Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Vacation is Upon Us

Students, we have reached Winter Break. I hope you enjoy your days of vacation and have a chance to relax. I hope the break is a good one for you, one that you will get the most out of. School will resume of course, but take your mind off school and studies for the next week and just be a kid and fun. However, before you totally put your mind on "vacation mode," I would like to take this opportunity to reflect a bit on the first half of sixth grade. It seems like just yesterday we all arrived here for our first day of school back in August. Time does fly, but in the past semester, I feel we have accomplished much. We have studied four ancient worlds: Stone Age, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and China. We were able to win $850 for our Scrapbook project. Ancient Quest was published, you traveled the Silk Road, you learned how to blog, you completed your freedom project, you learned new things, you tried to survive a day in the Stone Age, you met Johnny Rawten, and you chose your character for the Wax Museum. We had WSG t-shirts, giveaways, and videos. Overall, I feel like you have done a great job working hard and having a great attitude. Keep in mind, grades are not everything. The type of person you are is what is most important. Be respectful. Be courteous. Be smart. Be nice. Be honorable. Be tough. Keep working hard and strive to be the best person possible. What can you do to have a positive affect on the world? On your country? On your town? On your family? Think about it and be Great. Have a wonderful Winter Vacation.
-Mr. Klumper


8grace b said...

Have a Merry Christmas Mr. Klumper!

Mrs Neuharth - Chamberlain said...

I like the end. I might have to put that up in my classroom. Inspiring!

Mr. Klumper said...

Hello Mrs. Neuharth. Thanks for posting! I'm glad you like it.