Friday, February 10, 2012

All in the Family: Greek Mythology

Today we begin learning about one of the most fascinating aspects of the ancient world: Greek Mythology. This very exciting, elaborate system of gods and goddesses in ancient Greece has intrigued people for centuries. Now, we will begin our study of it by first getting organized. Before we delve into the specific gods, goddesses, myths, monsters, and so on, let us first figure out how everything started. You will be creating a Greek Mythology Family tree with will show you how everything started. We have probably all heard of Zeus. But where did Zeus come from? What about Poseidon? Well, with this blog post and our Mythology family tree, we shall find the answers to those questions and more. This family tree will go into your Scrapbook, so make it look nice.
Okay, time for the details:
Greek Mythology: "How it all began." Use this short story to learn about how it all began in Greek Mythology.
Greek Mythology Family Tree Prezi: Use this to get an example of what the family tree should look like.
Task: Using the above links, create a Greek Mythology family tree on your poster paper. Use marker of any color and rulers to make nice, straight lines. Just write the names of the characters. However, for the Olympian gods/goddesses, you need to write their names AND draw/color their symbol, which is given to you in the article.

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