Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to Mesopotamia!

We have reached our second unit of the year: Mesopotamia. I think you will discover two things as we go through the unit of Mesopotamia. #1: I think you will come to realize how very different Mesopotamia is/was from our previous unit, Stone Age. #2: I think you will discover how much impact Mesopotamia has had on our present times. Mesopotamia discovered things that that we still use directly in 2008. Definately forward thinking on their part. We will discover what exactly those discoveries and inventions were as we move throughout the unit.
I thought it would be fitting, at this time, to discuss a little bit together what we have seen on the "Mesopotamia in Lego's" movie so far. Let us ponder (think) what we have seen so far: Irrigation (getting water to areas that normally get water), the Wheel (help with moving heavy objects), Specialization(getting really good at one specific thing), and Food Surplus(having more crops than you need). Keeping those things in mind and keeping in mind what we discussed after watching the "Mesopotamia in Lego's movie", respond to the following:
1. What is irrigation and how did it help the Mesopotamians?
2. Is irrigation still used today? How? Give specific examples.
3. How did the wheel help Mesopotamia?
4. How is the wheel used today? Give 4 specific examples of things that have wheels.
5. Specialization-Getting good at one specific thing. What do you think were some things people Specialized in during Mesopotamia?
6. What do people specialize in today? Give specific answers.
7. What positive effect did Food Surplus have on Mesopotamia?

I appreciate your time and effort on the Blog. You, the Student, makes the Blog what it is. So, Thank you. I firmly believe, as we enter October, we are definately on our way to accomplishing one of our goals this year--to become a Master Blogger.


emily period 3 said...

1. its where u water land , they used it to help their crops.
2. yes, it is used today. we use it for farming and watering are crops. helped them transport their crops.
4.we use wheels for cars, toys (like romout crantrool cars), for microwavethey spin aound on a axle, power tools andcdplayers thats like a wheel.
5. harvesting crops
6. building tools or new inventions.
7. grain was one

Austinpd3 said...

1 the irrigation was they would leave a open wall so the water could come through.
2 yes it is but we use big sprinkler looking things.
3 it helped them by making it easier to transport stuff
4 cars wheelbarrows tractors romoe control cars
5 farming becuse they alwas had surpous of food
6 technology like computers and electric cars
7 if they had more food then they needed they could sell it or trade it.

Ezra 3 Voigt said...

1 iragation is getting water to ares that normally dont get water.
2 yes,by dams and man maid rivers.
3 the wheel helped movelarge objects
4 bikes cars bus semi
5 making there crops fertil
6 making lots of money$$$$$$$$!!
7 making money

Alex 3Wilde said... feed the people in Mesopotamia

2.yes, it's just now we have more hi-tech things like hoses,sprinklers and many more.

3. To move objects from place to place.

4.The wheel is used for cars,tractors,planes,and bicycles.

5. The Mesopotamians specialized in cooking, fishing, and farming.

6.People today specialize in athletics,teaching,and many jobs.

Jordan 3Wagley said...

1.feed the people in Mespotamia.
3.To move large objects.
4.To move large objects and to get from one place to another place.
5.I think people specializd wheel.
6.Athletics, teaching,and other jods.

Tyler P.3 said...

1. Irrigation helped them,it gave them a food surplus dude. Useirrigation today because we still grow crops. 3. The wheel h

quinten3 said...

1.getting water to areas that normolly get water They helped them so that they didnt have to get water for those place.
2.yes by Watering plants and the grass.
3.It helped them so that they didnt have to pust or pull things that are heavy on hard ground.
4.It is used on cars, store carts, lawnmowers, and skateboards.
5.Building temples and cities.
6.Building, working, and writing.
7.A good diet.

garrett 3lambert said...

1.The irragation helped the Mesopotamia to have heavy crops.
2.It is use today the same way they did it mesopotamia. we still use it to day to get more fertilization.
3.It helped to move heavy objects from one place to another.
4.It is used on a car, shoping cart, and rolling cabnet.
5.They specialization pottery, armor, and tools.
6.We specalize in makeing cars, tv, and computers.
7.Not having to farm and make lots of money.

Nicole P. P.3 said...

1. Irragation is the way people got water to their crops, and it helped Mesopotamia to have food surplus.

2.Irrigation is still used today and we use it to water our yards with sprinklers or hoses.

3.The wheel helped mesopotamia by moving heavey objects.

