Friday, January 23, 2009

Test Questions, Please...

This will be a new experience for you on Water for Sixth Grade. An experience, I believe, you will find very beneficial. Using your guided notes, notes for videos, ABC book, etc., you will be coming up with "test questions" for ancient Greece. Each student must post 10 test questions dealing with Ancient Greece. The test questions can be multiple choice, short answer, or true false. Try to have a variety, though. Variety is good. For True/False questions, if you make a question that is false, you MUST explain why the question is false. Multiple Choice questions must have at least 3 choices. Do NOT have ten questions about what the gods and goddesses are. You must post both the question and the answer, of course. Number them, so I can quickly check how many question you have. This is graded. At the end of the day, this post will be the ultimate tool to help you study for the test AND help you with your Ancient Greece Board game we will be starting next week. I will pull questions from this post and insert them into the real ancient Greece Exam that you will take at the end of the Unit.
1. Who is the ruler of the gods?
Answer: Zeus

2. What is Democracy?
A. rule by one man
B. rule by the wealthy
C. rule by no one
D. rule by the people (Correct answer)

3. True or False. Greece had a major river

Point Total: 20
DUE Date: January 30th, 2009. 9:00 p.m.

I greatly appreciate your effort and enthusiasm so far during this unit. Keep up the hard work.


emily 3 harris said...

hey mr. Klumper.

1. where do god and godesses live?
a. olympia
b. greece
c. mt. olmpice- this is the answer.

2. ture or false zeus was eaten by cronus. answer is false.

3. _____ is married to zeus. The anwser is hera.

4. what type of government did the have?
a. monarcy
b. democracy this is answer
c. cheese

5. true or false zeus ate one of his kids. answer is true.

6. ______ is the father of heaven. answer is uranus.

7. what two types of kids did Gaea and uranus have?
a. monster and titan kids
b. hamburgers and hotdogs

8.Who defeated uranus. answer cronus.

9. Who was the ruler of all gods?
a. spartins
b. mr klumper.
c. zeus

10. ______ was god of war. answer is ares.

Tasia Long 3rd pd. said...

1.What was Mother Earth's name?
a: Hera
b: Rhea
c: Gaea (correct)
d: Hestia

2. Rhea was Zues' wife.
True or False

3.Mother Earth and Father Heaven had two types of childeren; gods and titans.
True or False

4.Sparta and Athens teamed up against:

a: Troy
b: Persia (correct)
c: Asia
d: None of the above

5.Hephaestus was really ugly, but nice.
True or False

6. Alexander the Great lead:

a: Persia
b: Sparta
c: Athens
d: Macedonia (correct)

7. Athens had more _____ power than Sparta.

a: Land (correct)
b: War
c: Sea
d: None of the Above

8. A plague broke out in Sparta.
True or False

9.The was between Sparta and Athens was called:

a: Macedonian
b: Trojan
c: Marathon
d: Peloppanesian (correct)

10. A warrior ran ____ miles (roughly) to announce the news of victory to Athens

a: 26.3
b: 25 (correct)
c: 26.2
d: none of the above

Paidon 3Meyer said...

1. Who is Zeus's Father? (Cronos)

2.What happened to Zeus's siblings? (eaten by Cronos)

3. What did Ancient Greece depend on?

A. Major river

B. Major war

C. Democracy

D. The Sea

(D. The Sea)

4. Hera is married to ________. (Zeus)

5. What type of government did they rely on? (Democracy)

6. The Gods lived at the top of ____________. (Mt. Olympus)

7. What type of beliefs did they use?

A. Monotheism


B. Polytheism


8. Helen lived in both Sparta And Troy?

True OR False?

9. Who is the ruler of all the gods? (Zeus)

10. ame three greek philosophers.

(Plato, Socrtes, And Aristotle.)

garrett 3lambert said...

1. A warrior ran the entire distance of.
A)25 miles answer
B)45 miles
C)He didn't run.
D)11 miles
2. True or false. A plague broke out in athens. Answer true.
3. short answer. Athens power of: answer sea.
4. Short answer. Sparta power of:answer land

Nicole 3Petersen said...

1.Who was Zeus' messenger?
B.Hermes(correct answer)

2.True or False? Cronous was ruler of the olympians? Answer-False

3.Who was Cronous' wife?

4.Who wrote the Odyssey and Iliad?
D.Homer(correct answer)

5.Name three famous people of the Trojan War.
Answer-Achilles, Paris, Helen, etc.

6.True or False? Helen lived in Sparta. Answer-True

7.Who was Spartas enemy?
C.Athens(correct answer)

8.True or False? The first marathon was 28 miles? Answer-False

9.Name two famous Greek philosophers. Answer-Plato, Socrates, or Aristotle

10.What is Medusa?
C.Gorgon(correct answer)

mackenzie 3Nelson said...

Here are my Questions.

1.True or Fales Is Zues Favorite Daughter Athena?
{Correct answer True}

2.Were the first Olympic games held in...
A] Sparta
[Answer C]

3.True or False Helen was taken from Athens?
[Answer False she was taken from Sparta.]

4]True or False There is no major river in Ancient Greece.[Answer true]

5.]True or False They were good sailors and expert traders.[True]

6.] The Torjan war lasted...
A]15 years or
B]10 Years [B 10 years]

7.] There was a wooden horse invalved in the Trojan War True or False. [answer true]

8.]Who was the last child about to be eaten by his father.
A]Zues or
B]Hades [answer A Zues]

9.True or False Troy is were war broke out. [True]

10.True or False there was fighting in the olimpics. [True]

kody 3petersen said...

1.Who is ruler of water.
a.posiden(correct answer)

2. true or false siens is a titan child.

3. Who is the wife of zeus.
answer Hera

4. what happened to cronus?

zeus killed him

5. who is father heaven?

6. who is mother earth?


7. what is a cyclopes?
answer a one eyed monster.

8.when did persia attack?
490 b.c.

9.who is the wisest titan child?
bprometheus(correct answer)

10. what 2 kinds of children are there?
answer titan and monster children.

Tyler 3Limmer said...

1. what did the greeks give troy during the battle? answer:B. horse.

A. a pig
B. a horse
C. a lama
d. a warrior

2. Who won the Persian war? Answer:C. Sparta.

D.Sioux Falls

3. True or false. Cronos ate 7 of his kids? (True)

Cassidy 3Wethor said...

1. Sparta and Athens were big cities in Ancinent Greece?
True or False....

2.What happened to Zeus's siblings?

answer-cronos ate them

3. Demos means...
a.common people
d.government of ancient greece


4. A centar is half man half donkey
true or false??


5.Where did they get the name Olympics??
a. they made it up
b. they stole it from the cavemen
c. from mt.olympis where the gods lived (and the olympics were used to honor the gods)
d.the city olympia


6. short answer question.
Who did Greece battle against in a myth?? Did they win?

answer- Troy and yes they won

7. 3 greek philoserphers believied that they gods didnt controll everything but still believed in them. True or False?


8. In the begining of the Olympics what was the one event that took place??
a. boxing
b. discuss throwing
d. chariot racing

answer c.

9.The greeks participated in the olympics with clothes true or false?


10. Which of the following was NOT part of how the gods were like humand??
a. they loved each other
b.they fought
c.they were jelous
d.they wore clothes

Alex 3Wilde said...


The Trojan War was against 1._____B and 2.______A

1. A. Germany B. Sparta C. Europe
2. A. Troy B. U.S.A C. India

Zeus's father's name was _____C
3. A. Odysseus B. Achilles C. Cronos

Mother Earth And Father Heaven had two different types of children that were either ______C or ______B
4. A. Murderous Children B. Deformed Children C. Titan Children
5. A. Ugly Children B. Monster Children C. Overweight Children

Short Answer

6. Cronus ate his ____(babies)
7. Poseidon was the God of ___(Sea)
8. Immortal means _____(able to live forever)
9. A athletic competion was held in Greece called the ____(olympics)
10. The Trojan War was based on _____(myths & Legends)

Patrick 3Gallo said...

Well these are the ten questions I came up with. The answer to the question is inside these marks (...) and it should be correct.

1. The Trojan War is real.
True or False (False)

2. Who is the god of fire and forge? (d is the answer)

a. Zeus
b. Rhea
c. Hades
d. Hephaestus

3. Cronus is ruler of the Titans and Zeus's father.
True or False (True)

4. Rhea is married to who.
a. Zeus
b. Hades
c. Hephaestus

4. Who is Cronus's father?
(Father Heaven)

5. Cronus ate his five of his children. True or False (True)

6. Who is the god of war? (b)

a. Athena
b. Ares
c. Hera

7. Pegasus is one of the monster children. True or False (True)

8. Father Heaven is who?

9. Atlas fought Zeus and had to hold up the earth for a day.
True or False (False)

10. Who is the god of the sea?

a. Poseidon
b. Hera
c. Hades

quinten pd3 said...

1. What did Helen send that was a trick?
(a) wooden horse answer
(b) men
(c) plastic horse
(d) food

2. True or False. Sparta is more poswerful than the Athens.
answer false

3.Short answer. What were the 3 famous greek philosophers?
answer] sacrates, plato, aristotle

4.Who attacked Greece in 490 B.C.?
(a) Sparta
(b) San Diego
(c) Persia answer
(d) Mexico

5. Macedonia emerges as most powerful led by?
(a) People
(b) Alexandera the Great answer
(c) Mr. Klumper
(d) Athens

6. True or False. Rhea and Cronus had 11 children.
answer] false

7. Short Answer. Cronus was ate who?
answer] His children

8. True or False. Homer was a blind poet.
answer] true

9. Who ruled all the gods?
(a) Troy
(b) Hermes
(c) Paris Hilton
(d) Zeus answer

10. How long did the war last?
(a) 5 years
(b) 10 years answer
(c) 2 years
(d) 1 month

Ezra 3Voigt said...

1. Who is the god of the sea?
ANSWER= Posieden

2. Who is Hecter killed by
A Acielies
B Apollo
C Helen
D Zeus

3. Acielies dies when he was shot in the ankle.
True OR False

4.Why does Cronus eat his children?
A He is hungry.
B He thinks there going to overpower him.
C He was told to
D He wants them to clean his stomach.

5. Who wins the Trojan war?
ANSWER Trojans

6.Apollo is not a god.True or False

7.When did the Persian war take place?
A 500 B.C.
B 697 B.C
C 490 B.C
D 2009 A.D.
Answer C

8. What does Medussa have in her hair?
A Fur
B Gold
C Silver
D Snakes

9. Homer is a writer. True or False.

10. What do the Trojans bring into Troy?
ANSWER Big Wooden Horse


1.Government by people-DEMOCRACY
2.Great Leader in Athens-PERICLES
3.Non-citizens can't-
B.have fun
C.hang out with there friends
D.ride there bike
4.Opposite of Athens-SPARTA
5.Athetic contest held every_____
6.Where were the contests held?-


7.Gods live on What mountain?
C.Great bear
D.Mt Olympia

8.The leader of the city-state that opposed Athens is sparta? (true)or(false)-TRUE

9.Athens-land power (true)or(false)FALSE

10.Sparta-land power (true)or(false)TRUE

jessie campbell3 said...

