Friday, September 26, 2008

Tell Me What You Know!

Assignment: Please tell me what you know about the Stone Age. This assignment is worth 20 points. As long as you do it, you will recieve at least a C. In order to get 100% on this blog assignment, you need to tell me ten things you have learned about the Stone Age. If you tell me less then 1o things, you will recieve a B or C depending on how much you do. Your grade is based on how much you can tell me about the Stone Age. Remember, this is an ASSIGNMENT. You must do it. As long as you tell me at least one thing, you will get no lower than a C. If you do not do this Assignment, you will recieve a zero.
If you do NOT have internet at home, then you need to do this assignment in school or go to the Public library.
DUE DATE: Friday, October 3rd, 2008.
Points: 20 possible
Format: When you do this blog, type your name like you do for the United Streaming Internet Assignments. For Example: if i was in 3rd period, I would sign my comment: Dan 3Klumper. This is a very important step; Please do this.

Thank you for trying hard on the Stone Age unit. I really appreciate your effort and positive attidues. This is our very first Blog assignment for points, so we are well on our way to being Master Bloggers!


ezra 3 voigt said...

#1.i kn0w that the stone age had two type of cavmen one neanderthalls two cro-magnins. #2stone age people used fire and metal. 3#neanderthalls were short and stalky. 4# some animals from the stone age are mammoths.5#Irish elk6#sbre tooth cat7#caveman are called cavemen cause they lived in caves.8#cro-magnins were not short and stalky 9#cro-magnins are what we came from 10#cro-magnins are smarter than neanderthalls.

Tasia 3Long said...

Some things I know about the Stone Age:

1. They developed extremely slowly. (it took them 60 thousand years to create better tools)

2. They got the name 'Cave-men' because their permanent homes were in caves.

3.They buried their dead, which is very helpful when archeologists are trying to study them.

4.They were short and stocky. (It helped them scale rough terrain)

5. Once they were a bit more evolved, they lunged and jabbed at Big Horned Bison with stone tipped spears.

6. The earlier hunting methods were to chase Irish Elk off a cliff in order to kill them.

7. Brain surgery was used if the hunters had a head injury, or if someone had a headache.

8. For them, brain surgery was cutting open a hole in the patients head and letting the evil spirits out. (not normally successful)

9. Men didn't often live past their teens.

10. The New Stone Age began once they began metal working.

Nicole 3Petersen said...

In the stone age i have learned that the neanderthals used fire to drive irish elk of the cliffs, and pine resin helped them keep their fire going. I also learned that the most boys didn't live past their teens, and the old stone age lasted 3,490,000 years!!! The most common tool in the old stone age was the hand ax.
The new stone age the most of the glaciers were melted and there had been advances in metal working. There had also been some early domestication they were; goats, dogs, sheep, and cows. There was also some early farming; rice, wheat, and barley. They started to sell surplus food which led to social division.
To do brain surgery the drilled a hole in the skull to let the "evil spirits" out. if a limb was injured they would cut it of.

alyssa mahlstedt p.3 said...

1. people in the stoneage looked very different than we do today they had huge noses to keep there breath warm and they were very short and stalky so they could hunt better.
2.they figured out alot more than i thought they would be able to figure out although they did not use words to comunicate.
3. they hunted to different ways at different periods of the stoneage.
4.The people would rarely live past there adolescent or teens.
5.they moved from place to place depending on their surroundings.
6.that there were diverse cultures.
7.they barried there dead. took them forever to come up with better more efficient tools.
9.they traveled to the americas by using the bering strait.
10.they did brain surgery and were not successfull for people who had headaches.

Cassidy 3Wethor said...

Cassidy 3Wethor
What I know about the Stone Age is they didn't know how to talk. Also artifacts and cave art helps scientist learn more about them.When they would hunt they would cirle around the animal when hunting and take turns lunging their stone head spears until it would die. The boys would live until their teens on average. They also buried the dead with their clothes on. Sometimes the sub-zero winters could last 9 months. 85 percent of their diet is meat, and the rest is filled with berries and stuff.
They traveled to North America by traveling on the Beringia(a land bridge).
They also performed brain surgery if you had a head ache or brain damage. The cavemen made medicene from herbs found in the forest, and studied animals to learn about the human body

Jessie 3C. said...

1. that the neadnerthals were not that smart
2. they hunted the irish elk and big horned bison
3.there greatest tool that they discovered was fire
4.they only sent the stongest people to get/hunt for food when the ice age began
5.their biggest chalenge was to find out a way so that the fire would not go out


Mackenzie 3 Nelson said...

What I know about the Stone Age....

1.Back then they had no houses to live in they lived in caves.

2.They had no clothes like us they wore fur from there kill.

3.They had to hunt for there food they couldn't go buy there food.

4.They had to depend on fire to heat them up.

5.They couldn't always heat there food up.

6.In the winter sometimes had to go far for food to eat.

7.It's not that easy for them to cathch there food.

8.Sometimes there was 15 feet of snow on the ground so it was hard to hunt.

9.They couldn't not cut there hair beacuse they had nothing to cut it with.

10.Once they found fire it changed the wofld forever.

Ted Dohrman period 3 said...

One thing i know about the stone age is that the most powerful tool they discovered is FIRE.
Another thing i know about the stone age is that they would always paint on the cave walls after they fought somthing or if there about to fight something.
Also they would lunge there spears at there pray until it died.
THe sub zero weather would last about 9 months.
A new type of species entered France called neanderthals.
THe appearance of the neanderthals appearance was short and stalky.
THey mainly hunt is giant step bison.

Quinten3 dejong said...

I know that the stone age was covered in ice. The part that i like the most about the stone age is that they didn't have a form of langage that we can understand. The pictures they call it cave art, i think thats cool. They had sabre tooth cats that battle with them for food. They also have big horn bison that they kill with spears and eat them for food. In the stone age they had to let the strongest ones go. They were called the neanderthals. I love it how they go through 10 feet of snow.

Alex 3Wilde said...

1.Cavemen had illustrations on the walls of the cave,and that's how archeologists hah an idea of what cavemen thought.
2.The earliest human species competed with the Sabre Tooth Cat for food.
3.The most powerful weapon that the earliest human species discovered was fire.
4.The Earliest human species had a problem though,they could not figure out how to keep the fire going until they dicovered Pine Resin.
5.The Neanderthals appearance was short and stockey which helped them stay wam and become better hunters

Paidon 3Meyer said...

1.What I know about the stone age is the stone age are called NEADRATHALS.
2.They had trouble keeping flames burning.
3.They solved that problem by finding PINE RESIN .
4.They hunted IRISH ELK.
5.85% of their diet was meat.
6.Boys only lived to be in their teens.
7.Neandrathals were short and stocky.
!More Coming!

Patrick 3Gallo said...

1. Neanderthals used fire and pine

2.They hunted irish elk by skaring them over a cliff with fire.

3. They hunted with sabre tooth cats.

4.There main tool was the hand ax.

