Monday, December 1, 2008

A "Chinese" State of Mind

Throughout the last four weeks, our attention and focus has been entirely devoted to Ancient Egypt. We learned about many interesting, if not fascinating, topics pertaining to Ancient Egypt-Pyramids, Nile River, Mummification, etc. It is my hope that those things have "stuck" in your brain. Despite the success of the Ancient Egypt Unit, we must move on and shift our attention and focus on our new topic-Ancient China. Despite the relative shortness of this Unit, we will discover that Ancient China has significantly placed its fingerprint on our culture today, here in the United States. How, exactly, Ancient China did that will not be revealed at this time, however, but slowly throughout the Unit as we discuss Ancient China.
Task: To help us get into a "Chinese State of Mind," lets think about what we already know about Ancient China. I am not asking you to tell me only what you know, I'm asking you to tell me what you know, what your mom knows, what your dad knows, what your siblings now, what anybody in your family knows about Ancient China.
DUE: Friday, December 5th 2008. 5:00 p.m.
Points: 10 School Points (Completion Grade)
Worth: Plenty...

Kick Ancient Egypt aside people, it's China Time!


randall pd4 howard said...

I think that cina is cool especialy the great wall of china which is the only man made object that can be seen from the moon.the number one thing that if you asked people one thing about china it would be the great wall the second thing that if you asked to people is chinese food the third i think is sameri. China is my favorite contry be sides the united states. the best thing about china that i think is the Great wall of china. i hope to learn a lot of neat stuff from anceint china. oh did you know that china invented firework.

Jordan3 W said...

What I know about ancient china is that they invented paper. Some of the foofd that they eat is the ege roll, tariokey chicken, and a lot more foods. In china the great wall of china.

More to come.

Braydon R. prd. #9 said...

Braydon- I know that Chia had, and has the great wall of China. I know that the great wall of china was built to block an atacking army.

Mackenzie 3Nelson said...

Here are the things my family knows about Ancient China. First, Me I know in ancient china therr is the great wall of china also they kind of dressed wired in a way. My brother knows there are pandas in ancient china. My mom knows there is alot of food varieties. Lastly my dad knows the chinese fished, farmed, and irragated. So that is what my familey knows about ancient china!

Emma Baier pd4 said...

Well I know they made many inventions of the modern time, I also know they made the great wall of China,they have good chinese food, and they have samuries.
mom-good chinese and they made the great wall of china.
Brother- made the great wall of china made good Chinese food.
Dad-Made great wall of China and good food.
That's all my family knows about Ancient China but we can all agree on two things they made the great wall of China and they made great food.

Emily Anderson of pd #9 said...

My family and I know a couple of things about Ancient China. The first thing that I know is that the people of China speak a different language.This language is called Chinese. We speak English and they speak Chinese. I know that in China there is a big wall called, "Great Wall of China."This wall is thousands of miles long. My family doesn't know much but, they are still thinking

To Be Continued

sydney 3blair said...

I'am going to tell things that my family and I know about Ancient China.First my mom knows that the Great Wall of China is located their.Next my dad knows that they fish, farmed, and did irrigation.Next I know that Chineas people eat lots of Chineas food.

Nicole 9G. said...

I know that China makes alot. It's cheap labor. China is on a continent. My family nos not that much but, they think it's an inland. It holds the great wall of china. It held this year's olympics. So that's aLL WE kNOW.

Alli 6Fatone said...

Some things I know about China was that the Great Wall was made to defend against the Huns. The Ming Dynasty was very expensive and the Ming army captured Dadu, which is now Beijing. China is extremely large and located in Asia. They use the Chinese language. They invented the compass, gunpowder, paper, and printing.

M@ggie 9Roe:) said...

Hi in my family we know just a few thing about ancient china.
1.the great wall is there {me}
2.they hunt whales for food {mom}
3.they eat with chopsticks {sister}
4.they eat a lot of rice {sister}
5.the writing is verry unquite {me}
6.chinese people are very small {mom} is consider a lucky color {dad} symbol is usually one word {mom}

look for more we are still thinking

nelsondingler pd 4 said...

alll i know so far about china is that they have the great wall and its very crowded their

Ezra 3 Voigt said...

