Sunday, February 26, 2012

What is Democracy? The Results are in...

During our ancient Greece unit, we learn about Democracy. Since that is also the type of government philsophy we have in America, we decided to see what people know about Democracy in the US. My sixth grade students completed a project called: "Ask the Public: What is Democracy?" For this project, they had to interview 4 adults 25 years or older. They did a great job and the results we found are very enlightening. The picture posted with this blog post shows the results from this project as far as how many people got 100% and how many people got each specific question right. The sample size of this project is 425 adults. Out of all those people, only 32 people were able to answer every question correctly. Which concerns me. I also broke down the results based on some of the specific questions.
If you want to see how you stack up against the public, you can take the Democracy Questionnaire yourself and see how you do. Try to answer the questions without looking them up. Don't look at the answers until after you take the questionnaire.
What is Democracy? Questionnaire

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