5.Their life changingtool was fire.

6.The fire was kept burning by pine

7.Few boys lived beyond their teens.

8.We know the neanderthals made fires because of layers of ash in caves.

9.Large noses to ciculate warm air inside.

10.They burried their dead graciously.

nelson dingler period4 said...

1.they had animals such as mammoths.
2.they couldnt throw the stone spears because they were to heavy.

to be contiuned

Makenzie 4Marso said...

Some things i know are...
1.A Archaeologist studies the painting and artifacts that they made.
2.The Neanderthals discovered fire but didnt know how to keep it going
3.When the Neanderhtals hunted they surroned the animal then stabed and pulled.
4.They did not talk
5.After someone died they threw them out
6.The Neanderthals buried their dead.
7.They found layers ashes and charcole to keep their fire going.
8.They used paintings to talk.
9.During winter only the strongest neanderthals could look for more shelter.
10.They found a new group which soon lead to us!!!!!!

Rachael3Horner said...

1.I know that Domestic animmals had to be tamed. 2.They had to move from one place to another to migrate. 3. Archeologists studied different kinds of arts and different kinds of ways to use or design things.To be continued.................

Tatertot(tate)green said...

1.The early humans had to compete 4 food with sabertooth cat,giant ground sloth,mammoth,and other animals
2.the mane tool used was the hand ax
3.the most powerful tool was the fire elk was the animal they hunted with fire
5.they tried to run the elk over a cliff but the fire went out in wet lands
more is coming

mitchells said...

1.I learned that the neaderthals first lived in europe 2.The tool that changed the way we live to day is fire 3.the glaciers melted and there was rich farm land 4.I also learned that the neanderthals migrated .5 We know so much about the neanderthals becoase we found artifacs about them.6 to be continued

sarah m4 said... long would the sub-zero weather last? 9 months

2.what new type of species entered Frace? neanderthals

3.describe the apearanceof neanderthals. short and stalky be continued!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma 4Baier said...

1- I know that the biggest thing the cave men found fire.
2- Cave men are also called neanderthalls.
3- Our closest relative is the Cro-nagman.
4- They cept there fire going by puting pine sol on it.
5- In before we ruled the earth part one they hunted Irish elk.
6- The earlist people had to compete against the Saber Tooth Cat.
To Be Continued

sabreena 4 smallfield said...

The first thing that i dident know was that the cavemen hunted bison and they lunged towrd the bison and hit it with the spear.

the second thing that i did not know was that they used pine resion to heal cavemen that got cut after the hunt.

the third thing that i did not know was that they drew pictures of cow and another cow fighing and a whole bunch of other pictures.

to be continued

jared dale prd6 said...

i know that they used stone and ran irish elk off cliffs did brain surgery made fires made medisin used the medisen to make thier fires stay going the strong men went out in the winter and got food wore fur coats didnt always have sleeves and it was comman for a person to die and they would burry them with their cloths on.

cody p.6 said...

1. i learned that they would chase irish elk of cliffs

2.also i learned they had big noses to keep them warm and they were short and stalky

3.they would jab stone tip spears into a giant step buffalo

4.they would do brain surgery if you were injured or if you even had a headache

5.if you broke your arm they would snap it back in place

6.they could tell neandrathals were alive because of the ash compacted in caves

7.they painted there beliefs in cave and how they hunted

8.they crossed the beringia straight to get to america

9. they used pine resin for injuries and to keep their fires going

10.only the strongest hunters could go on trips because of the harsh weather and weak hunters could die from freezing to death or starvation

6 Marina said...

1 The people in the stone age were called neanderthas

2 Most animals were very large

3 Some animal from the stone age were Gaint Sloth,Sabre tooth Cat, and wooley mammoth

3 Fire changed the lives of the people

4 They buried thier dead

5 Often times weaker people did not make it trough hard winters because of harsh condithions

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6Dani Hoeke said...

1.The transition from the old stone age to the new stone age was the metal working.
2.Many cave paintings are found at the location of Tassili.
3.Stone healers made medicines from herbs.
4.Stone age Healers studied animals to learn about the human body.
Look for more

shyanne 6 said...

The stone age lasted 3,490,000 years. The neanderthals made very little progress. The earliest human species competed for food with the sabre tooth cat. The main tool that they used was the hand axe. The most powerful, life changing tool that the early humans discovered was fire. The challenge that they faced was that they couldnt keep their fire going. whay they found out was that pine resin helped with keeping the fire going, and it also helped heal cuts and other bad injuries. most of the males died in there teens. technology was very slow.

Kayla peroid 6 said...

1.Neanderthals had large noses to keep their breath warm and a squat body that retains heat easy.

2.11,000 years ago the earth was in an Ice Age.

3.Old Stone Age lasted 3,490,000.

4.The first animals to be domesticated were goats, dogs, sheep, and cows.

5.Animals would produce milk and wool.

6.Many cave paintings were found at Tassili.

7.Brain surgery was performed on people who had headaches and head wounds.

8.Medicine was made from herbs.

9.They studied animals to learn about the human body.

10.They Pulled infected teeth.

Sammie 6peterson said...

#1 The old stone age lasted 3,490,000 years.

#2 The first animals to be domesticated were dogs,goats,sheep,cows.

#3 The ice age animals were Giant ground sloth,Sabre tooth cat,American mastodon,Big horned bison.

#4 The artifacts were arrow heads,stonetools,pottery,ashes from a campfire.

#5 11,000 years ago the earth was in an ice age.

#6 Ice age means when glaciers covered the earth.

#7 The stone ages powerful tool was fire.

#8 The stone ages mainly used tool was hand axe tool.

#9 the stone ages earliest compete for food was Sabre tooth cat.

#10 The stone age couldnt talk thy just mummbled.

Haley 6hoeke said...

1.The first animals to be domesticated were goat,dog,sheep,and cow.
2.In the early farming they had rice,wheat,and barley.
3.The ice age animals were sloth,sabre tooth cat,american mastodon,and big horned bison.
4.People got to north america by beringia or the bering strait
5.11,000 years ago the earth was in an ice age.
6.Ice age means when glaciers covered the earth
7.The stone ages most powerful tool was fire.
8.The type of animal that they hunted was irish elk
9.The tool that was mainly used was the hand axe
10.The stone age could not talk they would mummble

dylan 6bludorn said...

Migrate is to move from one place to another. Glaciers are huge sheets of ice. an artifact is an object made by people long ago.
Domesticate means to tame something.Harvest means to gather something.A nomad is a person who travels from place to place

look for more klumper

Jessica 6Randolph said...

i know that..

1. Artifact means a object that is made by people long ago.
2.Harvest means to gather.
3. A glacier is a huge ice sheet.
4. diverse means different
5. one of the stone age animals are Sabre Tooth cat
6. Migrate means to move one place to another.
to be continued ...

Adam 6Halter said...

1.That thare is a old Stone Age and a New StoneAge.
2.Thre is a Irish Elk and a Large Horn Bison in the Stone Age.

