Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ancient India Study Guide

Ancient India students: I have provided for you a study guide for ancient India. Being that I will not be able to hold a WSG Live! Study session, I still wanted to provide you with something that will help you study for the test. This study guide doesn't have everything on it, but it will guide you to what you will need to know. Read through the study guide a few times, then perhaps have your parent and/or friend quiz you. Much of the material you used in your newspaper project and collage project is what you need to know, so we have been using the information quite a bit already. If the above slideshow doesn't work, then use the link under the "Ancient India Unit" section on the right side of this site. You have heard me say this a lot, if you have no idea how to study for a test, then start with this study guide, or use the online flashcards posted on the Online flashcard page. Put in some time getting yourself prepared. It will pay off on Friday when you rock the test.
Thank you.


8grace b said...

Test today..... hopefully I studied enough.

3 Lacey e said...

I have the test next period hope i did good and i hope studying pays off!! (: