Friday, January 31, 2014

China Article: Great Wall of China

Period 3 Only: Read these two articles and answer the questions in a comment box once you have completed the Ancient China Test.

1. How long is the Great Wall of China?
2. Why was the Great Wall built?
3. What two dynasties get credit for building the Great Wall?
4. What types of people worked on the Great Wall?
5. According to scientists, about how many people died while working on the Great Wall?
6. What materials were used in building the Great Wall?
7. Besides the wall, what other types of things were included in the Great Wall?

1. Who was the Terra Cotta Warriors built for?
2. About how many Terra Cotta warriors were built?
3. Why did Shi Huangdi build such a large tomb with such a large Army?
4. Describe what the Terra Cotta soldiers looked like.
5. Besides the soldiers, what other items were in the tomb?
6. What was the condition of the soldiers when they were found?
7. What were the soldiers made out of?

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