Look for more

thomas 6 period said...

I know that way back when the neanderthals tried to find shelter they found the right place to stop and build a fire beause there were compress layers of ashes an charcoal to build a fire at night to keep warm. Then the day after that night there goal was to find a beast and kill the beast

to be continued...

Jessica 6Randolph said...

i know that..

1. Artifact means a object that is made by people long ago.
2.Harvest means to gather.
3. A glacier is a huge ice sheet.
4. diverse means different
5. one of the stone age animals are Sabre Tooth cat
6. Migrate means to move one place to another.
to be continued ...

Ashley 6Schobert said...

Now that we have studied the stone age, I know a lot of things about it. Here are some of them:

1.The neanderthals'(cavemen)most important tool that they discovered was fire

2.The neanderthals' discovered a way to keep fire going in damp air, it was pine resin

3.Developement went very slowly, meaning they took a long time to improve on their inventions, tools, ect.

4.The neanderthals performed brain surgery by drilling a hole in someones head and letting the evil spirits out

5.During the ice age, glaciers covered the Earth

6.Once the glaciers melted, the land became very fertile-good for farming

7.The ice age happened about 11,000 years ago

8.Before the glaciers melted, there was a land bridge, connecting Russia and North America

9.In the stone age they didn't talk, there was just mumbling

10.The tool they mainly used was the hand ax


Brad 6taylor said...


*Neanderthals lived more than 60,000 years ago
*That neanderthals could not throw their spears.
*The Cro - Magnon could throw their spears.
*The Neanderthals met the Cro - Magnon during a battle with a Buffilo.


dylan 6bludorn said...

diverse means different. some artifacts are ashes from a campfire,pottery,and arrowheads from stones.11,000 years ago the earth was in an ice age. people got across to North America by the bering strait.

nelson dingler period 4 said...

3.cave man actually barried their dead like we do today.
4.when they didnt know what spears were they would hunt by chasing the animal off the a cliff.
5.if you had a headache i wouldnt of told the brain surgeon cause all he was gona do was end up killing you.
6.that they knew how to make fire.
7.the only reason neandererthals could hunt really goood was because they were short and stalky.
8.only big and strong hunters could go and look for food otherwise the tribe would've died.

jake 8donahoe said...

1.cavemen were nomads
2.cavemen ate meat
3.early humans slowly progresed
4.early humans invented things to help them
5.early humans were in loose family groups
6.neanderthals had to migrate
7.there were ice ages
8.neanderthals came up against homo sapians
9.there were very limeted wepons
10.almost all died

Andrew Breitzmanprd8 said...

Ten things I already know about the Stone age are:
1. The stone age lasted almost 4 million years
2. Their technology was slow in the stone age.
3.They domesticated animals.
4. The cavemen hunted the Irish Elk.
5. They crossed the Beringia(Bering Strait)
6. They had no way of cumminicating.
7.The cavemen hunted prey by chasing the elk off the cliff.
8. They had a problem with keeping the fire going.
9. They discovered pine resin.
10. They met the humosapians.

Kaitlyn 8Ternus said...

The Stone Age

-The stone age is a period in time when the humans (who were not really like humans)ruled the earth

-ashes prove that they had campfires

-they had some problems with keeping the fires going

-they found this suyrp stuff

to be contined...................

cole 8ripperda said...

1. one thing they hunted was irish elk
2. the thing that changed their lives was fire
3. they could not keep fires going
4. they then found that pin resin would help them by keeping the fires lit.
5.the name for them is neanderthals
to be continued

molly 8howard said...

I know that neanderthals were sort of short. They burried their dead with that persons fur. And firewas used for cooking, huting, and to keep warm. To be countinued....

Drew Per.8 said...

I have learned the earliest human speices competed for food with the sabre tooth cat. The animal hunted most is the irish elk. the way they hunted them is they chased them off cliffs. they kept thier fire going by using pine ressin. some examples are arrow heads stone tools pottery and ash.
To be continued

lexi period8 said...

1. they hunted the iresh elk-----
2. found fire and used it to hunt-
3.they traveld north when they moved.
4. they found that they berryed the dead ferry nicely.
5. there tribe had a person who that u would go to and they would give u medicen and if i did not work he would not use it agian.
6. the earlyest group of humons used the hand ax.
7.the ealyest people also had to fight with the saber toothed cat to get food.
8. 85% of there diet was meat.
9.the people lived in caves.
10. sub 0 temps went on for 9 monthes

michaela b 8th said...

I learned that the first humans competed for food with the sabore tooth cat. Also the tool mainly used by earliest human species was the Handax, they used turpantin to keep their fires [torches] lite. They made their medicens out of herbs, they studied animals to learn about the human body. In 7,000 b.c they would pull infected teeth, set broken bones, cut off limbs and they prefomed brain surgery. to be continued........

zach8 said...

I am going to tell you about the stone age. the ash and sirs the ash is cep fire period8

becca period 8 goth said...

1.i have learned that in order to survive neandrethals had to hunt.

2.ive learned that there indeed is a new stone age andd that the people sometimes had competition.

3.Ihave also learned that there was a surplus in alot of things like glaciers and in the winter snow.
4.ive learned that there is 2 different kinds of elephant cousins in the stone age.
5.i have learned that there was an extreme chance that there were more male cave people than female cave people.
6.i have learned that there wasn't any leopards or cheeetas like some people think.

7.and that archeologists studied where the were and directions that they have traveledby the ash and layers of it that they find.

8.i learned that agriculture wasnt very opular back then.

9.i learned that they did not cook their food half of the time.

10.i learned that they made cave art and that it is very faasinating.
there will be NO more and that i am finished.

john 8hedman said...

my faveriot thing about the stone age is the old stones age they were the start of everything the created fire and some tools made of stone. the hunted irsh elk. What they would do is chase them of a clife with fire becouse the were afraid of it. The first time it went bad the fire went out and some died and a lot injurd they barried the died and that makes it so we most about them more then anything eles. One night they were by the camfire and a man diped it in tree sap and put it in the fire. to be continud

connor smith8 said...

1.I learned that they learned fire.
2.They made cool tools like the hand axe.
3.They kill the irush elk by chasing them of a cliff.

J.D.9 said...

1.well I know that they were not very bright.
2.most of them lived in caves.
3.they probubly lived in small family groups.
4.they had basic hunting statagies.
5.they mainly used fire as weapons,and for cooking.
6.they were odd looking.
7.they had basic tech.
8.they did not have the most gifted surgens.
9.they probubly had no religuns.
10.they had basic tools.

Chris Bly 9th peiriod said...

