an olimpyn and i am the god of the under world or the dead
me are you dead
hades no i am not
me is your brother zues
hades yes one of them

6reesv said...

Me:Hi Poseiden how are you doing?
Poseiden:Good you?
Me:What are you the god of?
Poseiden:The sea (duh)
Me:Do you like being the god of the sea?
Me:Okay next question, do you have any children?
Poseiden:Yes i have one son, Percy
Me:Who is the oldest out of you and your siblings?
Me:Who is the most powerful god?
Poseiden:Zeus, but im second

6lambedev000 said...

me: hello there cerbustus i mean cerberus.
cerberus: hello how are you.
me: good you.
cerberus: fine
me:what are you exactly i couldnt tell.
cerberus: um well i am a 3 headed dog.
cerberus: really that mean huh
me: oh no i was uh trying to clear my throat.
me: who was your mother.
cerberus: i was the offspring of a hybrid half woman half serpent woman.
cerberus: what
me: oh nothin are you someones pet
cerberus: i knew you wouldve asked that question. yes i am hades pet.
me: oh cool.
who created your mother.
cerberus: hades
me:oh uhh heh well so you did not have a dad.
cerberus: nope
me: that mustve sucked
cerberus: what
me: oh uhh heh looks like were out of time goodbye.
cerberus: wait no we....... uhhh i dislike that guy.

6 Alexm said...

me: hi, what is your dad's name
Hercules: why do you need to know
me: I was just wondering
Hercules:Fine I will tell you. His name is Zeus
me: What is your symbol?
Hercules: it is a wooden club
me: Are you a god
Hercules: I am part god and part Mordal.
Me:Have you ever been to Mt. Olympus.
me: Were does your dad Live?
Hercules:Mt. Olmpus

6FAITHB said...

Faith: Today on "Greek Mythology Live" we have Pegasus as our guest. How are you doing Peg?

Pegasus: Quite well, thank you.

Faith: We'll start off tonight with question. Do you get in trouble often?

Pegasus: What kind of question is that?

Faith: You're a monster child, right?

Pegasus: That's right, I am.

Faith: Being a monster child, can you do any things that other gods can't do?

Pegasus: Well, you might get a hint from the wings on my back that I can fly.

Faith: And we hear that you're the son of the famous Neptune and Medusa.

Pegasus: Not to brag (ahem) but I am, actually.

Faith: We would love to hear about your travels and such. I bet you did some daring and brave things.

Pegasus: Well, I will agree that I was very brave, but I didn't have that glorifying of a job. I carried Greek soldiers off the battlefield.

Crowd: Awwwww! You're soooo brave!

Faith: We would like to hear more, but we are out of time. Thank you Pegasus, and everyone have a wonderful rest of the evening!

6rylien said...

Me:Hi,what is your name?

Persephone:My name is persephone.

Me:Are you a god or goddess?

Persephone:Yes i am acually!

Me:Oh thats cool. What are you a god of?

Persephone:I am a god of springtime.

Me:What are your parents name?

Persephone:Zeus and Demeter

Me:Oh, who is in love with you?


6lucass said...

Me: Hi i am Lucas and you are?
Cyclops: i am hungry can I eat you?
Me:No! but i think i would taste good.Do you have trouble seeing sometimes?
Cyclops: yes because i only have one eye.
Me:sorry just wondering. who were your parents?
Cyclops: Gaes and Uranus.
Me:did you fight Zeus?
Cyclops:yeah i won.

6Kinzerl said...

Me: Hello. What is your name sir?
Cronus: Cronus.
Me: Oh, cool. I heard you ate your children?
Cronus: Yes. Until Rhea tricked me into eating a rock instead of Zeus.
Me: Wow. You must be a little dumb.But are you a god or titan?
Cronus: A titan! Actually the ruling titan!
Me: Zeus is still cooler than you. Hmm, do you have any special powers?
Cronus: Obviously. I have great strength and endurance. And I can recover with super human speed.
Me: Ok, are you mad at Rhea for tricking you?
Cronus: We don't talk much anymore... I have more important stuff to do. So bye.

6MaggieL said...

