Monday, January 12, 2015

TED Talk-Dynasties of ancient China

Welcome to the TED badge. A "TED Talk" is a short talk/presentation given by someone who is trying to spread a new idea or information. TED talks are highly engaging and informative. TED Talks do not have a lot of text on the screen during the presentation, mainly pictures that help reinforce what the person is saying. For the Realm, you and your dynasty members will be giving a TED talk in which you will share about your Dynasty and your Honorary Member. This is your chance at the TED Badge. 

TED Talk Topic: Dynasty and Honorary Member
Date: Friday, January 16th
Time Limit: 3:00-3:30 in order to earn the badge 
Tool: PowerPoint in Google Drive. 
PowerPoint: Mainly images to support what you are talking about. One or two word phrases are ok. 
Members: All must speak/share about the topic
Work Time: Monday-discuss/prep.  Tuesday: Computers for PPT

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