This is what I learned about the stone age:
1.Prehistory is the long peiriod of time before writing was invened.
2. Cavemen are also known as Neandrathals
3.Archeologests are people who study past culturs using artifacts
4.Archeologests use carbon dating to find out the age of an artifact.
5.The melting ice from glaciers made great far land.
6. glaciers are huge ice sheets that move sloly arcoss the land
7. the sea level was lower during the ice age
8.stone age healers used medicen made from herbs.
9. the steps to stone age brain surgery are 1. cut hole in skull 2. release evil spirits
10. brain surgery would be given to people with a headache or head wound.

logan rank said...

they found and made alot of important things including fire.
they somtimes had to migrate do to harsh weather and lack of food.some of the animals were the giant ground sloth,the sabretooth cat,and the american mastodon.

sally 9hoffmann said...

Okay, so 1. I know that they used fire to chase elk off a cliff.
2. The earliest species of, er, humans competed with the sabre tooth cat for food.
3. Technology was slow in the old stone age.
4. Stone age healers did brain surgery to let out evil spirits.
5. Healers made medicines that were made from herbs.
6. Neanderthals used stone tipped spears to hunt 7. Giant Step Bison.
8. The ice age was when the earth was covered in glaciers.
9. Some ice age animals are the sabre tooth cat, the giant groud sloth, and the mastadon.
10. Neanderthals were short and stocky.

lilli period 9 said...

#1 the early human species compete with the sabre toth cat to get food but they are putting there life on the line!!!!
#2 when they were hunting for food they needed to make a way so the fire would not go out so they used pine risen to solve that proublem!!!!
#3 when they tryed the hunt agin the used pine riden to chase the irish elk off the hill and they were sucsessfull!!!!!!!
#4 the mesopamia name of there writing system was called cuneiform

Levi McKercher Period9 said...

What I know about the stone age is that is that they started living in Eastern Africawhere they traveled north and divided in half. One half went into Europe and the other half went into Asia. Also I know that 11,000 years ago there was an ice age where the earth was covered in ice and glaciers. When the glaciers melted the land got very fertile. Some animals from the ice age were the Giant Groung Sloth, the Sabre Toothcat, the American Mastodon, and also the Big Horn Bison. The way people got to North America was they crossed a land bridge called Beringia or now the Bering Strait. Some of the earliest americans were found living in Topper Site in South Carolina about 18,000 years ago. THIS REPORT IS TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

Braydon period 9 said...

I know that the Neanderthals were short and stocky, and that they had stone tipped spears (witch were heavy so they could not be throne at animals. I also know that before the ice age there was a land bridge called the Berigigna. After the ice age the land bridge was flooded to the bottom of the sea. Now it is called the Barin Landstrait. I know that scientists know most about the Neanderthals, because they burried their dead. I know that artifacts can tell us about the stone age because we can use carbon dating to determine the age of whoever used it and what gender the cave person was. I know that the early Neanderthals hunted The Irish Elk by running of a cliff. I know htat the evolved Neandrthals hunted the longed horn bioson by lunging and jabbing them with stone tipped spears.

Gideon 9 said...

1. I know that it all started whith Loucy when we belive she was the frist thing to stand
look for more

emily anderson 9th said...

1.the caveman had ashes and charcole/rocks on the cave floors and that's how we know that the caveman made fire.
2.a couple of examples of artifacts the archeologists found could be arrowheads stine tiils pottery and ashes from the campfires.
3.the caveman mainly hunted the giant step bison.
4.the appearince of the caveman people thought they looked short and stocky.
5.people back then only lived through like there 20s because it was so hard to live back in thoughs hard times.
6.the main tool the caveman used to hunt would be the stone tip spear.
7.the caveman would hunt the bison by sorounding the bison and lunging and stabbing at the bison.
8.85% of the cavemens diet would be meat.
9.the caveman were the first human species to live in France.
10.the cavemen lived in temperary camps in the spring and summer and the winter and autum they lived in the caves.
i will have more later.

nicole9 said...

This unit I learned that we saw, well not us, us but our people saw cave men. Also how they did brain surgery to be continued.

Tyler Erck 9th period said...

1.Stone age healers would use plants as medicine.
2.about 7,000 bc they would pull infected teeth, set broken bones, cut off limbs,and perform brain surgery for headace and head wounds.
3. they found lots of cave art in Tassili,Africa.
To be continued..........

Umaima 9Koch said...

I know that....

1. Fire has changed our lives forever, ever since it was discovered.

2. Archaeologists have found artifacts that tell us about the past(in this case, the stone age.)

3. The neanderthals were short and stocky bodies, and large noses.

4. The neanderthals used stone tiped spears to hunt the giant step bison.

5. Some of the earliest people discovered pine resin, which would keep their fires burning, even in the rain.

6. After th ice age when the glaciers melted, the land became ffertile enough for farming to begin.


maggie 9roe said...

People from back in the stone age were short and sqaty. their will be more.

Brendan Gaykenperiod9 said...

neandrethals entered the france area. neandrethals were usally short and be continued

Emily Anderson said...

11.the caveman werent very intellegent people so they didnt do very smart things.

Thomas Siemonsma 6 Period said...

I know that they hunted Great Horned Bison, and Irish Elk and they couldn't throw there spears so they jabed and stabed. They took the meat out of thing that were already killed. Then they meet some new people called the Cro-magnons. The way they buried there dead was buried them with snow and put rock over the stone age people that died. I know all the stone age animals they are tho Saber Tooth Cat the Giant Ground Sloth the American Mastadon and the Great Horned Bison.

Paidon 3Meyer said...

8.The stone age had to compete for food with the Saber Tooth Cat.

9.The stone age found a hand ax to be very handy.


Kaitlyn 8Ternus said...


-They hunted elk

-They were in danger of saber tooth cat

To be continued.................

Michaela B. 8th part 2 said...

Brain surgery was performed on people who had headaches and head wounds. The procedure was like this they cut a round hole in the patients skull, and let the evil spirits out [ would keep the headache personally].
When the glaciers melted the land was made good for farming. Also some Ice Age animals were the giant ground sloth, sabore tooth cat, american mastrodon, and the big horned bison.
People got to North America by crossing the Beringia otherwise called the Bering Strait. Early people started in Eastern Africa, and traveled North. They then divided in half, one group went into Europe and the other group went to Asia.

Tatertot(tate4)green said...

5.(i think)they had winters that lasted 9 month
6.They dont take the clohes that the dead have
7.had tools such as stone flakes,spears
8.some how understood each others grunts
9.the women lived longer than the men did
10.llived in africa,southeast china,eroupe,and north amarica

Ryan 4Larson said...