4.The wheel helps use by getting us places quicker. 4 examplesof the way we use wheels is cars, wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, and lawn mowers.

5.I think some things people specialized in were growing crops and irrigating land.

6.People specialize in banking, growing crops, and working for the law.

7.Food surplus led to extra money and probaly social division.

Long 3Tasia said...

1. Irrigation is getting water to areas that normally get water and it helped keep their crops healthy and watered.

2.Yes, Irrigation is still used today, because it rains.

3. The wheel helped Mesopatamians move heavy objects easily.

4.The wheel is used by busses, planes, bycicles, and cars.

5. I think they specialized in fishing, farming, and creating things.

6.We specialize in working on computers, swimming, teaching, it all depends on what we do for a living. diversity

jessie campbell p.3 said...

(1)irrigation helped by watering there crops healthy (geting water to areas that normally get water)
(2) yes irrigation is still used rains and we have technology to do it.
(3)the wheel helped mesopotamia by carring and traveling stuff (crops food logs)to a pacific location .
(4)the wheel is used by cars bikes planes and buses.
(5)farming, fishing building things(i think)
(6)our jobs clothing &computers
(7)social division

Paidon 3Meyer said...

1.Irrigation helped the Mesopotamias by getting water to areas that normally get water.

2. yes, beaches

3.The WHEEL helped the Mesopotamias by moving heavy objects.

4.yes, the WHEEL is still used today such as cars, bikes, scooters,& wheelbarrels.\

5.Specialization is getting really good at one specific thing., cars, ect. division

Cassidy 3wethor said...

Cassidy 3wethor

1.Irragation was when they flooded a piece of land so they got better crops.

2.Irragation is still used today to water places by a river. Also, irrigation helps farmers water crops during drought.

3.The wheel helped the Mesopotamains move heavy things from one place to another.

4. Wheels are still used today to helps humans travel,move stuff,and much more. Four things that have wheels are cars,wheel barrows,glf carts,shopping carts.

5. I think some people would get good at farming,building, and fishing. Also they should be good at trading.

6. People get good at things like building, teaching, being a dentist,driving ,and working on computers.

7. People could trade something that they have extra of for something they don't have.

alyssa3 said...

1. irrigation helped them by getting more water different places and pretty much assuring them that they will have water for a long time to come.
2.yes,to get water different places if certain people need it.
3.the wheel helped them because some objects they could not carry so the wheel allowed them to move whatever object they wished to move.
4.vehicles, pulley system, some desks, and pianos.
5.building,getting food,battling,teaching,architecture
7.they could trade and get more of what they needed.

Anonymous said...

1.Irrigation is when they let water in from the ocean and gave there plants water.
2.I do not know if irrigation is still used today because it got the plants to salty.

Mackenzie 3Nelson said...

Here are my answers to the questions.

1. Irrigation helped them by getting what they needed by gtting it to places they uesaly needed it.

2.Yes it is used today by helping us do the same thng they did.exampels are by wtering plants

3.the whell helped by transporting objects.

4.The wheel today is used on cars its uesd on carts to push around,on wheel chairs, and on strollers.

5.They problebly used it by farming and buliding.

6.Farming and alson making idems.

7.By having more food to have and having to sell it for money so they can plant more.

marie 3Egbrecht said...

1. Irrigation is getting water to areas that normally get water. It helped them by taking baths and getting a drink of water.

2. yes, it is used by getting water to your bath tub and it helps you do your luandry.

3. The wheel helped by, moving heavey objects.


Patrick 3Gallo said...

1. Irrigation helped Mespotaimians by getting water to their crops for a good harvest.

2. Yes, watering corn crops and other feilds, a sprinkler is pulled around a field with a farm tractor in a clock formation.

May be continued {?}


1.Irrigation is getting water to places that normally get water.It helped them by giving them a drink of water.
2.yes, it is used by getting water to your bath tub and it helps you do your laundry.
3.The wheel



1. Irrigation is farming it helped them by geting more food.
2. Irrigation is still used today in any farming.
3. The wheel helped with hevy obgects.

Makenzie Marso 4th said...

1.Getting water to areas that normally get water, they got more fertile land for crops.
2.Yes, if we get a little to much rain then our land to is perfect for farming, like we can grow corn and lots more when that happens.
3.The wheel helped move heavy objects so they didnt hurt their back.
4. 1. for cars 2. for wagons 3. for chairs and 4. faris wheel
5.I think they specilized in getting ready for floods they probobly had a plan.
6.People specilize in jobs such as teachers, lawers, athetic directers, buisness owners, and MANY more.
7.They would have alot of food in case their is a drought sometime

nelson dingler period4 said...

