Wednesday, December 19, 2012

China Test Prep-Win a Survival Bracelet

In preparation for the China test Thursday, I am going to give you an opportunity to prepare for the test AND win a survival bracelet. I have a basketball game tonight in Sioux Falls so I will not be able to have WSG Live! (though we will for sure do this again next unit). Despite the absence of WSG Live!, I still wanted to give you an opportunity to study for the test and win a survival bracelet. 
Task: Write a conversation between you and your Silk Road travel partner. The conversation needs to be about the Dynasties of China. You need to include AT LEAST 5 things about the dynasties in your comment. 
 Points: Ungraded. However, if you do this, you will get your name in the bucket for a survival bracelet that you get to design yourself. (up to 3 colors). 
 DUE: Thursday, 8:00 a.m. Prize: Design your own survival bracelet. 
 Example Conversation: 
Me: "Hey President Kennedy. How are you?" 
Kennedy: "I'm great. Thanks." 
Me: "Do you know what Legalism is?" 
Kennedy: "Yes, its when people obey rulers out of fear." 
Me: "That is correct! Good Job. The Qin dynasty had legalism." 
Kennedy: "Yeah, I knew that. I was a president, ya know." 
Me: "Sorry. Do you know what dynasty used Oracle Bones?" 
Kennedy: "Of course! It was the Shang Dynasty. Also the first dynasty of China." 
(Conversation continues......)


amanda said...

mom:are you ready to study for your social studies test
me:yeah what's the first quesion
mom:which dynasy had the silk road
me:ohh it's han
mom:correct and what dynasty has leglism
me:the qin
mom:yep your doing a great job!what was the longest dynasty?
me:ummm is it the zhou dynasy
mom:which dynasy has the bronze age?
me:the shang
mom:yep only two more to go,which dynasty's leader tried to live forever?
mom:one more to go which dyast had the first written records?
mom:your done good job!

6ashleym said...

me: Hey dad, do you know what dynasty had the silk road?
dad: No? Which one?
me: The Han! Hey, whats the silk road?
dad: The silk road is a place where people traded silk, Ashley.
me: Oh yah! I forgot what dynasty had legalism.
dad: Oh you know, the Qin did. Do you know what legalism is?
me: Yah, it's when a person rules you but your to scared to fight back. Which dynasty was led by Gaozu?
dad: I's the Qin of corse!

6asheym said...

me: Mom, what was the longest dynasty in china?
mom: It was the Zhou,honey. Do you know how long it was?
me: 800 years! That's really long! Which dynasty was the first?
mom: Shang,do you know who they beat to become the first?
me: XIA, of corse! What dynasty had the first emperor, mom?
mom: Qin.

8gracieh said...

Me:Mom do you know who was Oracle Bones?
Mom: of ourse! The Shang dynasty! WHO was Chinas first dynasty?
ME:Qin Dynasty! Who was knowm for the Golden Age?
Mom:Zhou Dynasty wh was the fourth dynasty of china?
Me:Han Dynasty! Who was the one for the Great Wall of China?
Mom:Qin Dynasty! Which Dynasty was between 1760 bc and 1500 bc?
Me:The Shang Dynasty!
Mom: Who farmed rice, animals, flax?
Me:Shang Dynasty!
Mom:Who moved East?
Me:The Zhou Dynasty!
Mom:Good job which Dynasty only lasted for 20 years?
Me:Qin Dynasty!

6asheym said...

me: Who was the first emperor of the Qin, Jasmine?
jasmine: Qinshi Huangdi. What dynasty had the bronze age?
me: The Shang! How did the bronze age make things better?
jasmine: It made tools more stronger. What dynasty had standerization?
me: Qin, how did it make things better?
jasmine: It made communication better.

6jordanh said...

me:HI CAPTAIN AMERICA did you know that the great wall of china is the longst graveyard in the world.
CAPTAIN AMERICA:I did not know that but did you know the Silk Road is 4,000 miles long.
me:ya i did because mr.klumper is the best teacher in world and taut me all i know. He taut me that Shi Huandgi killed himself trying to live for ever.
CAPTAIN AMERICA:Really thats interesting!The people of the Han thats what they call them selves now invented toilet paper and the wheal.

9max nancy said...

Nancy Max: Hey hercules do you know what the silk road is

Hercules:Yeah its a trade route from china through Europe

Nancy Max:Yeah, you know it takes 1 year

Hercules:yeah you need to have a caravan to survive the silk road

Nancy Max:Isn't a caravan 2 camels

Hercules: yeah and the camels are very good to have because they can pretty much survive any temperature or teran

Nancy Max:Well I am gonna take the central route

Hercules: I know im your travel partner

Nancy Max:the central route is going through the qinling mountains and th taklamkan desser

Hercules: well i have to start packing BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Max: BYE!!!!!!!!!!