Me: Hello, What's your name?
Artemis: Hi my name is Artemis.
Me: What goddess are you?
Artemis: I am the goddess of the moon, hunt & the evironment.
Me: Cool, what is your sympol?
Artemis: Mine is the bow & arrow.
Me: What do you do in your spare time?
Artemis: I run around in the forest with my dogs & bow and arrow.
Me: Very cool! Ok next question, are you an olympian god?
Artemis: Umm yea of corse!!!!

MakailaW said...

Me: whats your name?

Hestia: My name is Hestia.

Me: What are you?

Hestia: I'm a Olympian god.

Me: So what do you do?



6shanley z said...

Me:Hi my name is Shanley what is your name?

Hera:My name is Hera its nice to meet you.

Me:Can i ask you a question?

Hera:Ya sure.

Me:What are your symbols?

Hera:I have two and they are a crown and a peacock.

Me:Thats cool!

Hera:Ok then.

Me:Are you the wife of Zues?

Hera:Yes yes i am.

Me:Do you like being goddesses of weddings/marriage and child birth?

Hera:I guess.

6jalend said...

Today im interviewing ....Cimera!

ME: SO what are you exactly?
CHIMERA: Im a body of a lion and a goats head on my shoulder and my tail is a snake And i have huge wings.
ME: Do you have any siblings?
CHIMERA: Yes i do my siblings are CERBEUS and HYDRA.
ME: Weird? And what gender are you?
CHIMERA: Im a female! YOUR RUDE!
ME: so do you have any powers????
CHIMERA: yes i can blow fire how bout you can you do anything?
ME: UM...... not exactly?
ME: okay last question can you do any tricks
CHIMERA: yes i eat mortals!
ME: gulp!!! CRUNCH!!!

6tessa v said...

Me: Hi, what is your name?

Rhea: My name is Rhea.

Me:Cool. What is your husbands name?

Rhea: Cronus, he likes to eat all our children.

Me: Well that's not cool. What were your childrens names?

Rhea: Zues, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, Hera

6hannahb said...

Me:Hi what is your name?
Pandora:da oviously pandora.
Me:well tell me somthing about you.
Pandora:well you are interviewing me so you should no somthing about me.
Me:Ok then lets rephrase that what is somthing about you.
Pandora: well thats a hard one i am a ancient greece charachter.
Me:anything else you would like us to know.
Pandora:my apperance is a beutiful young girl.
Me:really i couldnt tell.(in a sarcastic voice)
Pandora: i know right im to good to be true.
Me: well thats all the info. i need thank you pandora.
Pandora:my pleasure

^Trevor D said...

Me: Hello, what is your name?
Zeus: My name is Zeus.
Me: Cool what do you do?
Zeus: Duh, I'm a the god of gods.
Me: Well mister toughness what do you do?
Zeus: Yes i am tough, oh and I am an Olympian.
Me: oh
Zeus: Also I am the god of the sky.
Me: What is that supposed to mean? I can take you down!!!
Zeus: Ha! Barely
Me: Lets go then!
Zeus: Ok so you can hit pretty hard but.... haaaa zzzzz
Me: Zeus!? Wake up!!!
Zeus: What? what oh sorry.

6jordana said...

Me: Hi what is your name?
Athena: Athena the brilliant and smart one.
Me:....um ok(that was weird)
Me: what are your special powers?
Athena: duh art,reson and literuture i thought i made that clear when i said the brilliant and smart one.
Me: ok cool it.
Me: what is your symbol?
Athena: do you not know anything.
Me: i guess not.
Athena: its the spear duh.
Me: ok thats weird because you are the god of art,reson and literuture.
Athena: so i think its cool.
Me: ok
Me: where do you live.
Athena: (i guess she was not kiding when she said she did not know anything)...um its mount olympus duh.
Me: ok bye.

6masonr said...

me: Hi Dionysus
Dionysus: Who are you?
me: I am researching you for a project for my class
Dionysus: want to ask me questions?
me: Was your mom mortal?
Dionysus: Yes she was and she wanted to see Zeus in his true from and she was dissolved into zeus's body
me How were you born then?
Dionysus: Zeus saved me at the last second just before my mother dissolved
me: What are you the god of?
Dionysus: I am the god of wine and high spirits
me: did you live on mt Olympus?
Dinoysus: yes, yes I did
me: did you save your mom from the underworld?
Dionysus: yes i did because i thought thatwas un fair that my mom dissolved into Zeus
me: bye
Dionysus: bye

6bty said...

me: Hi what is yore name.
apollo: My name is apollo.
me: Cool do you have any powers.
apollo: Ya I am good at healing.
me: Ok what is yore simble.
apollo:a bow
me:ok what do u do
apollo: I dirve the sun aruss the sky

6Paige D said...

