Sunday, January 25, 2015

Silk Road Animation

Check out this animated map of the Silk Road and perhaps gain some insight as to what will happen to you along the way. Are you prepared? Hope so. Good Luck!
Follow our little traveler along the Silk Road route in this short animation. You will see that he will have to face and conquer many obstacles along the way, such as snakes, mountains and deserts, among many other things. If you are nervous about the Silk Road adventure, you should be. If you are not nervous about the Silk Road adventure, you should be. This is not just any ordinary trip. This is the most intense definition of the word "difficult." I hope you bring your A game on Thursday because you will need it, that and some luck. Here's a thought, if you hand me a piece of paper with all the things the little guy passes along the way in the animated map, you will receive ten free points when the game begins on Thursday. It's hard to earn points so take advantage of this golden opportunity!!! Are you good at hunting for clues and secrets? Well, if you are reading this, you at least have found one secret. Just think, this is one of many, many secrets and words of wisdom sprinkled throughout this website. You better put your detective hat on and grab a magnifying glass because you need to discover the truth!
Student Task for WSG Badge
-post a comment stating which obstacle will be the most dangerous and difficult and why for you when you travel the Silk Road. 


Emily4 said...

camel,river,Qinling mts., banded krait, gobi desert, theives, taklamakan desert, sandstorms

emily wendt4 said...

camels, qinling mts, banded krait, gobi desert, theives, taklamakan desert, sandstorms, river

6Henry H. said...

Bactrian camel,a river, Qinling mts, BAnded Krait, Gobi desert, Theives,talkeman desert, sandstorm, Buy extra camel, leaving china halfway there,

8Mason M said...

1. Start
2. Bactrain Camel:Animal for caravans
3. North China Plain
4. Qinling Mts.
5. Danger Branded Snake
6.Gobi Desert
7. Danger Theives
8. Taklamakan Desert
9. Danger: Sand storm
10. I hope that you have and extra camel! You will need it!
11. Leaving China-Half way there! 2,000 Miles
12. End

6avak said...

yellow river
Quinling mts.
banded krait
Gobi Desert
Taklimakan Desert

4Dylan N said...

Qinling Mts.
Bandleded snake
Gobi Desert
Talkahamin Desert

8Kate L said...

2.Yellow River
3.Qinling Mts.
4.banded Krait
6.Taklamen Desert
8.Leaving China! half way there!
9.Bring extra camel
(i didn't know if I had to write 8 and 9)

6Grace M said...

He saw a banded krait snake, the Gobi Desert, the Quinling Mts., thieves, a camel, a river, the Taklamakan Desert, sandstorms, and 2,000 miles.

9hunter Marso said...

Yellow river
Taklamakan desert
Gobi desert
Qinling desert
That's not it but there is some

9Noah L said...

Bactrian Camel
North China Plain
Qinling Mountains
Banded Krait
Gobi Desert
Taklamakan Desert
Extra Camel
Halfway there (2,000 miles)

Xander 4Xia said...

I will be most afraid of bandits. It is hard to prepare for them.

6tang chloe said...

Robbers because they will take your silk away.

4HanMatt said...

I will be afraid of the bandits because they can rob you.

3Ming Emily said...

Robbers and bandits are the most hard of challenges because you can get murdered and no one will see what happened to you.

3Qin Carson Johnke said...

1. Bactrian Camel
2.a river
3.Qinling Mountains
4.Banded Krait
5.Gobi Desert
7.Taklamakan Desert
9.Buy extra Camel
10.Leaving China halfway their

Kennedy Nuebel Han3 said...

I think bandits because thy can take anything from you.