Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hello, Scotland!

Water for Sixth Grade would like to welcome our new friends from Scotland to Brandon, SD, USA. Thank you very much for being a part of this. Scotland, along with Turkey and Brazil are the first countries to be a part of International Connections, a new program I started that I feel can greatly benefit us all. Anyone can learn about countries from books, but if there was an opportunity to learn about other countries by talking to students living there, wouldn't that be far more interesting? I couldn't agree more. A big Thank You to Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Ross for their willingness to participate in this program. We are very excited to learn about Scotland--your school, what life is like, what is unique about your country, etc. We will also like to share what our country and what our school is like with you.
To answer these questions, click on "comments" below and type in the box. After you are done writing, check the box by "name" and type your first name. Do not enter a URL address. Just your first name is all you need to do. Thank you.
1. What is a typical school day like in Scotland? (how many classes do you have, do you switch teachers, what types of classes do you have, etc. Anything about your school day.)

2. What do you do for fun in your free time?

3. What type of food do you eat? What are popular foods in your country?

4. What is the weather like in Scotland?

5. What type of clothing do you wear?

6. What Holidays do you celebrate?

7. Share with anything else about your country that you want.


Katy said...

Hi Scotland!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Mrs Wood said...

Hi there Brandon!

Mrs Wood here. I just showed my class a map of America and your state as well as pictures of South Dakota, the Badlands, Mount Rushmore so they could get a feel for where you all live. We were struck by how similar some of the fields around Brandon look to the West of Scotland!

The class have taken copies of your questions away to look at and hopefully tomorrow we will get some of them started on answering you. We don't have access to many computers so it might take a week or so to give everyone a chance to reply!
We are looking forward to hearing more about where you live and we had a look at the other topics you have been studying. We just finished studying Chinese New Year but we can tell you more about that later!
All the best,
Mrs Wood

Troy Smallp4 said...

Hello Scotland!!! I can't wait to hear fronm them! This is so exciting!!

denton bose said...

hello scottland,i don't know much about you guys yet.

Craig said...

My name is Craig. I go to six different classes a day and over 12 teachers a week. I like going out with my friends around Galston. My favourite food is haggis though most people think haggis is horrible. The weather in Scotland is cold, wet, rainy in the winter. Sometimes warm in the summer.
We wear school uniform and in free time casual clothes like jeans and jumpers, trackies and jackets.
We celebrate Easter, with rolling eggs to celebrate Jesus rising again. At Christmas we give each other presents - last Christmas I got an X-Box 360.
What's special about our country is that we have a Royal Family.

Nicola said...

I go to different classes six times a day from 9am till half past three. We have different teachers for each subject, lots of nice teachers.
On my holidays I go ice-skating and shopping. My favourite shop is Primark because it is cheap and good!
We have different names for some food in Scotland than America such as chips = french fries and crisps = chips.
In winter it is cold and very rainy here. In the summer still cold but sometimes hot.

School uniform - we wear black trousers and a sweatshirt with the school badge on it. Our polo shirts are white and sometimes we wear a proper shirt and school tie.
Our holidays are at Easter, when we get chocolate eggs. On Hallow'een we have lots of sweets (candy) and at Christmas we have lots of presents. At the summer we get a big 6 week holiday and have lots of fun. I go on holiday to my dad's place in England, near Blackpool.
Our history - we have William Wallace (Braveheart) and Robert Burns is a famous Scottish poet. Alexander Fleming came from Darvel, which is a little village 10 minutes away from Loudoun Academy.

Riley 4Frantzen said...

Who is the Royal Family????????????

(good comments thank you)

lexi 8 bliss said...

i love iceskating ans shoping

jake d said...

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Emily Anderson said...

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Mackenzie 3Nelson said...

Hi, you do intresting things can't wait to hear more:}

Katy Ternus said...

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Katy Ternus said...

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becca...grrrrrrr.... said...

if loudon academy your school

Shannon said...

Loudoun Academy is our school and it has nearly 1,000 pupils. Pupils are from 11 to about 17 or 18 years old. I am 12.
Our school day is 2 periods (classes) then break then another 2 classes then lunch then the last 2 classes and home time at 3.30pm.
We sometimes have homework. My favourite subjects are English, Techy, Home Economics.
School dinners - we get paninis, baked potatoes and sandwiches. Sometimes theres chicken curry, roast potatoes or stew.