1.irrgation helped mesopotamia get
better land for farming.
2.yes because floods happen then people start irregating and thne it end up famrers having better land for farming. they could move heavy objects from place to place easily.,trucks,ariplanes,helicopters they use it today mostly for transportation.
5.making temples mining clay and making clothes docters
6.any type of teahcer mechanics airplane drivers owners of buildings.
7.they would have extra food to keep so if they ran out they would have another food source.

Mykayla 4Palmer said...

1. Irragation was watering the places that usually get water and it helped them and gave them surplus.
2.Irragation is still ised to water crops
3. The wheel helped them because it was like a car.
4.The wheel is used on
and even irragation systems
5.Growing plants, making food
6.We speaicalize in cooking building and art
7. They got more money

Emma Baier pd. 4 said...

1: It gave them crops that could gain them food surplus.
2: Yes It is used to bring water to crops and sinks one example is sprinklers irrigate.
3: It helped them move heavy objects.
4: It is used in almost the exact same way. 4 things that use the wheel is cars, scooters, bikes, and some chairs.
5: Some things are farming, irrigation, and and trade.
6: Some examples are Computers, camras, farming, and taeching like Mr. Klumper himself.
7: Thanks to food surplus they were able to exceed in trading.

sabreena4mad said...

1 irrigation is food surplus

2 yes irrigation is still used today,we have corn beans

3 the wheel helped mespotamia by using log rollers and hauling heavy stuff

4 the wheel is used today by using cars,chair,car, roller blades,

5 they are good at building stuff

6we are good at constrution,farming

7 fights

Shane G. period 4 said...

1. It gave them extra crop and that gave them surplus.
2 Yes, many farmers use irragation by watering there plants and we use sprinklers to keep our grass green.
3. It helped them carry heavy objects from some place to another place.
4. Cars,trailers,trucks,and tracters.
5. Farming and building homes and stuff of that nature.
6. School,digging up artifacts,and the job that they have.
7. Lead to people becoming more richer by selling the surplus.

Riley 4Frantzen said...

1. Irrigation was what helped them water their plants.

2. yes. We use irrigation to water our grass and plants.

3. The wheel was used to help them transsport food and many other things.

4. The wheel is used today with cars, wagons, carts, and tractors.

5. Things the mesopotamions specialized in farming big time.

6. Things people specialize in are teaching, typing, talking, ect.

7. Food surplus effected them by using their food for money.

aaron beaner said...

1. the movement of water,
gave them good soil

2.Yes, to irrigation our lawn,sprinklers helped them move heave objects

4.on vehicals, cars trucks bikes and carts

5.cloth making and brick making

6.enginers factery woorkers and teachers

7. speshalization

Jacob Murray pd 4 said...

1. irragation is getting water to places that usually get water
and it helped do just that.
2.yes it is still used to day for farmers have to keep there crops going so they can eat and even make a surplus they bring water to there plants with water containers or the rain does it. helped move heavy objects
4.on cars,wagons,machines,corn grinders.
5.irrigation,planting and building.,teaching,astronomy,math ect. division and they got more to eat and have to do less work

Randall period4 Howard said...

1.irrigation is getting water to areas that normallyget water,yes
2.yes,by water carrying water in bukets. indoor plumming,sinks propane tanks,wells and more
3.It helped by making stuff move easyer
4.For getting to,bicycle,and weel barrels
6.autimotives getting more stuff

mitchells4 said...

Iragation is when water goes were it dosnt usaly go. it helped the people that neede water in beetween the rivers.Yes it is sewers pipelines canals.It helped because it helped them move heavy is used for transpertation like weel barel cars wagons roller skates. they specified in making cloths farming engineering.they specilize in working at a bank for asuperviser. money riches!!!!!!

Tanner Koster said...

1 It is making land better for farming.
2 we still use it to water plants and your garden if you have one.
3 it helped them move heavy objects.
4 in cars in factories.
5 making bricks.
6 being a doctor .
7 they had extra money.

Ryan 4larson said...