1.who did not get eaten by cronus?
c.zeus(correct answer)

2.what was the father heaven's name?
d.uranus (correct answe)

3. gaea's name is motherheaven
true or false

4.the three famous greek philosopheres are socrates, plato, and aistotle.
true or false

5.persia and athens fought together
true or false

6.hestia means what>..........
a.wife of zues
b.goddess of hearth (correct answer)
c.goddess of reason
d.goddess of the hunt, moon, and envirement

7.two of the monster children are>>....

a.rhea and cyclopes
b.sirens and hyperian
c.allas and oceanus
d.none of the above (correct)

8.persia attacked the greek mainland
true or false

9.macedonia was lead by alexander the great
true or false

10.hades ate who one (correct)
b. zues
d.none of the above

alyssa m pd.3 said...

1.Why did Zeus go to the island?
(A.)His mother wanted to protect him from being eaten.
B.Thats where he would soon take his position as the ruler of the gods
C.All babies go to an island.
D.Mr.Klumper told him to.

2.True or (False) There was one hundred events in the Olympics.

3.People were not a citizen if they were a
A. Slave
B. Female
C. Foregner
(D.) All of the Above.

4. Which city was the Opposite of Athens?
A. Troy
(B.) Sparta
C. Olympia
D. Ares

5. Name one way the gods and goddesses were like human beings.
Possible answers(love,fighting, arguments,jelousy)

6.Name one way the gods were unlike humans.
possible answers (Immortality, Special powers)

7.True or (False) the Olympics were held every 3 years.

8. Who ruled Athens?
A. Anyone who can walk
B. Everyone older than 15
(C.) Anyone older than 18
D. whoever chooses to.

9.About how long did the Trojan war last?
A. 2 years
(b.) 10 years
c. 7 years
D. there was never a Trogan war.

10.Who teamed up to fight the persians?
(A.) Athens and Spartans
B. Zues and Athens
C. Persians and Spartans
D. Athens beat them single handedly.

Jordan 3Olson said...

Jordan Olson
1.In 490 B.C., who attacked Greek mainland with their huge army?

2. Why were the Olympics held?
(answer:To Honer Zeus)

3. How long did the Trojan War last?
(a)15 years
(b)5 years
(c)10 years
(answer:(c)10 years)

4.True or False. Greeks worshiped many gods and goddesses because they helped explain the natures of life.

5. Where did gods live?

6.Who is the famous king of the Trojan War?
(answer:King Agamemnon)

7. Who are the three Greek Philosophers of the Golden Age of Athens?

8. True or False. Zeus ate all of his children.

9. Who is the god of all gods?

10. What did the Greeks get out of and let entire Greek army into Troy?
(a)A Steel Turtle
(b)A Ruber Frog
(c)A Wooden Horse
(answer:(c) A Wooden Horse)

Jordan3 wagley said...

1.who is the ruling Titan.

2.Who is the wife of cronus.

3.Who is the god of war.

4.Is Zeus the god of the sea True or False.

5.Who is the messenger of Zeus.

6.Does Ancient Greece have a major river.

7.Is Zeus the ruler of all the gods True or False.
more to come

syd the kid said...

1.What is Democracy?
A.rule by the people
B.rule by a man
C.rule by the woman(correct)

2.True or False.Greece had a major river?(False)

3.Who is the goddess of love and beauty?

4.Who ate the children of Cronus and Rhea?

5.True and False.Are monster Children bad?(False)

6.Was running the first event in Greece?True or False?(True)

7.Why were the Olmpics held?
A.because they had nothing to do honor of Zues(correct) get some exercise

Austin3 said...

1true or false Athend had sea power

2who won the war beetwee Athens and Sparta sparta

3true or false troy is helens home land false

4what was the first greek civilization minoan sparta troy or athens minoan

5name all of the greek philosophers socratos aristoole plato

6how many years did the trojan war last 10 years

7who won the trojan war greeks and why because the greeks sent a wooden horse to troy and troy thought it was a sign of surrender

8 how many days did sparta hold off the persians in the mountains three

9 true or false for entertainment greee had bull riding shows true

10 who is homer
a a mailman
b a poet
c some guy i just made up
d mr. klumpers uncle

jacob 3larson said...

How many gods are ther.

A. 1
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9

Anser D
Cronus at his kids.


Anser True

Who is the leter of all gods.

A. Zeus
B. Hades
C. Hera
D. Hestia

Anser Zeus

Rhea and Cronus are brother and sister.

to be bloged later

evan wieser said...

test questions

1.who was the ruling TITAN?
2.Why were the Olympics held?(use complete sentances)
Answer:To honor the hing of gods zeus.
3.What does democracy mean?
a.Governed by a king and queen
b.Governed by the people
c.Governed by infans
d.Governed by beasts
Answer:b Governed by the people
4.Was Sparta a Demacratic Nation?
True or False
5.Who did the greeks fight in the Peloponnesian war?
6.Who was the only ugly god of the olympions?
7.Did the greeks win the Trojain war?
True or False?
8.Was Hera a godess?
True or False?
More to come

Weston 3Meyer said...

1. Who is the god of war?
A. Ares

2. The troshon war is real.
A. True

3. The anciant olimpics are held ______.
A. every 4 years

4. The only child not eatin by cronos is?
A. Zeus

5. What monster child has only one eye
A. cyclopes

6. The lord of the under wourld is ___________.
A. Poseidon

7. The misinger god is _________.
A. Hermes


marie 3engbrecht said...

hi here are some questions I came up with.

1.) what is the name of the girl that is the most prettiest?

A. Emily
B. Candy
C. Helen (corret answer)
D. aphrodite

2.) how many kids did Conus and Rhea have?

A. 13 (correct answer)
B. 12
C. 50
D. 14

3.) What type of childern did Mother Earth and Father Heaven have?

A. Titan & Heaven
B. Earth & Heaven
C. Heaven & Happy
D. Monster & Titan (correct answer)

4.) who is the wife of zues?
A. Aphrodite
B. Hera (correct answer)
C. Mother Earth

5.) Did Zues's brothers and sisters die?

A. yes
B. no (correct answer)

6.) How many Titan childern did mother eath and father heaven have?

A. 6 (correct answer)
B. 5
C. 12

more to come

meikayla 3wojciechowski said...

1) Who ate all of the olympian children and then spit them up when killed?
2)Cronus (correct answer)
3)Connor (never)

2)How many monster children did Hades and Zeus have?
3)8 (correct answer)
3)Who is the mom of the titans and the wife of Cronus? (Rhea)

4)more to come

Makenzie Marso 4th said...

1.The Greeks sent a huge wooden horse to troy? True or false. True

2.Why were the olympics held?
a.just for fun honor Zues (Correct answer) honor Cronous

3.How often were the olympics held?
a.every 2 years
b.every 3 years
c.every 6 years
d.every 4 years (correct answer)

4.Was the crown of olive branches used in the olymics instead of a meal? True or False. True

5.Is their a island called Crete?
True of false. True

6.How many gods did the greeks belive in?
a.10 gods
b.15 gods
c.MANY GODS (correct answer)
d.9 gods

7.Does the word Meditreannean mean between the land. True or False

8.Does Greece have a major river.
Yes or No
No, because they didnt have a river only seas.

9.Did Cronus eat all of his children. True or False
False, Rhea saved Zues from being eatan

10.Did Greece grow Olives? Yes or No

Rachael4 Horner{Little Sqirt} said...

1. The gods lived on?
b.Mount Olympus

#2. Every how many years did they hold athletic comtests?

#3. Are Demos common people or do they rule people?
b.common people

Tatertot(4{macy 4 murren is funny})green said...

ok ny 1st q.
1.Who was Zeus's favorite child?
c.ATHENA(correct answer)
2.Did Cronus eat all his childern, but one?
yes!!(he didn't want one of his sons to kill him to become ruler)
3.Name a monster child
pegasus,sirens,gorgons,or cerberus. any of those would work)
4.true or false.Rhea is the unending stream of water encircling the world.
(answer.False oceanus is the inending stream, Rhea is Cronus's wife.

lucas 4chmela said...

1. What were the people of Crete called
answer Minoans

2.Where were the olympics held
answer olympia.

3. How old did young boys have to be before they were sent to the military.
answer 7 years old

4. What were the earliest people of Greece called.
answer Mycenaeans

5.Why were the olympics held
answer to honor Zues

6. Instead of a medal what did the olympic winners get.
answer crown of olive branches

7. What was the first olympic event
answer running

8.What two city states teamed up in the persian war
answer athens, sparts

9.Where did the gods live.
answer Mount Olympus

10.How many ports did Sparta have
answer none

tanner 4koster said...

1. true or false, a tyrant is person who rules alone.answer true
2. true or false greece depended on a river for existence. false greece depended on the sea for existence.
3. greece was at what part of europe? A north east B south east C east D west answer B south east
4. what physically seperated the people? answer the mountains
5. true or false greeks worshipd many gods and godesses. answer true.
6. in what city were the olymics held every 4 years? answer olympia.
7. who was a great leader in athens? answer pericles
8. what did life center around in sparta? A family B work C army D government. answer C army
9. in sparta boys were sent to military camp when they turned how old? answer 7
10. true or false only healthy boys were allowed to live in sparta. answere true.

shane Gacke p4 said...

1. when was the olympics held to honor the gods? ANSWER: every 4 years.
2. What did the athletes do before the the Olympic games began?
ANSWER: They visited the temple of Zeus to swear oaths.
3. what is a tyrant?
A. a rule by many people.
B. a rule by the priests.
C. a rule by only one person.
D. no one rules. (correct answer C)

4. What started the Trojin war? ANSWER: Helen was taken from the king of Greece and was brought to Troy this making the king angry and starting the Trojin War.

5. What ended the Trojin war?
A. Greece signed a treaty.
B. Troy conquered Greece.
C. The trojins fled.
D. The Greeks used a wooden horse to trick the trojins to let them behind the gates, they got out and opened the gates to let the greek army in. correct answer D.

6. How long did the Trojin War last? ANSWER: 10 years.

7. Where did the gods and goddesses live in Ancient Greece?
ANSWER: they lived on mount olympus.

8. What is the best example of a City-State that used democracy in Greece? ANSWER: Athens.

9. Who was the great leader of Athens? ANSWER: pericles.

10. Who was the God who ruled the under world?
A. zeus
B. Hades
C. Athena
D. Cronos (Correct answer B.)

Jacob4 murray said...