4kylak said...

me:Hi ross lynch how are you?
ross: im great
me: do you know what oracle bones are?
ross: yes they tell the future
me: do you know what the first dynasty of china was?
ross: The shang
me: who did they defeat to create the dynasty?
ross XIA
me: good what was the last dynasty
ross: han
me do you know who defeat shang
ross of course the zhou

6Brooke L said...

Me:Hi Mr.Klumper!
Mr.Klumper:Hi Brooke!
Me:Are you ready for the big journey on the Silk Road?
Mr.Klumper:Yes, I think I am! Are you?
Me:Yes, Im so excited how excited are you?
Mr.Klumper:Im like so excited I cant even explain!
Me:Okay then lets get going!

9kayla w said...

Me: "Mom do you know what the first dynasty of china is?"
Mom:"well,Lets see is the shang."
Me: "Thats correct."
Mom:"I have a questoin for you, What dynasty had the golden age?"
Me: "That would be the Zhou Dynasty."
Me: "What is the golden age?"
Mom:"it is all of the advencments"
Me: "YEP!!"
Mom:"What dynasty was mainly farmers?"
Me: "That was the Shang Dynasty."
Me: "What dynantsyhad the silk road?"
Mom:"The Han Dynasty."
Me: "Yep!"

8jasminel said...

me: hey mom what doaism mean
Mom: religoon thaat teaches people to give up earthly desires in favor of nature why
me:um well just awnswer the Questions
mom; F-i-n-e
me;The people of the Han come into power when Han defeated the....
mom; um..... idk wat
me; Qin DUH!!
mom; ok i got a Question
me; ok what
mom;what is jonny standing over in his dream
me; oh thats easy the tiger DUH
mom; ok next Question what continet is china one and what does legalism means
me Aisa and obeying rulers out of fear

3Jorie Z said...

Me:"Hey Dumbledore!"
Dumbledore: "Hello! Why did you need me here I was off fighting Voldemort?!"
Me: "Oh sorry I was going to ask you a few questions like, what was the first dynasty in Ancient China?"
Dumbledore: "Oh that's easy! It is the Shang dynasty!"
Me: "Yes! Did you know that they had to defeat Xia to become the first?"
Dumbledore: "Of course I knew that! I am very smart you know!"
Me: "Oh yeah I forgot. Anyways do you know what dynasty used standardization?"
Dumbledore: "Yes it was the Qin dynasty!
Me: "Correct! What dynasty had the Bronze Age?"
Dumbledore: "Shang!"
Me: "yes correct! Wha dynasty had the Golden Age?
Dumbledore: "Uhhh Zhou duh."
Me: "Sorry just making sure. What dynasty's leader tried to live forever?"
Dumbledore: "Qin dynasty! Okay I'm done now. I need to get back to killing voldemort!" (a dark wizard)
Me: "Okay! Bye!"

8jasminel said...

me; what goes to the following darius three levels of society-peasants, nobleskings characters

that stand for objects in writing.

line of rulers that belong to the same family

daius; Social Class: three levels of society-peasants, nobles, kings
pictographs: characters that stand for objects in writing.
dynasty: line of rulers that belong to the same family
is the main charector in i travel the silk road
me; jonney rawten
darius; good whats an oracle bone and wat danysty
me;used to predict that future in the Shang dynasty.

9Rachel D said...

Travel Partner:Kate S. (cousin)
Me: Kate, did you know that the Shang dynasty was the first dynasty?

Kate: Yeah, I did, the Shangs also had the first written records and used Oracle bones to predict the future.

Me: The Zhou dynasty was the longest. Do you know how long it was?

Kate: It was 800 years.

Me: Correct!! Good Job! They also had a social class.

Kate: The social class had peasant, nobles, & kings.

4kiley m said...

me: hi mr klumper ready for our journey
mr klumper:of coarse im always up for an adventure
me: ok then who was the first emperor
mr klumper: easy that was shi hungdi what was the great walls nick name
Me:wasnt it the longest cemetry in the world what dynasty lasted for 800 years
Mr.Klumper:the zhou dynasty who had the silk road
Me: easy that was the han dynasty

9DylanK said...

Me: HI tommy
Me: what dynasty had the silk road?
tommy:The Han
Me: which dynasty had legalism?
Tommy: The Qin
Me: What dynasty was lead by Gaozu?
Tommy: the Han
Me What dynasty was the longest?
Tommy: The Zhou
Me: What dynasty was the first?
Tommy: Shang
Me: How do you know all this?
Tommy: I have my Ancient Worlds binder here.

9Rasheedh said...