ME:Hi and welcome to the "Greek Mythology Facts" today we will be interveiwing Medusa, lets not make her mad so she dosent turn us all into stone, ok. Shes standing right behind me insnt she???

AUDIENCE:Yea so you should probley start interviewing her before she takes off her hat!!!

MEDUSA:Well as long as you dont make me mad I will keep on my hat, ok???

ME:Thats fine now lets start.
Ok so Medusa lets talk about hair, I can see you are wearing a nice pretty purple hat that fits nicley around your hair and I love the pink fether, where did you get your hat???

MEDUSA:Walmart but they wouldnt let me go in to get it they had one of the clerks go and take a picture of all of the hats and mesure my head so it would fit and this is the best one that I found and I wanted to look my best for the show!!!

ME:Ok well thats good that you like it, now lets acually talk about hair not hats, ok so what kind of snakes is your hair made out of????

MEDUSA:Well the snakes are acually all diffrent kinds of snakes but they are all venomous. So you better look out!!!

AUDIENCE:Laughes scardley

ME:Okay well we will be back after this commercial..........

6ronaldc said...

Me: Hey! Hey, yeah, you canI talk to you for a sec?
hephaestus: Umm...
Me: Great! Now, lets get to know eachother a bit.My name is Ronald.
Me:What?!He has fist rust?
hephaestus:No! HE-PHAE-STUS.
Me:Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohh.OK,wait,The Hephaestus? Oh man!Tell me, do you relly get thrown off Olympus by Zeus?

4katelynnM said...

Me- Hello Pegasus, how are you today?

Pegasus- Very good, you?

Me- Good. Tell me a bit about yourself.

Pegasus- I am a horse with wings. My wings are made of feathers,... and I...

Me- Okay thats enough. Can I ask you a few questions?

Pegasus- Sure but dont interupt me again.

Me- Okay. Are you a Monster child?

Pegasus- Yes.

Me- Who are your Monster siblings?

Pegasus- My Monster siblings are Argus, Cerberus, Cyclopes, Gorgons, Hydra, Minotaur, and Sirens.

Me- Thank you Pegasus for your time.

6tessa v said...

Me: Hi, what is your name?

Rhea: My name is Rhea.

Me: Cool. Do you happen to be married?

Rhea: Yes, my husbands name is Cronus. He likes to eat our children.....jerk (:

Me: Well that's not cool. What are your childrens names?

Rhea: Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera.

Me: What nice names you have picked. Do you have any stengths?

Rhea: Yes, I'm a fertile mother goddess, crafty and I'd say I'm pretty daring.

Me: Daring huh? Nice. I have one last question for you. Do you have a weakness?

Rhea: Well people say that my weakness would be that i put up with Cronus eating our children to long so yes I guess I do. (:

Me: Ok. Well that's all I have to ask you. Nice meeting you, Bye.

8KIERSTENK said...















8henry w said...

my name is posidon
i can control the sea
i am the god of the sea

8AustinE said...

me: Hi and may I ask What are You?

I am A half man half horse blend I am called a centaur and don't ask me that!

me:o.K. moving on.

centaur: finally.

me: wow you are very irritable, is that correct?

Centaur: Yes and when i'm irritated i can got very violent.

mE: haVE ANY OF YOU not been violent?

centaur: yes I bieleve He was the son of cronos... I forget his name.

Me: what are your strenghts?

Centaur: I am very strong and great at fighting. not to breg but I can carry a passenger.

Me: Do you have any special powers.

Centaur: I dont like to talk about not haveing any powers.

me: ok that's alll i got.

8Intisar K said...

Me: Hello Hestia, I have a few questions to ask of you, would you mind?

Hestia: Not at all.

Me: That's great! So, what are you the godess of?

Hestia: The hearth and home. And that just happens to be my symbol, the hearth.