1. Who is the god of the sea :answer Poseidon
2.Is Hermes Zues's or Poseidons messenger:answer Zues's
3. Since Greece does not have a major river how do they survive :answer because they have the the sea instead of a river so it is very hard to sustain life there. 3 monsters:answer medusa,cyclops,and centaur 2 titans : answer Rhea and Cronus
6.Name the 3 headed monster :answer Cerberus
7. Name the most beautiful god : answer Aphrodite
8.who holds up the world answer Atlas
9.the titan of light is :answer Hyperion
10.Name the god of war Ares

Ryan 4Larson said...

1. When are the olympics held.
a. every 2 years.
b. every 3 years.
c. every 4 years.
d. every 7 years.
Anwer to question 1 c.

2. Where do the Greek gods live.
a. Mount olympus.
b. The heavens.
c. under water.
d. in space.
Answer to question 2 a.

3. True or false Troy was defeated by the Greeks.
Answer to question 3 is true.

4. Short answer how long did the trogan war last and how did it end.
answer to question 4 is. The war lasted 10 years and it ended when the greeks sent a big horse with warriors in it to trick Troy and the wariors jumped out at knight and opened Troy's gates for victory.

5. Zues' favorite child Athena.
True or false. Answe to question 5 is true.

6. What is Sparta strictly ruled by.
a. military
b. foreners
c. kids
d. citiens
Answer to number 6 is a.

7. True or false the greek gods are immortall. Answer to number 7 is true.

8. true or false Sparta and Athens are opposite. answer to question 8 is true.

9. true or false athens ruled the gods. Answer to question 9 is false becuase Zues ruled the gods Athens is hi duaghter.

10. Short answer who did Zues defeat to become ruler of gods and who did he set free. Answer to number 10 he defeated his father Chronos in battle and freed his brothers and sisters that Chronos ate by giving him a posinous drink that made him vomitt them up.

Ryan 4Larson said...

1. When are the olympics held.
a. every 2 years.
b. every 3 years.
c. every 4 years.
d. every 7 years.
Anwer to question 1 c.

2. Where do the Greek gods live.
a. Mount olympus.
b. The heavens.
c. under water.
d. in space.
Answer to question 2 a.

3. True or false Troy was defeated by the Greeks.
Answer to question 3 is true.

4. Short answer how long did the trogan war last and how did it end.
answer to question 4 is. The war lasted 10 years and it ended when the greeks sent a big horse with warriors in it to trick Troy and the wariors jumped out at knight and opened Troy's gates for victory.

5. Zues' favorite child Athena.
True or false. Answe to question 5 is true.

6. What is Sparta strictly ruled by.
a. military
b. foreners
c. kids
d. citiens
Answer to number 6 is a.

7. True or false the greek gods are immortall. Answer to number 7 is true.

8. true or false Sparta and Athens are opposite. answer to question 8 is true.

9. true or false athens ruled the gods. Answer to question 9 is false becuase Zues ruled the gods Athens is hi duaghter.

10. Short answer who did Zues defeat to become ruler of gods and who did he set free. Answer to number 10 he defeated his father Chronos in battle and freed his brothers and sisters that Chronos ate by giving him a posinous drink that made him vomitt them up.

MACY 4MURREN:) said...


Uranus was father of heaven









ANSWER*** 25miles








A) 2009

B) 450 B.C.

C) 3000

D) 490 B.C.

ANSWER***D 490 B.C.

Riley 4Frantzen said...

1. Q.Who was Zues father?
2. Q.How often were the Olympics held?
A.every year.
b.every 3 years.
C.every 4 years.
D.every 7 years.

3. True of False people in Ancient Greece grew bananas?
False: they grew Grapes, Olives, and Barley.

4. People in Ancient Greece depended on which of the following?
a. The Gods and Goddeses.
b. The sea. (correct answer)
c. The Mountains.
d. None of the above.

5. Mountains divide Ancient Greece into what?
Answer: regions

6. True or False, Hyperion was a monster child.
False: Hyperion was the Titan of light, the father of the Sun, the Moon, and the dawn.

7. In 490 b.c. who attacked Greece mainland with huge army?
a. Athens
b. Sparta
c. Marathon
d. Persia

8. What was the climate of Greece?
Answer: pleasant

9. True or False, crete was an island in the Mediterranean Sea.
Answer: True

10. Was Mt. Olympus located near Olmpia?
Answer: No Mt. Olympus is located way farther north than Olympia.

randall pd4howard said...

1.who is the ruler of all the gods and goddesses
answer: Zeus

2.what did hades take from zeus.
A.lightning bolt
D.paper clip

3.true or false posiden is the king of the sea.

4.what is the most well known god of greece

5. what is the only baby not eaten by croanos.

6.was pegasus a monster true or false

7.who is the goddess of love,desire,and beauty

8.who is the wife of hephaestus
A. hera

9.who is the lord of the underworld.

10.who is the godess of corn,grain,and harvest.

sabreena4 smallfields p4 said...

Q.greese is tied to the sea, which means?
A.they depend on the seas for exsitance.
Q.true or false; most people live in cost region?
A.true; because rich soil and mild was great for their religion.
Q.what were the things they grew?
A.grapes,olives,and barley. did they defend themselves against any attack?
A.because twenty foot thick walls surrunded the city.
Q.what is democracy?
A. ruled by one man
B.ruled by the wealthy
C. ruled by no one
D.ruled by the people
A.ruled by the people,because there were a whole bunch of kings in ancient greese.
Q.true or false Greece had a major river?false no river
Q.true or false
Mycena took controll after the Minoan Civilization?
Q.who did the Myceanaens send out?
A.they sent ships out to plunder
Q.what was the climate of greece
A.the climate of greece is pleasent.

Banana 4Poppens said...

1. Where was the Trojon war fought at?
Correct answer is C.Troy

2.Where did the gods and goddess live?
Correct answer is B.Mt.Olympus

3. True or False
The olympics were held in honor of Zeus?

4.Who was Zeus's wife
Correct answer is D.Hera

5.What was one of the main foods to eat in Acient Greece?
D.Big Macs
Correct answer is A.Grapes Duh

6.True or False
The olmpics were held every 6 years
False The olmpics were held and still are held every 4 years.
More to come

4 more questions are coming soon.

Emma Baier pd4 said...

1: True or false-There was 7 Monster children?
A: False! There was actually 8 Monster Children.

2: True or False-The Oracle that profasied that Zues's son would over throw him was called the Oracle Of Gaea?
A:True! THe Oracle was called that.

3: Multiple Choice-Zues's wife had the name:
A: Hera
B: Rhea
C: Demeter
D: Aphrodite
A: A! Hera was the wife of zues, Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus Rhea was married to Cronus and Demeter isn't married.

4: Multiple choice-Rhea had ____ kids
A: 5
B: 7
C: 8
D: 6
A: D! Rhea had 6 children but 5 were eatten by her husband.

5: True or False-There were 9 events in ancient Greek olimpics
A: False! There were only 8 events.

6: Short Answer-What were the two poems Homer wrote?
A: Iliad and Odesse!

7: Multiple Choice-Homer was a ____ Poet
A: Deaf
B: Mute
C: Blind
D: nothing was wrong with Homer
A: C! Homer was a blind poet.

To Be continued

kendall 4 said...

1# true or false...

did cronos kill his children?

false he ate them they did not die

2# where did the gods and godesses live

A. sparta

B. Mt. olympus (correct answer)



3# who are crous chirldren

A.zuce,hades,posiden,hestia,demeter, hera (correct answer)

B. cyclopus,medusa,giant,atlas,apollo,

C. rhea,ocenus,hyperion,centaur,sirens


4# was hellen the pretiest person in sparta

false she was the pretiest person in the world

5# what were the olympics held for honor cronus

B. to honor atlas honor zuce (correct answer) be strong

6# who was zuce married to

A.hera (correct answer)


C. medusa


SARAH 4M said...

#1 Where did the gods and godesses live.

a Mount Olympus (correct answer)
b Olympia
c greek
d south dakota

#2 true or false.......

did crohnos eat ALL of his children?

no he did not he did not eat zues

#3 could zues control lighting

yes he could

#4 did south dakota envent the olympics?

no we did not but ancient greece did

#5 true or false.......

was helen the pretiest girl in the world

yes she was

#6 did troy win the battle between greece

sadly they did not

#7 did orlando bloom play paris in the movie troy

yes he did

#8 did maduesa have the power to turn people into stone

yes she did

#9 were greeks the first people to invent plays

yes they were

#10 true or false........

was zues the wimpiest god EVER


Mithell 4selken said...

1.Who is the god of the sea A.zeus B.cronos C.posiden D.hades awnser posiden 2.true or false zeus is the ruler of all gods answer true 3.Did the greeks have a major river answer yes 4.True or false democracy is ruled by barbarians answer false democracy means ruled by the people 5.what did the greeks rely on A.The sea c.they did not rely on anything D.all of the above Answer B trade 6.True or false cyclopes was one of the monster children Answer True 7.who was one of the gorgons A.pegases B.zeus C.hydrogen gas D.madusa Answer D madusa 8.what did the spartans give to troy Answer A wooden horse 9.True or False all the gods lived on mt. olympus Answer false hates lived in the under world 10.what did the greeks give for winning the olympics A.medal B.a corn dog C.a crown af olive branches be continued

Aaron 4Beaner said...

1.True or False

All gods live on MT.Olypus

(False Hades lived in the under world)

2.Olymics wer held...
A. Mt.Olympus
B. olimpia
C. Sparta


3.Greece is located _______ ______ of ___________

(south east of eourpe)

4. Zues es father was__________



Mykayla 4p said...

1.Where was the home of helen?
a. Mt. Olympia
b. Sparta
c. Brandon
d. Troy
(Answer: B.Sparta)
2. True or False... The trojan war lasted 9 years?
(Answer: False, it lasted 10 years.)
3.What were the three things that Greece grew?
a. tomatoes, corn, and barley
b. olives, barley, and corn
c. grapes, olives, and barley
d. corn, tomatoes, and lima beans
(Answer: c. grapes, olives, and barley)
4. True or false... Most people in greece lived near the coastal region?
(Answer: True, there was rich soil there.)
5. How many miles did a warrioir run to announce the Athens victory?
a. 3 miles
b. 145 miles
c. 24 miles
d. 25 miles
(Answer: d. 25 Miles)
6. Who was Zues's father?
a. He did not have one
b. Cronos
c. Nobody knows
d. Hades
(Answer: b. Cronos)
7. True or false... greece is located in Europe.
(Answer: True)
8.During the Trojan war did Troy get a metal horse or a wooden one?
a. Metal
b. Wood
(Answer: a. Metal)

To be continued...

Troy Small p4 said...

1. Was Athena born through Zeus' skull? true or false? true. 2. Why did Zeus eat Metis? their second child would overthrow him.
3. Where do greek gods live?mt.Olympus.
4.Who is the father of the gods?
5. How long did the Trojan war last? 10 years.
6. Who is the god of the sea? poseidon.
7.What did the greeks give to the Trojans to (surrender)?
8. Who is the prettiest woman in the world? Helen.
9. How often are the olympics held? every 4 years.
10. essay: what is the story of zeus? Since Cronos,Zeus' father was worried oneof his kids would overthrow him, like he did his father. So he ate his kids
11. what was the prize in ancient Greek olympics? an olive branch. more to come!

