Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello, Turkey!

Hello, to our friends in Turkey! Welcome to Water for Sixth Grade and Welcome to Brandon, SD, USA. Thank you for being a part of International Connections. Thank your teacher, Ms. Akyol, for participating in this new program. She is a great teacher. The Internet can make the world a small place, so it only makes sense to use it to learn about the world. Anyone can learn about the world from books, the vision of International Connections is to learn about the world from the perspective of kids living in other countries. So THANK YOU for being part of the first interaction. We are very excited to read what you have to say about school and life in Turkey. Please answer the questions below. You may also add other things that are not covered in the questions. Even things you may feel are boring to you, would be very fascinating to us.

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1. What is a typical school day like in Turkey? (how many classes do you have, do you switch teachers, what types of classes do you have, etc. Anything about your school day.)

2. What do you do for fun in your free time?

3. What type of food do you eat? What are popular foods in your country?

4. What is the weather like in Turkey?

5. What type of clothing do you wear?

6. What Holidays do you celebrate?

7. Share with anything else about your country that you want.


Kaan said...

1.We have 10 teachers and school days are boring.We have lots of lessons.
2.Watch TV and play computer games.
3.I eat pizza and the popular food is Turkish delight.
4.It's sunny but cold now.It may snow next week.
5.T-shirts and jeans.
6.Religious and national days.
Thank you for your great questions and answering ours:)

Hande said...

1.the school is great ve have 10 teachers I love school.
2.we play simon says and we read books.
3.we have realy good food it is delecius
4.it is snowing now but sometimes+ it is sunny they say it is winter but it is not like winter it is like spring.
5.we wear uniforms:girls wear skirt and t-shirt.boys wear:pants and t-shirts.
6.we celebrate religious days and national holidays.

Defne said...

1.We have A,B,C,D,E classes. I'm a student in 5-D. We have a class teacher and for Turkish, Maths, Science and social studies, she comes. For the other lessons different teachers come.
2.We play games with our teachers like, hangman, shark game, puzzles etc.
3.I like to eat kebab. It is cow meat and under the cow meat you can find pieces of bread. If you want you can add some special sauce and yoghurt.
4.In January it is cold and snowy! But in February it's usually rainy.
5.Popular shoe brands are ''CONVERSE'' and ''U.G.G.''. Popular cloth brands are ''L.C. WAKİKİ'' or ''M.C. TİNTİNİ''.
6. We have religous and national days. We celebrate the national holidays at school with ceremonies. We celebrate the religious days with our parents. We visit grandparents, neigbours etc.
I read your messages and they are great! Thank you very much:)

Alara said...

1. answer 10 lessons.Yes we switch teachers.are lessons is
english,art,music,computer.2. answer
I play volleyball and read book.
3. answer kebab and döner 4. answer
ın summer it is sunny and windy
ın winter it is rainy,windy and sonowly ın spring it is sunny,windy and rainy ın august it is windy and rainy 5. answer we wear t-shirt,jean,skirt and dress
6. answer new year,children's day,republic day,feat of the sacrifice,ramadan festival.

Gediz said...

1.We have 8 classes a day. We switch teachers. We have Turkish, Social Studies, P.E , French , English, Maths, Sience, İnformation Technology,Art,Music and Religion.

2.I play PS2, PSP and Nitendo.I read books and draw pictures.

3.Meat,vegatables and fruits.Popular foods are Lahmacun, Pide, meatballs and İskender Kebab

4.Winters are rainy and snowy .Springs and Summers are hot.Autunms are rainy.

5.At school we wear uniforms. After school I wear t-shırts and pants.

6.Religious and national holidays.

It is very nice to meet you:)

Ahmet said...

1.We have 8 lessons in a day and we have 10 lessons.
2. I play computern games and I watch TV.
3.I don't know really.But I like to eat kebab and pasta.
4.Now it is rainy and snowy.But before it was sunny.
5.We wear T-shirt and trousers.
6.We got 23 April holiday ı mean children's holiday.

Muratcan said...

1. We got 5 fifth grade classes in our school.
2.In my free time ı play xbox 360.
3. We eat hamburger and pizza sometimes...
4.The weather is cold and a little bit snowy...
5.I wear t-shirt and trousers in school..
6.We celebrate new year and 23 april I mean the children's day.

Esra said...

1.We have 10 lessons in our grade.But I can be more or less in other grades.We have Art,English,Science,P.E,InformationTechnologies,Music,French/German,Social Science,Maths,Turkish.Yes,we switch teachers.It is great to be in school(but not always:).The teachers are nice.I always be with my friends(this is the best part of the school).
2.I read books,play computer games,draw pictures,talk with my friends,play piano.
3.We eat all types of food:Japanese,Chinese,Turkish,American etc.In Turkey these foods are popular:sweet pastry.kebab,Turkish ravioli.
4.In summer it's hot,in winter sometimes cold,sometimes warm.
5.It's depends where I go or what I do.I sometimes wear casual clothes,sometimes chic clothes.
6.These are some of the holidays we celebrate:Ramadan Bayram,23rd of April Children's Day,Sacrifice holiday,19th of May Youth and Sports Day,29th of October Republic Day.
7.Turkey is really rich about history,there is too much place which is historical.It is fun to travel there.

If you want to mail me this is my adress:esrabescan@hotmail.com


Zeynep said...

1.In 5th grade we have 10 lessons.I like my school but sometimes lessons are very tiring.A lot of exams,projects...
2.In home I play computer games,watch tv,etc.In school we play games and have fun.
4.It's hot in summer,it's cold in winter.
5.We are wearing dark blue skirts and white t-shirts at school.
6.We have 2 holly holidays,
children's day,New year,
Republic day.

Sima said...

1.We have 8 lessons a day. Our school starts at 8.30. We have different teachers for different lessons. Our school finishes at 15.45.
2.I play tennis, I play the piano. I like to read book.
3.I like to eat meat, spaghetti, pizza and hamburger. The most popular food is kebab.
4.We are lucky, because we live 4 seasons. Now we are in winter.
5.I like to wear jeans,UGG boots and skirt.
6. Republic Day (29 October) 23 April (Children's Day) 19 May (Youth and Sports Day) 30 August (Victory Day) Kurban and Ramazan Bayrams are religious holidays that we celebrate.

Damla said...

1.I wake up at 7:45 and ı go to school at 8 o'clock.I have a breakfastat school.The school gives it. We have 8 lessons in a day and we have 10 teachers. We have French, German, Turkish lessons. the school finishis at 4 o'clock. My school is close to my house.I love all my teachers. I have a sister in the same school. But she is in high school.Thats all
what about you ?

2.In my free time I play computer games and sims 2.Sometimes I watch tv,play the violin,sing songs and do sports.

3.We eat pasta, soup, dolma, meat balls... My favourite one is calamary. Our popular food is kebab,ravioli and dolma.The popular drink is ayran.(made with yoghurt)
4.Now it is cold.But welive 4 seasons in our country.
5.We wear clothes which is keep us warm. Because it is cold now.
6.Ramadan Bayram:Muslims are fastiy for for a month. The ones who wants to fast do not eat or drink anything during the day. At the end of this month it is Bayram and we celebrate it for four days.
Kurban Bayram: An animal ( sheep or cow) is sacrificed.We share these animals meat with poor people.
They are the religious holidays.
Children's Days (23 April)
Republic Day (29 october)
Youth And Sports Day ( 19 May)
Canakkale martyrs Day (18 march)
New Year(1 January)

Tarik said...

