Monday, September 8, 2008

Daily Geography Sept. 8-12

Help each other out by posting answers to daily geography. Remember, the beauty of the blog is sharing ideas and being able to help each other out.


shambree said...

think hard to find the answer!!

dylan bludorn said...

some answers are monday # 1.
plains,mountains, sheild,island.


tuesday's answers # 1.rocky mt.usa,canada,mexico

2. pacific,atlantic/beanufort,labador,caribbean,bering
see ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halle Doe-Pugh P.6 said...

some answers for tuesday

#1. Rocky Mts.
Canada,U.S., Mexico

#2. Beaufort Sea, pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Labrador Sea, Carribean Sea

Tasia said...

Thursday #1:
The Greater Antilles and The Lesser Antilles

(Pretty Sure)
There's the Gulf Of Mexico, the Gulf Of California, the Gulf Of Alaska, and the Gulf of St.Lawrence. The Gulf Of St. Lawrence.

Friday #1: (Only Half)


Rachael H. said...

Ya gotta try your hardest on everything you do!!!!!!

Tatertot (tate) green said...

For wednesday
Mississippi(long name)and Missouri
Moutains(pay no my spelling i know its mountains idc)and Plains
your welcome!;D