Troy Small p4 said...

1. Was Athena born through Zeus' skull? true or false? true. 2. Why did Zeus eat Metis? their second child would overthrow him.
3. Where do greek gods live?mt.Olympus.
4.Who is the father of the gods?
5. How long did the Trojan war last? 10 years.
6. Who is the god of the sea? poseidon.
7.What did the greeks give to the Trojans to (surrender)?
8. Who is the prettiest woman in the world? Helen.
9. How often are the olympics held? every 4 years.
10. essay: what is the story of zeus? Since Cronos,Zeus' father was worried oneof his kids would overthrow him, like he did his father. So he ate his kids
11. what was the prize in ancient Greek olympics? an olive branch. more to come!

Alli 6Fatone said...

1. What was the major river in Ancient Greece?
A. Tigris
B. Yellow
C. Nile
D. No major river (This one)

2. True or false. Cronus ate his children (True)

3. What is an acropolis?
Answer: A city on a hill

4. The Spartans and Athenians team up to fight whom?
Answer: Persians

5. Greek philosophers:
A. Extended human knowlegde
B. Explain why things happen
C. Studied sickness and the human body
D. All of the above (This one)

6. Who did Helen fall in love with?
Answer: Paris

7. True or false. Greece depended on the sea. (true)

8. True or false. Greece was divided by rivers. (False, Greece was divided by mountains)

9. Greeks were:
A. Polythiestic (This one)
B. Monothiestic
C. Athiestic

10. True or false. Sparta was democratic. (False, Sparta was ruled by the military)

~!**Je$$!e 6Randolph said...

1.Who are the people who rule alone? ANSWER: Tyrants.

2.Who were the earliest people in Greece? ANSWER: Mycenaeans.

3.Why were most cities built on hills? ANSWER: 4 Protection.

4.Why did the boys get taken away from there parents? ANSWER: Taught to be warriors.

5.Why were the olympics held? ANSWER: Honor Zeus.

6.How often were the olympics? ANSWER: every 4 years.

7.What was the first event of the olympics? ANSWER: running

8.How long did the Trojen war last? ANSWER: 10 Years.

9.Whats the home of Helen? ANSWER: SPARTA.

10. Who is the children of mother earth and father heaven? ANSWER: Titan child and Monster children.

sammie peterson! 6th said...

Ok here are my questions for the test!!

1= True or False? Greece depended on the sea!
(answer- true)

2= Who is Cronus?
-The ruling titan? (correct answer)
-wisest of the titans?
-god of fire and forge?
-Messsenger of zeus?

3= Is rhea Cronus's husband? True or false?
Answer is True!

4= What is the Trojan war based on?
-myths and legends (correct answer)
-based on troy?
- based on the war?
-based on Sparta where helen lived?

5= True or False? In the beginning of the olympics there was only one event, and the was boxing?
(false,at the beginning the event was running)

6= When were the olympics hald?
-every 2 years?
-every other year?
-every 4 years? (correct answer)
-every 7 years?

7= How many children did rhea and cronus have?
-6 (correct answer)

8= how many monster children were there?
-8 (correct answer)

9= Which on is NOT a child of Rhea and Cronus?
-Athena (correct answer)

10= True or False? Greece has a major river?
(answer is false, because they have a sea that they depend on)

Marina Gillespie said...

1 What was the war between the Trojans and the Greeks called?
A: The Trojan War (which is weird because the Troy people didn't win.)

2 True of False: Greece is a pinnisula
A: True

3 Who did Father Heaven marry?
1 Mother Earth
2 Rhea
3 Zeus
A: Mother Earth

4 Who is one of the monster children?
1 Medusa
2 Hestia
3 Demeter

A: Medusa

5 Cronus married Rhea(his sister)
A: True

6 What power did Athens have?
A: Sea power

7 What power did Sparta have?
A: Land power

8 How often were the Olympics held?
A: Every 4 years

9 Why were the Olympics held?
A: to honer Zeus

10 In the beginning only one event was held at the Olympics; what was it?
A: Running

cody 6 said...

1. who did zeus and his siblings defeat to become in charge(cronus)

2.which made greek sucessful
a olypmic games
b rivers
c the sea
d the goverment
(c the sea because thats what they depended on)

3. why did cronus eat his children
(he did not want to be overpowered)

4.troy defeated the greeks
false because the greeks used a strategy to defeat troy

5.who clashed at marthon
a greeks and trojans
b persians and athenians

B th persiand and the athenians becuse they fought agaist eachother at marathon

6 during the war what disease breaks out in athens causing the death of percils and athens to surender

a flu
b fever
c plague
d parasites

c plgue because that was a dangerouse disease and everbody was dying from it

7. who was the most powerful city state in greece

a olmipia
b athens
c sparta

athens because they were the most powerful at the time

8.who was the ruler of all the gods

a poiseiden
b zues
c athena

B zues because he was the only one who wasnt eaten and he saved his brothers and sisters

9.wich was the odd group born
a titans
b monster children

b because monsters are ugly and mean often would the olympic games take place

a 4yrs
b 6yrs
c 950yrs

a 4yrs is the correct answer

Kayla 6Houtsma!!!!!! said...

1. Who is the ruling Titan?
B.Cronus (correct answer)

2. Was the Trojan War fought by Greece and Sparta? True or False.

3.What did the winner of the Olympics get when they won?
C.Crown of Olive Branches (correct answer)

4.What divided Greece in to many different regions. Short Answer.
Mountains divided Greece into many diferent reigons.

5.How many monster children are there?

6.Who is Zeus' wife?

7.Why was Athena named goddess of intellegence?
Answer: Athena was named the goddess of intellegence because when she was born she came from Zeus' skull/head.

8.Why were the olyimpics held?
A.To honor Zeus. (corect answer)
B.To lose weight.
C.To win honor.
D.To become Zeus.

9.What were the three classes of Sparta?
Answer: 1.The Spartans 2.The Helots 3.The Periocei.

10.Who was Mother Earth married to?
B.Father Heaven (correct answer)

zach 6frantz said...

who is the mane god.
zeus is the answer.
what did greece not have.
a sea
b river
c mountin
d grassland

the answer is b

how many kids do rhea and cronus
answer is d 6

one of thes are not a major food is it
d olivesit
it is d

is cyclopes a moster true or false
true is the correct anwser

matthew p-6 said...

Multiple Choice:
1.The father of Zeus and his siblings was__________.
a.Father Heaven
d.Had no father

2.Who won the Trojan War?
d.Both b and c
ANSWER:d. Sparta and Athens

3.The prince that stole Helan was _________.

True or False:
4.Achilles survived the Trojan War.
False:Paris killed him by shooting him with an arrow in the achilles.

5.A Centaur is half man half horse.

6.Athens goverment was a democracy.

To be continued...

Shyanne 6j said...

#.1.Where did the Greek gods and goddeses live?
A. Sparta
(answer: B)

#.2. Who was the God of the sea?
#.3. Name 3 Greek phillosaphers.
#.4.Name 5 of the monster children.

#5. Who is the god of healing and music?

#.6. What were some of the things the Greeks grew.
1.grapes, olives, and barley.

#7.What did the mountains seperate?
(answer: people)


to be continued.......

halle 6doe said...

1.What kind of children did mother Earth and father Heaven have?
answer:Titan children and Monster children.
2.Is this true or false Rhea and Cronus are the son and daughter of the monster childen?
answer:false because the monster childen do not multiply.
3.What was the name of the war?
ANSWER:trojan war.
4.Are gods and goddesses mortal or immortal?
ANSWER:immortal because they are make believe.
5.Which of the following is not like humans for gods and goddesses?
C.special powers
or D.argued
ANSWER:special powers
6.Why did the Greeks perform atheletic contests?
ANSWER:to honor Zeus.
7.Who was the Leader of Athens?
8.Was sporting events an outdoor way of life? YES OR NO
9.What was Greece famous for

jared 6 dale said...

#1 did cronos eat his children.


what did the Greeks make to defeat troy in the war.
B is the correct answer
A bucket
B wooden horse
C meat

was the trojan horse affective.

TRUE OR FALSE correctanswer is true.

Who was the ruler of all gods
correct answer is A.

A. zeus
B. cronos
C. mop

who was the ruling titan.
correct answer isA
B rhea
C oceanus

was cronos a nice titin

TRue or FAlse false because he ate all of his children.

what one is one of the monster children.

A Zeus
B oceanus
C giant cis correct

shambree 6smith said...

1.True or false? Aphrodite is the ruler of the gods and goddesses? answer= False,Zeus is the leader.

2.Where do the gods and goddesses live?
1. greece
2. in the sky
3. Mt.olympia (answer)
4. no where

3. Opposite of athens

4.True or fales? sparta is ruledby the army?
Answer= true

5. Who extened human knowledge?
Greek philosophers=answer

6. What was athens power?
3.sea (answer) power

will continue!

Caleb 6Van Hemert said...

1.Who was a great leader in Athens?
2.What does "Kratos mean
A.common people
3.The Gods lived on
answer:Mount Olympus
4.How often where the Olympics held
A.every 5 years
B.every 2 years
C.every 4 years
5.What was the first event
To Be Continued

jaeden6 spurling said...

1.true or false.
Zues the ruler of all gods?(true)
2.In 490B.C who attacked greek with a huge army?
C.none of these
3.How long did the trojen war last?
4.True or False
Helens home was troy?(False)because Helen was brought to troy and she lived in sparta.
5.Homer wrote two poems when he was blind?(True)
6.What did the greeks send to troy?
A.a wooden horse
B.a wooden cat
C.a wooden dog (a wooden horse)
7.True or False
Paris killed Achilles(true)
8.True or False
Troy thought when the wooden horse came that the war was still happening?(False)because troy thought when the horse came that it ment they were at surrender.

Dani 6Hoeke said...

1.Who faught in the Trojan War?(C)
a.Greeks and rome
b.Spartans and egyptians
c.People of Troy and the Greeks
d.Mesopotamians and Greeks
2.True or false? Greeks had no major river.(TRUE)
3.Where did the gods live?(B)
a.Athens island
4.True or false Democracy is government ruled by a very wealthy man.(FALSE ruled by the people)
5.Who is the ruler of all the gods?(ZEUS)
6.How many years did the Trojan War last?(D)
a.15 years
b.12 years
c.19 years
d.10 years
7.True or false? the 2 kinds of children of mother earth and father heaven were monster children and titan children.(TRUE)
8.How are gods just like human beings?(D)
a.they fight
b. they argue
c.they love
d. all the above
9.What special event is held every 4 years?(OLYMPICS)
To be continued..................

Ashley 6Schobert said...

