Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let's Glog about the Medieval Times!

We have blogged all year long on Water for Sixth Grade. Today, we shall venture into a new world of virtual creating with Glogging. A glog is something you create on the internet. It is basically a virtual poster, that allows you to add pictures, text, graphics, backgrounds, and more. You will create a Glog for the Medieval Times. This assignment will allow you to have some creativity. I want you to search, discover, and create on your own. Throughout the Medieval Times, we will discuss many topics. Using a glog, we will introduce ourselves to what some of them are. So, what can you come up with? What can you create? See below for details. Task: Create a glog about the Medieval Times. Details: For your Glog, here are some ideas to research and represent: Feudalism, Black Death, crusades, castles, weapons, tools, daily life, famous people, wars, knights, Magna Carta, Kings, queens, religion , and anything else you can find that is interesting/important to the Medieval Times. **Use the websites I have provided for you. To find pictures, use google or bing images. Requirements: All Glogs must have AT LEAST five different topics on them. The topic name must be on the glog as well. Use pictures, make your glog look sharp. I don't care how you do it, just make sure five different topics are represented on your glog. Have fun with this. Be creative. Make the coolest Glog in the class. Click here to get the Username. You will receive the password in class.

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Mystery(m&m)Pd6 said...

That was the best thing we did all year so far i cant wait for the WAX MUSUEM that i will never forget