Me: Are you one of the 12 gods of Mt. Olympus?

Hestia: Not anymore, I gave up my place to Diyonus because what I wanted to do was tend to the hearth.

Me: You really do seem to love your hearth...Moving on, are you in any myths?

Hestia: actully, I'm not included in many of the myths, but that didn't stop the Greeks from loving and worshipping me.

Me: Did they build anything in your honor?

Hestia: Yes two public hearths that they kept burning as long as their mortal abiliies would allow.

Me: Were you ever in a relationship?

Hestia: No, I never married or had children. Though Poseidon and Apollon courted me.

Me: Well, I think that it. It was nice talking to you.

Hestia: Good bye.

Me: bye bye~

6GrantE said...

Me: Hi, who are you?
Hercules: I'm Hercules as if you didn't know.
Me: I didn't thats why I asked, anyway why are you here if you are a god?
Hercules: I'm not a god........Yet.
Me: Yet what do you mean?
Hercules: Once I finish twelve tasks I WILL be a god.
Me: What will you be the god of?
Hercules: Aswomeness.
Me: Why do you think you're so aswome?
Hercules: I'm really strong and I have an animated Disney Movie named after me.

8McClaneA said...

Me: Hello, can you please tell me your name.
Pandora: Sure it`s Pandora. What`s yours?
Me:Uhh, McClane. Do you know how an interview works?
Pandora: Ohh, sorry, it`s just that the gods made me really curios.So I was curios what your name was.
Me: OK, got it. That actually makes sense, because you know what you did was because of curiostity.
Pandora:Do you even know what I did?
Me:Yes. Hey, why don`t you tall it in your own words.
Pandora: Well.. it all started when Zues was mad at my husband for giveing mortals fire, so since he knew I was curios he gave me a jar full of stuff llike, jelousy, anger, grief, and stuff like that.Then I opened it and it released all the stuff on the mortal world.
Me: Was`t it a box? Like in Pandora`s box?
Pandora:I think I know what i opened,jeesh, I`m curios not stupid.
Me:OK, I`m gonna go now.

8AustinE said...

pd.3 braden p talked about how
Hephaestus is soo ugly and that he is the god of fire and blacksmithing and more about how ugly.

8KarissaT said...

Me: Hello Hera, how are you today?
Hera: Hi I am good!
Me: Are you sure because you seem to be a little um lets say Jealeous, Concieted, and there are many more bad things about you but nevermind. So what are you the goddess of?
Hera: I am the goddess of marriage!
Me: Is there anything special about you?
Hera:OF COURSE!!! I am the queen of all gods, My symbol is the crown (that means i am realy cool)
Me: (not really)
Hera: My Roman name is Juno.
Me: Great, are there any special heroes that you like or dislike?
Hera: I DID NOT like Hercules because Zeus had him with a mortal woman! (BTW: I put snakes in his bed when he was a baby so they might kill him, but it didnt work!!!) I liked the heroe Jason though he recieved the Golden Fleece. (with my sponsorship he never would have gotten it!!!!)
Me: Anyway lets stop talking about how great you are(NOT), and I think it is time to go! Thank you Hera.

8Jacob m said...

me: hi what is your name?
cyclopes: WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW!me: i just want to learn stuff about you
cyclopes: ok fair enough
me what is your name.
cyclops: my name is Polyphemus the most famous cyclops.
me: do you have any spiecial powers?
cyclopes: yes i do, I have super strength and i am a metalsmith.
me i want to have super strenth to thats so cool, so do you have any weaknesses?
cyclopes: WHY!
me; because i want to learn cool things about you.
cyclopes: ok, as you know we cyclops have only one eye so we are easily blinded.
me: that must be awful, anyway do you have any stmbols or tributes?
cyclopes: the single eye on are for head is a well known tribute.
me: ok thanks for all the intersting facts you've given me, bye.
cyclopes: WAIT! are you going.
me: yes
cyclopes: ok, BYE "o" yeah one more thing we cyclopses have a huge tempure so be carful.
me: thanks bye.

8BrianW said...

Me: What is your name sir?

Cronos: Cronos!

Me: How many children do you have?

Cronos: interesting question I had 6 but I ate 5 the one remaining was Zeus. My wife tricked me into eating rocks.