Me: Hello Albert Einstein. What's going on
Einstein: Just the usual.
Me: Do you know what dynasty had the bronze age.
Einstein: I sure do, it's the Shang Dynasty.
Me: Yes! The Han dynasty had the Silk Road, right.
Einstein: You got that right. The Silk Road is 4'000 miles long.
Me: Good, now what are oracle bones used for?
Einstein: They were used to predict the future. The Shang dynasty people used them.
Me: Thanks. Which dynasty was the longest dynasty of china to rule?
Einstein: That would be the Shang Dynasty. They ruled for 800 years.

6ashleym said...

Me: do you know what dynasty had the golden age?
Sister: no, because I am not in sixth grade.
Me: we'll, it was the Zhou did.
Sister: what is the golden age?
Me: a time when they invented money!
Sister: ok, but I don't care. What place had a lot of farmers?
Me: the Shang. Do you know what they farmed?
Sister: they probly farmed stuff like we do, so corn.
Me: no they farmed rice, animals, cloth, flax, and silk.
Sister: ok.
Me do you know who built the Great Wall?
Sister: the Qin dynasty! See I know that one!

6ashley a said...

me letts talk
klumper ok
me what is leaglisum
klumper people where follow rules
me good what dynasty
klumper qin
me oracle bones
klumper to tell future

6ashleym said...

Me: do you know why the Qin built the Great Wall?
Andrew: yes, they built it for protection. It is now used for biking, walking and tourism.
Me: do you know which dynasty had the social pyramid?
Andrew: the Zhou, that's easy!
Me: what are the levels then?
Andrew: peasant, noble, king
Me: right! Who had Daoism?
Andrew: the Han.
Me: what is Daoism?
Andrew: a religion practice where people give up desires in favor for nature.

6 ashley a said...

me hi
klumper who made the silk road the
me han
klumper what is joneys task
me to travel the silk road
klumper goood
me thanks
klumper what is thegreat wall of china
me it was to protect it from north part of china

6ashleya said...

me what dynasty had an leader who tried to live forever
me qin
klumper what is china on
me asia
klumper good

9Issy D said...

Me:"Hey, Thor!"
Me:"Did you know that the Shang dynasty was the first dynasty?"
Thor:"No, I did not, but I do know a lot about the Zhou dynasty."
Me:"Like what?"
Thor:"Like it was the longest dynasty. It lasted 800 years."
Me:"Wow, that is a long time."
Thor:"I also know the Zhou dynasty had a social class pyramid."
Me:"Ooo, tell me more!"
Thor:"Well, the Zhou dynasty was broken up into two parts: eastern and western."
Me:"O, I got one. The Zhou dynasty had a huge battle and their king, King Wu, claimed victory for them."
Thor:"Good job! Uh oh, looks like I got to save the world with my team, the Avengers. You know, they should make a movie about us."


8NevaehM said...

me: Hi
Katniss: This one person wouldn't let me sell a squirell unless I knew which Dynasty got broken up into two parts.
me: That's easy, Zhou
Katniss:Thanks, what's the silk road.
me: The silk road was the path caravans would use to export. The Han Dynasty had the silk road.
Katniss: Yeah...
me: Um...The Zhou Dynasty was the longest dynasty, it lasted 800 years.
Katniss: That's cool and all but I have to sell this squirrel now.
Me: The Qin Dynasty used standardization! Oh so left me...

6ashley a said...

me what is good
mr klumper china
me good
klumper what dynasty was the 1 one
me zhou
klu,mper how long
me 800

8NevaehM said...

Me: I'm on Team Peeta.
Gale: Okay? What's the first Dynasty of China?
Me: Shang, of course you wouldn't know that.
Gale: Who'd they defeat to become the first?
Me: They defeated the Xia.
Gale: Which Dynasty had the first emperor?
Me: Qin, I wish Peeta was your emperor.
Gale: Okay...Who was the first emperor?
Me: Shi Huangdi, honestly you should know this by now. What's dynasty established a Confucianism style of Rule?
Me: WRONG!!!!! Han. Even Peeta knows the answer to that!

3Sierra C. said...

Me:Hey mom what do you kinow about the dynastys of Ancient China?
Mom: Well in know that the shang had the first written records.
Me: I know something better, I know that the Qin dynasty was the ones whos big project was building the Great Wall of China.
Mom: I didnt know that well heres something I bet you didnt know, the shang dynasty used orcale bones to see the future.
Me: Oh cool! Well there is something that really makes me confused, the zhou dynasty was broken up into two diffrent parts the east and the west.
Mom:Do you know what dynasty had legalism?
Me: Yeah that one is so easy it was the Qin Dynasty.
Mom: Oh thatnks now can I help you with any thing you dont know?
Me: Yeah what is the dynasty had confucianism?
Mom: That would be the Han and do you know which dynasty had the most famous historian that ever lived?
Me: that one is so easy, its the han also hey how funny is that two hans in a row.
Mom: need help with anything else?
Me: no im good lets keep going on our Silk Road Journey.
Mom: Well lets keep going and if we go fast enough we get there early.

