Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gladiator's of Ancient Rome

You will be gathering information to make a Gladiator "Trading Card." Your task in the computer lab is to complete all four steps below. 

1. Name of Gladiator Popular Roman Names
2. Type of Gladiator. You must pick a gladiator and write down 3 facts about that type of gladiator. ("Type of Gladiator" is on the right column on the research link below)
3. Favorite weapon. Select one or two weapons that your gladiator uses and describe what they are. (Type of weapons link is on the left column called "gladiator weapons")
4. Armor: select TWO pieces of armor your gladiator wears. (armor link is on the left column and is called "Roman Gladiator armor.")

DUE DATE: Gladiator card DUE Thursday, April 2nd
Points: 40 (20 for front, 20 for back)


3joeyn said...

I learned that Adriatic Sea is on the opposite side of Rome. I also learned that the Patrician path is an upper class. Gallus Gladiator were a lot of armour so it makes them slower. Eques Gladiator uses horses to fight. Finally I learned that Panthean is a good place to find an emperor. That is 5 things I learned about Rome and gladiators.

8jaksen deckert said...

I learned that a gladiator is someone who fights to the death. I also learned that normally if you stole something you would be put as a slave. I also learned that a public bath is where you take off all your clothes and take a bath in the middle of public. The packers where a gladiator fights is in the coliseum. I also learned that Spartacus was one of the best gladiator footers ever.