1. Irrigation is getting wter to go were it normally wouldnt. It helped the mesopatamians by making fertile farming land.
2. will answer later
3. The wheel helped them by allowing the to pul things easier.
4.We use the wheel today when we drive cars. When we ride bikes, skate boards, and scooters.
5. Some people specialized in bulding, and makind clothing.
6. Smethings we specialize in today are driving buses, cars, and planes.
7. It led to social division.

lucas 4chmela said...

1.getting water to areas that normally get water it helped them keep crop growing andthe soil fertile it keeps 2. yes through technology for farming for gardining 3. it helped them move heavy objects 4. for driving cars bikes trucks tractors motorcycles 4-wheelers 5. farming irragation and fishing 6. jobs sports fishing farming almost anything 7. trading richness.

Tatertot(4tate)green said...

1.irrigation is water that over flows ands waters helped the Mesopotamians by making the land fertlie
2.irrigation is still use today because we dont always get enough water in the summer and the spring like the desert,who almost never had water.
3.the wheel helped them by making it easier to move heavy objects.
4.the wheel is use to move thing like how they did back,toys,trailers,and some chairs have or need wheels to move
5.making bricks,farming,and making clohes
6.farming,politcs,teaching,football,almost everything
7.making money

kendall pd 4 said...

irrigation is getting water to places.

we use irrigation today cuz we take water to place to place

the wheel helped them by taking hevy loads to a diffrent places

cars,wheel burrow,bus,chairs,

getting food getting water cooking farming

farming hunting

selling for money

Rachael Hornerp.4 said...

I think that irrigation means that it was the first major invention that a movie talks about. 2.Irrigation is still used today because we dont always get enough water is in the Summer and Spring. 3. To help move heavy objects. 4. The wheels process of the invention was log rollers,Sledge,Combined the rollers and the sledge together. 5. I dont know that question. 6. To be continued..............

Hannah 4Poppens said...

1.Getting water to areas that normally water and it helped with growing crops.
2.Yes,it is used for farming.
3.It helped them move heavy lowds.
4.Cars,wagons,planes,lawn mowers.
5.Farming,making clothes,building
I ran out of time.

sarah4 mckellar said...

1.irrigation is getting water to areas that normally get water.

2. helped mesopotamians hull things easier.

4.the wheel helps hull furniture,technology,cars,and toys.

5.farming,building temples,and being king.

6.people today speciaize in sports,making important thing like technology,and cars.

Troy smallp4 said...

1: Digging from the rivers and getting water to dry crops.
2:yes. but people are not doing it the way the mesopotamians did. they use many different things to bring it over. like during droughts, they bring buckets or other things and dump or spray it on. To be continued.

shambree said...

irrigation is moving frome one place to another and then back. It helped the mesopotamians to have a good food surluse and keep from being flooded. it is sometimes used today to do the same things.
I have never seen a irrigation before so I can not give any examples. it helped move big things. to move cars. cars big things bikes and motercikles. continue later

cody p.6 said...

1.was to irrate crops and made a food surplus

2.yes in fields farmers plow and irragate there crops today also helped them move heavy objects from place to place move to place to place ND CARRY OBJECTS cars tractors wheel barrows and trailers

5.blacksmithing, farming, building,

6.farming building smithing education

7.gave them alot of food to eat and they could sell it.

brad 6taylor said...

1. irrigation is getting water to that normally does not get water and it helped them irrigate their crops.
2. yes, because we use it to grow our crops. helped them move heavy objects.
4. it is used to move heavy objects,to drive cars, to mow lawns,and to get to school.
5. irrigating and making wheels
6. docters, building,engineering.

jared 6dale said...

it helped crops grow
yes in fields
move hevey objects
cars bikes trailers scooters
making bricks
being a dr. being a fireman
social seperation

Shyanne 6 said...

#1. Irrigation is getting water to areas that normally dont get water and it helped by getting water to places that DONT get water.
#2. yes and to water crops.sprinkler
#3. the weel helped by taking heavy stuff from place today.#4cars,wagons,carts and bikes
#6. teaching, bus drivers can give t to other places that dont have any thing

sammie peterson period6 said...

#2 Irrigation is still used today to water crops, and there is sprinklers and etc.

#4 wheels are still used for cars,bikes,wagons,carts. and etc.

#3 the wheel hepled the mesoptamias by helping them move heavy things around.

#5 i think some things that the mesoptamia got good at was planting crops,and making the crops look good.