1.the school days are great.we have a lot of lesson.we have 10 teachers.
2.we play football,read book and play fun games.
3.we have every nice food.İts delicious.you may hera about our famous Turkish delight.
4.now its winter in Turkey.eastern parts are very very cold an snowy.sometimes schools are closed and people can't go aut. it can be -30 degrees Celcius in some cities.but in istanbul.we are having a smooth winter.it is rainy and the temperature is abaut 10 degres Celicius.summers are hot and humid in istanbul.we usually go to Southern parts of Turkey because the beaches are wonderfull there and there are very nice hotels.for example Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir.You should visit Turkey!
5.we wear uniform at school.but after school we wear t-shirt and jeans.
6.we celebrate religious days and national holidays.

Eda said...

1.We have diffrent teachers for lessons.We play lots of games in school.We have English Turkish, Maths,Science,Music,
Art,French and German lessons.
2.Kebab and ravloli.I like pizza the most but it's not our popular food.
3.We talk to eachother and play lots of games.
4.In summer it is sunny.In winter it is cold.In spring it is rainy and sometimes sunny.
5.Skirts,pans,t-shirts like ordinary people.
6.Children's day,Ramadan Bayram,New Year and Republic day Feat of the sacrifice.

Can said...

1)Typical school day in Turkey like in the morning you go to school and go to many lessons and go short breaks and eat lunch in cafeteria.We have ten lessons in school.our lessons are PE,Maths,Turkish,English,Social Studies,Science,Art,Music,IT.Different teachers come the lessons.I think your classes are almost same with yours.
2)We play football,basketball,in our free time
3)I eat ravioli,pizza,kebab,hamburger,meatball and fish.turkish popular food is kebab.
4)ın summer season is very hot.Winters is very cold.
5)we wear jean,T-shirt etc.
6)We celebrate:
Ramazan Bayram
Kurban Bayram
Rupublic Day
National Sovereignty and Children's day
New Year
Yout and Sports Day
Victory Day

Thank you:))

Melisa said...

I love my school.The teachers are very good and lovely.We speak Turkish at school.But we mustn't speak Turkish in English lessons
I watch Tv,read books and play with my sister.
3.My favourite foods are pizza and spaghetti
4.In winter it is cold and rainy;in summer it is very hot
In winter I wear gloves,trousers,
sweat-shirt.In summer I wear shorts
t-hirts,flip flops
6.National Sovereignty and Childrens Day:23rd April
youth and Sports Day:19th May
Victory Day:30th August
and 2 religious holidays.

Mert said...

1)I always get up at 6:45.I go to school by bus.At 8:00 o'clock the lessons start.We have ten lessons.Our lessons are Turkish,Maths,Social Studies,Science,French Art,I.T,P.E,Music.Different teachers come for different lessons.We have a class teacher and teaches Turkish,Maths,Science and Social Studies.I think our classes are almost same with yours.

2)I always read book or spend time with my friends.

3)I like to eat kebab and our popular food is Turkish Kebab.

4)Turkey is a different country.In summer the weather is very very hot but in the winter weather is very very cold.

5)In school I wear a school uniform but after school I wear shirts and jeans.

6)We celebrate;
Kurban Bayram(Religious holiday)
Ramazan Bayram(Religious holiday)
Republic Day(29th October)
National Sovereignty and Children's Day(23rd April)
New Year
Youth and Sport Day(19th May)
Victory Day(30th August)

Kaan said...

1)I always get up at 6:47.I go to school by bus or sometimes driver gives me a ride .At 8:30 we start the lessons. Our subjects are Turkish,maths,French,Science,social studies, Music, Art,P.E
English,I.T We have different teachers for different lessons.We have a class teacher and other teachers like music teacher. I think our lessons are almost same with yours.

2) I'm going to golf club.Always I meet my friends.I do my homework.I go to football lesson.I play games.Always I read book.

3)I like salad,kebab,pizza,hamburger,fruits and all vegetables.Their popular food is kebab, salad, rice yogurt, ayran, baklava.

4)We live 4 seasons.

5)We are wearing jean, jacket, t-shirts cap and dress.

6)New Year,Children Holiday, Ramadan Holiday, Candy Holiday.

Janset said...

1.In Turkey primary school is eight years.Our class teacher is same for the first 5 year.But our English,Art,Computer teachers switch every year.We have Science,Math,Social science,Turkish,French/German,Music,Computer,English,Art and Gym lessons.Our lessons start at 8:30 and finish at 15:45.We have 5 school days.In my class there are 23 students.
2.I watch TV,I play computer games,I read books,I go to the cinema,I visit my friendsI listen to music and I love dancing.
3.I eat burger,pizza,french fries,Turkish dumpling,fish,chicken,yogurt.In my country the popular food are kebabs,dumpling,rices,lahmacun,
doner,aubergine meals etc.Also Turkish sweet desserts like baklava,kazandibi etc.And dried fruits are realy popular in Turkey.
4.In Turkey usually the summers are hot.The winters are mild in south and west on Turkey, cold in middle and east of Turkey, rainy in North Turkey.

Yağmur said...

Hello, my name is Yağmur. I live in Turkey. :D

1.I has got 10 class. I love all my teachers. I has got Science, Music, English, French, Math, gym and Computer lessons.

2.On my free times I play comuper and I play tennis.

3.I eat kanıyarık. Karnıyarık is popular food in Turkey.

4.Weather is snowy.

5.I wear my pink dress and purple sweatwear.

6.The Children Holiday.
Happy New Year

Özsu Rişvanoğlu said...

1. We have got 10 classes. They are Science, Turkish, Social Studies, Maths, English, French or German (we choose one of them), Information Techonologies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Religion and Moral Values. We have different teachers for each class.

2. I read books, play computer games, meet friends, sing songs or play Wii.

3. I always eat what my mum put on my plate. But my favourites are your hamburgers (I mean Burger King) and fresh corn. My country's popular foods are kebab, yoghurt, ayran (a drink made with yoghurt), tarhana soup, hurma (a fruit) and baklava (a very delicious desert).

4. In summer it's hot and sunny. In the winter it's cold and sometimes snowy. In autumn it's usually rainy and windy. In spring sometimes it rains a little. But it's usually warm and a little windy.

5. I just love to wear blue jeans and any colourful t-shirts.

6. We celebrate two types of holidays. We have national holidays. They are Turkish Republic Day (29th October) and Children Festival (23rd April). We have religious holidyas. They are Ramadan and Feast of the Sacrifice. Of course we are celebrating NEW YEAR, too!!!

Haley said...

These are some very good comments I hope to know more about you!!:]

Katy said...

Heyyyyyyyy Turkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachael said...

I love Turkey and thanx for the coments you guys. I am just lovig it!

Azra said...

1.We have 10 lessons.Yes we switch teachers.There are 8 periods a day.
2.I play games with my friends.
3.My favorite food is hot dog.
4.Sometimes sunny,sometimes rainy or snowy.
5.I weaar uniform at the school.I like to wear jeans and skirt.
6.Bayram holidays and national days.