8 cole p said...

Me hay Joe foss how are you doing. Joe foss said I'm awesome thanks. Me do you now what Zhou is Joe foss said yes it is the longest lasting dynasty nice job you got it correct . Joe foss asks me what is the first dynasty of China I said it is shang Joe foss said to me really. Good you got it right to. Me what dynasty was the silk road I think it is the hon dynasty.

6ashleym said...

Me: did you know that the Shang dynasty started around 1760 bc.
Mrs.K.: yes i did. The exact years is unknown.
Me: right. do you know what dynasty was first.
Mrs.K.: yes, the Shang, the defeated the XIA to be #1.
Me: most people where farmers

6ThomasC. said...

Me: Steve you know what dynasty was first
Steve: yes it was Shang and Shang had Oracle Bones to predict the future.
Me: yes you are right.
Steve: longest was the Zhou it was also split in two.
Me: Shang had the bronze age and Zhou had the golden age

6ashleym said...

Me: what dynasty had Oracle Bones?
Raymond: the Shang did. Do you know what they where used for?
Me: telling the future. do you know how they did?
Raymond: they wrote questions on them.
Me: they then heated them.
Raymond: and then they looked for cracks.

4jenessa s said...

me:how are you today
ca:i am very good and you
me:i am good to
ca:so do you know what the frist dynasty is
me:i think it is the shang
ca:that is right
me:do you know who they beat to be frist
ca:i think that is xia
me:that is right nice job
ca:who built the great wall of china
me:han had the silk road
ca:nice job
me:what dynasty was mainly farmers
ca:that is the shang

8colep said...

Me hi how are you doing. Jeorge Washington said good. What is what dynasty golden coin. Jeorge washington said it is Zhou me very good. Jeorge Washington asks me a question what is the bronzes dynasty I said shang he said correct. Me what dynasty is mainly farmers George Washington said the shang

6ashleym said...

Me: a new year was celebrated as a what, in what dynasty?
Kate: it was celebrated as a festival.
Me: and...
Kate: it was in the Shang dynasty.
Me: right! Was the Shang polytheistic or monotheistic?
Kate: polytheistic. What gods did they believe in?
Me: the sky god.

4jenessa s said...

me: i am going to ask ypu some questions
ca: okay
me:what dynsty has standerization
Me: good now what dynasty had legilism
ca:that is qin
me: good job now what dyansty was led by Gauzo
ca:that is the han dynasty
me:good wha tis the longest dynasty of China
ca: that is zhou
me:good what dynastyhad the frist empoer
ca:that is the qin dynasty

6ashleym said...

Me: what other gods did the Shang believe in?
Morgan: nature.
Me: rain.
Morgan: river.
Me: and the earth god.
Morgan: the most important one they believed in was the sky god.

8colep said...

Me how your you doing. Michael Murphy said awsome. I said to him what is the dynasty that project the great Wall Michael Murphy said it is qin good correct. Michael Murphy said to me is what is the dynasty is oracle bones I said it is the shang Michael Murphy said very good then I asked him what is the social class pyramid Michael. Murphy. Said Zhou I said good work.

9amanda w said...

Me- Do you know what dynasty had the Silk Road?
Dad- No what?
Me- The Han dynasty. Do you know what dynasty was led by Gaozu?
Dad- No what?
Me- The Han dynasty. Do you know what dynasty built the Great Wall of China?
Dad- No what?
Me- The Qin dynasty. Do you know who the first emperor was?
Dad- No who?
Me- Shi Huangdi. Last question. Please tell me you at least know what the first dynasty was.
Dad- Zhou
Me- No
Dad- Shang?
Me- Yes! Finally you got the right answer. That's all the questions I have.

6ashleym said...

Me: as the what dynasty moved what direction the came across what dynasty?
Taylor: the Zhou moved...
Me: moves which direction?
Taylor: east.
Me: and they came across which dynasty?
Taylor: the Shang.
Me: the thought they where the best and they wanted to be the new dynasty.
Taylor: so in 1150 bc. the Zhou battled the Shang for a long time.

8stephaniekessler said...

me:I'm going to quiz you over my China unit. Ok?
me:What continent is China on?
mom:oh easy, Asia
me:correct, next question, What is the path that goes from China to Europe to travel silk?
mom:I beleive that's the silk road.
me:tell me two fast facts about China
mom:the Qin dynasty had legalism which is when people obey their rulers out of fear.
me:final jepardy, What was the first dynasty?
mom:hmm... that's a hard one, I give up what's the andswer?
me: it's the Shang dynasty

6ashleym said...

