Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hazerstros: Blueman Gets a Neighbor

Hazerstros: Realm of Dragons Bonus Challenge 
Challenge: Read the Blueman comic. 
List ALL five topics that are covered in the comic and write 3 facts about each topic. Example/format: 
1. Founded by Muhammad 
2. Book of worship is Quran 
3. Believers are called Muslims 
 Realm Points: 100/student 
Blacked out: Friday, May 9th, 11:59 pm.

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Paulina Soroka said...

Blue Man
1. feudalism pyramid
- Kings, Nobles, Knights, peasants
- The higher the less people in the group
- Each group does something for the group above and below

2. Rats
- Rats can have Plague
- Rats are the ones that spread the Black Death
- Rats only live where it is dirty

3. Holy War
- Islam Vs. Christians
- fought for Jerusalem
- Islam won

4. Knights
- above peasants in the feudalism pyramid
- fought in battles & wars
- wear armor

5. Manor house
- where the lord lives
- It is by the river
- by the bakers house & the blacksmith

Jeremy Sommer 6Havenhall said...

1. Feudalism
- goes king,noble,knights,peasants
-William the Conqueror made it
- Shaped like a pyramid
2.Black Death
-spread by rats
-flees helped spread it
-many people died
-Christians vs Muslims
-fighting for the holy land
-holy land means Jerusalem
-used swords
-had many types of armor
- Leather armor was crafted by boiling it in water
5.Manor System
-Manor house
-orchard and forest
-church and graveyard

6grant g said...

1. Feudalism/peasant,knight,nobles,king/Founded by William the conqueror/Peasants provided food

Black Death/Came from china./Rats had diseased blood./ burn rats to stop the disease.

Crusades/Fought for the holy land/Christians vs. muslims/Joan of ark was in the later crusades.

4.Knight/trained warrior on horseback/ second level in the feudalism pyramid/provided protection.

Manor system/Manor house where the lord lives/church and graveyard included/also they had fields with barley wheat and fallow.

4Maddie M said...

-they have plague
-they attract fleas which cause black death
-rats came from China on ships

HannahJackmon said...

The feudalism pyramid has Peasants, Nobles, Knights, and Kings.

Rats can carry black death.

Muslims and Christians fought in the Crusades.

Knights owned many weapons such as swords.

Manor Houses can be in the Manor system, also In Medieval Times.

Dylan4Higarden said...

2.Domesday book

9Reagan Havenhall H said...

1.Feudalism Pyramid/4 levels/King,Noble,Knight,Peasant.

2.Black Death/Fleas bight rats, rats bight humans, humans get infected./Killed half of Europe.

3. Crusades/War Between Muslims & Christians/Muslims keep holy land

4.Knights/2 level of Feudalism Pyramid/Provides protection to kingdom

5.Manor System/Manor house- Where Lord lives/ Church-Graveyard provides worship and room for dead people.

8Mason M said...

Mason Matthies
Period: 8

1. In the feudalism pyramid there is one king.
2. There are a lot of Peasants and not as much as you go up.
3. The Peasants are the roots and keep the manor alive.

Black Death:
1. It was nicknamed the Black Death because the victims turned black.
2. Tons of people died from it.
3. It is still around today.

1. The Muslims and Christians fought in it.
2. They fought over the holy land.
3. The holy land can also be called Jerusalem.

1. Knights are protectors of the manor
2. The Knights would get food from the Peasants.
3. Knights were usually sons of Nobles unless called to the holy life.

Manor House:
1. The Manor House is where the lord and lady would stay.
2. The Manor had more than just one building.
3. The Peasant would clean up the Manor.

4amanda e said...

1. Feudalism
2. Black Death
3. Crusades
4. Knights
5. Manor

4cole s said...

Fudilsm is a social class pyramid. it goes pheasants knights lords kings. they all get something from the other in return.

Black Death is also called bubonic plague. It is going to kill you right away. It is sprain by rats and misquotes.

Muslims vs Christians was called the crusades. They fought over holy land. Also Muslims was started by Muhammad.

Knights they wore a lot of armor. They got food from the pheasants. They also had to give protection to the pheasants in return.

The manor house is right next to a river. It is the main part of the whole manor system. It also is right next to the bake house.

Gavin try app said...

1.the order went from the bottom peasants, knights nobles king going up there is less and less people
3.each group provided something for each group above and below the class.
Black Death
1.rats carried the plague
2.fleas bit rats then bit humans
3.killed 33%of Europe's population
1.christians vs. Muslims
2.fought over the holy land or Jerusalem
3.the Christians made long trips down from England to fight
1.had swords
2.followed chivalry
3.only fought only other knights
manor system
1.many animals and buildings how farms worked
3.had to write a picture of manor system in the dark

6Sophie V said...

fuedalism Pyramid
Kings, Nobles, Knights, Peasants
peasants give food to knights
knights give Nobles protection

Muslims vs. Christians
Over Jerusalem
Muslims wanted land because Muhammad spent time their

Black Death
Rats had disease
Fleas bit rats
fleas bite humans
Humans die

Fought with swords and other objects
2nd from the bottom of the fuedalism pyramid
Sometimes wore plate arm our

Manor House
had 5 trees
6 peasant houses
Mill was right by river

BenW Winterfell6 said...

1. King
2. Noble
3. Knight
4. Peasant
1. 25million people died
2. It came from China
3. Black fingers and toes
1. Fought over holy land
2. Islam creator Muhummad
3. Christians creator Jesus
1. Followed chivalry
2. Fought In crusades
3. Only fought against knights
1. River
2. Kept track of agriculture
3. 3 fields fallow barley wheat

8Darrell T said...