Ekin said...

1.We have 8 classes in a day.We switch teachers.Our lessons are 40 minutes and breaks are 10 minutes.
2.I play games,I dance,I listen to music,I play computer games and I play Wii in my free time.
3.I eat spaghetti and meatballs,cauli flower,sausage,pizza etc.The popular foods are kebab,sweet pastry and Turkish delight.
4.In winter the weather is cold.In summer the weather is hot.In autumn the weather is rainy.In spring the weather is sunny.
5.Now I am wearing jeans,purple T-shirt and butterfly on buckle.
6.23th April Children's Day,29th October Rebublic Day,Festival of Sacrifices,Candy Bayram and New Year.

Asli said...

1.We have eight lessons.We have maths,science,social studies,Turkish,Engilish,
information technologies.
2.I usually play computer,watch TV,read books and listen music.
3.I usually eat and vegatables.The popular foods are manti,dolma,kebab.
4.In winter Istanbul is cold but in summer it is hot.
5.We usually wear trousers,t-shirts and skirts.We have traditional clothes but we don't wear they in daily life.
6. We celebraite Republic Day,Children's Day,New Year,19th May Youth and Sports Day.

Arda said...

1.We have 10 lessons.Yes we switch teachers.There are 8 periods a day.
2.I play computer, playstation and watch TV.
3.My favoruite food is pizza.
4.Sometimes rainy sometimes sunny.
5.I wear T-shirt, jean and jacket.
6.Bayram holidays and national days.

Kaan said...

1.A lot of classes ,they have switch teachers,they have computer,labavotory ,music classes
2.İn my free time I play basketball and its very fun
3.I eat pizza my country's popular
food is turkish kebab
4.the weather is cold. It sometimes snows.
5.I like to wear T shirts trausers
and converse.
6.Kurban Holiday,23th april ,New Year,etc.

Omerhan said...

1.We have 8 lesson a day.We have 8 teachers.
2.I play PSP, hide and seek.I watch tv.I play with my friends in my free time.
3.Ieat rice, iskender, doner, some soups and some kinds of dought is popular foods in my couuntry.
4.There are 4 seaseans in my country.
5.In summer Iwear t-shirts and blue jeans.
6.Kurban Holiday, 23th April New year etc.

Ecem said...

1.I get up early.I go to school and before school I eat my breakfast in school I eat lunch and at the home I do my homework.I eat my dinner.
2.I watch tv play games play monopoly go skateboarding.
3.I eat hamburger,lahmacun like pizza,chicken,salat,mantı
4.It is usually cold but sometimes hot and sunny
5.Short,jacket,sweater skirt,t-shirt
6.23 April =for childeren
30 August victory bayram

Ayse said...

1.We have 8 lessons and 10 teachers.
2.I listen to music I play computer games
I visit my friends
3.My favorite food is pizza
4.Sometimes sunny or rainy.
5.I wear black skirt,white tshirt and white shose.
6.Summer holidays and national days.

Batu said...

1.I play footbal,we study maths,we study French and we study design and technology.Some of my friends play basketball.
2.I play football , I play basketball,ı read a book
3.I eat sushi,mantı,hampurger and pizza.In my country popular foods are mantı,kebap,hamburger,pizza and french fries.
4.Turkey weather is rainy.
5.I wear t-shirt,gloves,school uniform,shoes,socks and jumper
6.23 April Children's Day.

Yigit said...

1.A difficult school day is monday.Because I don't like monday .We have 5 different teacher and 5 different classes english,science,german,history,Turkish,music.
2.I play tennis,wathc tv,go to cinema,play monopoly...
3.I eat hamburger,french fries.I like pastas,apple,banana and meet.our populer foods are kebab and mantı
4.It is very cold in istanbul but it is colder in the eastern parts of Turkey.
5.t-shirt and short in summer.
6.Religious days and Natlonal days

Naz said...

1.For example. Mondays first lesson is English (always)Our next lesson is science, then Deutch.We have 1 classe, we only change teachers after sixth grade.Are classe is not soo big and not soo little.

2.I read books, I listen music, I watch films, I play vollyball or foootball with my friends.

3.I eat pizzas , hamburgers, salads,and nugets.

4.The weather is snowy , cloudy and rainy.

5.We wear uniforms to are school, we wear coaths.

6.We celebrate Bayram Holidays,Religious and National days.

Mina said...

1. We have 8 lessons in a day.We have 10 classes.
2. I play with computer,I play with my dog,I watch TV in my free time.
3. I eat spaghetti,pizza and meatballs.Our popular foodis kebab.
4. In winter the weather is cold.
5. We wear school uniform.
6. 29 October,23 April,19 May,18 March and 31 December.

Yasemin said...

1. There are 10 classes. But in a day there are 8 lessons. For each lesson different teachers teach us. But our class teacher gives 5 lessons to us. They are Turkish, Maths, Science,Social Science and Traffic.
My Daily Routine: I get up at
6:30, get dressed, eat breakfast, do my hair, brush my teeth, get on my jacket and my school bag, then the service bus drives me to school. Next, I go to all my classes, the service bus brings me back to home, then I do my homework, eat dinner and go to the bed.
2. I go to the cinema and amusement park.
3. The popular foods in our country are shish-kebab, kebab and meatball.
4. In summer hot and sunny, In winter cold, windy, rainy and snowly.
5. I mostly wear jeans, skirt and t-shirt.
6. New Years Day
National Sovereignty and Children's Day
Youth and Sports Religious
Victory Day
Republic Day
The Ramazan Bairam

cem said...

1.I play footbal,vs study mahs, we study.Some of my friends play basketball.
2.I play football and basketball and go tu friends
3.I eat kebap,hamburger,pizza,
döner and ice cream
4.It is reyn and sun
5.School uniform
6.Kurban holiday,23thapril

cansu said...

1.We have 8 lessons and 10 classes.
2.In my free time ı listen to music.
3.In Turkey we eat iskender I like it very much.
4.There are 4 seasons in turkey they are winter, spring ,summer and autumn.
5.Girls wear black skirts and t- shirts.
6. 29 October 19 May 23 April and 31 December.

Tolga said...

1.There are 8 lessons.We switch teachers.We have lunch at 12 o'clock.
2.We play games,we run,I read books.
3.I eat french fries,hamburger,meat
4.Rainy and cold
5.We wear trousers,t-shirt,socks and black shoes.
6.23 April Children's Day

kaan said...

1.We have 8 teachers and schools day are boring.
2.Breaks are fun at school.
3.Meat , spagetti , and pizza is popular food.
4.Raining , sunning , win , snow ranning.
5.T-shirt , pants.

Koral said...

1. We have different teachers for music, PE, computer and arts but we have the same teacher for turkish, maths, science and social studies. We start school at 8.30.
2. I hang out with my friends, I play computer games and I ride my bike.
3. The popular foods are kebap, mantı and pastry.
4. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Eylul said...

1.They are 8 lesosons in a day.They have different teachers.I get up early and go to the school.
Before the lesson we always read books.After we start lessons.We have very great activities.Everyday we have a homework.
2.I watch tv,play hide and sike,play piano,play monopoly
3.İn the school we wear school üniform.İn the house I wear skirt,t-shirt and dress.
We celebrate two types of holidays. We have national holidays. They are Turkish Republic Day (29th October) and Children Festival (23rd April). We have religious holidyas. They are Ramadan and Feast of the Sacrifice. Of course we are celebrating NEW YEAR.
5.We eat iskender.
6.İn the summer Turkey is very hot.İn the winter Turkey is very cold


selen said...