Heres what I know about ancient china is they had the great wall of china and you can see it from space. I think they belive in dragons. They also have alot of very good chineese food.thats what i know about ancient china.

Kody 3Petersen said...

I know that Ancient China has sameries. It has the Graet Wall of China which was built to keep enimies away.

cody p.6 said...

china created paper and they have the great wall of china in their country their food is also goo like sesame chicken egg rolls an rice they had temple like palace places where they lived they also had a zodiac thats all i know about ancient china

Patrick Period3 said...

Ancient China the place of the almost 3000 mile Great Wall of China. The emperor was buried with about 5000 life size terra-cotta soldiers. However these soldiers were not seen again until 1974 when the tomb of the first king was found near Xi'an. Knowing that if you were a slave building the wall, if you were sick or didn't work hard enough you would be thrown into the wall foundation.

jesse pd8natole said...

a big toy factery is in china and the great wall is in china

jesse pd8natole

Banana 4Poppens said...

Here are a few things I know about ancient China.
1.The Chinese invented paper
2.The Great Wall of China was made to divid the farmers land.
3.China is really crowded.
4.The Gobi Desert is in China.
5.The Himmalayin mts. are is China.
6.Chinese people are very short. I am probobly taller than most of them.

shambree 6smith said...

I do not know alot about acient china. After the library book project I know alittle more. I did not know that rich people did not even have alot opf furniture. I thnk i will stop because i wiil hand in my sheet but other than that i do not kmow anything about the subject!

m@ggie 9Roe:) said...

hi i am back with more info

9.the most common way of transportaiton is by bike {me}
10.the roads are very crowed with people{me}
11.alagators live in china {sister} i dont know for sure????
12.different time then us {sister}

**C@lli**pd9 said...

Im goin to tell you what me and my family know about China(not much)
The great wall of china is located there. they have a river called the yellow river. there is alot of peoples there. they eat chinese food(yuck) Thats it!!

sally hoffmann pd. 9 said...

I know that there are two rivers in china. one is called the yellow river which flows into the yellow sea. ancient china was one of the first cilvilization. they farmed and ate things like veggetables and rice. they invented silk and paper. they built the great wall of china for protection from enemies. the rich people had clothes made of silk, the peasants had clothes made of something that is really rough that I forgot the name of.

that pretty much all I know.

Keenan 6E. said...

Ancient China is an interesting subject. I do know that that is the Great Walls home. Ancient China had two main rivers, the Yellow River, and the other rivers name I forgot. It is also the home of the Gobi Desert and the Himalayas. That's pretty much all I know about ancient China, but I'm interested to learn more.

Katy 8Ternus said...

My Parents:
Eat with chopsticks
Eat Rice

Royal color red
Royalty family called dynasty
part of large continent
Himalaya Mts. located in China

macy 4murren said...

What do YOU know about China? That is the question I asked.

I interviewed 5 people. My first interview was with my Grandma. This is what she knew about China. 1. Big population. 2. Lots of artifacts. 3. Only allowed one child per family. 4. Labor is very bad. 5. Transportation was walking, scooters or bikes.

My Grandpa had this to say. 1. Mao Tse-tung is buried in a glass tomb in Tienamen Square. 2. Lots of farming. 3. Getting lots of fast food restaurants. 4. Population is over a billion and a half. 5. Bad medical facilities, but they are getting better.

We called my Grandpa’s friend, Tom, who has traveled to China. Here’s what he remembers. 1. China’s capital is Beijing. 2. Big dam on the Yantse River, used to conduct most of their electricity. 4. There are bike parks. 5. Have a river called Yellow (Yalu) river.

Then I interviewed my brother and dad. Here’s their combined knowledge. 1. Home of the Yule River. 2. Great wall of china is in China. 3. Chinese invented gun powder. 4. Chinese invented paper. 5. Short people live there.

Lastly, I interviewed my mom. This is what she knew. 1. China is located in eastern Asia, Beijing is the capital. 2. The 2008 Olympics were held in Beijing, and the Chinese Olympic gymnast look “young” for their age. 3. The great wall of China is located there. 4. There is a Disneyland in Hong Kong. 5. Chinese New Year is celebrated in Jan or Feb., 2009 will be the year of the buffalo. The Chinese year is on a 12-year rotation called the Chinese Zodiac.

and I know that chinese people read from left to right and bottom to top. I also now that chinese food is really good. There is a china town in Hawaii and San Fransico. They eat raw fish too, gross! Chinese people are very short about my size, not good. But Yao Ming is very tall and plays in the NBA. People in china also make good fortune cookies. Plus, they play ping pong in the middle of the streets or the parks, they win tropheys for winning ping pong, COOL huh!

