Friday, July 20, 2012

Legends Never Die

Sports are great. Sports give us experiences. Sports helps us makes friends. Sports gives us something productive to do to stay out of trouble. Sports gives us a sense of belonging. Sports teaches us hard work, effort, and commitment. Sports allows us to experience the joy of winning and the heartbreak of losing. In sports, we learn many life lessons. It's not just about winning and losing. It's about learning how to deal with adversity, challenges and obstacles in life. I loved playing sports, still do. I love the challenge, the competition, the opportunity to try as hard as you can at something. If you play sports, keep it up. Put in the effort and the sacrifice and perhaps one day you will do something legendary like the people in this video. If you are not sports, that is okay but I encourage you to find something you can be apart of. As 6th graders, it is not too late to join a sport. Enjoy the video.

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ARI said...

thats a good video!!! and today i watched act of was amazingly good...sooo much action adn guns!! im glad u talked about the grey and act of valor! both were good