Test Questions:

1. Where do the Gods and Goddesses live?

A. Mt. Olympus
B. Athens
C. Sparta
D. Olympia

(answer: A)

2.True or False
Hades is the god of the sea

(answer: false, Hades is the lord of the underworld)

3. You ould not be a citizen of Greece if:

A. You were a slave
B. You were a woman
C. All of the above

(answer: C)

4. Who could vote?

A. Anyone over the age of 18
B. Citizens
C. No one
4. Noncitizens

(answer: B)

5. Why were the Olympics held?

A. To honor Zeus
B. So Greece could compete against others countries
C. To entertain the king
D. Greece did not hold the Olympics

(answer A)

6. How often were the Olympics held?

A. Every two weeks
B. Once every month
C. Twice a year
D. Once every four years

(answer D)

7. True or False
They did not give out medals at the Olympics

(answer: True, they gave out a crown made of olive branches instead)

8. In the beginning, there was only one event in the Olympics, what was it?

A. Dog walking
B. Disc throwing
C. Running
D. Bull jumping

(answer: C)

9. True or False
It was easy to get to different places in Greece

(answer: False, Greece had many mountains making it difficult to travel)

10. What did Greece depend on?

A. The soil
B. The major river
C. Did not depend on anything
D. The sea

Kaity 6Dybdahl said...

1 How often were the olympics held?
a every 2 years
b every 6 years
c every 4 years (correct anser)
d every year

2 Laist 3 events in the olympics.
anser: running, jumping, and

3 True or False. Life centered
around army?

4 What were the greeks famous for?
a enventing things
b bull jumping
c fishing
d they were not famous

5 True or Flase. The trojan war
was not a myth.

more to come

thomas 6siemonsma said...

Question: name all of cronus children
Answer:Zeus,Hades,Poseidon,Hestia,Demeter,and Hera
2 Question: Name all the monster children
Answer:Cyclopes,Giant,Centaur,Medusa,Pegasus,Sirens,Gorgons,and Cerberus
3 Question:Who are the titan children
answer:Cronus,Rhea,Oceanus,Hyperion,Prometheus,and Atlas
Question 4:What kind of horse did the greeks make
answer:woodden horse
Question 5: where did the greeks bring the horse to

haley 6hoeke said...

Test Questions:

1.Where was the home of Helen?

2.Where did the gods live?
b.Mount Olympus(answer)
d.An island

3.True or False: Greece had no major river.(true)

4.How long did the Trojan War last?
a.5 years
b.10 years(answer)
c.20 years
d.50 years

5.Who was the ruler of all the gods? (Zeus)

6.True or False: Democracy was ruled by one man.(FALSE democracy was ruled by the people.)
7.What did the Greeks do to the gods?
9.True or False: Gods and Goddesses are just like human beings? (True)
to be continued

dylan 6bludorn said...

1. Who is the ruler of the gods and goddesses?_________

2.True or False
Cronus is Zeus's father?________
3.Name the three Greek philosophers?__________ __________
__________ Plato socrates

4. True or false
Were the Persions in the Pelapisions War?_________
because the Athens and the Spartans were in that war head to head.

5. The Persions and the Athens clashed where?__________

6.Where did the Athens fight sea battles at?__________

7. Who was Cronus's wife and Zeus's mom?__________

brad 6taylor said...

1. Is Anceint Greece polytheistic or monotheistic?

(A). monotheistic
(B). polytheistic
(C). neither
(D). I.D.K
(answer: B. polytheistic)

2. Who won the Trojan War?

(A). never had one
(B). Troy
(C). Athens
(D). the Gods
(answer : C. Athens)

3. How many Olympian gods did Greece have?

(A). 3
(B). 7
(C). 12
(D). none of the above
(answer : C 12)

4. True or False Greece is the only civilization that has existed?

(A). True
(B). False
(C). Greece never existed
(answer : B. False because there has been many civilizations including ours but ours still exists)

5. Which city was one of Greece's?

(A). Troy
(B). Sparta
(C). Olympia
(D). all of the above
(answer : D. all of the above)

6. Where did Greece start?

(A). Crete
(B). Asia Minor
(C). Thessaly
(answer : A. Crete)

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adam 6Halter said...

1. Who wuse the first god and goddes. (answer: Gaea and Uranu)

2. Wut is the two different bettwen humans and gods.
A. Immortal and are nice
B. Special powers and rodes
C. Rodes and are nice
D. Immortal and Special powers (Correct answer)

3. The Olympics honored wut.
A. Mt.Olympia
B. Athens
C. Zeas (Correct answer)
D. Sparta

4. True or False.If you won the Olmpics you would get a Trophy.
(answer:False deacuse you got a crown of olive brackes)

More Later

Jordan3W said...

8.what is Democracy.
answer:rule by the people.

more to come

Jordan3W said...

8.what is Democracy.
answer:rule by the people.

more to come

Brad 6taylor said...


6. Where do the gods live?
(answer : Mt. Olympus)

7. Who was the god that tried to eat his kids?

(A). Cronos
(B). Apollo
(C). Zeus
(D). Ares
(E). Hephaestus
(answer A. Cronos)

8. Write an essay on why the god, ****** tried to eat his children and failed.
(answer He tried to eat all of his children because he knew they would one day over power him. His wife, Rhea tricked him when he tried to eat the last one, Zues. She hid him away from Cronos's eyes on the island called Crete. When Cronos ate the last baby (is what he thought) it was actully a rock. When Zues got older he wanted to murder his father because he tried to murder him. Zues succeded in killing his father after he got his full-grown siblings out alive from with-in his fathers stomach).

9. Why was Greece different from every other civilization we have learned about?
(answer : It had no major river)

10. Who was the blind poet.

(A). there was no blind poet
(B). Daniel klumper
(C). Homer
(D). Iliad Odyssey

halle 6doe said...

9.what was the home of the first Greek civilization?
ANSWER:Minoan Civilization
10.Where did helen live?

Dani 6Hoeke said...

10.Where did Helen live?(SPARTA)

austin 8harvey said... did the geeks beat troy
with the gift horse
2.why did cronos eat all the children-so they would not over trow him
3.why did atlas have to hold up the world.-cause he trided to over trow zues
4.why werent the wemen allowed to watch the olympics-cause the men competed naked
5.what was the first olimpic game was it
a swimming
b biking
c running
d jowsting appolo the god of heling
true or false
7.why did the trogen war start
-cause hellen left the king many days did the spartians hold of the persians until they were all killed-3days
9.the warrior ran _____ to tell
the athens about the victory
10.who won the persian war was it?
a greeks
b sparta
c athens

Katy 8Ternus said...

1 who was the mot beautiful

2 What was Cronous wifes name?

3 Who was the god of war?

4 Who was Athena's mother?
No one

5 Name 2 monster children

6 True or False. Persia attacked Greek mainland in 490bc

7 Who teamed up to fight the Persians?
Athens and Sparta

8 Name the 3 famous Greek philosophers

9 What 2 type of children did Mother Earth and Father Heaven have?
Titan Children
Monster Children

10 Who was the wisest Titan?

jake 8donahoe said...

1. who is zeus?
leader of the gods
2. who is poisiodon?
god of water
3. who is hermes?
zeus's messanger
4. who is the god af light?
5. what does democracy mean?
ruled by the people
6. what was the sea the greeks relied on ?
a mediterain
b south pacific
c hermes
d south china sea
7. true/false they loved trading
8. true/false spartans were known for their army.
9. true/false the spartan women were soilders
false the spartan women were only sposed to have children.
10. the greeks worshiped
a jesus
b god
c the budda
d pagen gods

lexi 8bliss said...

1) who was the god who defeted his father?
2)how many monster children were there?
3)name all of the monster children.
answer-cyclopes, giants, centaur, medusa, pegasus, sirens, gorgons, cerberus.
4)how many titan children were there?
answer- 6
5)who was the god/goddess of the sea?
6)who are the parents of the monster and the titan children?
answer- mother earth and father heavon
7)who was the wife of cronous?
answer- rhea
8)what did the ancient creece depend on?
answer- the sea
9)what did they grow?
answer-grapes, olives, barley
10)what was held every 4 years?
answer- olimpics

Michaela Beckman said...

Hey I think these should be some questions on the quiz.1 Who was the god of the sea? answer: posiden,2 What were the Trojans and Greece fighting over? answer: Helen,3 What did Zeus' mother trick his dad with? answer: a rock,4
Who were the olympics for? answer: the gods,5 True of false only men were allowed to participate in the olymipics: true women were not allowed because the men competed indecent.6 Which of the armys won the war Greece or Troy? Greece, 7 What was the main event in the olypics? running, 8 Who was the only god that did not live on Mt. Olympus? Hades, 9 Which two of the gods and goddess were twins? Apollo and Artemis, 10 Why isn't Herculise considered a god? his mother was a human but his father was a god. See ya.

Drew Reinschmidt Pd.8 said...

1. how was athena born?
a.out of zues forehead ( correct answer)
b. out of cronos forehead
c.popped out of thin air

2.Who did the greeks send a wooden horse to?

3. true or false. the olympics were originated in greece. Answer true

4.In the trojan war the war lasts how many years?

5. Who were the first greek people who were great traders?
a.myceneans (correct)
d.Mr. Klumpers' class

6.fill in the balnk Sparta and Athens fought in the ----- war

7. name the blind poet who wrote the iliad and the odyssey

a.Homer Simpson
b.Homer (correct)

8.What mt. do the gods live on?

9. they had a weird show and that was?

a.Bean Throwing
b.Bug eating
c.Cow Jumping -right
d.Pig Sitting

10.fill in the blank the god of the sea is ----------?

Madisen 8White said...

1. Where do the gods and goddesses live?
A. Canada
B. Brandon SD
C. Mount. Olympus (correct answer)

2. The city-states have the government of monarchy and aristocrachy?
True (correct answer)

3.What do kratos do?
A. common people
B. rule (correct answer)
C. nothing

4.The leader in athens in the king?
False (correct answer)The leader is Perciles

5. What do Demos do?
A. common people (correct answer)
B. rule
C. nothing

6. You are not a citizen if..
A. slave
B. women
C. all of the above (correct answer)

7. Greeks worshiped many ____ and _________. **gods and goddesses**

8. Why did the greeks have olympics and why wernt women aloud to watch it. **short answer**
The Greeks had the olympics to honor the god Zeus. Women were not aloud to watch it because they were naked. (correct answer)

9. How did Pericles get killed?
A. old age
B. disease
C. shot

10. Zeus is the ruling god
True (correct answer)

***BECC@ GOTH8****** said...

1.(true or false)
Rhea was the first godess.

2.Poseiden is the_______ god.
c.water(correct awnser)

3.The trojan war was concerning who or what?
a.a girl(correct awnser)

4.Kenya is a major greek city-state.True or false? FALSE:KENYA IS IN AFRICA, CRETE IS A CITY STATE)

5.What was the major river in greece called?
d.there isnt one-correct-.

6.How did the greek army get into troy?awnser; a wooden horse.

7.who wrote the odessy?

