Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hazerstros Task: Ancient Quest "I Stop the Black Death"

Johnny Rawten needs 8 coins to complete his Ancient Quest. He has 7, which means he is in his last ancient world. In the Medieval Times, Johnny will either earn his 8 and final coin or die. He has past through and conquered the Stone Age, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, and Rome. He is so close to the end, he can taste it. The Medieval Times is a place he has been before, as a 6th grader. That time, Johnny came face to face with death, deep in the dungeon of a castle. Now, Johnny is back in the Medieval Times and will face death again, and lots of it. This brutal world has been made even more brutal with a disease so treacherous entire towns are disappearing. A question for Johnny continues to linger, "What does he do if he does in fact gain all 8 coins?" The unknown makes him shudder...

Read: Chapter 9: "I Stop the Black Death"

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4 Stormly Megan said...

What I liked best about the chapter was when Johnny meets a new friend. Why is because at first when I started middle school I was really nervous that I won't have any friends in my classes, but I made lots. I even sit with my new friends at lunch too! I also can't wait till next year. I did make new friends on celly too.

P.S Have you been checking celly lately?