Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tell Me Some Rome Stuff

Colosseum, Gladiators, Pompeii, Julius Caesar, Forum, Circus Maximus, Nero, Senate, Marcus Aurilius, Roman Numerals, Christianity. These are a few highlights coming your way in the Ancient Rome Unit. To start Rome off on Water for Sixth Grade, you will browse a website and tell me 2 things you learned. Quite Simple, yet very beneficial.
Use the Website on the "Ancient Rome Link List" located on the side.
DUE: Friday, February 13, Midnight.


kallie said...

They wanted a comfortable.
You can tell if it was a Rome house because the pipe are big.

Mackenzie 3Nelson said...

1.] Rome didn't com intill after Egypt and Greece.

2.] The Empire is usually divided up according to who was emperor.

Tasia Long 3rd Period said...

1. Eating Expensive food showed that you were wealthy.

2. Very few people ever went to college.

Kjerstin 9Williams said...

1] The Romans wore leather sandles

2] Rosted pecock and ostriche was considered an expensive food

jd 9 said...

1 gladiators were willing to kill.

2 rome was a very advanced county

Riley 4Frantzen said...

1. The most common games were probably dice games.
2.Romans also played marbles and knucklebones.

Jordan3W said...

1.I know that their was gladiators.

2.they had kings

logan9waldner said...

Many Roman people went to big amphitheaters (like our football stadiums today) to see professionals fight (like boxers today). The Romans also played games like checkers, and a lot of games where you moved pebbles from one square to another in a grid.

Tyler 3Limmer said...

1. Romans loved to eat roasted peacock and ostrich.

2. People that eat expensive food like roasted peacock and ostrich are wealthy.

Levi Pd. 9 8P said...

What I know about Rome, is not much. But what I do know is pretty basic but somewhat informal.

1. Rome had battles to the death between gladiatiors in a large arena called a colloseum. Some still stand in present Rome today.

2. Also, rich Romans liked to buy very esquisite and pricey spices from the chinese. When they ate, they enjoyed none the less than a feast.

I don't know alot about Rome, but I am anxious to learn much more in the future of this unit...

See ya!

Emily 9Anderson said...

OK, 2 things I am going to tell you are very sort of simple well, I already know that circus Maximus was a great warrior. I watched a movie with this Rome charector in it. The movie was really good my favorite part was in the Colosseum when they fought to get out. Ok, I am getting of task I know how the Rome thing started with two little boys getting tossed into the Tiber River and were raised by wolves and they grew up and mad their own cities. Romulus built a bigger one and Remus didn't like that so he went over his wall and got killed


brendan said...

In 476 A.D. the fall of Rome began.
The early period started in 500B.C.

jacob4murray said...

1. they had kings.

2.Romulus and Remus Were twin brothers.

Hannah 4Poppens said...

Hi Mr.Klumper
The first thing that I learned from this website was that after the Romans met people from greece and Egypt, Romans started wearing tunic under their wool robes. Another thing that I learned was that the more money they had, the better food they had to eat.
Banana Poppens

Emily 9Anderson said...

I am continuing my other blog post and the people of Rome that fought a lot were called gladiators so that they could fight.

Makenzie Marso 4th said...

1.I learned that a slave could only get their freedom if they were given it by their owner or if they bought their freedom.

2.I also learned that in Rome the first type of school was for younger children aged up to 11 or 12 where they learned to read and write and to do basic math.

Andrew 8Breitzman said...

Two things I know about Rome is that:

1. In their hair, women wore wooden hairsticks or wooden combs.

2. The Roman Empire was so big that there were a lot of different people with different cultures living in it.

syd the kid said...

1.] The Romans thought of the Greeks as being cooler than they were, so whatever the Greeks were doing in art, the Romans wanted some.

2.] There were many different ways of living.

Alexander "the great" Wilde Pd. 3 said...

1 Romans loved watching other people die. They thought that it was as fun to watch as going to horror movies or watching Cops on TV is fun. They also believed that their gods liked gladiatorial fights, so that going to the fights was a sort of religious experience as well as being fun.

2.The most common games were dice games. Where you threw the dice and bet on the results. These were essentially gambling games. But the Romans also played marbles and knucklebones (the vertebrae of sheep or goats).

Katy 8Ternus said...

Romulus and Remus were twin brothers.

The message of Christianity was spread around the Roman Empire by St. Paul who founded Christian churches in Asia Minor and Greece.

Tatertot(4 PEACE OUT)green said...

Hi hi!!!

Ok one thing I knows is that galdiators fought to the death for entertaniment
2.There was a great leader named Julius Ceaser which i think he invented the ceaser salad.

sammie peterson 6thperiod said...

Here are some things I found!!

#1. Very few people ever went to college.