1.Have lesson,eat a lunch after school we go to home or we go to friends or parents.
2.Listen to music,watch television,go to theatre,do homework, dance, play basketball,play voleyball,play tennis,skating,surfing,play football,skate boarding or swimming.
3.Iskender,hamburger,pizzagolden horn,fish or kind kind flat breads.
4.23th April 2009 child national holiday,19th may 2009 youth natıonal holiday,18th march 2009, 29th october 2009 republic natıonal holiday.
5.we wear school uniform,blue trousers,white t-shirt,or shirt,pink skirt
6.summer holidays and national holiday.

quinten pd3 said...

Hey Defne. Whats the shark game?

mACY 4 said...


Katy said...

Hey Koral whats kebap, mantı and pastry?

becca:) said...

nice email esra and we also love uggs boots but we usually wear them with jeans and aeropostale sweaters............what is turkish delight????????

my e-mail is beccabinkerd@hotmail.com

lexi :) said...

hay turkey sounds so kool. i love converse. i think i will visit turkey someday. hay what is turkish delight?????????

my e-mail is

j dog pd.8 said...

you guys are great mail me @ ace10996@live.com
or my blog at genuisbloging.blogspot.com

C@lli and Lilli said...

hey thanks for writeing

Burcu Akyol said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for your great comments. Hopefully you like my students' answers. It was a great idea to build this international connection. I want to thank to Mr Klumper again. He is a great teacher! I am going to send a slide show to your teacher and you'll be able to see the pictures of Turkish delight, manti and kebab:)Very soon!

Melis S. said...

1.My school starts at 8.30.we have 8 lessons.
2.I read a book.I play a game.
3.In my country famous food is baklava, kebap.
4.In winter weather is rainy.But ıt's cold.In summer it is hot and sunny.
5.In winter I wear skirt and t-shirt.
6.The holidays we celebrate sömestre, summer holiday, childrens day, New year....
7. I want it to be safe or place.

Nil said...

1) We have 8 lessons in a day. We start 1st lesson at 8:45.Usually we have science lessons at 1st lesson. We eat lunch at 11:55. We leave school at 16:45.
2) We play games, we talk, we go to the library.
3) every day we eat diffrent food, we have Turkish revoli, gözleme, baklava and milky desserts. They are popular an our country.
4) We live 4 seasons in our country.
5) Every season we wear different clothes, example n summer we wear short and T- shirts.
6) We celebrate New Year, Eid, Childeren' s Day Ramadan Holiday and general holidays.
7) Here, Turkey lives 4 seasons, we have tasty food, are people is so nice, the people here like turists and behave nice to them, they are so kind.

Esin M. said...

1. We have 5 classes and we have 8 lessons in the day. we go back home at 15:45.
2.İ play my iphone ,psp and nintendo ds.
3.İ eat pizza, met and vegeatables and healthy foods .turkish special food is kebap and baklava.
4.İn summer its very hot in winter its very cold.
5.İ wear dress,t-shirt and trousers.
6.New year,eid,childrens day and sweet holiday.
7.No i don't want any thing.

TAHA said...

1)I get up at 07:03.We have 8 lessons.2)I play Metin2,watch TV,go to street and play ps2 with my friends.3)I eat pizza or hot dog.4)Usually cold.5)We waer school uniform.6)Children day.7)Bosphorus Bridge.

efecan said...

1.I get up 6:30.ın a day there was a 8 lessons.my school finished in 3:45 ıts very nice school.
2.I play Metin 2 in computer.ı watch tv.sometimes Iread a book.
3.I eat hotdog or icecream or meet.
4.ussualy cold
5.school uniform
6.children day
7.bosphorus brage

Duru said...

1)In Turkey the students usually get up at 7:00 or 8:00 o'clock. At Ted İst. College we have 5 5th graders of class. We had alot of teachers like art teacher music, English, spotrs teacher but we have only one teacher for maths, science, Turkish and social studies. In my class there were maps pictures etc.
2) In my free time i play computer, read book. And i'm different from the other children i'm writing songs and i don't forget to play computer.
3)I usually eat what type of meal my mother cooked but i like to eat meatbalss, french fries, vegetables etc. Our country we also have Turkish ravioli, pitta, sweet pastry and Turkish delight
4)In Turkey the weather is sunny, snowy, rainy all of them because in Turkeyyou can live 4 seasons
5)I wear skirts, funny t-shirts and trousers but i like to wear different clothes. Different from the others.
6)we celebrate New Year, Easter, Youth's day and Childerns day
7)In our country there are a lot of foods and our people are very sweet to you.They are very funny they like turists. Our food is delicious. You can like 4 seasons summer, spring, winter and fall

Oguzhan(yoyo expert:) said...


1) our lesson starts at 8:45 a.m from 8:30 to 8:45 ve read books:)İn fifth graders ve have 5 classes. We have 8 lessons and 7 recess.İn recess we play football and rugby our rugby team members are umur ghalib levent and me :D.

2) in school we play football rugby6 and yo-yo i love play playing yoyo and at home i play yo-yo playstation3 computer and football.

3)İ love chicken,lahmacun and bamya our country's popular foods are kebab baklava and içli köfte. Turkish delight is a popular turkish dessert:)

4) in winter its cold and in summer its hot and dry.

5)we wear school uniform boys wear white t-shirt and gray trousers girls wear white t-shirt and black skirts.

6) Bayram, 23 april rebuplic day childerens day.

7) Our country is beautiful you can live all seasons. İ love my country but i want to visit your country.

Selin said...

1)I come to school at 8:15. We have 11 lessons. Yes we do swich teachers.
2)I read English books. Whach tv. Play computergames.
3)Meatballs, rice, baklava, kebab and Turkish ravioly as special food in Turkey
4)In Turkey sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's cold.
5)We wear uniforms at school.
6)Şeker, ramazan, cumhuriyet, Childrens day, repblicday holidays
7)Our country lives every season.

Zeynep said...

1)I get up 6 o'clock.I have breakfast.I'm wearing my school unıform.I go to school by school bus.I start lesson.My first lesson is science.My second and third lessons are English(split).My fourth lesson is Maths.I love this lesson.I have lunch at 12 o'clock.I start lesson and school is finish.I say Hurayy!.I go to home.I do homework.I play with my sister and I sleep.
2)I read book and I play psp in my freetime.
3)Our popularTurkish rovioli,sweet packy.
4)Rainy,cold,warm maybe sunny
5)I'm wearing jeans,tıghts and blouse.
6)Ramadan and eid
7)The founder of Turkish Republic Atatürk.

levent said...

1)The school starts at 8:30 a'clock. Every week days we have 8 lessons. We have lots of fun at school.
2)We have a Rugby team in my group there are, Ghalib, Emre, Oğuzhan, Umur and Baran. We play in street.
3)We have delicios foods like, iskender, baklava, döner, mantı and gözleme.
4)İn winter sometimes its snows, in summer it's usualy sunny and hot.
5)We wear school uniform.
6)23 April Childrens day, Eid, 29 Republic Day.
7)Our people are very good and hospitable . We have alot of speciel days and foods.