1.That the people from the stone erage were called neanderathalls.
2.Some of the stone age animals were Irish Elk, Mammoths, American Mastidon, Saber Tooth Cat, and Giant Ground Sloth.
3.People got to North America by Crossing the Bering Strate.
4.11,000 years ago the earth was in an Ice Age. 5. The melting of the glaciors cuased fertial land for farming. 5.The tool that changed the world was dicoverd by neanderathalls and is called fire.
6.Many cave paintings were found in Tassili Africa. 7.The early humans used herbs to make medicine.
8.Brain surgery was performed on people with headaches or head wounds.9.In the stone age they did brain surgery in two steps first they cut a hole inthe skull, second they let the evil spirts flow out. 10.The reason we know the most about neanderathalls is becuase they buried there dead.
11.Some things that thepeople in the stone age did that we do today are pull infected teeth, set broken bones, cut off limbs, and brain surgery. 12.The way neanderathalls learned about the body by studying a dead animals body. 13.The first americans was found 18,000 years ago in Topper site.(South Carolina) 14.The early humans started in Eastern Africa migrated North then divided in half and one group went to Europe and the other went to Asia.
15.Archeologists find artifacts like Arrow Heads, Stone Tools, Pottery, and Ash from Camp Fires.
16.Artifacts help us learn about the past. 17.Pre History is the period of time before people developed systems of writing.
18. To domesticate is to tame.
19. To Harvest is to gather.
20. Agriculture is the riasing of plants or animals for human use.
21. A nomad is a person who travells from place to place without a permanent home.
22. Neanderathalls are short and stalky. 23. The neanderathalls lived without a change in technology for 60,000 years.
24. Archeologists are scientists who uncovers evidence, or or proof, from the past.

Wyatt 8Winter said...

1. they used fire to kill the iresh elk.
2.they used pineresin to keep the fire going in wet places they became sucssesful to hunt the iresh elk.
3.the neanderthalls hunted in boxgrove england their 500,000 years ago hunters praed on deer and bison.
4.they drove some of the bison over a 300 foot cliff.
5. scandinavea and the allps are coverd with sub-zero winters last up to 9mouths.
6. neandertalls were short and stallkey.
7. they hunted the gian step bisonthere stone tip spears were the most leathal wepons yet.
8. for the neanderthalls hunting animals is about survivel.
9. they have became supper prediters.
10. high nitrogin conten from bones states that 85% of teir diet was meat.

Alli 6Fatone said...

What I learned about the Stone Age:

1. People of the Stone Age were called neanderthals.

2. The most history changing tool they discovered was fire.

3. They hunted the Irish Elk.

4. Neanderthal's form of hunting was to gather the Irish ELk and forced them over the side of a cliff.

5. The Old Stone Age lasted 3,490,000 years.

6. The transition from the Old Stone Age to New Stone Age was caused by metal working.

7. The New Stone Age ended 5,000 years ago.

8. Neanderthals were short and stalky.

9. At one point, the stongest hunters had to leave becuase the freezing temperaures were driving their prey away.

10. During that time, they discovered the Cro-Magnons.

Levi McKercher Period 9 said...

Continuing on from what I previously put... some other things I know about the stone age are.. That the Old Stone age lasted for 3,490,000 years making very little process in technology. The thing that caused the transition from the Old Stone age to the New Stone age is Metal Working. Also another big thing is that they made advances in stone working. Also domesticated animals and plants played a big part in their huge sucess. That is what I know about the Stone Age!

Tyler 9Erck said...

4.New Stone Age the Glaciers are gone which means wild plants and food crops.
5.The Old Stone Age lasted 3,490,000 years very little progres was made. technology was slow in the old stone age.
6.Neandrethals were different from the earliest humans because they had more tools such as the stone flake, curve edge scraper,and sharp points.
7.We know the neandrethals made fire from ancient charcoal and ash.8.early humans also hunted the irish elk which is insticted why the neandrethals hunted the giant step bison.
9.what the early humans found what was life changing was Fire which kept burning by pine resen.
10.neanderthals diet was 85% meat and 15% berries and plants

zach 6frantz said...

1.peopel in the stone age did not have a good way of cumuticating. way they hunted is by runingthem off a cliff. other way is that they wuold keep poinking them to deth.

4.peopel in the stone age did not live long.

5.some of the things they hunted was efl,bison,and in ething they cuold find

6.some things the used for hunting fire,spers,and bones.

7.they lived in caves.

8.they used fur to keep warm.

9.they used some of the same things we still use now like brain surgery,pulling teeth,and heling brokin bones.

10.they find lie they came up with a langage.

Mykayla 4Palmer said...

1.I learned that the caveman's most powerfull tool was fire.
2.They lunged and jabbed the bison.
3.They burried the dead.
4.There was evidence of ashes and coals on the cave floors.
5.They were short and stalky.
6.It was hard for them to hunt when they did not have a group of men with them.
7.While hunting the would hide in bushes or trees and then jump out and sorround the thing that was being hunted at the time.
8.When the food they were hunting migrated they would migrate too.
9.There biggest problem with fire was how to keep it going.
10.They painted lots of animals.
Mykayla Palmer

Sydney 3Blair said...

1.Many cave paintings are located are in Africa.
2.In the stone age they used herbs to make medicine.
3.The old stone age lasted 3,490,000 years.
4.They hunted the 9 feet tall Irish elk.
5.Cavemen used pine resen to keep there fire going.
6.In 7,000 b.c. they pulled infected teeth, set broken bones, cut off limbs, and did brain surgery.
7.When they did this brain surgery they cut a round hole in patients skull and let out evil spirts.
8.When the cavemen hunted they would lunged and jabbed at thier prey.
9.The appearance of the Neanderthals were short and stocky.
10.85% of there diet was meat.

Nicole 9 G. said...

The beast the cave men hunted was an irish elk. They killed it by running it off a cliff. Their most powerful weapon was fire. Their problem was keeping it lit in water because it went out. Their solution was pine resin. They did brain surgury by cutting a hole in the person's head and skull. Then they let the evil spirits out. Finally, they put the skull back on the head. Later they discovered us.

alisha pd 4 said...

it was a long time ago

they used fire to hunt

they were called nethandralls

they had a certian way of talking

they hunted irish elk & giant step bison

they wernt very good at brain surgey

they didnt hav any eletrical equeptmint

there diet was mostly meat

they developed big noses to keep warm

they can make their own outfits

they buried their own dead

cole 8ripperda said...

continued they made their tools they used their tools
7.about their art
8. what they ate
9.what we think their comunication was like
10.what they wore

kendall pd4 said...

they hunted their own food

they buried their own dead

they talked in their own languge

they had no tecnolgy

they devloped big noses to keep their breath warm

they hunted the irish elk & the giant step bison

they had to move cuz their food was leaving

they painted what they saw

they hunted with spears

they used pine rezon to keep their fire going

Kjersin 9Williams said...

Things I know about the sone age are that they would have sub-zero weather that lasted about 9 mounths. Back then the neaderthals looked short and stalky. The neanderthals must have liked meat because 85% of there diet was meat talk loving meat! Most of that meaat was the meat of the giant step bison and the irish elk that was 9 feet tall and 11 feet wide. The most important tool they used while hunting the bison was the sone tip spear. They would lung and jag at the animal until it fell to the ground it was a very dangerous job. These neanderthals lived in mostly camps or caves, but they were namads so they followed there food. Surpriselingly in 7,000 bc they did some stuff that we still do today like they would pull infected teeth, set broken bones,cut off limbs, and do brain sugery. They would give brain surgery to people who had a headache or a headwound. They would perform surgery by cutting a round hole in the patients skull. They would do this to let out evil spirts talk about crazy! Many of the neanderthals lived around a lot of animals 3 of the main animals they lived around was the sabre tooth cat, the mammoth, and the giant ground sloth. One in particular ,the sabre tooth cat, was the most powerful big cat of all time. The stone age ia usually divided into three seoarate periods the paleolithic period, mesolithic period, and the neolithic period. And now I hope you have learned something see ya.