Lydia period9 said...

Me: For one thing I know that China is famous for it's great wall. Chinese always seem to be waering brightly colored robes. They also like dragons. You seem to see bright red kites in China pictures to.Also Bijing is the capital. They held the last Olympics. There air is very pollouted. they have also over population.
Mom: They had empoers as rulers.
Dynasties were a family of rulers.
Ming was a ruling dynasty.
My siblings are younger than me but here's what they said.
Emma: The chienese use chopsticks. She also says they write and talk weird.
Amanda: She said they make lots of things there. they also have a great wall.
Dad: Gun powder was invented there as well as pasta. Paper was also first made here. It are the origin of fireworks.
Hope you liked it bye!

Sammie 6peterson said...

All i know about China is that they are chinese, and their is alot of people in their area. China is so crowded that at a beach you cant even get to the water it is so crowded, and when you are driving you cant even get anywhere in a hurry cause it is so busy. The Ancient Chinese people rode buses because they thought that they could get around quicker. But the buses made them go slower. Well thats all i know about Ancient China Bye Bye!!

By the way mMr. Klumper Cougars Rok!!! lol byeee

Savannah Garrow 9pd said...

I know alot about china. I know that China is so couded that if you want to go somewhere and your in a hurry it just to crouded. If you want to drive or take a car or bus it would end up in a traffic jam. The each is so crouded that if you want to go swim than you would run into them every second and if you look at the beach from up high than you will not see anything except for the people. China is so crouded!!!!!!!!!!

~Savannah~Go USF~

Madisen 8White said...

What I know about China is that they use chop-sticks to eat their food. They eat rice with the chop-sticks. They have the great wall of China!! Population is huge. My family says they dont know anything.

Brendan 9Gaykenator said...

A couple of the things I know about Ancient China are that they're country is very diverse. Another thing that I know is that their language is different than ours. But they have sports similar to ours. For example they have a version of our football. Did you know that their version of football was used for training there soldiers?

austin harvey said...

what I know about acient china is that for curing so sickness they would jab a bunch of neddles into a setain part of the body and another thing I knew is that they built the great wall of china and they buryed there kings in a temple like area just like the egyptions and that they would have a empoer instead of a king

Drew Reinschmidt Per8 said...

what i know about china is they hunted whales for food. they also had the great wall for protection. their lucky color is red. the familys that were poyalty were called dynasties. the main mts are the himalayas. they have the tallest peak in the world. the two rivers are the yellow and the yangtze they also invented silk and paper and that is all i know about th e great wall.

Levi ~ Period 9 said...

Hey, Egypt was definitely a cool unit and I am sad to move on. But China sounds interesting and I know very little about this topic. What I do know is that in China there is of course the Great Wall, which was made I think to keep enemies out of their nation. Also I know that China has very different cultures and religions which revolve around celebrations, festivals, and mystical dragon puppets. I know that China had rulers that were sort of like the king. China is very unique, and I want to learn what and how their civilization became so unique and powerful.....

Michaela b 8th said...

Hey, this is wat I know about anchient China. They built the only manmade thing on Earth visible from space the Great Wall, the men and boys were considered more important. The royal family was called dynasty, oh yeah they built the Great Wall of China to keep armies out. I think thats it so see ya!

Troy Small p10 said...

I, nor my family knows much about ancient China. So here it goes: All we know is that they built a huge stone wall to keep their enemies out. that is pretty much it!

Troy Small p10 said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot!!! THey invented fireworks, the great wall is the only stone structure that can be seen from the moon. I also knew about the samaruai,but I did not know much! Also,I thought that the samaruai were Japanese!!!! :)

Jordan 3Olson said...

What I know about China is that they have the olypics there. Another think I know about China is that they make alot of stuff and send it do different countries like the United Stated. The Chinese people also eat with chopsticks most of the time and they eat alot of their food with rice. The Himalayan Mountains are located in China and that includes Mt. Everest and the Great Wall is located in China.