Me: In 1050 bc. what king claimed victory for what dynasty
Jenssa: King Wu claimed victory for the...the...
Me: for what dynasty?
Jenssa: the Zhou.
Me: right! And he also claimed what?
Jenssa: the Mandate of Heaven. What does that mean?
Me: that god wanted them to rule.
Jenssa: they are the second dynasty of China.

6ashleym said...

Me: what dynasty was broken up in two parts?
Grampa: the Zhou. Do you know the two parts?
Me: eastern
Grampa: and western.
Me: how long did the Zhou last after their battle with the Shang?
Grampa: 800 years.
Me: this was the longest dynasty of China.

6ashleym said...

Me: in the western part of the Zhou, the farmed beans.
Eddie: and wheat.
Me rice too. You can't forget about rice.
Eddie: and lastly the produced fruit.
Me: silk was a very important thing produced.

6ashleym said...

Me: the women produced what in what part of what dynasty?
Serena: the women made the silk.
Me: in what dynasty?
Serena: Zhou.
Me: in which part?
Serena: western.
Me: yes! what part was know as what?
Serena: the golden age.
Me: what part?
Serena: northern.

6ashleym said...

Me: why was it called the golden age?
Obama: it was because of all the advancements.
Me: like what?
Obama: money.
Me: government projects.
Obama: more scalars.
Me: and the use of iron tools.

8colep said...

Me I said how are you been christopher Columbus said good. He said what dynasty did king wu claim victory for I said Zhou he said good job . I said what dynasty leader tried to live foever he said shi hangdi he said good job you got it right.

6ashleym said...

Me: what dynasty had a division of social class?
Julie: the Zhou.
Me: it was like a pyramid.
Julie: each level wold do something for the level above and below them.
Me: the peasants would farm.
Julie: and serve the nobles.

6ashleym said...

Me: the nobles would provide military service for kings.
Mike: since the nobles controlled the military.
Me: the king would give land to the nobles in exchange for protection.
Mike: the nobles would protect the peasants in exchange for farming help.
Me: they collapsed because the beginning of a war started.

8stephaniekessler said...

me:What dynasty has the social class pyramid
Naomi: that would be the Zhou dynasty
me: what physical feature is furthest north?
Naomi: the Gobi Desert
me:what do Oracle Bones do?
Naomi:they tell the future and the Shang dynasty used them

6ashleym said...

Me: after the Zhou fell what dynasty rose?
Tia: the Qin. what dynasty were they?
Me: the third. What tome did it occur at?
Tia: 221 b.c. Was Shi Hiangdi a nice leader?
Me: no, he was mean and cruel. How many provinces where there?
Tia: 36.

3madisonm said...

Me: nice weather huh.
Jacob: I guess so.
Me do you know the meaning of legalism?
Jacob:Of course to obey rulers out of fear.
Me:do you know which dynasty it is though?
Jacob:Of course th Qin dynasty.

3madisonm said...

Me:What dynasty used oracle bones?
Jacob: Shang Dynasty.
Me: who was the first dynasty of china?
Jacob: also the shang dynasty
me:Whos leader was Gaozu?
Jacob:The Han dynasty.
Me:Whos leader tried to live forever.
Jacob:The Qin Dynasty and it was Shi Huangdi.

8stephaniekesler said...

me:how long does it take to get across the silk road?
Mr.Quizzy:about 1 year
me:name four dynasties
Mr.Quizzy:Qin, Han, Zhou, and Shang
me:what is one thing han is famous for?
Mr.Quizzy:for defeating the Qin dynasty
me:Where does the Silk Road start and end
Mr.Quizzy:it starts in China and ends in Europe
me:Who is the first ruler of the Han Dynasty?

4tellinghuisen said...

Ethan {me} Cody Lundeen

Me: hey hows it going Dave

Dave: Good

Me: have you heard of the ancient china dynasties

Dave: Well of course

Me: ok then I am going to test you

Me: What dynasty had the Silk Road

Dave: Easy Han

Me: ok, What dynasty was the golden age

Dave: Zhou

Me: what dynasty had oracle bones

Dave: Shang

Me: what dynasty had the first emperor

Dave: Qin

Me: what dynasty was the bronze age

Dave: Zhou

8stephaniekessler said...

me:Why was the Great Wall of China built?
dad:for defensive purposes
me:What are two things invented in China?
dad:toilet paper and wheel burrows
me:what is a dynasty?
dad:a line of rulers that belong to the same family
me:Where did China stsrt?
dad:North China Plain

6Jackson f said...

