Monday, December 12, 2011

Website Launch: Accept the Quest

Today, I am launching my new website that is devoted to "Ancient Quest." This is a website that I built to inform others about this book and the opportunity to implement it in their classroom. I thought perhaps others would like to use it in their 6th grade classroom. I feel that it is a good supplemental reading item in any ancient civilization class. This website provides many things that enables people to get a good idea of what "Ancient Quest" is all about. On the site, people will find a synopsis of the book, brief summary of all the chapters, a "look inside" to get an example of what its like, and a description of how the book aligns to 6th grade standards. The website address is:

Accept the Quest now....

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8grace b said...

I think Mr. Klumper is going a little twitter crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)