Umur said...

my name is Umur Avci. I'am 11 years old.I play playstation,computer,wii,soccer,
basketball and rugby.
But usally we- Oğuzhan,Baran,Levent,Ghalip and me- play rugby. We usally play in street.
Aur popular foods are Turkish ravioli,pitta it!s pizza-like bread. Aur drink is ayran.
We usally wear t-hist, shirt , sport jaket and blue jeans.
We celebrate 23th april childern' day and like that.

emre said...

1.because my school starts at 8:30 i leave my house at 8:10.
2.i read books ,play ps but moslly watch t.v.
3.for lunch i have chickin and for dinner i have something light.my contrys famuos foods are kebab and baklava.
4.in winter i wear jeans and at summer i wear shorts.
5.the holidays we celebrate is bayram,somestr and summer holidays
7.my contery is very nice but we can make it a more safer place

Emre said...

1.because my school starts at 8:30 i leave my house at 8:10.
2.i read books ,play ps but moslly watch t.v.
3.for lunch i have chickin and for dinner i have something light.my contrys famuos foods are kebab and baklava.
4.in winter i wear jeans and at summer i wear shorts.
5.the holidays we celebrate is bayram,somestr and summer holidays
7.my contery is very nice but we can make it a more safer place

Baran said...

Hi, My name is Baran Ekinciğlu.I'm 11 years old.I play basketball,I ride a horse and Oğuzhan,Umur,Levent,Ghalib and I play rugby in my free time.I eat pizza,chicken and hamburger.İn Turkey best foods are math;baklava and pitta.İn Turkey weather is sometimes hot.Some times rainy.Usally I wear brown and orange t-shirt brown trousers and brown jacket.We celebrate summer,somaster and bayram holidays.I mant safe or place.I'm happy to live this country.

Levent said...

1)The school starts at 8:30 a'clock. Every week days we have 8 lessons. We have lots of fun at school.
2)We have a Rugby team in my group there are, Ghalib, Emre, Oğuzhan, Umur and Baran. We play in street.
3)We have delicios foods like, iskender, baklava, döner, mantı and gözleme.
4)İn winter sometimes its snows, in summer it's usualy sunny and hot.
5)We wear school uniform.
6)23 April Childrens day, Eid, 29 Republic Day.
7)Our people are very good and hspitable . we have alot of speciel days and foods.

Emre A. said...

1.because my school starts at 8:30 i leave my house at 8:10.
2.i read books ,play ps but moslly watch t.v.
3.for lunch i have chickin and for dinner i have something light.my contrys famuos foods are kebab and baklava.
4.in winter i wear jeans and at summer i wear shorts.
5.the holidays we celebrate is bayram,somestr and summer holidays
7.my contery is very nice but we can make it a more safer place

Pamir said...

1. I went to the school.And I went to lunch.And I went home.I do my homework.Watch TV at 20:00, eat dinner.I go to bed and sleep.
2.I watch TV and play computer games.
3.I eat salad,sweet pastry,Turkish ravioli.
4.Winter in the weather cold.
5.I am wearing sweater,jeans,socks and hat.
6.Children's Day, Mother'DAY,Yout'Club,Happy New Year,Victory Bayram,Summer Holiday,Candy Holiday.

Alara said...

1)I have 8 lessons every school day.In the 5 grade thera are 5 classes.Children usully get up 7:00or 7:30 o'clock.İn my clases there are maps,clocks,cupboards and picture.I playing game with my frieds in the break.
2)I play game,read book,play computer game,go shoping,painting and watch tv.
3)I usually eat pizza, chicken, spahgetti, turkish raviole, rice, pitta In my country populer food is turkish ravoil, pitta, sweet pastry.
4) In Turkey we have diffrent weather in diffrent seosons.But its usually rainy.
5)I wear colourfuly clothes and pretty clothes.
6)religious, Birthday, important days and hols.
7)I want it to the be a safer place and lots of trees and flower in the place

Ghalib said...

1.The scool starts at 8:00'o clock.We have breakfast at school. Our class is very big. There are five clases from 5th graders.
2.I play football,ı swim and go to my friends house.
3.We eat Turkish raviolli. The popular foods are iskender and kebap.
4.When its winter it snows in summer its hot.
5.We wear track suits T-shirts and longsleaves.
6.Eid,childrens day,republic day youths day
7.ı want lots of swimming pools

Zülal said...

1. The schools start at 8:30. We have 8 lessons. We have English teachers, Turkish teacher, PE teacher, Art teacher, German teacher and Music teacher and we can be on duty sometimes.
2. We play hide and seek, yoyo and hot and cold.
3. We allways eat diffrent food. Popular food is Turkish ravioli.
4. İt is so hot in summer. Winter is so cold.
5. İn summer we wear short, t-shirt. Winter we wear jeans, jaket.
6. We celebrate summer, sömester and Bayram holidays.
7. We have bridges to European sideas.

Sarp said...

1) have eight lessons. After fourth lesson we go to eat lunch. Then when we finish our lunch we go have a recces.We start lessons at 8:00 and the school finish at

2)In a school day at the break time we usually play yo-yo or football but in the weekend i play computer, watch tv and sometimes ı write songs.

3)I like to eat meat and fruits.Our most popular foods are kebap, baklava, Turkish delight.

4)The weather changes all the time in Turkey but for these four or five weeks it snows and rains all the time.

5)In a school day boys wear t-shirts,pants and sweaters and also girls wear t-shirts,skirts and sweaters too.

6)We celebrate national and realiginous bayram's like ramazan

lal,sanem said...


1)My school open at 8:30 we have eight lesson in a day lessons time is 45 min.school finish at 16:00.

2)I read book.I play a game,go to my friend and cinema.I play computer games.I play yoyo.I stay in my friends house.I watch DVDs and TV.

3)My country's famous food is Turkish ravioli,baklava,kebap and
Turkish delight

4)In winter weather is rainy,cold and snow.We play snowball.But weather changes all the time in Turkey.

5)In a school days girls wear
t-shirt,track suit and skirt.
Boys wear trousers,t-shirt and track suit.

6)New year,children's day.

7)I went a safe place.

BECCA!!!!!!!!!the awesome 1 said...

yoyo expert thats pretty cool.......so our teacher showed us what turkish delight was and i would try it but i hate coconuts.......

Emily Anderson said...

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Mackenzie 3Nelson said...

Hey, like your comments there intresting. I can't wait to see pictures:} Bye!

umur said...

Mackenzie 3Nelson. You can see aur pictures in aur bloog.

halle 6doe said...

I'm soo glad you guys answered us I think i', going to like this now.

thanks so much turkey

Aydın said...

1. We have 8 lessons in each day. We have a lot of teachers. We have 120 people in 5th grade.
2. I play computer games, watch TV and sometimes I read a book.
3.I most eat döner (type of meat) lahmacun, meats and vegetables. Our most popular foods are iskender, lahmacun and döner.
4. Actually, weather is very cold in winter.
5. We always wear uniform in school and when I come home, I wear my confortable clothes.
6. We celebrate kurban bayramı, republic day, ramazan bayramı victory day,etc.

Rana said...

