Friday, March 28, 2014

Internet Vs. Textbook

Which has the better information, the Textbook or the Internet? The answer may seem obvious: Internet right? In all it's vastness and glory, the Internet surely has the better information. However, I caution you from rushing to that judgement right away. Yes, the Internet does have a large amount of information, but maybe it's too much? Maybe the textbook, in its limited nature, has the better information because its not so overwhelming? In this activity, we are going to look at ancient Rome through the eyes of the Internet and the eyes of the Textbook to see which is the better resource. Is the Internet too overwhelming? Does the textbook not go in-depth enough on the topics? We shall soon find out....
Internet Students: Use the Rome Links on the right to sift through information about each topic on your sheet. Only use those sources. Write and explain as thoroughly as possible about each aspect with the Internet.
Textbook Students: Use the textbook only to explain each topic on your sheet of paper. Record as much as you can about each topic. 

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