Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blueman Goes to a Restaurant

Students, can you find the ancient Greece facts hidden within the nonesense of the Blueman and his arch nemesis, Mustache? Blueman is an odd fellow who doesn't like people much, especially Mustache. However, besides being obsessed with Mustache's mustache, he does throw out a few helpful words now and then. Good Luck! Task: Post a comment with all the ancient Greece facts from the Blueman comic. Good Luck!


4Macy Horner said...

me: "Hi, who are you? You look like some kind of goddess"
Hestia:"I am Hestia a goddess, your correct but do you know what I am the goddess of?"
me: "no but I could take a wild guess? i think your the goddess of the of a house?"
Hestia: "Well kinda, i am the goddess of the Hearth which is the home so in a way your correct."
me: " But I thought that the home and the house are the same thing?"
Hestia: "O ya sorry!"
me: "So is there any other things your special for?"
Hestia: "Well I am Zues's sister and i don't play a role in any myths. And in each city, they have a Hearth that is sacred to me and in the Hearth they have a fire that never goes out."
me: "Wow Thats cool i would love to have a house just for me!"
Hestia: "Well it was nice meeting you hope you learned something!"

9 said...

the hidden facts are that The olympics were honored for Zeus, Pericles was a great leader of Athens, and that the Spartans would beat blueman up, they are tough

LandonKocer9 said...

Olympics were held in honor of Zeus.
Pericles was a great Athens leader.
Spartans were really good at fighting.

Kennedy Nuebel said...

olympics are the games to honor zues

Alexis Dooley 6 said...

_This Comic says that the olympics were held to honor Zeus, Spartians will beat you up and that Percilces was the leader of Athens.