1-We have 10 lessons English,Turkish,germen/french,
science,PE,IT,art,maths,music and
social studies.First I wake up and then I feed my dog then I go to school.Yes we switch teachers.
2-I play volleyball and watch comedy films.
3-We have döner,ayran,kokoreç in Turkey but my favorite food is pizza.
4-In summers it is hot and humid ,in winters it is cold.
5-It depends on the seasons and where I go. I like to wear sports
6-We celebrete regilous and national days and also new year(it is a one day holiday)

Zeynep said...

1.We have 8 lessons in a day and our lessons are Maths,Science,Français,Englısh and Turkish,PE,Technology. We have 3 English taechers.
2.I usually play with my cat Yumak and I usually watch TV in my free time.
3.I like mantı and pizza. We had Ayran and lahmacun,kebab.
4.Now the weather is cold,rainy and windy.
5.We always wear uniform. Our uniform was t-shirt and skirt.
6.We have religious and national days.

Zeynep said...

1.I have Science,Geography,English,Art,PE,
2.My free time I go to cinema,play volleyball.I'm play computer games.I'm going to shopping center.
3.I like Lasagna.In Turkey the popular food is Turkish ravioli.
4.Summer is hot,winter is cold.
5.I prefer to wear chic clothes.
At school we wear uniform.
6.We celebrate National days and there are two religious holidays which we call "Bayram".

Lara said...

1.We have 8 lessons in a day and our lessons are Social,P.E,Music,Art,Information,Technology,Turkish and Religion and Mord Values.Yes,we switch teachers.Different teachers come for English,P.E,French,Art,Music,IT and Religion.
2.We usually play hide and seek,come and chat together and eat some snacks during our free times.
3.Our popular foods are lahmacun,çiğ köfte,kebap,mantı.We like to drink ayran.
Lahmacun:It is a thin round piece of baked pastry.There is a delicious mixture of bulgur and raw mince snd some spices on it.(Turkisk version of pizza)
Çiğ Köfte:It is a mixture of bulgur and raw mince with very special spices.
Mantı:(Turkish ravioli)
4.In winter the weather is cold.
In summer the weather is hot.
In autumn the weather is rainy.
In spring the weather is warm and rainy.
5.I like to wear casual and sport clothes.
6.We celebrate national holidays and religious holidays.

Ezgi said...

1.We have 8 classes in a day. We have 10 lessons.
2.In my free time I watch TV or play computer games.Especially i prefer to meet with my friends.
3.I like foods from different countries like sushi and rice.In Turkey our popular foods are lahmacun (it's like pizza) and kebab.(delicious meat)
4.It will changes in different parts of Turkey.Southern parts are warmer.Istanbul is rainy,sometimes snowy in winter and very hot in summer.
5.Mostly i prefer skirts and t-shirts.
6.Kurbarn Holiday - Ramadan Bayram - Religious Holiday - New Year and National Days.

I read your comments.I like everyones comments but i most like Amy Lee and Ashley's comments;)

Can said...

1)We have 4 lessons and go to lunch.Then we have another 4 lessons and then school finishes at 3.45.We get on the service buses and leave school at 4.00.
2)I play football and go to the cinema.
3)I like to eat pizza and spaghetti.Turkey's most popular food is kebab.
4)It's sometimes rainy,cloudy and sunny
5)Very warm clothes.

Tuna said...

1) We have 10 lessons.They are English, Turkish, Art, PE, maths, IT, Social Science, Science, French, religion, music etc.:) Yes, we switch teachers for some lessons.
2) We play games, watch TV and play computer games.
3) Usually, I like to eat kebab or pizza. I think the most popular food is lahmacun.(Turkish kind of pizza)
4) Usually, the weather is cold but sometimes it is warm in Winter. In summer it is always hot.
5) In winter we wear warm clothes. In summer we wear thin clothes.
6) We celebrate Kurban Bayram, Ramazan Bayram and National days.

Can said...

1.We have 10 lessons.They are Turkish,PE,English,maths,science,French,religion etc.
2.Play football and play playstation 3.
3.Like Döner,İskender and Kebab.
4.Sometimes rainy
5.Comfortable clothes.
6.Kurban Bayramı,Ramazan Bayramı,Republic Day.

Melis said...

1)in our school,we have 8 classes.we have class teacher since the first grade and we have other teacher for english,language,french,computer,art,sport and music
2)In my free time I play with yoyo,I'm watching television
3)popular foods in my country are Mantı,Lahmacun,Çiğ köfte,Turkish Delight,Turkish coffee.I like mantı.
4)because of ıts nature ıt is hot in summer,cold in winter.we are living the four seasons
5)I wear European Style.
6)We celebrate ramadan and other religious holidays,New Year.We celebreate Children's Day.

deniz said...

1.I wake up at 7:30 o'clock ,I go to school ,start lessons ,finish school,go to home ,do homework and I studdied ,eat dinner ,watch television and I go to bed.
2.I go to cinema ,meet my friends,do shopping and listen to music.
3.I eat çiğ köfte,mantı,içli köfte,döner.The popular foods in Turkey are baklava,çiğ köfteand lahmacun.
4.İn summers Turkey is very very hot,in winters Turkey is very cold.
5.We wear uniform at school.
6.We celebrate National,New year and Religious holidays.

ekin su said...

1.I wake up at 7o'clock on the week days.I go at school.We have 8 lessons each days.I go home at 4 o'clock.
2.I listen to I -pod,go shopping and go to cinema.
3.My favourite foods are chicken,çiğ köfte and lahmacun.Turkey the popular foods lahmacun,baklava and ayran,çiğ köfte.
4.We are living the four seasons.
5.We wear uniform at school.
6.Şeker Bayram,Kurban Bayramı(Religious holiday).New Year National Holidays.

Akın said...

1.I have science,maths,art,music,english,free time,geography.
2.I study my lesson,listen a music,play my dog,ı draw pictures.
3.The popular foods in Turkey are
lahmacun,döner,kebab,çiğ köfte etc.
4.I like summer because, ı eat ıce cream,I go swimm,ı go wakeboard etc.In winter ı go togarden and play my dog.
5.I wear pants,t-shirt,uniform etc.
6.We celebrate National days and there are two religius holidays which we call(BAYRAM)

Arif said...

1.We have science, social studies,turkish,english,french,maths,PE,music (music theory,enstrumants) art,IT,etc.etc.Schoolo day is like a normal day.Nothing different.We have 1 teacher for social studies,maths,turkish,science.
2.I allwayz play computer and usually make some music in GarageBand,play Dofus,ClubPenguin and make some 3-D photos and do some photoshop.
3.We have kebab,kısır (made with bulgur and different spices, it is delicious)mantı(kind of pasta,we eat it with yougurt with garlic)lahmacun(something like pizza)etc.etc.
4.Normal but when you have morning we have evening in winter cold,in summer hot etc.etc.
5.We wear what you wear!T-shirts,pants etc.etc.
6.We celebrate Kurban Bayramı (Kurban means victim but we sacrifce goats and eat them and gi ve it to poor,neigbors etc.etc.)19 May,30 August,10 October(We don't celebrate this day because Atatürk died this day),some poeple celebrate halloween.etc.etc.
7.I'ts a beatifull country.We have many airtifacts and camiis(Mosque).etc.etc.

Deniz said...