#2.The Romans thought of the Greeks as being cooler than they were.

Lucas said...

1. Rome is not a country 2. Their art started by the Etruscans.

shane 4gacke said...

1. Roman religion is much like the Greek religion and the Romans sort of took the same type of gods but different names.

2. The chief of the gods for the Romans was Jupiter.

Emma Baier pd4 said...

1- On Rome-History for Kids I learnt that the Romans invented a lot of new ways to mine for metals like silver and gold and lead.

2-On History of Rome I learnt that if you were poor in Rome, you lived in simple flats or apartments.

lexi 8bliss said...

1. they some times played dice or cheekers.

2.they had gladiators

mitchell 4selken said...

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7. Conclusion Page
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Umaima Koch 9th Period said...

Interesting Facts About Rome:

1. Romans called breakfeast jentaculum.

2. Romans usually went to local baths,where they could relax, keep clean,and keep up with the latest news(or gossip?).

emily harris 3 said...

what i know about rome is that there are gladiators and that there are lots of cute guys there also is that one place where they fight and in italy is where rome is located

Patrick 3Gallo said...

1.Rich people made slaves cook for them.

2.Ovens in the kitchens used charcoal to burn.

nelsondinglersblog said...

1. The romans had gladiators

2.They invetented rumon numerals.

denton bose pd8 said...

Rome was powerful did not begin until after the greatest power of Egypt and Greece.
Roman history is usually divided into three main periods: before the rise of Rome, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire. The Empire is usually divided up according to who was emperor.

jessenatolepd.8 said...

what I learned from the Rome website was about the Colosseum. In the colosseum one of the events was gladiators fighting.

Jordan 3Olson said...

1. Gladiators fought in the Colosseum

2. Rome isn't a country. It is a city in Italy.

Kaity 6Dybdahl said...

1 All the gods in Rome were honored every day.

2 In early Rome kids did not go to school.

tanner 4koster said...

1. the Romans wore leather sandals

2. very few people ever went to college

Lydia period9 said...

1. The rich people of Rome ate fancy dinners with expensive spices.

2. Romans beleived in many gods not just one(like the greeks).

Michaela Beckman 8th said...

1. Expensive food, along with a lavish villa, was a way of showing off your wealth to others.

2. If you were poor in Rome, you lived in s simple flat or apartment - the inside of these places were symbolic of your lack of wealth.

garrett 3lambert said...

1. There was an artist named Cicero .
2. Rich Romans ate whole plates of peacock tongues.

aaron 4beaner said...

1. slaves cooked and cleaned

2. romens were famous for power and law in thier goverment

Macy 4Murren said...

I learned that the colosseum is where the gladiators fight.

I also learned that the Roman Empire was so big that there were several different people of different cultures living there.

Mr. Klumper, I know that the Pope lives in Rome. My mom has also been to Rome.

Cole Ripperda Period 8 said...

1. Rome built there houses off the ground like egypt to protect from flooding.

2. Education in Rome was very important. The Rich usually got the better education, but the poor still got to learn how to read and write.

Troy Small p10 said...

1: Rome is a city in Italy.
2: octavian wasthe son of Julius Ceasar.

Cassidy 3Wethor said...

1. They had big houses if they were rich and small basic houses if they were poor

2. Some people walked around Rome.

Alyssa pd.3 said...

1.Roman art grows out of Etruscan art.
2.Romans were into making statues that looked like one particular person.

molly 8how said...

OK i'm tired so I want to go so....

1. Fathers could sell the older children if they needed money.

2. The public bath tubs were really popular. (creepy)

Alli 6Fatone said...

I know that gladiators were slaves that were forced to fight to the death against humans and animals.

I also know that men were only supposed to wear one ring, but not all followed that etiquette rule.

Sorry it came so late, Tate reminded me VERY LAST MINUTE. HAHA!!

Sissy 9 Ploen said...

1. Slaves were the people frequently captured in battle and sent back to Rome.

2.The Acient Romes like the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians made a huge input on medicine and health.


Tyler 9erck said...

1. it depended on how wealthy they are to see what food they ate

2. the gladiators usally fought to death by eachother or by animals

Weston 3Meyer said...

I learned that they bilt pantheons for the gods.

I also learned that they bileved that going to a glatiator fight was like a religouse experianc because they thaught that the gods liked them to.

haley 6hoeke said...

1)rome didnt come untill after egypt and greece.

2) fathers could sell the older children if they needed money.

Sorry mr.klumper it came so late i forgot about it..

andrew.a said...

One of the things I learned about Rome was the largest city in the known world. Rome also had many powerful armies.

Meikayla 3Wojciechowski said...

1) All i know about Rome is that they have a major river And a major sea that they depend on to survive. And that the coloseum is were the Gladiators would fight.