Me: Who is your wife?

Cronos: Rhea.

Me: Why did you eat your children?

Cronos: I didn't want them to be more powerful then me.

Me: Sounds pretty selfish. Do you agree?

Cronos: Yes I guess so but I overpowered my father so I got scared.

Me: Oh okay I noticed a while ago like from ten miles away your pretty tall is Rhea tall too?

Cronos: No she is very small I like to look taller than my wife and also I am done with your silly questions.

8Sadie said...

Me:Your name is Aphrodite right
Aphrodite:Yep how did you know
Me:Well cause I am studying you for social studies
Me:I would like to know what your the goddess of
Aphrodite:The goddess of love and beauty
Me:Who are you married to
Aphrodite:I am married to Hephaestus.
Me: what is your symbol
Aphrodite:my symbol is a women on a goose
Me:Where were you born
Aphrodite:I was born from the sea
Me:Well thats all I need to ask you
thanks for letting me interview you
Aphrodite:Your welcome and it was nice meeting you.

8chrism said...

me:Hi, whats your name.
me:So what do you do for a living.
Hades:Control the living dead.
me:Thats cool, do you have any family members that you know.
Hades:well i live underground.
me:oh. well thats all i have to ask goodbye.

8Kaitlyn W said...

Me: Hi, you happen to be Rhea would you.

Rhea: Oh hi and yes I am Rhea.

Me: Oh, so are you the wife of Cronus.

Rhea: Yes, yes I am.

Me: Is it true that your husband actually ate your children.

Rhea: That is so very true, but thanks to Zues all my children are free from is stomuch.

Me: So your kids grew up in your husbands stomuch.

Rhea: Except for Zues because when he was born I sent him to an island to grow up and get powerful so when we came back defeated Cronus and killed him so now all my kids are free.

Me: Ohhhhh, I see.

8hannahh said...

Me: Hi, what is your name, and how are you doing?
Perespone: Perespone and just absalutly wonderful, how about you ?!
Me: Hannah and .... oh you problally didnt need to know my name and just great! Thanks for asking!
Perespone: Well it looks like we are done here! GOOD-bye!
Me:NOO wait i have some questions!
Pereapone: OK i guess i could spare some time for you. But you look real nice so i guess OF corse!
Me: Your a goddess right?
Perespone: Rightery!
Me: What are you know for errrrr like you special power that you have?
Perespone: Well I guess i am quite Loveing and very lovely, I mean have you seen me!!??
Me: Well ya I have seen you and you look awesome today but I must stay on task and not ask you were you got your Shoes ! :D Well here is my like third question cause you know i have asked you 2 questions already! What ever happened to you err like interesting stuff!??
Perespone: Well I guess I got stuck in Hades place for 'bout 2-3 seasons!
Perespone: He planted a trap, a horrible trap! He put a pomergranite in my graden me be cureuse as i am i went and picked it from that he was able to pull to he world!! He gave me something to eat I ate it and i got stuck there! He took me ask his wife!
Me: Thats must of been horrible! Well what is it like doqwn there?
Peresphone: Horrible abalutly horrible and i felt like dieing inside and not liveing!!
Me: well not to be inturuptive but that is all the time I have Great-bye!!
Perespone: Your leaving one thing out!
Me: OHHH ya you are so lovely looking always!!!
Peresphone: OHH thanks right back at ya!! See ya!!!!!!!!!
Me: I will miss you so much you will never know!
Peresphone: Well it was nice to meet you!
Me: YES i know its noce to meet me!
Perespone: WHAT!?!?!?!???!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Me: ya heard me *running sounds from me!*

8Henryw said...

me:Hi, What is your name
posidon:My name is posidon

8gerrit v said...

me what is your name
my name is Cerberus

me Do you do anything special
him I was Pluto's companion
me Why are you his companion

8zenf said...

me:uhh your name is "medusa" correct?


me:ok um do mind if i put on this blind fold?

medusa:not at all

me:now medusa i've resurrected you to ask a cuple question, ok?


me:I've bin wondering after perseus cut off you head did pegasus rilly sprat out of it?


me:allright next and fill free not to anser this but i read some were the you and perseus actualy dated for a while, is this true?

medusa:yes, yes we did.