Riley 4Frantzen said...

1. Fire was one of the most important things in the stone age.
2. There was two stone ages the old and the new.
3. Cave art was a big part of the stone age.
4. The Neanderthals hunted Irish Elk and Bison
5. They had to move because it got to cold.
6. They crossed a land bridge called the bering strait.
7. There was an ice age were it got very cold.
8. It was hard to survive because it was cold and they were desperate for food.
9. When the hunters hunted only the strongest ad biggest could go.
10. On a hunt they saw us humans.

Calli 9hensley said...

1.the Neanderthals have large noses so they can keep their breath warm and they have short and stocky bodies to keep them warm.
2.The Neanderthals hunted giant step bison.
3.The Neanderthals hunted with stone tip spears.
4.The Neanderthals diet of meat was 85%
5.The Neanderthals would live in caves in the winter andin the sunner thay would sleep in camps out in the open.
6. They lunged and stabed to hunt giant step bison.
7.The sub-zeroweather lasted 9 months.
8.The Neanderthals had to leave their place because the beast they hunted left.
9.Not everyone left only the strongust left because if everyone left some would die in the cold.
10.The strong Neanderthals headed east.

Mr. Klumper said...

I am looking forward to reading your comments about the Stone Age. I can't wait to see what all of you know about this unit. It is my hope that you have become at least a little interested in the Stone Age at some point in the past three weeks.
Keep Blogging!

Lydia period9 said...

Here are some things I know about the stone age.
1. One animal from the Ice Age was the Mammoth. 2. Very little progress was made in the stone age.
3. Fire was the most powerful tool.4. Pine resend help keep it fire lit. 5. Neanderthals were short,and
stocky. 6. The earliest neanderthals used rock to cut there
food. 7. When the new stone age started there were smarter people. 8. There biggest problem was food. 9.When food was scarce thy migrated. 10. If a glacier melts the land that it melts on becomes good for farming.

Emma 4Baier said...


6: Irish Elk were 9ft tall.
7: That cro-nagmens are our closest ancestor.
8: So far the oldest Americans lived 18,000 years ago.
9: That neanderthals buired there died
10: Jiant step Bison took hours for neanderthals too kill.

Hannah 4Poppens said...

1.I learned that there is an old and new stone age.
2.The thing that separated the two was metal working. was very slow in the old stone age.
4.Cavemen did brain surgery(a very bad mistake).
5.Cavemen guided Irish elk down water falls.
6.There was a caveman that froze to death.
7.They had limited languages.
8.Pine reson was used to keep fires going.
9.Cavemen chased Irish elk down waterfalls to kill them.

lucas 4chmela said...

1.peole got to north america by land bridge 2.they started in eastern africa and migrated north 3. neanderthals were short and stalky 4. they used brain surgery when someone had a headache or a head wound 5. the procedure was that they cut a round hole in their head and then let out evil spirits 6. most cave paintings were found in tassili africa 7. the transition from the old stone age to the new stone age was metal working 8. when glaciers melted the land was fertile for crops 9. they farmed rice wheat and barely 10. first animals to be domestcated were goats cows dogs and sheep

Drew Per8 said...

Part 2
the netherlands were short and stalky. they buried the dead so we know alot about them.they met the Homo Sapiens.there is a old and new stone age. pine ressin was used to keep fire going. after lnd melts it is good farming . they migrted when food was scarce. irish elk are 9feet tall. lastly they did brain surgery.(not the smartest thing to do)

Keenan said...

I learned alot this quarter in social studys. One of them was prehistory. I didn't know that the cave men ever had a writeing sistem.

And som of the things they hunted. those are huge the Irish Elk and the Big horned bison. I cant amagin it without a gun.

to be continude

Paige 9Drenth said...

Some things I learned about the sone age is......
1.They hunted the Irish Elk and the Irish Elk were 9 feet tall.
2.They used Pine resent to keep fire going when they are hunting.
3.There most powerful tool was fire.
4.They also hunted with stone tipped spears.
5.Some stone age animals are Sabre Tooth Cat, Mammoth, and Giant Ground Sloth.
6.Sub-zero weather lasted 9 months.
7.85% of there diet was meat.
8.They made medicines wiht herbs.
9.The old stone age had very little progress.
10.Surplus food lead to social division in the stone age.

Keenan 6Ernste said...

1. I learned what prehistory is.
2. the cave men are short and stocky
3. The beringia is the most facinating thing I think
4. Art was a way for the cave men to tell storys.
5. Fire was their most powerful tool.
6. pine resin solved the fire hunting problem.
7. I cant beleave it the cave men hunted with cliffs!
8. The cave men's spears had stone tips
9. humans are also called Cro-magnan
10. they baried their dead.

Anonymous said...

1. We know that Neanderthals are caring because they buried their body's the way the people where when they died.
2. The hand ax was the tool mainly used by the earliest human species, it was as sharp as a sabor tooth cats teeth.
3. The Neanderthals hunted Irish elk, the Irish elk were 9 feet tall and their antlers were 11 feet long.
4. When the Neanderthals chased the Irish elk off the cliff they had to put tree sap on their stick so the fire would not burn out because of the water fall or rain.
5. When the weather was getting colder the Neanderthals sent there greats hunters to go east for the Giant Step Bison because 85% of their diet was meat.
6. When the Neanderthals were on their journey east they found Giant Step Bison but found something else, they were called Cro-Magon they were better hunters because they had lighter spears to throw.
7. Brain surgery was performed on people who had head wounds and headaches, what they would do is cut a round hole in the patients skull and let out the evil spirits.
8. Artifacts teach us about the past and what they left behind like tools, bones, brushes all that kind of stuff.
9. Stone age lasted 3,490,000 years with very little progress made, and technology was slow in stone age.
10. In Tassili many cave art paintings can be found, Tassili is located in Africa.

Now you know what I know about the stone age!!!

Aaron 3 beane said...

Aaron 3Beaner

1. it was very hard to gather/hunt for there food

2. to cure heaaches they would cut a hole in the patients skull

To be continued

6Dani Hoeke said...

5.they did brain surgery for hunters with head injuries.
6.They also did brain surgery with people who had headaches what they would do is cut a hole in your head and let the evil spirits out
7.short and stolky people
8.they used cave art to tell stories
9.most powerful and life changing tool is fire
10.sub zero weather lasted nine months
11.the main animals were sabre tooth cat, giant ground sloth, American mastodon, and Big horned bison

shambree 6smith said...