When I hang out with my friends at the weekend we go into town (Kilmarnock) and go to the pictures (movies) or ice skating or shopping. I am good at ice skating and used to do figure skating.
My favourite foods are things like crisps and chips, chocolate and haggis. I love homemade soup and sweeties. Galaxy chocolate is my favourite.

Darren said...

Techy and PE are my favourite subjects. Just now in Techy we are making name tag key rings out of metal, we design them ourselves and make them. In PE we get a block and that is the subjects we do for two weeks and just now we are doing Rugby and Gymnastics.
In my free time I go out on my motorbike at the weekend. I go to Drumclog near Darvel - you have to pay 5 pounds per bike and there are two tracks, one for quadbikes one for motorbikes. I hang about with my mates when I'm not at the bikes.
I like pizza and chips, Indian curries and fry ups - a full English breakfast. Chocolate is also good.

At the bikes I wear special strong clothes to protect me. Body guards are also worn for safety gear so you don't get hurt.
I don't mind school uniform but prefer trackies and jeans.
I have been to Florida and liked the warm weather because in Scotland it is quite cold.

Danielle said...

At school we have fun sometimes. Doing stuff about Chinese New Year and drawing pictures of Adolphus Tips is good. I llike drawing pictures for teachers.I do work like writing about stuff. I go to the library to read and change books.
Sometimes I play in the park and sometimes I go to see horses. I play basketball and I like soup, pasta.
Sometimes its sunny and sometimes it can be cloudy and windy here. It rains.
I wear trousers or jeans a lot, hoodies and trainers and trackies.
I have been to Turkey on holiday.

lexi bliss :) said...

i love horses

john o said...

I don't really like school. It's boring. I like it because you get to see your pals. In my free time I hang about with my pals. We go to the park, play football and play on the trampolines when it is warm.
At the holidays I get to play football more or sometimes stay in and play the x-box. Saints Row 2 is the best game because it is about fighting and stealing cars!

I have a dirt bike which I sometimes go out on to the BMX track.
I have never been abroad but would like to go to Spain for the warm weather. Bendidorm is also hot. What is it like in Brandon?

john w said...

The weather in Scotland is wet and windy and cold in all seasons. However sometimes in summer we may get a little sun and in winter maybe some snow. The weather is mostly wet.

I wear school uniform at school and whatever else I won't wear that on holiday!

At school I like all my subjects but I especially like English (mrs w will be happy about that one) and art. This is because they are really the only classes you are allowed to draw in. I like drawing and am good at it depending on what it is.

Food in the dining hall at school is cheese paninis, pasta, sometimes chicken etc. My faovurite food has got to be either pizza or kebab.

In Scotland we make good scotch pies. Killie pies are good. The best pies are a hot mince pie and chips. (Fries).

For a day out I usually go to Glasgow shopping. I would love to go to Disneyland or legoland.

Tatertot(4 FAV. STUDENT)green said...

hi hi

im not from scotland, but im part.

i think you guys are awesome.

snakke med deg senere
talk to you later in Norwegian

im mostly norwegian and i've been learning it

Jessica Campbell P3 said...

thats SO cool that u guys in scotland all like doing different things than us here in brandon sd.

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sophie said...

we have 1 teacher and 1 class we dont switch classes.Do you have to wear school uniform?
Love Connie and Sophie

Erin and Morgan said...

hi its morgan and erin here from Scotland.We dont switch classes yet until we we move to a school called Marr Collage where we move to different classes a lot.We usualy go into town and shop and hang with our friends we go swimming go to the cinema go into ayr which is a bigger town and has more shops to by from.In the Summer if it is nice weather we go down the beach.WE eat food like burgers pasta chinese just really anything but our traditional food is haggis.The weather in Scotland is always rainy and we hardly get any sun.Sometimes we can be really lucky and get gorgeous weather.We celebrate Easter,Christmas,Valentines Day,Bonfire Night,Halloween,Mothers Day,Fathers day,New Year.We would like to find out more about the other countries.

susma and zoe said...