#6 construction workers learn how do be good people to fix things,and people specialize to be a teacher and etc.

#7 having more crops then you need

thomas 6 period said...

fertile land yeah springkelers, hoses,fosets, carring things and instead of pulling pushing cars,wheel barrels,bikes,and trailers harvesting working around the house butching more people would come and stay there

Jessica 6Randolph said...

1.Irrigation is deverting water from rivers, it helped by watering crops and having fertile land.

2.Yes, farmers and harvesters use irrigation by watering there land.

3.The wheel helped the Mesopotamians move things and get to one place to another.

4.Wheels help us get from one place to another place.Cars, bikes,four-wheeling, dirtbikes.

5.Hunting and butchering.

6.People today can be specialize in nurseing, constructors,and mechanincs.

7. They could save food for winter and take a break in hunting.

halle 6doe said...

#1.Getting water to areas that normally get water, to water crops.
#2.yes because some people have wells that have to carry it home.
#3.the wheel helped to move heivy things easier. move easier cars, carts, bikes,and strollers.
To be continued...

zach 6frantz said... when you water crop. cased good framing and frtll land. it would make it lighter and esyerto carey help move thangs,
for our cars,
a bike,
a bus

5.framing and hunting,keping there crops from going bad.

6.a contraer bliding house, a techer that thaeches kids.

7. they put it a side

tobecane contiun

Anonymous said... helped the them by watering their crops.2.yes,to water help carry things.4.for transportation

to be contued

Caleb 6Vanhemert said...

Irrigation taking water from the rivers or lakes to water there crops. Yes to water crops,srinkaler. The wheel was helpfull to Mesopotamia so they could move objects. The wheel is still used today,cars,bycicles,monster trucks,and trucks. They probaly specialized in maxing spears. People today specialize in there jobs. To be continued

Dani 6Hoeke said...

1.geting water to areas that normally get water their crops. water gardens.

to be continuesd

Caleb Van Hemert said...

Positive Food Surplus made it so they dont have to farm and grow crops as much know as long as they have a positive Food Surplus.

halle 6doe said...

#5.building temples, wrighting
#6.Science, space, enviroment, doctors and nurses
#7.had to much of food and they would have to save it or store it.

Kaitlyn 8Ternus said...

1. Irrigation is when you put things on the ground to help it.

2.Yes, Farmers and people use it to help the ground

3. It helped them to move things better.

4.Cars, buses, wagons, moter cycle




beccap.8 said...

1. irrigation is a way or watering the crops or keeping them alive with ease.helped them keep plant alive and sometimes led to surplus. farms and corn fields and maybe bean fields. helped by moving things and making money.
4.on cars.on buses.for some houses.
7.more money for building and for socialization i think?.!

Zachary thomas said...

the mesoponait are realy cool but i want tolearn more about them so i know more about there lives.

hunter duncan said...

1.getting water to areas that normally.

2.getting really good at one specific. with moving heavy ojects. car,bus,tractor,and wagon.


austin harvey p8 said...

1.iragation is were you dig a water way to the crops that can help the crops grow by watering them.
2.yes irragation is yoused today beacause some farmers still use it today so the allways don't always have to pay for water.
3.the wheel helped to move heavy stuff like boulders for crop land
and other space needed.
4.the wheel today is uesed for travel,movement, flight, machines.
5.maybe zigurat work
6.maybe mechaniclalwork.

Jake donahoe p.8 said...

1.watering things and it helped them grow things in the desert
2.yes farmers use it all the time
3.they could move surplus,buses,tractors, atvs
5.writeing,farming,farming, driving,
7.they could become specialized

walker 8waterbury said...

It helped them grow crops.2.yes people on plantations, farms and what not use it all the helped them hall heavy things around.4.on cars,trucks,trailors and, health,building.6.same as what I just wrote art,health,building.7trading and sociallization with different countries

Andrew Breitzman8 said...

1. Irrigation is something that waters plants and grass. It helps Mesopotamians by watering their plants and grass for them.

2. Irrigation is still used today to water grass. Some examples would be sprinklers.

3. The wheel helped Mesopotamia by hauling around logs and other resources.

4. The wheel is used today by hauling around pigs and truckloads. Examples would be cars,trucks,motorcycles, and carts.

5.Some things Mesopotamians might be good at specializing in is making fires.

6.What people specialize in today is driving cars and making friends.

7. Food Surplus had a positive attitude by helping people make more crops.

lexi pd8 said...