They talk about the feudalism pyramid, the black death, knights, and the crusades.

Kallie8schuld Newcastle said...

Black dearth plegue:
1) came frome rats
2) fleas bit rats then bite humans giving them the pleglue
3)it would cause bleeding or black soars

Fudilisum pyramid:
1)when's from kings at top and presents on the bottom
2)it's shaped like a per aimed because
Kings were rare and pheasants were common
3)they each have a sermon job in the system

1)it was agents Muslims and Christians
2)it was over Islam

Kallie8schuld said...

Manor house:
1)it held the kingdom together
2)had a river going straight threw it
3)had an orchard and a forest

1)they had swords
2)protected the nobles and phesents
3)second from lest to most in the feudalism pyramid

4alex D said...

Feudalism Pyramid
1. The reason it is shaped like a pyramid was because the higher you go the more rare it is.
2. Everyone one would give something and get something in return.
3. The feudalism was found by William the conquer.
Black Death
1. The Black Death was caused by fleas biting rats and fleas biting humans
2. It was most effective on kids and old people because they had weak immune systems.
3. Peasants stopped farming because of the black death.
1. The Crusades was a war for Holy land
2. Islam was the one who ended up with the Holy Land
3.They fought over Jerusalem.
1. Knights first had to be page, then squire, then knight.
2.They had at least 3 duties to do as knights.
3. They wore leather armor which was not cheap
Manor System
1. In every manor system there is a river.
2. There were three fields, wheat, barely, and fallow that would switch every year.
3. They had a mill that was water powered

Henry6Highgarden said...

1.It is ordered Kings, Nobles, Knights, peasants
2. Each level is important.
3. It is shaped like a pyramid
Black Death
1. It is caused by rats
2. Fleas bit rats, then fleas bit humans.
3. If you caught it you died
1. Between christens and Muslims
2. Fought over Jerusalem
3. Facing Christianity and Islam
1.Gauntlets protect their hands
2. Wore leather, plate, and chain meal amour
3. Protected Medieval Times
Manor House
1. Ruled by lords
2. There wives are called ladies
3. They use the manor system

4Lizzi B. said...

Feudalism Pyramid:
1. The order from bottom to top is Peasants, Knights, Nobles/Lords, and then the King.
2. Every level of the pyramid got something and gave something to and from the levels above them and below them.
3. Each level gets smaller as you go up because the people in it are rarer.

1. Also known as the Black Death.
2. The fleas bit the rats, the fleas bit the humans, the humans got the Black Death.
3. The rats got to Europe by riding on ships from China.

1. The Crusades was a war.
2. It was between the Christians and the Muslims.
3. It happened during the medieval times.

1. Knights rode on horseback.
2. They were warriors.
3. They were trained.

Manor House:
1. The king lived in the Manor House.
2. The Manor House was by the mill.
3. The blacksmith lived by the Manor House.

Heidi 6highgarden said...

1. King at the top.
2. Nobles after the king.
3. Knights after Nobles.

Black Death
1. Rats carried the disease.
2. It is also called the Bubonic Plague.
3. Fleas bit rats then humans.

1. Christians vs. Muslims
2. It was a war.
3. They fought over Jerusalem.

1. They used swords.
2. Followed chivalry.
3. Had assistant called Arming Squire.

Manor System
1. The Manor House is where the lord and lady stay.
2. They had peasants to do the farming.
3. It was a way of organizing agricultural labor.

4Maddie M said...

Topics-Feudalism, Bubonic Plague, Crusades, Knights, Manor House

-4 levels (king, noble, knight, peasant)
-founded by William the Conquerer
-the higher you go up the pyramid the more rare it is

Bubonic Plague
-rats and fleas caused it
-many people died in the medieval times because of it
-your fingernails and toenails tuned black

-Muslims and Christens fought in it
-both fought for holy land
-in Jerusalem

-fought with swords
-trained warrior on horseback
- protected peasants

Manor house
-by the river
-in the Manor House
-next door to the bake house and black smith

Grace6 Newcastle said...

1. Followed code of honor called chivalry.
2. Above peasants but below nobles in Feudalism.
3. Protected the castle village.
Black Death
1. Was strongest near Italy.
2. Was caused by rats from China. Rats were bitten by fleas. Fleas bit people and transferred the disease.
1. Gets smaller as you go up the pyramid.
2. Bottom is most common, rarest is at top.
3. Founded by William the Conqueror.
1. War between Christians and Muslims.
2. Was a war over the Holy Land.
3. Muhammad was the leader of the Muslims.
Manor System
1. Owned by a lord.
2. Shared a common pasture.
3. Peasants lived there.

9Fiona Havenhall Wooten said...

1.Feudalism Pyramid/there are levels/1.King,2.Noble,3.Knight, 4.Peasant.

2.Black Death/Fleas bit rats/ rats bight humans, humans get infected./Killed half of Europe within 5 years.

3. Crusades/War Between Muslims and Christians/Muslims keep holy land

4.Knights/2nd level of Feudalism Pyramid/Provides protection to kingdom and to peasants/in exchange the peasants gave knights and the rest of the kingdom food

5.Manor System/Manor house- Where Lord lives/ Church-Graveyard provides worship/also room for dead people./

3Victoria R said...


-starting from the top it went kings, nobles, knights, peasants
-as the pyramid went higher each level was less and less popular
-each level did something for the level above and below

-rats had the black death
-fleas bite the rats then they bit humans
- The black death killed half of Europe in just five years

-was wars between the Muslims and the Christian and they fought over Jerusalem
-The Muslims had the "holy land" first
-Jesus was a Christian

Manor House
-The manor house had a bakery
-The manor house had blacksmith
-The manor house had peasants that would farm