9kaitlins said...

me: Hi, what's your name?

Rhea: My name is Rhea.

me: do You have a husband?

Rhea: Yes, his name is cronus.

me: Is he the one who ate his children?

Rhea: yes, all but zeus.

9SydneeP said...

Me- HI whats your name?

Artemis- Artemis

Me- what is your symbol?

Artemis- a bow and arrow

Me- cool Are you a god or a goddess

Artemis- a goddess you fool!

Me- Well you never know. What are you the goddess of?

Artemis- The hunt, the environment, and the moon

Me- Do you have any siblings?

Artemis- Yes, unfortunatly, my twin brother is Apollo.

Me- Who are your parents?

Artemis- Zeus and Leto

Me- Are you married?

Artemis- No! I despise men. Marriage takes away the freedom of a woman.

9kelsys. said...

Me:Hi what is your name?
Hestia:My name is Hestia
Me:Cool what are your special powers?
Hestia:I am the god of heath and home.
Me: Cool
Hestia: Ya
Me: Do you have any siblings?
Hestia: Yes,I have a sister that is the god of marriage and wife of Zeus.

9Kaitlins said...

Me: Why not zeus?

Rhea: because I didnt want to stand around watching cronus eating all my children so i took zeus and saved him.

Me: Then if all the other children were eaten how are they still alive?

Rhea: becasue zeus saved them, They were in cronus's stomach and zeus saved them.

Me: And they were all grown up?

Rhea: yes! are we almost done yet.

Me ok, ok thats all we have time for thank for letting me interview you, bye.

Rhea: finally, bye thanks for having me.

9KaitlynG said...

me:Hi what are you?
Centaur: I am a centaur.
Me:What are you like?
Centaur:I am very wild and savage.
Me: Are you a monster child?
Centaur: You bet I am.
Me:Scary, Who is chiron.
Centaur: A really cool centaur.
Me: Oh, What do you look like?
Centaur: I am half human and half horse.
Me: Very interesting.

9maxh said...

Me: Hi, who exactly are you
Cronus: I am Cronus, a titan
Me: What were you the TItan of
Cronus: I wasnt really the titan of anything i guess
Me: Well what did you do
Cronus: I killed my father to come into power
Me: How did you stay in power
Cronus: I stayed in power by eating all of my children
Me: How were you kicked out of power
Cronus: My final son stayed alive because my wife tricked me and fed me a rock instead of Zues. He grew up and gave me posion. After I drank that I puked up all of my children

9Noah H said...

Me:Hey what is your name
Zeus:My name is Zeus
Me:What is your special power
Zeus:I can throw lighting
Me:Cool, now why are you special
Zeus:I am special because i am god of greek gods
Me:do you have a wife
Zeus: yes, she is Hera
Me: Cool,Thanks for letting me interview you
Zeus:No prob

9loreta h said...

Me: Hi whats your name?

Demeter: Hi my name is dementer

Me: (ya as if) so is their any thing special about you?

Demeter: surlly you have heard of me every body has...

Me: ya ya ya get to it DEMENTER

Demeter: fine im the goddess of havest

Me: so did you ever have childern?

Demeter: yes Persephone

Me: oh thats cool well thats it so bye
Me: (ya right)

9 J.T. L said...

Hello. What is your name?
It's called Hydra.
Are you a monster?
How many heads do you have?
I have eight heads.
Your second head is immortal, right?
No! It's the middle one! RRRRRAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRR!
(All burned and half alive) Great to know. Well that's all I need to ask you.

9 J.T. L said...

Hello. What is your name?
It's called Hydra.
Are you a monster?
How many heads do you have?
I have eight heads.
Your second head is immortal, right?
No! It's the middle one! RRRRRAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRR!
(All burned and half alive) Great to know. Well that's all I need to ask you.

9AriannaS said...

Me: Hey, what is your name?

Cerberus:My name is Cerberus if you didnt know already.

Me:Oh cool i didnt.Thanks.Anyways are you a god,goddess, or a monster?

Cerberus: i am a monster. infact you should have known that because i look alot like a monster...i have three dog heads and a dragon tail.

Me: Cool sorry sometimes im dingy.Another question is what do you do in your life?

