Friday, January 23, 2015

Ancient Quest: "I Travel the Silk Road"

If Johnny wants to complete his task in Ancient China and make it out alive, he will have to conquer many dangerous obstacles in ancient China. A place he has never been before, ancient China and the Silk Road will throw dangers at him relentlessly. Testing him like never before. So, will Johnny make it to the end of the Silk Road? Let's find out...
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Student Task: Post 5 things you learned about the Silk Road from this chapter. 
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6Jackson F said...
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emily said...

I learned that there is two routes to get there
you trade for gold gems and silver
the only place that has silk worms is china
a lot of different places to trade
travel on camels

3 ming emily

4kaylie Tang said...

1) The Silk Road is over 4000 miles long.

2) You have to travel to get through the Qinling Mts. to get to the Taklimakan Desert while traveling the Silk Road.

3) Bactrian camels can survive extreme weather conditions.

4) Only China had silk worms.

5) There are terrible theives on the Silk Road

3Qin Carson Johnke said...

1. That you travel over the Qinling Mountains
2. There are two routes
3. you could go through 2 deserts for one route
4. you will travel through one desert and one mountain range for one route
5. They used camals to carry all their food and water

4XiaAaron said...

I learned that it takes a yaer to travel the road, more than one routs, that it goes to Rome, around 4,000 miles long, and filled with bandits.

Xander 4Xia said...

More than one trade route
Usually done in relays

3 Zhou Lauren said...

1. There are two routes used on the silk road, one through the Gobi and Taklamakan desert, and the other through the Qinling mountains and the Taklamakan desert.

3 Zhou Lauren said...

2. Silk worms were only found in China and would execute a person if caught smuggling a silk worm.
3. The silk road takes about one year to complete.
4. The silk road is 4,000 miles long.
5. One of the dangers that was on the silk road is the Banded Krait.

Kennedy Nuebel Han3 said...

1. There are 2 routes travel on camels.
3. There are many dangers.
4. It is over 4,000 miles long.
5.CHina is the only place with the silkworm.

kady shang4 said...

1. There id more than one route
2. It is around 4,000 miles long
3. Bringing a silk worm is very risky
4.It takes about a year to travel
5. they can do the silk road on relays