1.geting water to places that wouldent be any water.
2.they use irrigation during farming.
3.the wheel helped them becouse if they had some thing hevey they would put it on a wagon or some thing with wheels.
4.1.on cars 2.on carts 3.wheelchair
4.tier swings
5.they would probebly bild and garden and hunted.
6.a sintist spesilises in animals and other things 2. a teacher is good at teching 3. a doctor is good at serjorie and stuff like that
7.they would get other things and $

Cole 8Ripperda said... helped them farm and get better crops
2.yes we use it when we farm specificaly for are crops helped them move heavy objects alot easily
4.the wheel today one a few examples are veichles, carts, lawn mowers, and luggage
5. jobs
6.dentists doctors

Drew per8 said...

1. irragation is when you got water to areas that usally got water. it helped them getwater to their crops.
2.yes it is used when farmers water their crops. helped carry heavey loads. is used on cars bikes planes when they land and rollerblades.
5. they specialized in farming docters workers and fishers hunter etc
6. they specialize in docter sports hunting teaching fishing building.
7. they had enough foodand they could trade for money

Madisen 8White said...

#1. Irrigation helped Mesopotamians by letting them get water to their plants so they can have a surplus of food. part two of #1 irrigation-getting water to areas that normally get water

#2. Yes, the rain waters our lawn but we still water it with the hose.

#3. The wheel helped move heavy objects.

#4. cars, wheelbarros, wagons, and wheelchairs

#5. Making pottery

#6. doctors specalise on getting good at making people feel better teachers (depends on what subject) get really good at one subject

#7. Food surplus gave Mesopotamians extra money.

Maci Smykle 8 said...

1 irrigation is getting water to areas that normaly get water gave them good farmeing land
2 yes it isused when farmers uesd it
3 it helped them by putting stuff on it and pushing it so its easyer to move
4 trains, cars, bikes and scooters
5 killing animals for food and and trying to come up with new tools
6 on a sport they do or a realy good job or doctors or dentist
7 they had lots of food land so they had crops to trade for money

michaela b 8th period said...

Irrigation is when you get water to areas that normally dont get water.Mesopotamians used it to get water to their crops.
Yes irragation is used today,when you water your grass in ur yard. Even just getting water into your house by using a sink is irragation.
The wheel was used to carry heavy things and or crops, it took less time and energy.
The wheel, if you go somewhere and you dont see a wheel, you are either lost or dead. The wheel is used for cars to take you places, bikes for exercise or transport,wagons to pull little siblings or your kids, and tractors to help farmers.
I think there were probably specialized farmers ,heerders,merchants, and pottery makers. People specalize in medecin, justic, teaching, farming ,and art.
Surplus food gave mesopotamia social divison.

john hedman period #8 said...

1. irrigation is getting water to areas that normally get water and that gave them farming land

2. we use irrigation by getting farming lands to make better crops

3. getting things to places faster then pulling it.

4. wheel today is use by 2.roolerblades 3. buss 4. bike ex.

5. somethings are pottery farming and ex.

6. people specialize in farming still clothing and machanics

7. get more food

wyatt winter p8 said...

1. it is water for crops and it help them get surplus.
2.yes it is uesed today to water crops.
3. to get them every where.
4. cars tralers 4 wheelers lawan mowers.
5. geting food.
6. driving cars.
7. to get food.

connor 8smith said...

1.It would help them grow crops. 2.Yes, because we need to crow grass. 3.It would help you to move heavy objects. 4.moving cars,moning rocks,moving a person,and moving heavy things. 5.

denton bose said... helps them grow crops.
2.yes,it is used when you make a line in the mud water goes that way.3.helped them move boards.,mopads,bikes,mortorcycles.
to be continued

emily anderson 9th period said...

1.iragation is getting water to areas that normally get water so they would be able to get water.
2.yes it is used on when they have to take the water to the homes and buildings that use water every day. helped the to wheel stuff to different places.
4.mopeds motor cycles and cars and even in like trailers and stuff.
5.fighting against other soldiers and nights.
6.doing different sports and other things like singing and daning. a i think they had awesome fertile ground and got social division

JDmartin9-10 said...

1. the movment of needed water

2.yes.farming.corn cannals





Lilli Jasper period 9 said...

#1 irrigation is getting water to areas that normally get water!

