Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Quick Look at the Ancient Worlds

This week is all about assessing where we are at ability wise so we can move forward with our first ancient world: Stone Age. Today we are getting a little overview of all the ancient worlds we will be studying. Because of this, I would like you to do some digging into these worlds and I want to see what you can find. I have provided many websites for you to sift through. They are located on the right side of the website under the "Ancient World" widget. Your goal is to tell me ONE thing about each of the 8 Ancient worlds we study this year. It needs to be a complete sentence and it needs to be a piece of information. NOT AN OPINION. An example of an opinion: "I think Ancient Egypt's pyramids are cool." Don't do opinions. Tell me facts, information.

Task: Post a comment with 1 fact about each of the eight ancient worlds. Use the websites provided. It needs to be a fact.
Example of what your comment should look like: 

Stone Age: (type your fact here)
Medieval Times:

DUE DATE: This is an in class activity. 

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