Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ancient Quest Ch. 8: "I Conquer the Colosseum"

Johnny has 6 coins but the deal with Buddha calls for 8 coins, so Johnny still has some work to do. Johnny has entered ancient Rome in search for his 7th golden coin. This is the ancient world that everything began for Johnny back when he was a 6th grader and time traveling all over the place. It is ancient Rome where Johnny found himself in the Colosseum, face to face with a tiger and only one option to survive. On that day, Johnny took the sword in his hands and thrust it up into the chest cavity of the tiger, killing it. He had no choice. He had to do it or he surely would not have walked out of the Colosseum. It is that moment in the Colosseum that led Johnny back to the ancient worlds on a quest like no other. Six years later, Johnny is back in the Colosseum, with one goal: Conquer the Colosseum and earn his 7th coin. What will happen to Johnny? Will he survive? How will he conquer the Colosseum? What will he face? Danger and intrigue await. Time to read about Johnny's adventure in ancient Rome.
Read: Ancient Quest Chapter 8 "I Conquer the Colosseum" 

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