Monday, September 15, 2008

Daily Geography Sept. 15-19

Help each other out by posting answers to daily geography. Remember, the beauty of the blog is sharing ideas and being able to help each other out.


Kjerstin Period 9 said...

Monday daily Geography
#1 1 Canada and 28 USA
#2 Toronto Raptors

Jessie C. said...

the answer to problem # 1 is u.s 28 and canada 1 the answer to #2 is Toronto Raptors (MONDAY)

Emily A. fromperiod 9 said...

Monday's answers would be 1 in Canada and 28 in the USA.
the second answer would be Toronto Raptors.
Tuesday's answers answers are 1. eastern and number 2.4 teams sacramento kings,golden state (oakland,CA)warriors,los angeles lakers and los angeles Clippers

Halle Doe-Pugh said...

Halle Doe-Pugh
I've heard that they can climb trees better than we can.
Why did they try to heat the rock and put it in the pit like that, they are so weird

Jacob Murray PD4 said...

wednesday #1 Texas and the team is Dallas Mavericks thats all I know

Mr. Klumper said...

Wednesday #1: Texas; Dallas Mavericks

Wednesday #2: 2; portland trail blazers, and seattle supersonics

Adam H. P.6 said...

Thur. 2. 7,Chicago Bulls,Cleveland Cavaliers,Detroit Pistons,Los Angeles Clippers,milwaykee Bucks,Minnesota Timber Wolves,Toronto Raptors.

Makenzie Marso 4th said...

1.28, Us, 1 Canada
2. Toronto Raptors

Makenzie Marso 4th said...

2. 4, Sacromento kings, Golden State warriors, Los Angeles Clevers, Los Angles Lakers.

Makenzie Marso 4th said...

2.2, Seattle Super Sonics, Portland Trail Blazers

Makenzie said...

Mr.Klumpers the best teacher

Mr. Klumper said...

Thursday #1: Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, and San Antonio, TX

Thursday #2: 6; chicago bulls, cleveland cavaliers, indiana pacers, milwaukee bucks, minnesota timberwolves, detroit pistons. (It is okay to just write the team name and/or abbreviate the State.)

DylanD period 9 said...

#1 Tx mavriks
#2 Portland trailblasers and the seattle supersonics