#2 yes, thet still take water wherenthey usally get water

#3 so they dident have to carrie stuff

#4 to travel to tske stuff for long distances to get some where and to take crops

#5 irigation.

#6 they spesillize in sience and they are a very good sientist

#7 having more crops

Braydon period 9 said...

1.Irrigation is where they force or move the water through the rest of the land.
2.I think that irrigation is used to day by farmers making lines in the soil.
3.It helped the Mesopotamians by getting heavier objects around.
4.It is used for cars, wheelbarrows, a rooling cart, and skateboards.
5.They specialized in irrigation.
6.We specialize in everything that we are good at.
7. It helped them have more time to work on civalization.

Sally Pd. 9 said...

1. Irrigation is how they moved water to other places. It helped them grow crops.
2. Yeah, farmers and peoples like that.
3. It help them move things around.
4. Uh, used for bringing things places... Cars, buses, bikes, skateboards.
5. Farming, selling stuff, teaching, digging, building...
6. Uh, farming, selling stuff, teaching, digging, building... ok probably not digging, you now, the way they did, with rocks for shovels or whatever.
7. They started trading and talking to people??

Tyler 9Erck said...

1.getting water to areas that normally get water it helped them get food surplus.
2.yes, we use it to water our crops, water plants and to water gardens and fields.
3. it helped them move crops and heavy things. move things,car, cart, three wheeler, and scooter.
5.building things, hunting, work., sports, school, hunting.
7. it helped them survive and not starve.

Chris Bly 9th said...

1. Irragation: MOVING WATER TO A PLACE THAT DOES NOT NORMALY GET WATER. Irragation helped the Mesopatamians by causeing a food surplus.
2. Farming, We need to irragate crops or they will die.
3.It helped by helping move large and heavy objects wich would help lesson the physical toll on farmers ons other people.
4.Cars, Roller Skates, Skate Boards, Gears And Cogs
5.Farming,Making Clothes, Fishing, Trading, Inventing
6.Science, Polotics, Teaching, Buisness.
7.It helped people because specialize they nolonger had to fight and survive the day.

logan rank period9 said...

1#how they got water to there crops,used to water crops easier.

2#yes for watering crops.

3#it helped move heavy object that were hard to carrie.

4#on cars,roller chairs,gears for some technology,and on robots like moving ones.

6# brain surgery,plane pilots.

7#extra trading.

Dylan Gustafson said...

1.irrigation is a flood and it heled them by watering there crops.
2.yes when you are watering your flower carry stuff get us to place to place,to use instead of wood chips to play in to use again
5.being a farmer
6.being a scientist
7.fat people

Levi McKercher Period 8 said...

1.Irrigation is taking water from one place to another, it helped them water their crops to stay alive.

2. Yes irrigation is used today. Many farmers use irrigation to water their crops like the Mesopotamians.

3. The wheel made the Mesopotamians life easier by helping them carry stuff by rolling it instead of carrying it by walking.

4. We use wheels on cars, rolly chairs, gears for clocks, and toys like legos

5. The Mesopotamians must have gotten very good at farming crops.

6. People specialize in surgery, optometry, writing books, basically any occupation that deals with one skill.

7. Food surplus really helped the Mesopotamians because that allowed them to worry about something else other than their food. Also they could trade other people food for some other things they made need.

nicole9 g. said...

1. Getting water where water doesn't go, it helped grow crops where they nomally don't. 2. Yes, we water our plants. 3. They didn't have to carry stuff with the wheel. 4. It too carries our stuff, cars, some shoes, carriges, chairs. 5. Growing crops, making wheels. 6. Talking, making toys. 7. less stress.

Umaima 9Koch said...

1. Irrigation is the way they moved water from one place to another to water crops. It helped them grow lots of crops for food.

2. Yes, to water the crops on farms.

3. It helped them move things from one place to another easily.

4. To move lots of stuff(or people) from one place to another. Examples:cars, bikes, wheelbarrows, trucks.

5. Farming, writing.

6. Teaching, science, education, and lots of other things.

7. Socialization and trading.

DylanD period10 said...

1.The weele is used for carring heaavy objects.
2.Having more crops than needed is food surplus.
3.irrigation is to get water to areas that normaly get water

Lydia period 9 said...