Katniss: Hello Jackson you look very handsome this evening
Me: Why thank you katniss are you ready
Katniss: Lets go
Me: okay fist question what is the fist dynasty of china
Katniss: Ummmmmm shang?
Me: Very good next what was the longest dynasty and how long
Katniss: Zhou and 700 years
Me: Very close it is actully 800 years but close, this is the final question what is the silk road
Katniss: Ummm a trade route 2250 mile long
Me: close but it is a trade route and its 4000 mile long road

8stephaniekessler said...

me:what is a social class?
Constance:three levels of society
me:what are they?
Constance:peasants, nobles, kings
me:who is Shi Huangdi?
Constance: the first emperor
me:what are characters that stand for objects in writing
me:what is fertle land for farming?
Constance:North China Plain

9 Andrew R said...

Me: "Hi Harry! Do you know what legalism is?"

Harry: "Ligalism is following rules out of fear."

Me: "Good job. What dynasty had legalism?"

Harry: "That was Qin dynasty."

Me: "Great! What dynasty was the bronze age."

Harry: "The Shang dynasty."

Me: "Good. Which dynasty had the first emperor?"

Harry: "Qin dynasty."

Me: "That's right. What were oracle bones used for?"

Harry: "To tell the future."

Me: "Nice one. That's the end of our questions for to day."

3 McKenna G said...

Me: "Hey Hannah how are you"
Hannah: "Good you"
Me: "Great do you want to help me study for my social studies test"
Hannah: "sure what is the
Great Wall?"
Me: "It is a huge wall about 4,000 miles and was built for defence purposes.
Hannah: "CORRECT what is the Silk Road?
Me: "it is a long path that the ancient china people traveled on to eroupe to trade silk.
Hannah: " correct is that all?"
Me: "Yes thankyou".
Hannah: "Your welcome"

3Colleen R said...

me:hey do you know what oracle bones are used for
Taylor:ya the are used to predict the future
me:ya good
Taylor:do You know what danysty had legalism is
me:ya qin
me:ok good job
Taylor:yea you to

9Rachel D said...

Travel partner:Kate S.(cousin)
Me: Hi Kate, The Qin dynasty was the 3rd dynasty of China, What do you know about it?

Kate: I know that the 1st emperor of China, Shi Huangdi, tried to live forever but ended up killing himself.

Me: That's interesting, the great wall was the Qin's big project.

Kate: Yes. Slaves & criminals built the Great Wall. When the Qin fell, the wall wasn't maintained.

Me: The Han dynasty was forth. They had the Silk Road.

Kate: Wasn't it fun to travel the Silk Road?

Me: Yeah!!!

4sydneyh said...

me: hello Steve Irwin
Irwin:hello sydney
me: Do you know what the first dynysty is?
Irwin: Yes shang
me: Do you know what dynysty had the social class pyramid?
Irwin:yes zhou
me:Do you know what dynasty used standardization?
Irwin:yup Qin
me: Do you know what dynasty had the silk road?
Irwin: yes han
me: Do you know what dynasty was led by Gaozu?
Irwin: Han

8annah said...

Me. Hi Katniss. how are you?
Do you know what dynasty had the first written records?
Katniss. yes, isnt it the Shang dynasty
me. do you know what dynasty had the golden age
Katniss. isnt it the zhou
me. did you know the zhou is the longest dynasty. it was 800 years.
Katniss yes i did now that
me. Do you know what the Han dynasty had?
Katniss; yes, it is the silk road

6Abby R said...

Me: Hey Drew, do you know what the Silk Road is?
Drew: No, duh. Of course I know what the Silk Road is. It's a 4,000 mile trade route between China and Europe.
Me: Okay, do you know what oracle bones were used for?
Drew: Ya, they were used to predict the future.
Me: Cool, I've never really known why the call the Chiang Jiang River the Yangtze River. Do you know why they call it that?
Drew: No, I really don't know.
Me: Oh wow, and I thought you were the smart one around here. Anyway do you know why they built the Great Wall of China?
Drew: Ya, for defensive purposes or something like that.
Me: Okay then, that's cool. Did you know that the Great Wall was also called the Longest Cemetary?
Drew: Ya, they called it that because while the people were building the Great Wall, over 1 million died.
Me: Wow, geez.
Drew: Ya.

9JordynnS said...

me, "do you know that the silk road is 4000 miles long."
peeta, "yes and they used camels to travel it."
me, "wow thats cool. the shang dynasty used oracle bones to predict the future."
peeta, "there are three levels of the social class."
me, "the north china plain was a fertile land for farming, where china started."
peeta, "thanks that was interesting."
me, "your welcome we should do this again sometime."
peeta, "ya, sounds good."

6connork said...