Ashley 6Schobert said...

Some things I know about China:

-The Great Wall is there
-Their clothes are very different
-They invented paper
-Red is considered a royal color
-They have a different calendar
-Most of them are short
-It is very populated
-Their writing system is very complicated

Troy Small said...

Also, Mr. Klumper, I would vote all of the above on the thing over there, except for shopping on crazy black friday. I am not allowed to shop, otherwise I would see my presents! also, I would not want to get up at 3 A.M,or get trampled to death. I know that this has nothig to do with ancient China, but please post this. I was bored, and I wanted to get by why I did not vote.

Kaity 6Dybdahl said...

What my family and I know about Ancient China is The Great Wall, their chinese food - they eat it with chopsticks, of how crowded it is there. They have small familys- only 1 child. They grow lots of rice. There is a river called the yellow river. They had the olympics there. China is located in asia. It is a communist country. China is the 3rd largest country. That is what my family and I know about China.

Riley 4Frantzen said...

What my family and I know about Ancient China is that there is a big wall called the Great Wall of China. That is not the only thing we know though. We also know it is very, very crowded. My parents think that they have very good food and I agree. The main thing my brother knows is that they use chopsticks. I bet that people in China are in shape because they ride their bikes a lot. China is famous for making paper. People in China are pretty short so I wonder if my family is from China. That seems weird though because the tallest people in the world are from China. My parents think that Chinas writing system is very complicated. I think Ancient China will be a very fun unit.

Aaron 4Beaner said...

Sorry, I dont know a whole lot about acient egypt(I supose that is why you have this unit)

1. the great wall

2. there is a lot of people there

zach frantz said...

i only know that graet wall is there.
it is crowned

Shane 4Gacke said...

I know that they built the Great Wall of China. They built the Great Wall to keep out an opposing army called the Manchurian Tribes out of China and 2 to 3 million died while building the Great Wall of China. Also China is very populated and they mainly use bikes to get around. Lastly the women had no control in the Ancient China times they had to obey their husband and oldest son.

Tyler 9Erck said...

One thing i know is that it is very over populated. My dad thinks ancient china familys are only allowed one kid. Also a main transpotaition system are bikes. It is home to the Great Wall of China. That was some magic trick. wink, wink. I also know that it is the 3rd biggest continent in the world.

mitchellselken said...

China is asome I like the food the most. The first thing that came to my mom when I asked her about china was the comfu.Then I asked my he said the grate wall of china was cool and how many people died making thats all I have today.

quinten3 said...

The only thing i know is that china knows a lot of kunfu or kirote. THey built the great wall of china and they hold one of the worlds largest toy factories and the highest mountain range mount everest. thats all i know about china.

kallie folk said...

That there is a lot of people live there.I think it cool to leaner about it. I know about the ancit wall of china. Thats all I know about China

caitlynn s 9 period said...

What I know about china is that they wear very diffrent chlothes talk differently then we do. they have a different stilye of doing things an dthats about it thats what i know anout china

Andrew Breitzman Prd 8 said...

What I and my family knows about ancient china is that they built a wall(the great wall of china) to protect China from armies. I also know China is the third largest country in Asia. I also know that more people live in China than in anywhere else in the world. That is basically all I know about ancient China.

Gideon Crapser p9 said...

I know that the ancient chinese where about 4,000 years ahead of there time because they had stuff like the flamethrower and even mines they also the great wall of china and that is about all I know about china.

Adam 6Halter said...

Whut I know adout China is that thay often had war and the have mad manny marshel are forms. Thay hade Danistes.

Rachael4 Horner said...

What I know about China is that they made fireworks originally. They also ate Chinese food for their living and such more. I actually experienced it myself when I went to Florida. It was kind of good but I dont know. Thanx for letting us use this as an opportunity for a learning process.