8.What was the reason for women and girls not being able to go to the olympics?Awnser:Men ALL naked.

9.Was sparta a city state?
yes or no? yes.

10.The trojan war lasts two years.
True or False? FALSE the war lasted 10 years.

Jessie Lorenzen pd8 said...

HeY wAtS Mr KlUmPeR?!

heres my questions-

1. how did Zues make cronos peuk up his siblings?
- he gave him a kind of poison

2. Why did Cronos eat his children? - because they didnt want them to overthrow him like he did to his father.

3. What did Rhea use to disguise the blanket to look like baby Zues?
- a rock

4. Who is the wisest of all titans? - Prometheus

5 Who did Hephaustus marry?
- Aphrodite

6. After Zues killed Cronos who was the top ruler? - Zues

7. Who did Zues fall in love with at first sight? -Medis

8. Why was Zues's skull cut open? -because he had a masive migrane

9. What did the greeks send to Troy? - A wooden horse

10. How long was the war?
- 10 years long

Andrew 8Breitzman said...

1. Who is the god of fertility and wine?

A. Hermes
B. Aphradite
C. Dionysus(correct answer)
D. Hyperion

2. What is the fifth event that happened in the trojan war?

A. The Greeks send a huge horse to Troy.(correct answer)

B. The war lasts ten years.

3. True or False: Greeks worshiped many gods and goddesses, to help explain mysteries of life and nature?

A. True(correct answer)
B. False

4. Fill in the blank: Sparta and Athens fought in the ---- war?

A. Civil
B. World war 1
C. World war 2
D. Pelopennesian(correct answer)

5. True or False: Poseidon is the god of the war?

A. True
B. False(correct answer)Ares is the god of the war, while Poseidon is the god of the sea.

6.Which one of these is not a crop that the Greeks grew?

A. Olives
B. Corn(correct answer)
C. Grapes
D. Barley

7. Which one of these is not a way of outdoor life for the Greeks?

A. Theater
B. Celebration
C. Basketball
D. Cleaning(correct answer)

8. True or False: The Persians attacked the Greeks three times?

A. True
B. False(correct answer) The Persians attacked the Greeks only twice.

9. What where the Olympics held for?

A. To honor chicken
B. To honor Aphradite
C. To honor Zeus(correct answer)
D. To honor Bob the Builder

10. Fill in the blank: The olympics were held in --------?

A. Los Angeles
B. Kansas
C. Olympia(correct answer)
D. Miami

walker waterbury said...

1.who was the ruler of all gods and where does he or she live?

A.Cronos,sioux falls

B.Zeus,Mount Olympus(write answer)

C.Hera,Brandon SD
2.Who was the ruling titan?

A.Cronus(write answer)


3.Why did Cronus want to eat all the children?

A.He was hungry.

B.He was annoyed by the dirty diapers.

C.He was afraid that they would overthrow him.(write answer)
4.True or False

Poseidon is not the king of the ocean.(false because poseidon is the ruler of the ocean and second in command)
5.who was the wife of zeus?

A.hera(write answer)


6. who was the messenger of zeus?

A.ares answer)

C.Hepastas(not write obviously becuse he can not walk)
7.The god of the under world was....?



C.hades(write answer)
8.what snake headed monster was decapatated?

A.mudusa(write answer)


9.which is a flying horse?

A.Walker waterbury

B.pegasis(write answer)

10.what beuatiful lady would kill men with her voice.


B.sirens(write answer)


molly 8howard said...

1. true or false- There was only a couple of Greek Gods (answer- false) The answer is false because Zeus, Hades, Hera, Ates, Atlas, and Oceanus are only a few of the gods.

2. Which of the following was the most powerful city in Greece-
A. Sparta
B. Athens
C. Mt.Olympus

3. Which two cities fought in the Trojan War- (answer- Sparta and Troy)

4. ________ wrote the Trojan War (answer- Homer

5. How many years apart were the Olympics and who did the Olympics honor -
A. 5yrs and Hades
B. 4yrs and Obama
C. 3yrs and Zeus
D. 4yrs and Zeus (answer- D.)

6. True or False- Mother Earth and Father Heaven were the first mythological creatures (answer- True)

7. ________ was the ruler of all Gods (answer- Zeus)

8. Who were the two types of children Mother Earth and Father Heaven had-
A. monster children and titan children
B. twins and tripplets
C.Trojans and Spatans
( answer-A.)

9. The Greeks depended on the _____

10. _________ was the home of Helen. (answer-Sparta)

John per.#8 hedman $$ said...

1. what is the god that ate his children?

B. Hestia

2.true or false? did Zeus kill his father: Cronus/Kronus?
(answer: true)

3.who was the wife of Cronus/Kronus?

A.Rhea (correct)

4.witch one is a monster children

D.centaur (correst)
E.Mother earth

5.who was the pritty girl in the story troy?

C.Helen (correct)
E.there was none

true or false the war lasted 20 years in troy?
(answer: false it lasted 10 years)

7.true or false was the trojon war
(answer: false it was a made up myth)

8.true or false
when they brought Helen to troy did a war started
(true the king was ver mad the stool her)

9.true or flase there was a guy named hector in troy?
(true) did troy lose

A.there was no war
B.the sent a hourse and thought it was a sing of surrender (correct)
C.there king died
D.Helen killed them fr tacking her
E.the war is still going on

denton bose said...

1.What happen to zeus's siblings.
A eaten B sick C died Answer A

2.Where do they live.

a Chicago

b Brandon

c Olyimpia


3.Who was the ruler of the underworld.

a hermes

b poisedon

c hades


4. Who was the god of gods.

a zeus

b hades

c aphrodite


5.Who won the war

a sparta and athens

b athens

c the ducks


6.What was zeus's dad's name.

a cyclone

b cronus

c zack



zachthoma said...

1.god of healing,music,light. apollo


2.goddess of hunt,moon,envioment. artemis

3.goddess of love and beauty. aphrodite

4.goddess of war. ares
a. ares

5. paseeithen god of the sea.[true or false] true

wyatt 8winter said...

1.where dose zeus and his family live.

A.mount olimpia


answer a

2.what was the fathers name of zeus.


B. cronos

C. frank
answer b
3. what happend to zeus siblings.

A. kid nappet

B. ran away

C. eaten by cronos
answer c
4. where were the olimpics held.

A. olimpia

B. mexico

C. chicogo
answer a
5.true or false. there was only one event in the olimpics.
6. true or false did the athlets go to the temple of zeus before they competed.
answer true

7. in stead of a medal what did the athlets get.

A. a crown of olive branches

B. a duck

C. a bird

answer a
8. how often were the olimpics held.

A. every 5 years

B. every 10 years

C. every 4 years
answer c

9. who won the war.

A. sparta

B. persian

C. athens

answer a and c
10.true or false did sparta trick troy.

answer true

haley andrews pd 8. said...

1. True or False: Zeus is the most powerful of the gods.

2. Complete the sentance:
______ is the home to Helen.
A. Troy C. Crete
B. Sparta D. U.S.A.

3. Aphrodite married _______
A. Hephaestus C. Poseidon
B. Zeus D. Mr. Klumper

4. True or False: Greeks depended on the sea.

to be continued

connor 8smith said... all eight monster children.

answer: cyclopes, giants, centaur, medasa, pegasus, sirens, gorgens, cerbenus.

who ate there own children.





answer: zeus

2.Every_____ years, held athletis contests th honor Zeus.

answer: four

3.non-citizens can't:




answer: vote, own property, testisy

4.True or False

Greeks worshiped many gods and godnesses.

answer: True

5.list at least three the events that are in the Olympics

answer: boxing, wrestling,and running.

6.what city is the olympics held.

answer: olympia

7.Who is the god/goddess of the sea.


jesse natole 8 pd said...

1. ruller of all gods
answer: zues

2. wife of sues

jd9 said...

1. who is the most feared god?
answer. hades.

2.what is greece most know fo ,besides their long national anthem? answer their beilefes.

3. what does ares stand for? (bloodshed)

4.who won the trojen war? the greecks

5. what is hades job? to care for lost souls(wich he is bad at)

6.what where the spartans? super soldiers

7. why is a modern marathon called the marathon? beacaus a soldier ran 200 mls in warn marathon.

8.what ars the name of a greek fillosafers? plato long did the trojen war last? 10 years

10.who is the most known god? zeus

Sally 9Hoffmann said...

1. True or False:
The Greeks won the Trojan War by using a wooden ox.
Answer: False. They used a wooden horse to trick the Trojans.
2. Who was the leading Titan?
3. Could gods love, fight, argue, and be jealous like humans?
4. What is democracy?
ANSWER: rule by the people
5. Could women be citizens?
6. Which continent is Greece located on?
ANWER: Europe
7. What were the Greeks dependent on?
a) a river
b) trading
c) the sea
d) computers
8. True or False:
Athena was born from Zues's head.
ANSWER: True. She was born when Zues's head was split open.
9. True or False:
When the Greeks fought each other, Athens fought with Sparta.
ANSWER: False. When the Greeks fought against each other, Athens and Sparta fought against each other.
10. Which of the following is a monster born from Mother Earth and Father Heaven in Greek mythology?
a) Pericles
b) Cerberus
c) Achilles
d) Prince Caspian
ANSWER: b. Cerberus was a three headed dog like in Harry Potter.

Emily 9Anderson said...

A couple of questions that I think are pretty good to be on the quiz are. What is the meaning of democracy. Answer: The defintion for democracy is ruled by the people.

Who was the god of the sea? Answer: Ares

How did the people of Greece survive without a major river? Answer: The people of Greece survived off of trading.

How did the Greeks defeat the Trojans in the trojan war? Answer: The Greeks defeated the Trojans by shipping a horse to the trojans and the trojans thought it was the sign of victory but at night the trojans were asleep and the Greeks came out of the horse and ambushed the men and women (children maybe too)

Did the Greeks even defeat the Trojans true or false? True because the Greeks came out of the horse at night and killed most of the trojans.

What are two gods or godesses that you know from greek mythology? Answer: Ares, Aphrodite,Zeus,Hera, etc.

What is the king (bascically) of the gods and godesses? Answer: Zeus.

Did the people of Greece have a democracy. Yes, the people of Greece did have a democracy.

Where did the gods and goddesses of Greece live. Answer: Mount. Olympus.

Umaima 9Koch said...

1.Where did the gods and goddesses live?
Answer:Mount Olympus

2.What is an acropolis?
a.a type of trade
b.a city on a hill(correct answer)
c.a graveyard

3.True or False:Athens and Sparta joined together to defeat Persians

4.Who had the idea of the wooden horse in the Trojan War
Answer:Odysseus(not sure on spelling)

5.What is a cerberus?
a. a serpent
b. a bird
c. a three-headed dog(correct answer)

6.True or False:Hades(god of the underworld)always left the underworld.
Answer:False-He rarely leftthe underworld.

7.What form of government did Greece have?