Me:"Hey Adrian Peterson, or should i call you all day every day
AP:"Thanks for asking im doing very well in my football carrer with 294 yards left to have the most rushing yards in a single season"
Me;"Well thats good, but can i ask you some questions about Ancient China?"
AP:"While sure you can."
Me;"Ok what is the Great Wall of China?"
AP; "A huge wall?"
ME;"Sorry, that is wrong it is a wall that was used for protection but often people got over because it wasn't high enough and is now used for tourism, biking, and often found in Chinese restaurants.
AP;"Oh wow you know your facts Connor"
Me; "Thanks Adrian and you know how to find holes in a defense"
AP; "Thanks but remember, school is before sports"
Me: "Oh trust me i get that from my mom all the time."
AP: "I did two when i was a kid, it may be annoying but trust me she is right."
Me:"Ok i will remember that."
AP: "So you got another question?"
Me; "Oh yeah sorry i got off topic, What was the first dynasty?"
AP; "Shang?"
Me; "Correct!"
Me: "Ok one last one, what is the longest dynasty?"
AP: "Zhou?"
Me: "Yep, but how long?"
AP: "800 years?"
Me: "Yeah your a genius!"
AP: "While thank you, hey your my favorite fan, here is a free ticket to the game Sunday against the Texans at 12:00 and those who aren't going its on FOX."
Me: "Thanks your the best Adrian."
AP: "Hey you want an autograph?"
Me: "Oh yeah i do!"
AP: "Ya hey Mr.Klumper im a big fan of your WSG web sight it's awesome!
Me: "Ya i know right!"
AP: "Ya see you at the game Sunday."
Me: "Alright, good luck!"

4TyJonD said...

Me: hi Alyssa did you no the Shang dynasty was the first dynasty in china.
Alyssa: yea do you no what dynasty was the bronze age in.
Me: yes. it was in the shang dynasty.
Alyssa: do you know what dynasty that defeated the shang in 1150 bc.
Me: no. it is is Zhou

4TyJonD said...

Me: hey mr. Klumper whats you favorite dynasty?
Alyssa: well i don't know but i would pick zhou.
Me: is it because it was the longest dynasty.
Alyssa: no its because it was the golden age and i like gold, and because in 1150 bc they defeated shang in a huge war. and becasue it lasted 800 years.

6Abby R said...

Me: Hhhhheeeeyyyy Grace!
Grace: What's up Abby?
Me: Nothing much, what about you?
Grace: Well, our teacher said that we have to ask questions about Ancient China to 1 person, and see i they knew the answer, and I chose to ask you.
Me Okay, cool. So what's your first question?
Grace: Okay, do you know what the four dynasties of China are?
Me: Ya, I think they are, Zouh, Han, Shang, and Qin.
Grace: Ya, that's right! Do you know them n order?
Me: I think so. It's Shang, Zhou, Qin, and then it's Han.
Grace: Ya! your right again!
Me: Cool. So what's your next question?
Grace Do you know dynasty had the Silk Road?
Me: Ya, I think it was in the Han dynasty.
Grace Ya, right again! Geez you Know alot about China.
Me Ya, I guess I do.
Grace: Okay, do you know what dynasty had the first written records?
Me Ya, it was the Shang dynasty.
Grace: Yup. Wow good job. Now there is only one more question left. Do you know what the third dynasty is?
Me: Ya. I think it was the Qin dynasty.
Grace: That's right! Wow Abby, you did really good, well at least better than I did.
Me: Ha ha ha. Well try harder next time then.
Grace: Okay, I will. Well that's all I have to go now. See ya.
Me: See ya!

8EthanR said...

Me:Hey batman.
Batman: Hey.
Me: Do you know the first emporer of China?
Batman: Shi Huanghi was the first emporer of China.
Me: Corect.
Batman: Let me ask you a question now.
Me: ok.
Batman: What was the desert in the north of China?
Me: Th Gobi Desert.
Batman: Correct.
Batman: Good job.
Me: Thanks you too.
Batman: Thanks.

8ruth k said...

me Hi Yoda, are you ready to review about dynastys?
Yoda I was born ready!
me Okay lets get started. What dynasty had the Silk Road?
yoda Easy! Han dynasty
me correct!!
yoda What dynasty had legalism?
me Qin?
yoda Yes, good job!
me Who was the leader of the Han dynasty?
yoda Ummm... Shi Huagdi
me Nope that was the first emperor of the Qin dynasty. The correct answer was Gaozu.
yoda ah man, ask me another one!
me okay, what dynasty was the first one.
yoda I know that one, its the shang dynasty!
me Good job, thats all goodbye
yoda bye!

4TyJonD said...

Me: Qin, Qin Qin Qin
Alyssa: why are you saying Qin.
Me: i am saying Qin becasue it is my favorite dynasty.
Alyssa: that is my favorite too.
Me: why
Alyssa: because there was legalism that means people were taught to obey rulers without fear.
Me: Oh i thought it was the dynasty that had the golden age.
Alyssa: no that was shang dynasty.