1.We have lots of classes.We have 9 teachers for each class.
(Mucis,English,P.E...)We have big clasroom.In each classroom , there are maximum 24 students.

2.I play comtuter games like Sims,Sims2,Club Penguin,Zwinky.

3.Ayran,meat balls,döner,mantı,turkish delight ...

4.Sometimes sunny , sometimes rainy.It changes.

5.In summer we wear t-shirts,shirts,shorts etc.In winter we wear pants,sweat shirts.At school we wear uniforms.

6.We have religious holiday and national like Republic Day (the day Turkish Republic was founded by Atatürk)

Deniz said...

1.In Turkey,we have 8 lessons.4main lessons.They are social studies,turkish,maths and science.
2.I play computer games such as Dofus,I work in animal doctor,I watch TV,I read book.
3.There are popular foods like lahmacamun,kebap,tantuni.
4.It's hot in summer,cold in winter.
5.Modern clothes.
6.30 August,19 May and sacrifice day.

Emre said...

1.We have 8 lessons in school.We have religion, English, science, social studies, maths, Turkish, P.E, art, I.T, and English lessons.2. We have breaks. We play games with my friends. And we have I.T lessons. We play computer games and listen music.
3.Us foods are good. Lahmacun(Turkish pizza) is very popular. Ayran is popular too. It is made from yogurt.
4.It is sometimes cold sometimes warm.
5.It depends on the weather
6.Cumhuriyet Bayramı, Kurban Bayramı, Çocuk Bayramı etc.

Alp said...

1.In our school,we have 8 lessons a day.We have the same teacher in 4 lessons (social studies, science,Turkish and maths.4 lessons lunch and then 4 lessons more.
2.I play computer games such as Dofus,watch TV, spending time with my family, Doing my homework and studying lessons.
3.We eat lots of types of food. There are popular foods like lahmacun,ayran,tantuni and Maraş ice cream etc.
4.It's cold now.It's rather rainy and rarely snowy.
5.we wear thick clothes to protect us from cold.
6.We celebrate world sacrifice day world Republic day etc.

It's a pleasure to interact with you ;) Bye!!!

Bora said...

1.The typical schhol day like a normal good day.
2.I watch TV, I go to my friends, I play computer games.
3.ı usually eat vegetable and the popular food are baklava, yogurt and ayran.
4.Summer and spring are hot, winter and autumn are cold.
5.I wear school uniform in school time and after school,holıdays weekend I wear normal clothes.

Ata said...

1.We have 8 classes a day,we switch teachers,we have science lab and music,religion.
2.I play computer games,go to cinema with friends and play PSP and PS3.
3.I eat mantı,pizza,pasta,stuffed vegetables,iskender kebab.
4.North and East parts ofc Turkey are cold in winter.South parts of Turkey are very hot in summer. West parts of Turkey are rainy in winter and spring.
5. In summer I wear t-shirts and shorts.In winter I wear gloves,jackets,boots.

Mehmet said...

1. In our school there are 8 lessons in a day. 45 min.break for lunch. My school is very good and very long day. Because the lessons are very long. In 5th graders there are 5 classes.
2. I go horse riding, walk my dog, wacth tv and sleep.
3. I like pizza, hamburger, ayran, lahmacun and çiğ köfte. My popular food is çiğ köfte.

Tuana said...

1.We have ten lessons.My favorite lessons are maths,franch and english.I lıke my school.
2.I watch TV in my free tımes.
3.Kebab,lahmacun,baklava are popular foods in Turkey.
4.Sunny mastly.
5.Jeanüs and t-shirt.
6.National days and Religious holidays.

Deniz Bahar said...

1.We have music,social studies,science,maths,Turkish,P.E.,computer,French,English etc.We have different teachers for each lesson.But we have the same teacher for social studies,Turkish,maths and science.
2.I jump rope,visit or call friends,cook with my best friend.
3.I eat pizza,fish and other types of food.In Turkey,our popular food is lahmacun and kebab.We have also delicious deserts like baklava.
4.In winter it's not very cold but cold,in summer it's really hot,in spring it's warm and in fall it's cool.
5.I wear skirts,pants,shorts,shoes,hats,gloves,scarfs,t-shirts etc.(casual)
6.We celebrate Republic Day,Victory Day,Children's Day etc.

Isıl said...

1.We have A,B,C,D,E classes.I'm in Class A.We have computer,art,music,P.E lessons.In science,maths,social studies,turkish we have the same teacher.
2.I read books and I play computer games.
3.I like vegetables and fruits but I think the popular food is fast food.
4.The weather is sometimes rainy and snowy but always sunny.
5.In school we have to wear uniforms.At the weekends we wear more comfortable clothes.
6.Religuis and national holidays.

Sinan said...

1.We start school at 8:45 we have 10 lessons.There are 8 periods in a day.Every period is 40 minutes.We have 10 minute breaks.
The school finish at 3:45.We have lunch at 11:55.After lunch we go to canteen and buy some snacks.
2.At the break we play hide and seek.I play computer games,playstation,wii.I read boos and ı study my lessons.
3.We eat Turkish food.In Turkey popular foods are Lahmacun,Adana kebab,Çöp şiş and rice.
4.In summer it is so hot.In winter it is cold,sometimes snowy.
5.Modern clothes.
6.Natioanal and religous holidays,New year.

Lidya said...

1.We have Turkish,maths,science,social studies,music,P.E.,French,English,computer etc.We have different teachers each lessons,but we have same teacher for Turkish,maths,scieece and social studies.

2.I play computer games,play with my sisters,read books and jump rope.

3.I eat pizza,vegetables and fruits.In Turkey, our popular foods are kebap,lahmacun etc.We have deserts like baklava.

4.In sprıng it's warm,in summer it's very hot,in winter it's not very cold and in autumn it's warm.

5.I wear pants,t-shirt,short,skirt etc.

6.We celebrate Children's Day,Republic Day etc.

Can said...

1. We have got 10 lessons. We have a different teachers for each lessons. We have Science, Turkish, Social Studies, Maths, English,German or French (We choose one of them), Information Technologies, Art, Music, P.E. , Religion and Moral Values.
2. I play football and computer games.
3. I eat fast-food, Italian and Nutella. Our popular food at here are kebab,yoghurt, tarhana soup and baklava (a great desert).
4. In summer it's hot. In autumn it's cold and it rains. In winter it snows. In spring it's hot and sometimes it rains.
5. I wear sports clothes.
6. We celebrate Turkish Republic Day on 29th November, Children Festival on 23rd April, Ramadan and Feast of the Sacrifice. We also celebrate New Year, too.

Berk said...

1.I get up at 6.30 and I get on the bus at 7.15 o'clock.I arrived at school at 8.00 o'clock.We have 10 lessons.
2.I play PSP and I play computer games. I play clubpenguin and travian.
3.We eat Turkish foods.We have popular foods çöp şiş,adana kebabı and rice.
4.Its always rainy and cold sometimes hot.
5.We wear t-shirts and geans.
6.Kurban holiday.

Oguz said...

