Monday, February 2, 2015

What will Andy See on the Great Wall?

Andy is back! He is going to walk the entire Great Wall of China and we get to go along! I wonder what he will see and do while he travels the Great Wall. I wonder if it will be easy, or hard, or dangerous? I wonder if Johnny will get attacked? Do you think he will make it to the end of the Great Wall? 

Student Task: Research/discover information/facts about the Great Wall of China. Here are two websites that can get you started. Feel free to search other sites on your own. I want you to find out as much of the Great Wall as you can. Some things to search for: length, what types of people worked on the Great Wall, what type of materials, why it was built, what dynasty/emperor connected all the walls to make one solid wall, the story about the Dragon and the Great Wall, uses of the Great Wall, etc.... 
Ducksters: Great Wall of China
Mr. Donn's Great Wall of China


9Qin Kendra said...

Emperor Shi Huangdi was the one who connected the Great Wall. It is 5500 miles long

9Qin Kendra said...

when the Qin dynasty built the Great Wall out of mud and stones. Later when the Ming dynasty rebuilt they used bricks.