8.Paris(prince of Troy)went back to Troy from Sparta with who(m)?
a.Helen(correct answer)

9.What three things did Greeks mainly grow?

10.True or False:After they were born, Cronos ate his children.

Kjerstin 9Williams said...

1. In 490 B.C. _____ attacked Greek mainland with a huge army.
2. True or False
Persians and Athens clashed at the marathon.
3. You are not a citizen if you are...
A. Slave
B. Woman
C. All of the above
Answer: C.
4. Who was the opposite of Athens?
5. True or False
Greeks did not worship Gods or Goddesses.
Answer:False Greeks DID worship Gods and Goddesses.
6. Every __ years, the Greeks held althletic contests to honor Zeus.
7. What games were not in the contests?
8.What were some things the Greeks grew?
Answer:grapes, olives, barley ect.
9. True or False
The climate in Greece is Pleasant.
10. Being so close to the sea led to...
A. not being lazy
B. wanting to build things
C. made them expert sailers

Levi McKercher p. 9 said...

Test Questions...

Uno: What is the term used to show beleif in many gods used in Ancient Greece?

Polytheism- CORRECTO

Dos: Who is the woman from Sparta that went with Paris to Troy?


Tres: Which god resides in the Underworld?


Quatro: Is there is sea in Greece called the Agean Sea? True or False?

True. It is a Sea on the Eastern Coast of Greece.

Cinco: Name one monster child and one titan child.

Ex. Titan Rhea and Monster Cyclops

Seis: What did Greece use to make Troy think they surrender, but it was actually a trick.

Wooden Horse- CORRECTO
Trajectory Launcer
Giant Furry Lion

Sieta: Why did Sparta attack Troy and use the wooden horse to win?

To retrieve Helen back- CORRECTO
To settle problems
Create peace
To make them angry

Ocho: Which god or goddess was ruler of fire and forge?

Hephaestus- CORRECTO

Nueve: Was there a city-state or country in Greece called Asia Minor? True or False?

True. Asia Minor was named after Asia but was actually in Greece.

Diace: Name one Sea that is located around Greece.

Ex. Agean Sea, Meditteranean Sea

There are some ideas for you Mr. Klumper. Sorry about the foreign language. Felt like a little Mexican. Haha bye

logan 9waldner said...

1.Who is the god of all gods?
2.What started the trojen war?
answer.Paris ran away with Helen and the king of spata got mad and that started the war.
3.Who was the titan that could only be killed by an arrow in achilie?
answer achilies.
4.what was the place that got tricked by the spartans?.
5.who was the god of crops and seasons?.answer.Demeter
6.who was the god of war?
7.what happend to zueses siblings?
answer.they were eaten by cronos but later zues came back and got them back fully grown and alive.
8.where did the gods live?
answer.mount olympia.\
9.what type of children could gods make? ,children ,titans heroes, and gods/goddeses.
10.who won the trojan war?
ansswer.the spartans.

Braydon Reindl prd. 9 said...

1.Who was the god of all gods.
b.zues(correct answer)
2.Who did Troy and Greek fight over
a.helen(correct answer)
3.True or False,cronous ate zues
b.False(correct answer)
4.Where do the gods live
b.Mt. Olympus(correct answer)
5.Oceanist is the god of what.
b.long running river(correct answer
6.True or False is a centaur a god
False(correct answer)
7.What did the greeks use to get in Troy
b.wooden horse(correct answer)
8.A centaur is a what?
a.Monster child(correct answer)
b.Titan child
9.Greeks had what?
a.Temples(correct answer)
10.true or false,zues threw lightning
true(correct answer)

Lydia pd. 9 said...

1. Who was ruler of the under world?
a. posiden
b. zues
c. hades (answer)
2. The Trojans won the Trojan War.
True or False (false)
3. Who were aloud to vote?
a. women
b. slaves
c. men (answer)
4. Greeks worship was monthiesm.
True or false (false)
5. An acropolis is.
a. city on a hill (answer)
b. mountain
c. sea
5. The olympics were made to honor Zues.
True or false (true)
6. Who lived on Mt. Olympus?
Answer:the gods
7. Noncitizens can't ...
a. vote
b. own property
c. testify in court
d. all of the above (answer)
8. Athens is the opposite of Sparta.
True or False (true)
9. Rains during...
(answer winter)
10. In Sparta boys that are 7 years are sent to war camp.
True or False (false)

Logan rank p.9 said...

1#who is the ruler of the sea?
anser posidan.
2#were did all the gods live besides one?
anser mt. olympis.
3#who was the only god that lived in a different place?
awnser hates.
4#true or false- crete is located on the mediteranean sea?
awnser is true
5#what did the greeks give troy to win the war.
awnser a wooden horse with greek soljers inside.
6#what is chronos
A. a titan child.B a monster child.C.the ruler monster.or d the ruler titan?
awnser d the ruler titan.
7# name a titan child and a monster child.
awnser monster siren and titan atlas.
8#true or false. apolla is the god of corn?
awnser false he is the ruler of healing.
9#what does posidan weild?
A.a sword.B. a axe.C.a spear.D. a trident.
awnser d a trident.
10#true or false the olympics got its name from mt. olypis.
awnser false it got its name from olympia.

caitlynn 9th period S. said...


1.who is the ruler of all the gods?
answer:Zeus many titan children were there?
answer:there were 6 titan children
3.true or false ancent greece dependid on a river?
answer:no they didnt depend on a river they depented on trading.and they didnt have a major river.
4.true or false there were titan childern and monster children?
answer:ture mother earth and father heave had titan childern and monster children.
5.what did Zeus do to his children?
A.beat them them
C. teach them how to blog
answer:is B he ate them because he didnt want them to become more powerful and kill him,but i like c alot better.
6.what as the ancent greece goverment?
answer:democorcy if thats how u spell it.
7.what was the ancient greece landform like?
A.mountianes land
B.deep valleys rivers
D.all of the above
answer D all of the above.
8.did greese invent silk????
answer:no the as ancient china!
9.true or false was there a god of the under world.
answer: true his name was hades. many children did rhea and cronus have. is it
answer:A they had 6 children

sissy ploen9 said...

1.What was the climate like in Greece? A:pleasent rain fall B:cold C:Extramly hot.
The answer would be A pleasent rain fall..

2. True or False? They have rivers? The answer would be False they dont have any rivers.

3. who Extended human knowledge?
A. zues
B. Greek Philophers
C. Athens
The answer would be B Greek Philophers

4. What did Zues do to his children?
A. kill them.
B. Eat them.
C. Let them live.
The answer would be B.

5. True or False? Were there monster children?
the answer would be true.

6. Who was the ruler of all gods
A. cronus
B. Hades
The answer would be C because he was the ruler of the gods

7.who was the measseger for Zues?
A. Hermes
B. Ares
the answer would be A

8. True or False? Was ares the god of of healing,music
the answer would be false.

9. when the greeks fought each other who was most powerfull
A. Sparta
B. Athens
C. TRoy
The answer would be B athens.

10. did the greeks play sports.
Yes they did they also held athletic contest

nicole 9 said...

1. True or false, Zues is the king of Gods.
2. Aphrodite is the most
A. Beautiful
B. Meanest
C. ugliest
A. Beautiful
3. What doesn't Greece have?
A major river
4. How many miles did one warrior run?
25 miles
5. Athends had
A. Land power
B. Sky power
C. Sea power
C. Sea power
6. True or false, war strengthened Greece.
False, Greece was weekend by the war.
7. Plague breaks out in
A. Mr. Klumper's bathroom
B. Athens
C. Troy
B. Athens
8. Who will be a great leader?
Alexander the Great

Brendan9G. said...

1. What did the Greeks depend on?
A. The Sea (Correct Answer)
B. The Hunt
C. Their Mom
D. The River

2. The Greeks believed in what two things?
A. gods and goddesses (Correct Answer)
B. Elves
C. Fairies and Princes

3. True or False. Hera is the wife of Cronus. (False) Hera is the wife of Zeus.

4. Which two people fought in the Trojan War?
(Greeks vs. the people of Troy)

5. True or False? The Greeks send a huge wooden horse to Troy.(True)

6. Why were the Olympics held?
A. They are fun.
B. To honor Zeus. (Correct Answer)
C. Micheal Phelps needed a job.
D. To impress the ladies.

7. Why were only healthy boys allowed to live?
They wanted to have the best fighters.

DylanD Period9 said...

1.Did the Greeks have a major river
yes or no (NO)
2.were the Greeks ruled by the people yes or no (YES)
3.Who won the war?
4.Who brung the horse Troy, or Greece?(Greece)
5. Does Greece have a major sea? True or false? (True)
6.Do mountains seperate Greek rejions? True or false? (TRUE)
7.What did Troy think about the wodden horse?(They thought it was a sign of retreat)

gideon crapser period 9 said...

1.How did the Greeks defete the Trojans.

A. With a really big army

B. Bye singing like drunks

C. Bye useing a Pony made of metal

D. Bye useing a wooden Pony

2.Was Artemis the goddess of the hunt,moon,and environment.



3.Who was the God of all Gods





4.In the Pelopnnesion war who fought.

A.Mr.Klumper and Mr.Berg

B.Romans and Persians

C.Athens and Spartas

D.Indians and Cowboys

5.Which one of this is a event is in the Olympics




D.Gusty Toss

6.How is it in Greek Summer

A.Frozen Wasteland

B.Hot and Dry


D.Sun Degrees

Savannah Garrow pd9 said...

1. Greeks worshiped many _________ and ___________.
a.god and Zeus
b.god and goddesses(correct answer)
c.goddesses and pharohs
d.goddesses and Mr. Klumper

2. Famous for _______ _______ shows.
a. bull riding
b. drama
c. bull jumping (correct answer)
d. shopping

True of False
3. They grew barly, carrots, and grapes.

True of False
4. Macedonia emers as most powerful led by Alexander the great.

Gusty Period 9 said...

1.the greeks used what to get in the troy
A.a wooden goose
B.a wooden horse
C.a wooden dog
D.a wooden ostrich

2.wich one of these are a monster child

3.true or false
Ares was the messenger of the gods

false because Ares was actully god of war

4.Zues was the god of what or who
answer:he was the god of all gods

5.who was the godess of love and beauty

6.Apollo was god of healing,music,and light
True or false

True because he is the god of healing,music,and light

_____________ is the home of Helen


lilli jasper said...

1:who was the god of love:

2:when does it rain in greese
all the time
answer winter

3:when did persia attake greese
490 b.c
800 b.c
550 b.c
answer 490 b.c

4:true false
there were no wars in greese
answer false cause there was there was grreks vs troy

5: who extended humen knowledg
greek philosifers
chienes people
answer greek philosifers

6:who long did the war last
10 years
1 year
15 years

7:true or false
was paris in the prince of troy
answer true

8:who was the most powerful gods of all gods

9:ys turn what age when sent to millatery
answer 7

lilli jasper said...

