Monday, May 18, 2015

Will Johnny save the Tiger? Ancient Quest ends....

Will Johnny receive a warm embrace
or get shredded to pieces?
Johnny has navigated his way through eight treacherous ancient worlds. He has done amazing things like discover fire, invent farming, mummify a pharaoh, travel the Silk Road, build a city, climb Mt. Olympus, conquer the Colosseum and save Europe by stopping the Black Death. Johnny has succeeded in each of his eight tasks, he has his eight golden coins. But the question still hovers above Johnny's head, the question of..."What happens now?" In chapter 10 and the Epilogue, we see the dramatic conclusion to Ancient Quest and discover once and for all if Johnny completes his Ancient Quest, or not. 

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Alyssa womblep:9 said...

Is that soppost to be Johnny it dose no t look like him in the back of the book but, in the book he did go thought a lot of years in his journey just wanted to say an comment
By: Alyssa W