Thursday, January 10, 2013

Qualifications for Hall of Fame

Today you will be voting for the Ancient Civilization Hall of Fame. There are only 10 slots for the first half of the year. There are over 60 items on the Hall of Fame Ballot. You will only be able to vote for 10 items, so you must make some tough decisions. 
You will vote for what you think should be in the Hall of Fame based on these qualifications.
1. Importance to the ancient civilization it is from 
2. Impact on our world today 
3. Something that is in more than one ancient world we've learned about 
4. How much time we spent studying it 
5. Whether it is needed or not by that ancient world


9cullenh said...

Flint and Tinder

used to light fires by catching sparks from flint and steal. Light and cook meat. Weither than eating it raw. Its also faster than rubbing two sticks together or scraping two rocks together.

4ryleigh j said...

I think that Mr. Klumper shouldn't be in it because all he does is teaches us but like the other things do because thats what helped the world. Now I know that water for sixth grade helps us but other things that were on the list are better. Bricks would be a good thing on the list because it provides shelter and it can keep you warm. Writting would be a good one to because how can you talk to people and what if your relitives live far away you won' just drive there or take a plane just to talk to them.

8gracieh said...

I think that fire should get more votes beacause it would keep people warm at nights and they can cook food over it.