1:who was the god of love:

2:when does it rain in greese
all the time
answer winter

3:when did persia attake greese
490 b.c
800 b.c
550 b.c
answer 490 b.c

4:true false
there were no wars in greese
answer false cause there was there was grreks vs troy

5: who extended humen knowledg
greek philosifers
chienes people
answer greek philosifers

6:who long did the war last
10 years
1 year
15 years

7:true or false
was paris in the prince of troy
answer true

8:who was the most powerful gods of all gods

9:ys turn what age when sent to millatery
answer 7

**C@lli**pd9 said...

#1. Who is Rhea????
answer(the wife of Cronus)
#2. What is one of the monster children???
(C)all of the above
answer: C all of the above
#3. Was Poseidon god of the sea True or False (True)
#4. Who attact who in 490 B.C.
(persia & Greek)
#5.who and who teamed up to win the war??????
(A)athens and spartens
(B)persia and greek
(C) all or the above
answer (A athens and spartans)
#6.war---- all of Greese
#7.Who sent the trojan horse??
( Greek)

maggie roe said...

hi mr klumper this is my ideas for the test:

1.Who is the ruler of all gods?

2.When does it rain?
A.summer months
b.winter months
c.all of the above
answer:mostly in the winter months

3.who went too troy?
a.a god
answer:b, helen

4.what people extended human knowledge?
b.greek philosophers
answer:b, greek philosophers

5.boys turn what age when they are sent to millatary camp for a life time?
answer: c, 7

Paige 9Drenth said...

1.Who is the wife of Zeus?
C.Hera(correct answer)

2.True Or False.
Sparta is the home of Helen.

3.Every ____ years,Greeks held athletic contests to honor Zeus.
B.4(correct answer)
D.No contests held

4.True Or False
The Athens had land power.
False, because they had sea power and Sparta had land power.

5.______ divided Greek into many regions.
B.mountains(correct answer)

6.Which is not a responsibility of Citizens in athens.
A.To defend
B.To serve on jurries
C.To farm(correct answer)
D.To debate

7.True or False.
The Climate of Greece was pleasant.

8.Who is the leader of Athens?
A.No ruler
C.Perides(correct answer)

9.Which is not a monster child.
D.Apollo(correct answer)

Tyler 9erck said...

1. Why is greece different from all the other units?
A. they have a major river.
B. they have a major sea. (correct)
C. they have a major lake.
D. they have a major well.

2. True or false. Moutains seperate greek regions.
(answer true) because geece is very many moutains and seperats people.

3. Explain where the gods lived and name three reasons how they were like human.
(Correct answer lived on mt olympus and they love, fight, and argue.)

4. what were the three main events in the olympics.
A.boxing,running, and wrestling.(correct)
B. limbow, dancing, run with armour on.
C. golfing, chess, bourdgames.

Emma Baier pd4 said...

8: True or false- Troy was a land close to Greece?
A: False! Troy was a town Asian Minor was what the land was called.

9: True or False- Madusa is a Gorgon?
A:True! Medusa is one of three Gorgons.

10: True or False- Hades was ONLY ruller of the underworld?
A: False! Hades is also the ruller of wealth.

Tatertot(4 Hoot Hoot{as alli says})green said...

k im going to finish what i started!
7.What was the first Olmpic game?
8.true or false. there where apple computers in Ancient Greece
False!!(i wish it was true that would be cool!)
9.Rhea is wife to _________.
and the number 10 q. is
Who could was Zeus's wepons(how ever you spell it)
answer. Athena!!

yeah im done

Banana 4Poppens said...

Here are my last 4 Questions

7.Cronus______ his children.
A.Stepped on

8.Zeus's father's name was _______.
C.Troy Small

9.Who was aloud to vote?

10.Who is the ruler of the under world?

Paige 9Drenth said...

10.________, is where all the gods and goddesses lived.
D.Mt.Olimpice(correct answer)

Savannah Garrow pd9 said...

5. Who ate there children?
a. Rhea
b. Cronus (Correct answer)
c. Uranus

True or False
6. Tyrants are guys that live alone and rule alone.

7. Where did the god and goddesses live?
a. Greece
b. Mediterranean Sea
c. Mt. Olympice (correct answer)

8. Who was the god of beauty?
a. Aphrodite (answer)
b. Apollo
c. Zeus

9. Who was the God of all God and Goddesses?
a. Cronus
b. Zeus
c. Uranus

10. If they are not a citizen then they are?
a. Athens
b. Slaves

evan3wieser said...

my last 2 questions

Where did the gods and goddesses live?
d.Mount Olympus
Answer:d.Mount Olympus

Who won the persian war?
a.the persians
Answer:b.the greeks

Jordan3W said...

9.Where did the gods live.
answer:mount Olympus.

shambree 6smith said...

7. Apollo is the messenger of Zeus.

8. Medusa is a ....
A. Olympian
b. monster child
c. titan child
d.none of the above

9. what is mother eath also called?

10. who is hoplding up the earth?
this is the continued page from before.

aaron 4beaner said...

5.ture or false
zues is the most powerful god

6. how long did the trogian war last

a. 1year

b. 10years

c. 15years

7.demachracy means ruled by the people

true or false


8. what was the trogian war fought over

a. a women

b. money

c. land

9. you could kill achilles only by shoting him in the __________


10. is zues

a. titan

b. god

Weston 3Meyer said...


8. true or false The persians lost there fleat when they fought the Athenians.
A. true

9. Where did Helen live?
A. sparta

10. true or false Most people in anciant greece lived near the coast.
A. true

nelsondinglersblog said...

1. true or false ca you kill achilles in th shoulder.
awnser is false
2 Zues is the god of what?
1 Water
awnser is lighting.

Jordan3 said...

10.Who did Zeus get eaten.

denton bose said...

7.True or false was zeus the god of all gods the answer is True.

8.Who married hephetus

a athena

b. aphrodite

c. helan


9.Does Greece have a special river?

True or false


Adam 6Halter said...

5. Greece started on which island. (answer: Crete)

6. True or False. The two cities in the Trojan War were Sparta and Troy. (True)

7. True or False. In early Greece the Olmpics were held every 7 years. (False because in early Greece it was held every 4 years)

8. True or False. Zeus was the ruler of the Titans. (False beacuse Zeus is the ruler of all the Gods.)

9.What were the two types of Eaeas and Uranu children?
A. Titan children and God children
B. Monster children and Goddess children
C. Titan children and monster children (Correct answer)
D. God children and Goddess children

10. The Olympics were held to honor who?
A. Zeus (correct answer)
B. Cronus
C. Mr. Klumper
D. Gaeu

denton bose p8 said...

10.Who can kill a human being with it's voice.





Tyler 9Erck said...

1. Why is greece different from all the other units?
A. they have a major river.
B. they have a major sea. (correct)
C. they have a major lake.
D. they have a major well.

2. True or false. Moutains seperate greek regions.
(answer true) because geece is very many moutains and seperats people.

3. Explain where the gods lived.
(Correct answer lived on mt olympus)

4. what were the three main events in the olympics.
A.boxing,running, and wrestling.(correct)
B. limbow, dancing, run with armour on.
C. golfing, chess, bourdgames.

5. Short Answer, Name three reasons how were the gods like humans?
Answer: they were like humans because they loved, fought, and argued.

6. What town was stricly ruled by military?
A. sparta (correct)
B. athens
C. troy

7. True or False. the olympics are held every 6 years.
Answer false

8. Who was the king of the first civilization.
A. paris
b. King agammemnon
c. minos (correct)

9. Short answer. what did greece send to troy and what was inside it. Answer Wooden horse and greek army.

10. True or false. Sparta is home of helen.
Answer True

Kaity 6Dybdahl said...


6 What war was Greeks verses the people of troy that was a legend?

anser: Trojan War

7 Warrior ran the entire what

a 30 miles
b 50 miles
c 25 miles (correct anser)
d 5 miles

8 It snow in the winter in greece
true or false

anser: False it rained in
the winter in greece

9 Did the greeks worship one
many gods and goddess?
anser: many gods

10 How many kids did Rhea and
Cronus have

a 10 kids
b 6 kids
c 5 kids
d 1 kid

Macy 4Murren said...

this blog contuines

6) Was boxing an Olympic sport?
True or False
Answer ** True

7) Early Greek civilizations acquired their wealth by what?
Answer ** trading

8) Which group of people had sea power?
Sparta or Athens
Answer ** Athens

9) Which group of people had land power?
Sparta or Athens
Answer ** Sparta

10) Where did the Gods live?
Answer ** Mt. Olympus

Maggie 9roe said...

6) Was boxing an Olympic sport?
True or False
Answer ** True

7) Early Greek civilizations acquired their wealth by what?
Answer ** trading

8) Which group of people had sea power?
Sparta or Athens
Answer ** Athens

9) Which group of people had land power?
Sparta or Athens
Answer ** Sparta

10) Where did the Gods live?
Answer ** Mt. Olympus

hunter duncan p8 said...

1. Who was the lord of the underworld? Answer Hades

2. Who was the god of the sea?
Answer c)Poseidon

3. True or False Did the Greek army win the Trojan War against Troy. Answer True

4. How did the Greeks win the Trojan war? Answer by hiding inside the horse and let them selves out

5. How many years did the war last?
a) 5 years
b) 7 years
c) 10 years
Answer c) 10 years

6. Who fought Zues?
Answer a)Atlas

7) Write the name of the unending stream of water encircling the world? answer Oceanus

8) True or false in greece it snows in the winter. answer false it rains.

9)What is the island in the Mediterranean sea? answer Crete

10) Short answer how did the Greeks acquired their wealth? answer by trading

Keenan 6E. said...

1. True or false was the home of the god and goddesses Mt Olympus?

(answer: True)

2. What is a tyrant
A.person ruling alone
B.A ruling cat
C.Two people ruling


3. Who is the father of Zeus?

4. True or False Crete is in the Mediteranian Sea?

5. Athens and ____ hate eachother

A. Troy
B. Persia
C. Sparta

6. Who was the king of Minoa?

7.What is an oligarchy?

A. A ruling family
B. A ruling dog
C. A group of people that rule
To be continued

Keenan 6E. said...

8.Who is the fastest god?

9.What was one type of food Greece grew?


10.True or false the god of war is Oceantis?


hal3y 6ho3k3 said...

10.True or False: The god of war is oceantis??(answer:FALSE)

cole Ripperda prd 8 said...

1.What is democracy?
A.rule by people

2. Where do the gods live?
a. athens
b. olympia
c. brandon
d. none of the above (correct)

3.who is the ruler of the gods?
a. zeus

4. True of false is cyclops a monster?
a True

5. what was the greek way of life?
a. outdoors

6. Greece farmers grew ______.
b. barley
c. corn

7. What was the greek goverment?
a. monarchy
b. democracy
c. no goverment

8.Greece is located right by egypt?
true or false?
a. false it is not right bye egypt

9.Greece had no major _______ like egypt does.
a. river

10. __________ was a major democracy city-state.
a. athens