Cerberus:I guard and protect the underworld.

Me:ok interesting.

Cerberus:yeah, yeah i guess it is.evern though i never really thought about it really.

Me: ok well i got o few more questions. are you like married or something like that?

Cerberus: NO. really you should know that...seriously.

Me: wow harsh talking to me.


Me:its ok. ok last question. Do you think that you would beable to beat a cheetah in a running contest?

Cerberus:uhhh i dont kniw on that maybe since i have ALOT longer legs than that tiny thing.

Me: ok thank for answering my questins that i asked.(:

Cerberus:No prob hommie G

9Lincy r said...

Me: Hello! What is your name?
Aphrodite: Aphrodite. DUH!
Me:What are you the goddess of?
Aphrodite: I am the Goddess of Love and Beauty. My husband is Ares the God of War. He is so ugly I don't even know why I am with him.
Me:Well then, nice to meet you Aphrodite!

9marya said...

Me: Hi, what is your name?
Pandora: My nme is Pndora.
Me: Oh cool wht do you do?
Pandora: Um lets see YES!
Me: Well what is it?
Pandora: Well you might be mad at me.
Me: Try me.
Pandora: well i let out all the bd things into the world like htred, crime,and dieseses thats just a few.
Me: You did well i guess i can live with that.
Pandora: Feww i thought you be super angry at me.
Me: I am Im just trying to be nice.
Pandora: oh.
Me: Well what else do you do do you hve powers or anything?
Pandora: Well sorta i have a srength.
Me: what is it?
Pandora: Having evoke strong desires in people.
Me: Sweet so everybody likes you right?
Pandora: Something like that.
Me: Do you have a dad or a husbnd?
Pandora: Yes my father is Zeus and my huband is Epithemus
Me: Oh cool.

9marya said...

Me: Hi, what is your name?
Pandora: My nme is Pndora.
Me: Oh cool wht do you do?
Pandora: Um lets see YES!
Me: Well what is it?
Pandora: Well you might be mad at me.
Me: Try me.
Pandora: well i let out all the bd things into the world like htred, crime,and dieseses thats just a few.
Me: You did well i guess i can live with that.
Pandora: Feww i thought you be super angry at me.
Me: I am Im just trying to be nice.
Pandora: oh.
Me: Well what else do you do do you hve powers or anything?
Pandora: Well sorta i have a srength.
Me: what is it?
Pandora: Having evoke strong desires in people.
Me: Sweet so everybody likes you right?
Pandora: Something like that.
Me: Do you have a dad or a husbnd?
Pandora: Yes my father is Zeus and my huband is Epithemus
Me: Oh cool.

9Tschetter Jadah said...

Me: Hello, what is your name?

Pegasus: My name is Pegasus.

Me: Okay...Pegasus, who is your dad?

Pegasus: My dad is Posiden! Beat that.

Me: Hey! Anyway, why are you so special?

Pegasus: I'm "special" because I have wings and I can fly! Unlike you!


Pegasus: Well?!

Me: You should be nicer. Who is your mom?

Pegasus: Medusa.

Me: That's nothing to be proud of!

Pegasus: I AM proud!

Me: OKAY then.....What are you supposed to be?

Pegasus: Well....A WINGED HORSE!

9Jeremyj said...

Me: Hi Nike how are you today?

Nike: good

Me: Do u have any special powers?

Nike: Yes

Me: what are they?

Nike: Running and flying

Me: What godess are you?

Nike: Victory

Me: cool well thats all im going to ask.

9louisk said...

Me:Hello! who are you?
Dionysus: I am dionysus! have you not heard of me!
Me: oh sorry. i'm not good at remembering faces.
Dionysus: well do you know zues?
Me: yes
Me: well what?
Dionysus: im the son of zues! Geez!
Me: oh now i remember you!
Dionysus: bad timing Kid.
Me: lets move on
Me: are you a god or a titan?
Dionysus: a titan
Me: cool cool.
Me: what are you the titan of?
Dionysus: PARTY
Me: Awesome! HIGH FIVE! YAH!
Me: ok good bye!
Dionysus: WAIT!
Dionysus: can we high five again?
Me: no!
Dionysus: DARNET!

9derekg said...

Me: Hi, what is your name?

