Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Super Sleuth: Becoming a Medieval Times Detective

We have ventured our way into the Medieval Times. Just like the name suggests, this time period is evil, its dark, its scary, its gloomy, and its also very fascinating. Kings, queens, princes, princesses, noble lords, knights, death, disease, castles, religion, war, and even leeches! Not only are there a wide variety of topics, but also a wide variety of people. You are heading back into the Medieval Times to become a detective and try to figure out what types of people our 8 mysterious people are. Each of the 8 Medieval Times characters will offer you clues as to their identity. Using the clues, and paying attention in social studies class throughout the unit, your task is to figure out the identity of all 8 characters.
**Important: Use the clues sheet to record any clues that you believe will be important in helping you identify the characters. **Your Task is to figure out all 8 Medieval Times characters by the end of the unit. So find the clues and pay attention!

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