Friday, August 23, 2013

Welcome to the Ancient World

In 6th grade social studies, we learn about the Ancient World. The ancient world is a fascinating place that I think you will find very interesting to learn about. It is a place of excitement, danger, mystery and intrigue. To wrap up our first week of middle school, we are going to get introduced to the ancient world. Let's see what we already know and what we can figure out. 
We focus on eight ancient worlds. 
Stone Age
Medieval Times (Europe, England)

Task: Using the internet, figure out which ancient world each term on the list is from. The 8 ancient worlds I listed above is your word bank. Each ancient world will be used many times. 
In-class activity. NOT homework. 

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6Riley w said...

Animals such as the saber tooth cat, the wholly mammoth, and the giant ground sloth roamed earth during the stone age.
Mesopotamia means “land between two rivers” which is exactly where this place was: right between the Tigris and Euphrates.
If the Nile didn’t exist, Egypt wouldn’t exist either.
Ancient China was ruled by dynasties.
Home building vastly improved in ancient India.
Mythology is not the only noteworthy thing.
Gladiators were all sorts of people, slaves, criminals, or volunteers.
People who believe in Islam are called Muslims and they fought the Christians in a very bloody war called the Crusades.

Riley White Period 6