1.We have 10 lesson in 5th grade,we switch teachers for English,French,information technology,Art and we have the same teacher for Turkish,Science,Maths and social studies.We have 8 lessons in a day.
2.I play football in my free time.
3.Popular foods we have are lahmacun and mantı.
4.We are in the Northern Hemisphere.In June,July,August it is summer time.September,October ,November is autumn.December,January,February is winter.March,April,May is spring.In summer it is very hot and humid in the Southern parts.It is dry and hot in the Northern parts.In winter it is usually very cold.Last year it didn't rain a lot but this winter it is very rainy.Springs are usually warm and rainy.My favourite season is spring.
5)At school we wear uniforms.I prefer to wear casual clothes,jeans and t-shirts.
6.Republic Day,Victory Day,Children's Day(national days) and we have religious holidays.

Aylin said...

1.We have more than 9 classes.We have got many teachers.
2.I cook with my best friend and I jump rope.
3.My favouritefood is pizza and baklava is the special.
4.It is sunny and windy.
5.I can wear clothes but my favourite is t-shirt,pants and shorts.
6.We celebrate Children's Day,Victory Day,Republic Day,Candy Bayram etc.

Buket said...

1.I have 8 classes.I have different teachers for each class.Turkish,English,French,Art,Information technology,Maths,Science,Social studies.
2.I read books.I play with my toys with my friends.
3.I like vegetables.Popular foods in Turkey:Tarhana soup,Hurma fruit.
4.The weather is rainy and windy in winter.In summer it is sunny,sumetimes very hot.
5.I wear casual clothes.
6.We celebrate Childern's day (23rd April),Youth and sports day (19th May),Republic day(29th October),Victory day(30th August),New year (1st January).We have also two religious holidays.

Yağmur said...

Can USA play clubpenguin and facebook??? I love this website.

Dilşad said...

1.We go to school,we do our lessons,we sometimes watch films
2.I spend time with my family.
3.My favorite foods are pizza,chicken,fish and ice-cream.
4.It is sunny in summer and spriy.It is cloudy and rainy in winter and autumn.Sometimes it is very hot in summer.
5.In summer I wear shorts and T-shirts.In winter I wear jeans.
6.Seker Holiday,Kurban Holiday.19 May Youth And Sports Day,23 April Childrens Day,30 Agust Victory Day.29 October Republic Day.1 January

Deniz said...

1. Arts,Geography,P.E.,Maths Turkish,French,Science,Music,Information tecnology and of course we have English lessons. Yes we have different teachers.But Turkish,Science,History and Matche lessons are the same teachers.That's our class teacher.

2.At school,we watch films.But at home,I read books or I study lessons.

3.lahmacun is very popular in my country.But my best food is salad.

4.This mounth is a little bit cold. And rainy.It may snow.When it snows,it always melts

5.I don't like skirt so I wear trousesrs and t-shirts.

6.New year(like yours:)Kurban Bayramı,Ramadan Bayramı and we have very important National days.

Dilay said...

1) We have 8 lessons in a day, we change teachers, we have PE ,Turkish, English,French,Maths,Art,Science, Social Studies and Music clases.
2) I play computer games, draw pictures and also look at my createing books and try to do it.
3) Lahmazun, baklava and mantı are famous lahmacun taste like pizza they famous I like to eat eveything except eggplant and mushroom.
4) In summer It's very sunny.
In winter It's snowy sometimes rainy and really cold and windy.
In spring It's sunny and windy.
In fall It's always windy but sometimes It's good.
5) In summer shots t-shirts.
In winter pants t-shirts.
In fall pants or short and t-shirt.
In spring shorts andt-shirt.
In school we wear uniforms It's skirt t-shirt and shot t-shirt and pants t-shirt.
6) we celebrate regilious and national days and New year.
7) Turkish people are very friendly and hospitable. If you plan to come to Turkey one day, just let us know:)) Especially southern parts are very popular in summers. There are very nice beaches in Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum and great historical places.

İpek said...

We have 9 lessons.We switch teachers for split and whole-class.We have 3 teachers for English.Two of them are Turkish English teachers and the other is native English teacher.We have 8 lessons.4 before lunch and 4 until the school finishes.
2.We play chess and hide and seak.
3.We eat lahmacun,baklava,mantı(Turkish ravioli)thay are famous foods in Turkey.
4.In summer it is very hot and sunny.In winter it is very cold and snowy.In autumn it is very rainy.And in spring it is normal.
5.We wear casual clothes.I like to wear jeans an t-shirts.
6.We calebrate national days like Seker Bayramı,Kurban Bayramı and Cumhuriyet Bayramı.
If you plan to come Turkey some day with your school Please visit OUR SCHOOL!Because we are going to be pleased if you come!

Uraz said...

1.I get up 7:45.We have 10 lesson.
2.I play plastation,Wii,computer. I read book I watch tv.
3.I eat mantı,spagetti,rısotto,
meat.populer food are baklava,
kayseri mantısı,urfa kebap.
4.its always cold and sunny.
5.I wearing uniform and pants
6.We celebrate Ramazan,Kurban Bayrams.

Yavuz said...

1. I get up at 7.30 and I go to school by car at 8.00. I arrive at 8.04. We have 10 lessons.
2. I play PSP,computer games, read a book and I watch tv.
3. I eat hamburger,spaghetti,pizza,
tomatos,salad,meat and meat ball.
The populars are mantı,baklava,urfa
4. Its rainy,clody ,snowy and suny.
5.I wear uniform and esortmant.
6.We celebrate Ramazan Holiday and some national days.They are very important.

Maya said...

1. My school day is a little boring. My school day starts at 8:30 & ends at 3:45. Every morning we first have reading hour for 15 minutes. We have 10 classes for example French, English, Turkish, Maths ... Our Maths, Science, Turkish, Social Studies teacher doesn't change until the 6th grade but the other teachers change.

2. Normally I don't have time to finish my homework. But if İ do have time I like watching TV, painting, playing in the garden or playing DS.

3. My favourite food is lasagne but I don't know why I think it is becuse of the cheese. In Turkey Lahmacun is famous it's something like Turkish pizza but it has meat in it. There is also baklava it is a desert, they crush pistachios or walnuts & put it between it, it has a flaky top & bottom.

4. In summer it is very hot & sunny, in winter it is rainy and cloudy but we don't get much snow.

5. In summer I wear shorts & t-shirts, in winter jeans & long t-shirts. Usually I wear the same things again & again.

6. We celebrate Republic Day, Victory Day, Children's Day and similar holidays. On these national holidays all the students come to school & read poems, the school choir sings etc.

lexi bliss :) said...

What is Children's Day? It sounds cool. i wish we had that that here.
you people sound pretty cool

Paidon Meyer said...

You guys sound cool. U.G.G and Converse shoes are popular name brands of shoes here as well. your food sounds and looks really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Cansu this blog.Did you like our blog?

Pamir said...

No Anonymous!

Jessica CampbellP3 said...

hey Turkey!!!!!!!! one question. on holidays do u guys ever eat turkey? or is that like weird or something????/////??????????????

just wondering:} :)

if u guys want go to my blog at

bye bye =} ;)<------ its winking lol haha

Rachael said...

hey Turkey yes yagmur we can go on both websites and so yeah. And what about it? do you guys have it?

Özsu said...

Yes, we sometimes eat turkey in Turkey on Christmas. But not everyone and not every year. That's not classical in here.

Logan Rank9 said...

i Have 1 question ON childrens day do you guys get presents or a party or is it just normal?