These are the things I learned in the stone age unit 1. I learned that the male people only lived to their teens. 2. I olso learned that they had to make their own weapons. 3. Plus they had to make medison from herbs. 4. i learned thet they were very different from us today. 5. I learned that they had to worry about freezing to death but we do not have to worry about that today. 6. Plus there are many diferent types of stone age people.7. I also learned that the neadrathols had to mov becouse the animals left there homes. 8. I also learned that they made cave art. 9.I learned that the neadrathons were vere sort. 10. I never had heard of the stone age before but know I have another important fact is that they used spears to kill the animals they eat.

Halle6Doe said...

#1.It was very hard to gather or hunt food.
#2.The neandertals looked like this larg noses and had short stalky bodies.
#3.To cure headaches they would cut a huge hole in your head to let the evil spirits out.
#4.They did cave art.
#5.They lived in caves.
#6.They barried their dead.
#7.they meet the Cro-Magnon on a hunt.
#8.Thier most powerful tool was the fire.
#9.The normal everyday tool was the hand axe.
#10.They ate 85% of meat.

Troy7Small said...

Hi everybody! Thanks to Mr. Klumper, I now know much, much more about the stone age. In fact, I used to study dinosaurs and prehistoric times. Unfortunately, I stopped studying about the subjects, and forgot most of the information. Anywhoo, some of the new things I learned in Social Studies this year are:
1: How they made cave paintings and what they drew.
2:How cavemen hunted and what they hunted and what their successors' names were.
3: How the neanderthalls did BRAIN SURGERY! That was a hoot!
4: How they made medicine out of plants.
5: How they kept fire going even in the rain, with pine resin.
6:That neanderthals buried their dead,with clothes on,and in the snow.
7:That their species' names were.
8:That the Irish Elk were 10 feet tall.
9:That there was an animal called a Mastadon.
10:That the neanderthals had a tool kit.
11: that they ACTUALLY farmed!
I just thought hhat the indiands did that! Plus,ANIMALS ACTUALLY HELPED THEM!!!!

Alex 3Wilde said...

6.During the stone age healers would do brain surgery on head wounds. Although, most times they failed which lead to death.
7.while these operations were happening the cave men were fully awake,the healers would then cut a round hole out of the head during the operation.
8.During the winter time neandrathals had to leave their caves to search for food.

Adam 6Halter said...

3.The first tool the early human species use wuse the hand ax.

4.The most powerful the early human species wuse fire.

5.The Old Stone Age last 3,490,000

6.Very little progress wuse made in the Old Stone Age

7.The New Stone Age wuse caused by metail working.

Macy 4Murren said...

I know/learned the following about the Stone Age -
1. That ice age meant that the earth was covered in ice (glaciers).
2. That neanderthals were short and stalky and has large noses to help them keep warm.
3. Cave drawings showed pictures of animals, hunting and animals fighting.
4. The ice age animals were the big horned bisen, the saber tooth cat, the giant ground sloth, the american mastadon and the woolly mamoth.
5. Social division was caused by surplus food, people traded for what they needed, caused a division among the people, lower, middle & upper class.
6. We know about prehistory by studying artifacts.
7. Artifacts include ashes from fire, arrow heads, stone tools, and pottery.
8. The people used pine resine on the sticks to keep the fires from not going out.
9. The first domesticated animals were the goat, sheep, cow and dog.
10. Domesticating animals helped the people by providing wool, milk and leather for clothing and shoes.

Madisen 8White said...

1. they were short and stocky
2. they burried their dead carefully
3.they use herbs to get better
4. they perform surgery to get better

Jessica 6Randolph said...


7. they used hand ax's
8. they couldnt talk
9. they hunted irish elk
10 they killed animals by running them off the cliff or lungeing and stabbing

Caleb 6Van Hemert said...

Glaicer-huge ice sheets Domesticate-to tame
Harvest-to gather
They were short,stalky and had big noses.
Some of the animals from the Stone age are the Sabertoothcat,Big Horned Bison,Giant Ground Sloth,Mammoth,and the American Mastodon.

shawn guenther said... was there best resource
2.they were short and stocky
3.they made medicines using herbs
4.they hunted Irish Elk
5.they hunted big hored bison
6.they used stone tiped spears to hunt
7.they used stoneflakes 8.ronded edgescrappers be continued

walker 8waterbury said...

I know that they were short and stalky.Some animals were giant ground sloth,mamoth,and bison.they used pine resen to keep fire going.they chased iresh elk off cliffs.they lunged and jabbed to kill bison.They did brain surgery.they went through an iceage and many died.The old stone age was ended after metal working started.they demesticated animals such as dogs,cattle,sheep,and goats.they wore a lot of fur during the iceage.

Marie 3Engbrecht said...

I have learned...

1.sub-zero weather would last 9 months.

2.the neanderthals were short and stallky.
3. they mianly hunted the Giant Step Bison.
4. 85% of their food was meat.
5. they crossed the Beringia Striat to get to North America.
6. the ice age was 11,000 years ago.
7. artifacts tell us what it might have been like during the stone age.

Marina G 6 said...

6 Little progress was made in the stone age

7 The stone age people were short and staky

8 Neanderthals had large noses and that helped them to be able to keep thier breath warm

8 Beacause they had short bodies it was easy to keep blood in thier bodies and keep it cerclating

9 People in the Stone Age used most powerful tool before fire was the hand ax

10 80% of the neaanderhalas diet was meat

Denton Bose said...

1.They used to chase iresh elk off cliffs.

2.neanderthals had a tool kit.

3.In the stone age they couldn't keep the fire going.

4.They used hand ax's.

5.they couldn't talk.

6.they hunted iresh elk.

7.thy lilled animals by lungeing and jabbing.

8.They used herbs to get better.

9.they buried their dead carefully.

10.they cut a hole in their head for brain surgrey.

Shane G. period 4 said...

1.Neanderthals were short and stalky and lived in the stone age.
2.Neanderthals hunted irish elk.
3.Neanderthals main tool was the hand axe.
4.They used herbs for medicines.
5.They hunted by leading the Irish elk off a cliff.
6.Their main weapon was stone tipped spear.
7.The most powerful tool was fire they also used this for hunting.
8.Sub-zero weather lasted 9 months.
9.They crossed a land bridge called Beringia to get to North America.
10.During the Ice Age the earth was covered in ice called Glaciers.

molly 8howard said...


They hunted Irish Elk and the big horned Bison. They didn't have a system of writing. And that they lived in caves insted of homes. The Neanderthals used herbs to heel the sick. They could draw on the wall without geting yelled at. Men in the stone age usally only lived to their teen years. And lastly, 85% of their diet was meat.

So.. thats what I know

Randall period4 Howard said...

1.The early humans had fire
2.they had irsh elk
3.the itsh elk was 9ft tall
4.they had a hand axe
5.they killed the irsh elk by running them of the cliff
6.nanderthalls were short and stalky
7.they buried there died carefulley
8. caveman performed brain surgery (really bad idea)
9.they used herbs for medicine
10.they put pine reison on fire so that it couldn't burn out.

