Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Before We Leave Rome...

Students, last week we took and conquered the Rome Test like a bunch of little studly gladiators. Now, before we move on to our LAST unit (Medieval Times), we shall try to conquer one more Roman task. I have included a "Rome Collage" with this post. The challenge is for you to figure out what all 13 pictures are. Think you have what it takes to dominate the Roman Collage? Can't wait to find out. This activity might be a good thing to do while you wait for the "Roman Bunny" giveaway.
Post a comment telling me as many of the 13 items as you can.

Good Luck!


3FelicityK said...

roman numerals
romulus and remus
mt. visuveis
dead people in pompeii
circus maximus
punic wars

9kaitlins said...

1: Pantheon
2: Carthage on their elephant(s)
3: Mount vesuvius erupting
4: The she-wolf nursing romulus and remus
5: Roman numerals
6: Circus maximus
7: The people im pompeii who got covered by the ash.
8: Colloseum
9:gladiator weapons
10: Gladiator
11:Christanity (cross)
12: roads
13:Entrance to rome

4kylen said...

1.colleseum was a place that gladiators fought in.
2.gladiators that fought in the colleseum and they were like the sports stars of back then.
3.romulus and remus were the founders of Rome and were raised by a shewolf
4.roman numerals were the numbers byack then.
5.circus mamimuswas a chariot racing stadium.
6.christianity was the religion that Jesus started.
7.roads there were many of these and they all led to Rome.
8.mt vesuvius erupted and covered the city of Pompeii.
9.punic wars was Rome vs. Carthage.
10.pantheon was a giant dome shaped building used to worship the gods.
11.aqueductwas a water way that led to the public bath.
12. Pompeii people were fossilised and died from all the silt.

9loreta h said...

aqueduct, mt vesvies and Pompeii, 24, she wolf and Remus Romulus, the mt exploding and killing the people of Pompeii, Colosseum , gladiators, Romans where good at building roads, Christianity, swords , the Punic wars between Carthage and Rome

3 Hailey s said...




roman numerals

punic wars

mt. vernan


people after pompeii was destroed

the she wolf that nursed romulus and remus

austins9 said...

the 80 entrances in the coluseum.
Romulus and Remus and the she wolf.
the roads of Rome.
the coluseium.
weapons for the gladiators.
Roman Numreals.
Circus Maximus.
The volcano destrying Pompeii

3BryceA said...

elephant in the punic wars the cartherage used them. mt vesuvius about to explode. roaman numerals. romulus and remus being nursed by a she wolf. circus maximus. gladius-sword. colluseum. after pompiie died and the preserved people. christianity. roads. gladiators. 1 i forgot pantheon. and another the first one acutecture

3eddie said...

1. the she wolf with remus and romoules2. colluseum3.roads4. cristianity5. pompey and mt.vuiesus6 roman nuemarals7 carathage8. gladiator9 pantheon10 sparticis 11 roman fronum

4Kane t said...

1adicquite carries water to Rome.
Romulus and Remas two boys that found Rome and as baby's they were raised by a she wolf.
3 Pompeii a city destroyed by a volcano
4punic wars Rome vs Carthage
5 mt Vesuvius volcano that annihilated Pompeii
6roman numerals numbers in Rome
7circus maximious where they raced chariots
8 Colosseum a giant building were people fought to the death
9government building made and enforced laws
10gladiolus the mane sword used in Rome.
11roads a rode made out of stone broke tiles and cement
12Christianity it tells about how Jesus died for are sins
13 Gladiators Romes athletes

jayceyjonnes9 said...

one is a colosseum.
one is a gladiator.
one are swords.
one is the cross.
one is remus and rhomous with she wolf.
one is pompii people.
one is the valcano that killed it.
one is the roads.
one is circus maximus.
one is thier numbers.
one is cartage an an elephant.
one is another building.

3kainep said...

She wolf rasing Romulus and Remus , pompii casts, Pompii roads,Circus Maximus, Coliseum,christeanity,Mt.Vesuvius,roman numerals,gladiator,swords

6Paige D said...

#1Circus Maximus
#2the elephant was used for the punic wars
#3Mt. Vesuvius
#4Romulous and Remus
#6roman numerals
#10The 3 punic wars

8zenf said...

curcus maxumis
roman numerals
maxumis desmith
short sword
marble statue

8zenf said...

curcus maxumis
roman numerals
maxumis desmith
short sword
marble statue

6 Alexm said...

1.adicquite carries water to Rome.
2.Romulus and Remas the two boys that founded Rome and as baby's they were raised by a she wolf.
3.Pompeii a city destroyed by a volcano
4.punic wars Rome vs Carthage
5. Mt. Vesuvius a volcano that distroyed Pompeii
6.roman numerals numbers in Rome
7.Circus Maximious where they raced chariots
8.Colosseum a giant building were people fought to the death and had 80 entrances.
9.government building made and enforced laws
10.gladiolus the main sword used in Rome.
11.roads a road made out of stone broke tiles and cement
12.Christianity it tells about what religion you are.
13. Gladiators Romes main athletes