***Dani*** 6Hoeke=o) said...

My family doesn't know much about China ,but here are some that they do know.
1.Great wall of China
3.Lots of people
4.confusing writing
5.Unique writing and religeon
6.Don't celebrate Christmas
7.They are very into Chinese New Year
8.on Chinese New year they give friends and family red envelopes with like little chocolates or something in them
9.Chinese food
10.very crowded
11.most transportation by bike
12.Himilayan Mts. there
13.very bad polution
14.Red is their royal color
15.Yellow Sea
16.3rd biggest country
17.People are called by their fammily name first and then their first name lots of rice
19.weird calanders
20.invented paper
21.Gobi Desert located there
22.The tllest peak in the world is located here (Mt. Everest)
23.Great wall helps protect the chinese people
24.The capitol is Bejing

shawn 4guenther said...

The things that I know about China is that they built the Great Wall of China. They had ninjas,sam's
and kings. They had phasents and nobles.

Anonymous said...

My family and me know almost nothing about ancient china. I know that it has a great wall, and that they ate with chopsticks and ate chinese food. My parents know that there were dynasties maybe.

Thats pretty much what my family knows about china.

T@si@ L. Pd3 said...

My family and I know that china had a great wall and that they ate chinese food. They also had dynasties. They were really crowded and couldn't get around that fast.

Thats all we know.

Paidon 3Meyer said...

Hello, would like to tell you a little something about what my family and i know about Ancient China. First, I know the great wall is located in China. I also know that they have foods such as egg rolls, different types of chicken, & Ramen noodles. Next, my brother knows that they invented paper. My dad knows taht they used irrigation and had battles. My mom happens to know that in Ancient China if you had more than one kid, They slaughtered the othe kids that you had. OF course, in present day they take them into an orphanage (Alot better!). I know that they celebrate Chinese New Year. IN America, we celebrate x-mas, that is their type of x-mas. They give red envelopes with little candies or money in them. You exchange all of your envelopes with different people. Depending on how old you are, that is the # of envelopes you get. They also have large festivity parades. One of the most famous in the parade is the Chinese Dragon.

Thank you for letting me share Mr.Klumper,
Paidon Meyer

Tatertot (4tate)green said...

i know that china is the 2nd largest country, its really crowded, they eat stinky cheese, they built the great wall of china, they write and speak a different languge, they have dynasies, and i think they invented ping pong, they have sushi:P gross!!!!!!!!my brother Rob had sushi and he DID NOT LIKE IT but my sister said it was good i just said gross and left

Jacob Murray pd4 said...

well i told my mom this but who cares she said that the shang dynasty was the first dynasty and that the zhou dynasty was the second. well that is all that i told her but thats all i remember

Denton bosep8 said...

What i know about anciet china is that they make most of are shoes,some of are clothes but i don't know to much about anciet china bye.

Nicole 3Petersen said...

I don't know much about China other than it has a HUGE population and they pretty much make all of America's products. It also has the Great wall of China in it. People in China are also allowed to have only one kid.

brad 6taylor said...

My sister knows NOTHING! my Mom knows that the great wall of china is there and that is ALL. I know that the shang dynasty was the first one and the zhou was the longest one ever. Also the great wall of china is there. they had the olympics at bejing in 2008. they also invented the fireworks and they built the great wall of china to keep the nasty armies out of their territory. I NEVER had time to ask my daD and i know that someone walked threw the great wall of china(FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE)

Ryan 4Larson said...

I know china has the great wall of china. They are very small people. They have rice. China is very crowded. Has had many dynastys. Plus, they are know all over.

jake 8donahoe said...

what i know about china is that htey have the great wall and their food disagrees with my stomach this is my blog enjoy

Makenzie Marso!!!4th said...

Things I know about China:

*They give us ALOT of supplies
*They are part of Asia
*They have different foods
*They have different cultures
*They have a VERY complicated writing system
*They have a great wall of china
~Capital is Beiing
~Speak Chiense
~In Asia
~Silk Road went through china
~*~*~*~*That's all I know about CHINA....BYE-BYE!!!!!

***Becca***Period.8 said...

hi,I know a lot about china....kidding, what I know is that the empresses wore traditional kimonos and thought that crickets were sometimes lucky.The usual royal family was called a dynasty.

sorry i dont know that much but oh well that is what learning is for, right?!

Umaima 9Koch said...