4TyJonD said...

Me : hey Alyssa did you no the han dynasty had the silk rod in it.
Alyssa: no and why was it called silk road.
Me it was called silk road because of its silk. if you wanted to travel along the silk road you needed silk and money to trade.
Alyssa: oh i wouldn't dare travel that that thing btw how long is the silk road.
Me: well i dont no that but i know it took 1 year to travel it.

4TyJonD said...

Me : hey Alyssa did you no the han dynasty had the silk rod in it.
Alyssa: no and why was it called silk road.
Me it was called silk road because of its silk. if you wanted to travel along the silk road you needed silk and money to trade.
Alyssa: oh i wouldn't dare travel that that thing btw how long is the silk road.
Me: well i dont no that but i know it took 1 year to travel it.

4TyJonD said...

Me : hey Alyssa did you no the han dynasty had the silk rod in it.
Alyssa: no and why was it called silk road.
Me it was called silk road because of its silk. if you wanted to travel along the silk road you needed silk and money to trade.
Alyssa: oh i wouldn't dare travel that that thing btw how long is the silk road.
Me: well i dont no that but i know it took 1 year to travel it.

8ruth k said...

Mr.Klumper Hi Ruth are you ready to learn five things about the Shang dynasty dynasty?
Me yes, I'm ready!
Mr.Klumper True or false:
1.The shang dynasty had the Bronze Age?
2. The Shang dynasty had mainly farmers?
3.The Shang dynasty used standardization?
4.They used oracle bones?
5. Their project was the Great Wall?
me 1. true 2. true 3. false 4. true 5. false
Mr.Klumer Wow Ruth you did great, all of them were correct
Me thanks

8franka said...

me:do you know who the first dynasty of china was?
tom:ummm,the shang.
me:yes! what dynasty was the longest time period?
tom:the zhou dynasty.
tom:my turn!
tom:what dynasty were mainly farmers?
tom: yes.
tom:who gets season tickets to sit by the sidelines in all of our next home games of 2013 and gets to go to the patriots locker room?

8ruth k said...

me hello, which dynasty did king Wu claim victory for?
Julia zhou, what dynasty was had two parts
me zhou, what dynast had social class pyramid?
julia zhou, we have been learning a lot about zhou lets move on the qin. Tell me a couple thing about the qin dynasty
me okay, it's big project was the great wall of china and it had legalism
julia great job
me thanks you too

4michael v said...

me: was up danny
dan: nothin much just the life of a navy seal
me: cool did you no the han started the silk road
dan:ow did you no the silk road was 4000 miles long and camles were the mane animal for travel
me:cool did you no shang used orical bones
dan: thats boss did you no the shang was also the first dynasty of china

4michael v said...

me:so brosif what are the 3 routes for the silk road
dan: well there was southern route central route and nothern route
Me: yes your very smart what dinasy had legalisom?
Dan: umm the qin
Me: yes yes yes corect
Me: next what was legilison
dan: following rules by fier

9SydneyR said...

Me: Hi Hayley!
Hayley: Hi Syd!
Me:Hayley, I want to ask you some questions, what dynasty had social class pyramids?
Hayley: Zhou dynasty did.
Me: Yes! Okay, what about which dynasty had Legalism?
Hayley: Qin dynasty! They wanted to obey rulers out of fear.
Me: Good job! What about, which dynasty had standardization?
Hayley: Qin again? It helped their communication better you know.
Me: Yah, I knew too! Qin again. What about the bronze age?
Hayley: Ooh... Shang?
Me: Don't worry you're getting a 100 so far! Which dynasty had bronze age? You know, with BRONZE tools?
Hayley: Shang again. I know they didn't want to use bones or branches anymore, but another tool is oracle bones, the shang used those for predicting things.
Me: Wow! I didn't even have to tell you! Okay, what about the dynasty with Golden Age?
Hayley: Zhou, their leader was King Wu and claimed victory for Zhou, plus Zhou was the longest dynasty, 800 YEARS!
Me: Right again! Which dynasty had their leader shoot himself? (Like he would stay alive forever, he just made things worse).
Hayley: Shi Huangdi was the leader who shot himself in Qin dynasty, his son replaced him, a weak one he was.
Me: I agree. Right. 2 more questions, which dynasty had the silk road, very treacherous journey.
Hayley: Han, pronounced (h-o-n). They built this road for trading silk across to other countries, EXTREMELY important. It was enormous for a path.
Me:Yes! 1 more! Which dynasty was building, mainly, Great Wall of China?
Hayley: Qin dynasty! :)
Me: Yes! See you Hayley! Thanks for chatting!
Hayley: You're welcome! :)