Poseidon: My name is Poseidon.

Me: What are you the god of?

Poseidon: Ha! that is a stupid question I am the god of the sea!

Me: dont spaz out I was just asking, so I heard you made a hobby out of taking revenge on people.

Poseidon: That is true, people that anger me dont get away with it so yeah.

Me: What is your symbol and weapon?

Poseidon: you truly are stupid arent you, my symbol and weapon is the trident!

Me: people say you are aggressive and tried to take over things other gods posess.

Poseidon: YES I DID!!! Do you have any other questions that make me mad???


9dawson said...

Me:So perseus what do you do for olypois?
Persues:Well I am the son of zues!
Me:How were you born?
Perseus:It started of the rebelian of king acuserus zues loved man to much and he dicided to make an example of a curseus he decided to disquise himself as the king and visted the chamber where the queen was sleeping.
me:ok thanks for talking.

9amandaosiad.... said...

Me:Hey, wich one of you olimpians is Hera?
Hera:That would be me.
Me:Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
Hera:No, not at all.
Me:To start what are the goddesse of?
Hera:That is an easy one, well I am the goddesse of marriage and childbirth.
Me:Cool, okay next one do you have a symbol.
Hera:Yes, it is the peacok.
Me:Pretty, now for the final one do have any bothers or sisters?
Hera:Yes I have 5 bothers and sisters.Zues,Posiden,Hades,Demeter,and Hestia.
Me: thats it thanks.

4kylen said...

Me:Hello sir; do you mind if I ask you some simply questions about you?
Hercules:sure go ahead.
Me:Well first of all who are you?
Hercules: I an Hercules.
Me:Very interesting . Are you a god?
Hercules: no I am not?
Me: Was anyone in your family important?
Hercules:Actually now that you mention it, my father was very important.
Me: Who was he?
Hercules: He was Zues.
Me: Thank you for your time.
Hercules: No problem.

lacey e said...

Me: Hi Demeter how are you today?

Demeter: good

ME: okay im gonna ask you aome questions okay?

Dameter: okay

Me: okay what type of children are you?

Demeter: Im a titan

Me:Are you pretty or ugly?

Demet: pretty

Me:What is your sybol?

Demeter: a cornupia

Me: okay thats all im gonna ask today thankyou

Demeter: okay. Your welcome

8grace b said...

Me: Hi, whats your name?
Athena: My name is Athena.
Me: That's cool do have any special powers?
Athena: Not really but I am the goddess of wisdom, intelligent thinking, art, and literature.
Me: Cool. What is your symbol?
Athena: The owl.
Me: hmmmm....... Who is your father?
Athena: You don't know who my father is?!
Me: Nope, is that bad???
Athena: Just a bit!! My father is Zues. Ever heard of him?
Me: Oh that guy?! Ya

6Emily R said...

me: hello, demeter

demeter: why hello there how are you! corn?

me: i am doing fine you? umm no thanks

demeter: same as you and your loss

me: alright so i understand that your symbol is the cornocopia

demeter: you are correct

me: and you have a family of your own right

demeter: yes i have a daughter named persephone she is so sweet

me: okay and what are you the goddess of?

demeter: corn, grain, and harvest also earth, of algriculture, and of fertility in general

me: i just wanted to know the main one

demeter: whatever this is a interview and i am supposed to tell you about me. Never mind i got a garden to grow

6Charliew said...

Me:"Hello, what is your name?"

Perseus:"My name is Perseus, if you HAVE TO KNOW....

Me:"Well jeez i was just wonde...(He is cut off)

Perseus:"WELL YOU KNOW WHA...sorry, im just mad because i have no special power...all i have is a dumb sword, a pair of flying sandals...from someone else, and a invisability cap...form someone else."

Me:" well im sorry for that... so you are a =god?"

Perseus:"no, in fact I am a titan.

Me:"ok, ive never heard of these "titans".

Perseus:"NO... OF COURSE YOU HAVN'T!!!!!!"

Me:"............ok................Have you done anything special?

Perseus:"well.. i did cut off medusa's head erlier.. if you look into the eyes you turn to stone......."

Me:"Well... that sounds... interesting.......

Perseus:"............wanna see it?"

Me:NO... NO... NO.... AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh(i run off)