Thursday, February 19, 2015

Picture Timeline of Greece

Many significant things happened in Ancient Greece. We are going to dive into the timeline of this ancient world and begin to understand what all went on in this world. Below you will find a link to the ancient Greece timeline. Some things on that timeline are more important than others. It is your job to determine what you think are the most important events and create a timeline to show that. Remember, BC counts DOWN from left to right on the timeline line. 
Events: Choose 5 events from the ancient Greece timeline that you think are the most important events of ancient Greece. Also, think about those items and if they have had an impact on our world today. If so, then I would say they are quite important. 
Timeline: Draw a timeline on your poster paper. A solid, straight, black line going from left to right. Place your five items on the timeline. Be sure to include the year it took place. 
Picture: On your timeline, for each event that you show, include a sketch/picture that represents something about that event. This image will help us remember the events. 
Explanation: On the back of your poster, list each of the five events you chose and provide a 3-4 sentence paragraph on why you chose each event. In other words, explain why you think that event is important enough to be included on your timeline. You may have to do a little researching to help you with this part. 

DUE DATE: February 26th, 2015. In class. Skyward Assignment. 
Points: 50. (10 points per event)

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