Here are some things I know about Ancient China:

-there was a force, or should I say two forces called Yin and Yang that could not work without the other

-Yin and Yang are opposites

-instead of having something to drink at dinner time like water, the Chinese drank soup

-the Great Wall of China was built to keep out the Huns

-a path called the Silk Road(it's quite long) was used to trade goods such as silk

-girls had to follow the "rule" of binding, which is when they wrap a cloth to keep their toes down, so their feet would appear tiny

-Chinese ate a lot of rice, and they ate it with chopsticks

-the Chinese thought that red is a lucky color

-they invented fireworks

-their system of writing is called calligraphy

-they had something called "The Chinese Zodiac"(i've noticed that people tend to be like the animal that was ruling in the year that they were born)

-the dragon the symbol of power and wealth

-there are twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac

-China is in Asia

emily harris period 3 said...

things i know about china is.
1. there are alot of people.
2. they celebrate new years kind of like our christmas.
3. they dont have christmas but they still have a santa.
4. their food is really good.
5.they had lots of wars back then.
6. they had samaride sowrds that they fawt with.
7. their king was the biggest thing on their chart then the nobles then the peasants the peasants fed the nobles and nobles protecte the peasant and the nobles had controll of the army for the king.
so thats all i no about china.

Paige 9Drenth said...

What I know about china is that there is a great wall there and they use chopsticks.I is a big country. There are alot of people there. There are emperors and they grew rice.

Anonymous said...

Okay heres what me and my family know about ancient China.
1The great wall is located there
2There is a lot of people in China
3They invented fireworks
4They invented paper
5Lastly they eat Chinese food

That is what me and my family know about Ancient China

DylanD period9 said...

Okay here is what we know
1The great wall is there
2They were the first to make paper
3They were the first to make fireworks
4Lastly they ate Chinese

That is what we know about ancient China
ps. Sorry for the other one I accedently pressed enter

matthew p-6 said...

The six things I know about China:
*they built the Great Wall of China
*they are extremely over populated
*in the Chinese Zodiac I'm a rat!
*they eat mainly with chop sticks
*their writing form is very unique

Alex 3Wilde said...

My family doesn't know much about China but what i know is that the Great Wall of China is the most famous thing they ever built. It was built for protection. Also, they created the best chicken in the WORLD!!!!!
My mother knows that there is a ton of people there. She also said it would be very hard to get from place to place because it was so crowded.
My little brother said that the only thing he knew about china is they make very "yummy" food.
Lastly, Nick knows that they had tons of kings back then. He also knew that they worshiped dragons and china is located in asia.

Cassidy 3Wethor said...

My parents and I know about the Great Wall of China. My dad knows about the Han Dynasty. My mo doesnt know much about the chinese cultre. I know nothing except for the stuff that we learned over the week. But I do like their clothes better than the egytptians. Also I liked the video about the fight. I hope i can learn more about Anteiant China.

Mykayla P4 said...

I know a couple things about china such as the great wall of china of course is in china
I also know that there were many dynasties in china
I know that fireworks came from China
They made paper
One of My friends says that they created kung fu
She also says that they made one of the first written books in the world
That is all we can think of right now.

lucas 4chmela said...

i know that the great wll of china was built there

Weston 3Meyer said...

I know just a little bit about china. What I know is that they made the great wall and gun powder/ first rockets.

Chris Bly P.9 said...

Here's what I know about anceint china:
They build the great wall. Ruled by dynistys, or ruling familys. They invented tons of thing that are still used in the modern world, such as; the sizemograph. An army of clay figures were found gaurding a king's tomb. One of the emporers died trying not to, he drank mercury trying to become imortal.China is named after the Qin (CHIN) dynasty.

PS. Sorry it took my to the last minute to post this!

Tyler 3Limmer said...

I know that China has the Great Wall of China.They have it so they have protection in a battle.They also had the Qin,shang,zhou,and the Han dyansty.I belive that Ancient China will be a very cool topic!!!

Marina 6Gillespie said...

Sorry this is late but, before we started China I didn't know much anything that had to do with it execpt that they have a huge population and a TON of polution

!haley! !6hoeke! said...

sorry this is late all the things i know about china is that they used chopsticks,ate alot of rice,great wall,alot of people,they had confusing writing,very crowded,unique religion,3rd biggest country,invented paper,and capitol is Bejing.

wyatt 8winter said...

hey mr.klumper all i know about china is that it is very croded there and that they eat chinese food. they also give eachother gold coins for chrismas.