Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Overnight Assignment

Hello! Congratulations on making to this website without my help! Good Job. Whether you are in Study Hall, at home, or at a friends house, I hope you are doing well. I must say, I have really enjoyed the first days of school this year and getting to know you all.
Making it to Water for Sixth Grade was the hard part, now all you need to do is unlock the "secret code" below. Simply click the link, write down the secret code on your paper, and you are done! Easy huh? Yes, but it's important for me to know who can and can not get to my website without my help. 


P-9 Alyssa stone berry said...

It was fun but confuseing

abbyc9 said...

The secret code is YOU MATTER

Guess Who :) :D said...

You matter!!!!!!
See Ive missed your class so much that Im still doin homework for you when Olsens my teacher now.!! :) :D

P.s. Have u figured out who I am yet????? :) :D