Alex 3Wilde said...

9.young children would live to their teens on average.
10.The most important thing to remember about the Stone Age is that they had to work for everything they needed NOT wanted but NEEDED.Nothing was handed to them they had to take it. The Stone Age was alot harder then prsent time.

Randall period 4 Howard said...

1.they had fire
2.htey had hand axes
3.there were irsh elk
4.irsh elk are 9ft tall
5.they ran irsh elk down cliffs to kill them
6.caveman were short and stalky
7.they performed brain surgery
8.they buried there deid carefully
9.pine reison was used to keep fire going the end of before we ruled the earth part 3 they had met the Cro-Magnums

lilli jasper period 9!!!!!!! said...

the rest of my things!!

#5 teh would have brain surgry and cut opean there head to leat the nevil spirits out but it did not work

#6 there best tool was fire and the most powerfull was the hand ax

#7 the new stone age started when the meatle working happend

#8 the way the old stone age people looked they were sort and stokey!!!!

#9 the way they used to made
medicin was they used herbs!!!!

#10 the was they hunted bison is they lunged and stabbed at it

maggie 9roe said...

1.the first animals to be domesticaed were dogs,goats,cows,and sheep. the early farming they had rice,wheat,and barley.
3.they couldnt talk very well.
4.they would go on alot of hunts and hunt irish elk.
5.they used stone tiped spears.
6.some artifacts are ashes,bones,and pottery.
7.they were short and stalky.
8.they burried there dead carefully.
9.they made very little progress.
10.the most powerful tool they used was fire

Tanner Koster said...

1. the earliest human species competed with the sabre tooth cat for food.
2. The hand axe was the main tool used by early human species.
3. Fire was the most powerful tool discovered by early human species.
4. The hunting tribe hunted Irish Elk.
5. The challenge that early humans had was keeping the fire in wet climates.
6. They used pine resine to keep the fire going.
7. Sub zero weather could last for up to nine months.
8. The new type of species that entered France was the Neanderthal.
9. Neanderthals were short and stalky.
10. Neanderthals mainly hunted Giant Step Bison.

Weston 3meyer said...

1. In the winter they lived in caves for warmth.
2. They lived in a time that was called Prehistory.
3. The cause of the new stone age was medal working.
4. The neanderthals were short and stocky.
5. They lunged and stabed at giant step bison.
6. There greatest problem was to learn how to keep fire going. They solved it with pine resin.
7. Somethings that cave painters painted were their own hands.
8. We know so much about them from the artifacts we have found such as arrowheads and pottery.
9. The sub zero winter could last up to 9 months.
10. 85% of their diet was meat.

Kaity 6Dybdahl said...

1 There most poewrful towl was fire

2 They had a problem of keeping the fire going

3They solved there problem by using pine resin

4 They were short and stocky

5The three stone age animals were the Sabree Tooth Cat, Mammoth Gaiant Ground Sloth

6 They invented fire works, and kites

7 The males realy lived pasy there teens.

8 85% of their diet was meat.

9. Three things in the tool kit were: stone flakes, sharp points, and curved edge.

10. In the cold they migrated East

caitlynn 9 schumacher said...

1. The neanderthhals invented fire but didnt know how to use it propoly.

2.That cave men were called neanderthals and their apperance was they were short and stocky and had large noses to keep them warm.

3.Neanderthals couldent talk like we can now the grunted and made other nosies.

4. After awile the neanderthals found out that they can us pine risin to keep there tochees or fire going in damp places where they would hunt.

5.The neanderthals would case there kill or pray off a cliff or water fall with torches to make the animals fall off and most likely died so the neanderthals would have something to eat

6.The first domestic animals were dog,sheep,goat and cow.

7.The neanderthals bared there dead carefully and with there chlothes on.

8.The neanderthals drew pictures on the cave walls of hunts and animals.
9.There used herbs as medice to get better.

10.They performed barin sugeray to get rid of the evil thing in side there heads but it was proboly just a head ack.

Jessie Lorenzen said...

Jessie Lorenzen8

1. The people were called neanderthals
To be continued....................................................................................

brendan period 9 said...

1.I know that they used to just mumble not talk.
2. they had the ice age
3. when they did brain surgery they cut a wholr in their head and washed away the spirits
4.they dint have a written language

Kaitlyn 8Ternus said...

-They were short and Stalky

-they used spears

jessie lorenzen 8th period said...

2. the neanderthals are short and stauky

3. the neanderthals have big noses the stone age there was sabertoothed cats and giant ground sloths

5.the biggest life changing tool is fire

6. the neanderthals used pine ressen to keep the fire going

7. the used hand ax's

8. the could not talk

9. they killed animals by running them of the cliff or lungeing and stabbing

10 they preformed brain sugery
they cut off limbs and other things that we even do today, (only more safely)!

Jessie Campbell p.3 said...

6.their main tool was the hand axe.
7. most of the only lived until their teens.
8.they used pine resin to keep the fire going and to help wounds.
9.the did brain sergery.
10.the two things to discribe them is that they were short and stalky.

garrett 3lambert said...

1.stone age people used stone tools
2.they would lung and stab at a animal till it died.

Jacob MUrray pd 4 said...

i know that they used pinene reson thats it i olny really want a c

Jaeden 6spurling said...

1.There are 4 animales in the stone age.

2.They are the bison,sloth,sador tooth cat,and the mammoth.

3.There were neanderthals.

4. They were short and stalkey.

5.They use stone tiped spears.

6.They figgured out fire.

7.They left artifacts for us today.


matthew p-6 said...

I know that the ston age people were smart in their own way. They were smart enough to move after their prey when it got tooo cold to stay. They learned how to control fire and its uses. They could hunt very intelligently, similer to how we hunt today. They adapted to their climate and made tools to adjust to their needs. I believe if they had been dumb, we would not be here today.

Savannah Garow 9th p. said...

1. I know that we use prehiistory by studing artafacts.

2.there most inportant tool fire

3.they hunted for irish elk and (it was 9 feet tall and 11 feet wide)

4.that the fire did not always stay lit.

5.the tool was used for there food.

6.they solved the problem by using pinesin(e)

7.the tool they used from there "tool kite" hand axe, stone fack, curved edged scraper.

8.during there migration they met the cro-magnum, witch is the homo sapien people.

9.they left there cave because they it was to cold and the animals were leaving so they were going to starve.

10.the neanderthal were short and stacky.


Jordan 3Wagley said...

1.They left artifacts for us today.
2.They started in Eastern Africa.
3.Medicines where made of herbs.
4.They hunted the Irish Elk.
5.The most powerful tool is fire.
6.Neanderthals look short and stalky.
7.To keep the fire lit, they used pine resin.
8.The earliest plants are rice, wheat, and barley.
9.Cave painters painted animals and people.
10.They used stone flakes,sharp points, and curve edge scrapers as tools.