1.hi is it hot in south dakota? you have a swimming pool in your school? many hours do you have at school in 1 day?
1.its quite cold but we always find something to do
2.we dance,draw act and sing
we have the same teacher all day and our school hours are from 9.00am -3.15pm and we wear te same clothes as you, we dont wear tartan all the time.:]

Erin and Morgan said...

The Royal Family is our King and Queen and their famiy they rule our country and a veryn famous.

hayley and cara said...

hey its hayley and cara here
in a typical school day we have the same teacher all day long and do fun work.we go down town and and to the cinemas.we eat lots of normal things like pizza, chips mac donalds but our most traditional food is in our opinion steak pie. we get different weather all year round sometimes we get the sun but normally we get rain and wind, very ocationaly we get snow.wel it always depends on the weather but normally just jeans and a jumper.we celebrate easter, halloween, christmas, new year and birthdays. thats all from hayley and cara

connie and sophie said...

scotland has horrid weather and is always rains and is windy.we sometimes get snow but not alot cause we live near the sea.we have fab clothes and shops like new look,primark and claires.We wear jeans n jumpers but depend on the weather.but in the summer shorts and tops.we go shoppin and swimming our spare time.
love connie and sophie

shauna said...

Hello my name is shauna i live in scotland i was just wondering do you have a pancake day? we hade one last week we put butter,jam,suger or surup.

We olso have burns suppers primary 7s went to see burns cottage to learn about burns nice talking to bye write back soon

Ross said...

In scotland we only have one teacher until we go to secondary school the teacher teaches all subjects.For fun we play football and race eachother or go down towns and hang out with friends.Our official food is haggis bad name isnt it? but it tastes so good!!!Apart from haggis we eat what you eat.The weather in Scotland is wet...Sometimes sunny and dry but mostly wet.We only wear kilts and tarten for weddings,Burns suppers or St.Andrews day.We celebrate Christmas,Easter,Pancake day(Shrove tuesday),Ash Wednesday,Halloween,St.Andrews day,Burns birthday.Our highlands are a beautiful place in Scotland to visit you'll see lots of animals and mountains which you will love to walk or drive on.BYE!!!!!!!

Liam said...

A typical school day in scotland is mostly wet and windy
we have 14 classes and 2
nursery classes. One in the morning and anorther in the afternoon. We sometimes have
supply teachers.We have maths,
Language, French, Science, Environmental Studies, PE, Drama, Art, Music but we don't move
classes.Only people who need
pupil support move to another room. We have a great music teacher who comes on Wednesdays but our teacher Mrs Ross teaches everything else.
Can you tell me about America? I've never been!

Evan said...

HI America i like to play football in my free time I would like to know what you do in your free time.

I like oranges - dont know the most popular in scotland but the most traditional food is haggis

The weather in scotland is sometimes nice but mostly cloudy. I've been to Florida and I loved it!

Have you ever heard of Robert Burns? He's our national poet and everyone says he's world famous so I just wondered!

Have a look at our school website

See you later, Evan

Calum said...

Hi! My teacher Mrs Ross just wants to tell the Norwegian person that the best band in the history of the world is Norwegian! We have photos on the wall of our classroom of when she met Morten Harket from A-ha. We all just think it's a bit sad.

In scotland the weather is baltic.It rains in the summer (actually all the time).I was wondering if youe heard of robert you celebrate his birthday? We had a huge Burns Supper this year and P7 organised it.

loudounloonies said...

Hello again!
We have had problems getting on the computer. Here are some questions we would like to ask you,

1. What kinds of food do you eat? Do you like Chinese food? Have you ever tried haggis?
2. What hobbies do you do in your spare time? What games do you play in the playground at school?
3. What time do you finish school for the day?
4. Do you play American football and do you have a school team? What is ‘lynx’? (We have Lynx deodorant in Scotland!)
5. What is a middle school?
6. What kind of books do you read?
7. What’s your favourite film?
8. Do you like PE? Your PE hall looks massive! What activities do you get in PE?
9. What school trips do you get to go on?
10. Have you ever been in a hurricane?