Thursday, February 27, 2014

City-State Olympics 2014: Go for the Gold!

Are you ready to go for the Gold tomorrow in the City-State Olympics? Crazy Izzy is modeling the official gold medal of the 2014 City-State Olympics. Will it be hanging around your neck tomorrow? Will you achieve world wide fame as an Olympic champion? We shall see! Good Luck! 
P.S. You might want to get a good nights' sleep and eat a hearty breakfast tomorrow because you need to be at your best for these Olympic Games! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ancient Quest: "I Climb Mt. Olympus"

Johnny is back! He has finished his break and is now on to his next ancient world: Ancient Greece. The big question, as always, for Johnny is: What will happen to him? The title is "I Climb Mt. Olympus" so we all know he will traveling up the mountain, but what will he encounter? What mythical creatures and obstacles will he face? Will he survive the mountain or will his ancient quest come to an end? It is time to read and find out Johnny's fate in ancient Greece.....

Read: Chapter 7: I Climb Mt. Olympus

Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome to "City-State" Week 2014

Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to ancient Greece City-State Week 2014. All week, you will be working with the other members of your city-state to prepare for the Greek City-State Olympics to be held on Friday. This project has many layers, so be sure to pay attention. You will be working with other students, so be good, helpful, and productive group members. You will be making choices and decisions with your group members, so do that in a collaborative nature, not a fighting one. Get along. Listen to each other. Don't be a dictator and think it's your way every time. 
Project Outline:
Monday: Begin!
Tuesday: Work Day
Wednesday: Work Day
Thursday: Presentations 
Friday: Olympic Games

Project Resources: There are many helpful resources for you for this project. I have shared a "folder" with everyone through Google Drive. I have also made that folder available on WSG under "City-State Resources" on the top widget. You will also receive paper copies of helpful things as well. Don't lose stuff and use it to help you! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mythology, on a plank...

Mythology, on the plank by dk120 on GoAnimate

Check out this animated comic about two guys talking about greek mythology. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mythology Quiz and Athens Vs. Sparta

This is me from last summer. 
Hello, my fellow learners of ancient Greece. It is good to see you. I hope you had a restful weekend. Today, we are going to dive right back in to ancient Greece by taking a Greek Mythology Quiz (hope you studied and used the practice quiz) and working on a Google Drive Project comparing Athens and Sparta. Your day is busy. It is full. Let us not waste another second! 

Task 1: Take the Greek Mythology Quiz. DUE: TODAY, in class.

Task 2: Athens Vs. Sparta. Access the "Athens Vs. Sparta UPDATED" document in your Google Drive (shared with me folder) and begin work.  IN-CLASS WORK

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Greek Mythology Practice Time

Students, how is your Greek Mythology knowledge coming? Well, test your skills with this practice quiz. This is a great opportunity to see how much you know about Greek Mythology. Take it as many times as you want! You can use it in Quiz Mode or Flashcard Mode. Please use this practice/review tool this weekend a few times in preparation for the Greek Mythology quiz on Tuesday. Try not using your notes the first time you take it, just to see what you know. Then, use your notes/information to go back through your incorrect responses and see what you should have put! Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What is Democracy?

What does the public know about Democracy? Well, I took my video camera and a microphone to the Mall in Sioux Falls, SD to ask people that very question. The results were a little surprising. Check out this video to see what random people at the mall know about democracy, our government, and presidents of the United States. Don't forget to check out the deleted scenes!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Interviewing Greek Mythology

You have all selected a character from Greek Mythology. Before you "become" that character and practice your speech giving skills, you are going to interview the character you selected. This is going to be an informative interview. You are pretending that you are interviewing your character in front of a large audience who came to listen and learn about the character. You will be asking the character questions, but it is okay for the character to ask you questions, if you want. The interview needs to be written like a dialogue, with quotation marks and correct punctuation. Also, make sure you show who is talking. Below, is an example for you to use as a guide.
Task: Write an interview dialogue between you and your Greek Mythology character. In the interview, your character needs to share at LEAST 3 things about themselves. Make sure you have your character introduce themselves so the reader knows who is talking. The name does NOT count as one of the three facts. 
Me: "Hi! What's your name?"
Artemis: "Hello sir. My name is Artemis."
Me: "Wow! That's a cool name. My name is Dan."
Artemis: "Wow, that's a plain name."
Me: "That's not very nice. Plus, it has three versions: Dan, Danny, and Daniel. So there."
Artemis: "Whatever."
Me: "Why do you have that silver bow?"
Artemis: "Well, I am the goddess of the hunt and moon. So I take my special bow with me at all times."
Me: "It kinda looks like the silver bow Katniss Everdeen uses in the Hunger Games."
Artemis: "Katniss who?"
Me: "Katniss Everdeen. From Hunger Games. She's way cooler than you."
(Artemis draws back an arrow with bow right at me)
Me: "Hey now!!! Wait!!! What are you doing???"
(Artemis pulls back arrow further...)
Me: "Okay, okay!! Stop!! You are cooler than Katniss! Way cooler!!"
Artemis: "That's what I thought, you weak mortal."
Me: "So, do you have any siblings?"
Artemis: "Yes, I actually have a twin. His name is Apollo."

Me: "Why do you have a picture of a Christmas tree on your shirt?"
Artemis: "It's called a Cyprus tree, you maniac, and it's my symbol."
Me: "Oh, that's cool. Good for you. Well, I gotta go. Bye."
Artemis: "Ok. Whatever. Bye."
(As I'm running away): Me: "Katniss is actually cooler!!!!!"
(Artemis zings an arrow at me and barely misses. Yikes!)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Zeus Like Strength

Students, check out my Zeus like strength when I shove Olivia off Mt. Olympus.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Monster Spotlight

Greek Mythology is packed with many fascinating gods and goddesses. Greek Mythology also has many weird creatures to learn about. This blog post is going to put the spotlight on some of the weird monster creatures of Greek Mythology. Use the links below to navigate through some Greek mythology monsters. The picture shows each of the five monsters in the spotlight. Can you identify each monster before looking at the links? Good Luck. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ancient China Bonus Topic: Forbidden City (Extra Credit)

To cap off the ancient China unit, we are going to take a look at a bonus topic, the Forbidden City. Mr. Sturgeon talked about this fascinating topic during his presentation, so we are going to take a closer look at the Forbidden City. We will use this topic as an extra credit opportunity for you, so not only do you have a chance to learn about a fascinating topic, but you will get rewarded to do so! This extra credit opportunity will be added on to your ancient Chinese test score, so good luck! 
Task: Read/use the article on the Forbidden City and provide a 6-8 sentence summary describing the Forbidden City. Post your comment on this blog post. 
Points: 10 extra credit points for your ancient China test. 
DUE Date: Friday, February 7th. 11:59 pm.