1. Irrigation helped them by making the land good for farming.
2. Yes. To help people make land good for farming. Farmers use irrigation while farming or us by using sprinklers for yard.
3. The wheel helped by making heavy objects easier move.
4. Cars, Bikes, Four wheelers, Tractors
5. Getting food ,irrigation
6. Jobs, Parents
7. They didn't have to worry about food.

caitlynn 9 said...

1.watering pants or crops to help grow crops or plants

2.yes irrigation is used today in class rooms to water our plants and for farming

3.It helped them by moving hevey things around have wheels carts have wheels heeles the shoes have 1 wheel in each shoe

5.farming potteray

6.teachers doctors

Calli 9 Hensley said...

1.It helped them feed their crops.
2.yes,we use it when we feed are gardens.
3.they used it to hall stuff around.
4.we drive in are cars,we ride are bikes, skate boards,rollar blades.
5.farmin and pottery.
6.teachers,they teach us stuff. get more foods.

Paige 9Drenth said...

1.It is where you water your crops and it helps water or grow crops.
2.Yes, we use it to water our crops.
3.The wheel helps them move heavy objects., scooters, bikes, roller skates
5.they can specialize in farming
6. they can specialize in cooking or sports
7.they would not starve or go hungry

Brendan 9Gayken said... helped them water their plants.
2.we can water our plants.
3.the wheel helped them get things done faster.
4.the wheel is used today on cars.bikes,scooters,carts,cars
5.building houses doctors
6.doctors archathects
7.having more things to make medicine out of.

Gideon9 said...

1.irrigation is a way to waterstuff
2.yes,usein a hose. helped them carry hevay objects
7.It let them be abble to do other things

Savannah(Garrow said...

1.Irragation was when the land got flodded and sothe land got better crops.

2.Irragation is used today to water in the rivers. also help the farmers during the droughts.

3.wheel helped the Mesopotamains move helpde move heavy things to one place to another place.

4. they are used for things like shopping carts, go carts,cars, and more. Wheels are being used still today to helps humans travel,move stuff. if traveling to places or moving to a new place.

5.some fishing. Also they should be good for trading.

6. People get good at things like building, building, being a dentist,teaching.

7. People could trade something that they have extra for something they do not even have.

macy 4murren said...

1. pumping of water from a lake river or well used to water crops to help crops grow bigger. (food surplus)

2. yes, its still used today. it helps farmers by watering our crops and plants. (corn ad beans) helped them to carrie things in a easier manner

4.the wheel is sill used today .1
a car 2 a wheel barro. 3 wheels ona desk. 4 and on bikes.

5. farming and hunting

6. in gold minning, teaching, accounting,and sewing. trading.

Alli Fatone period 6 said...

1. Irrigation is getting water where it normally isn't, and it helped the Mesopotamians by watering the land and covering it with fertile silt to farm on.

2. Irrigation is used today in lawn sprinklers, and for farming crops.

3. The wheel helped Mesopotamia with moving heavy objects instead of just pushing alone.

4. The wheel is used today in motor vehicles (cars, buses, etc.)wheel barrows, bikes, rickshaws, and gurneys.

5. I think people in Mesopotamia specialized in planting crops, harvesting crops, building structures, trading goods, and fishing.

6. People today specialize in commerce (trading of goods and services) fashion, music, politics, and law enforcement.

7. A positive effect of food surplus in Mesopotamia was that the population was able to increase and they didn't have a big rush to farm.

Kjerstin 9Williams said...

I did #'s 1-4 on my last comment
#5 I think that people in Mesopotamia specialized in farming.
#6 Peple today like doctor's specalize in medicin and people and veternarine's specialize in animals.
#7 Food surplus was good because if someone didn't have what they needed they could the stuff the didn't as much.

molly 8howars said...

#1. Was bringing water to places that wasn't watered as much
#2. Yes, famers use it to make sure all of their plants get whatever amount of water it needs
#3. To move heavy objects
#4. Automobiles, wheel barrows, skateboards, and vacume cleaners
#5. probably bankers, farmers, and fishers
#6. dentists, docters, and lawyers
#7. they would not starve

troy small p7 said...

HI! sorry abot the typo in space on answer #2. MORE ANSWERS:
3: the wheel helped the mesopotamians move many different heavy objects without it, today we would surely be lost. I know that there is another part to this question, and as soon as I get ff this computer where I am blogging from, I will remember it!!!!
4: I think that the mesopotamians were very talented in so many ways, they invented money, the invented irrigation, and most importantly, THE WHEEL! the mesopotamians were talented in so many ways, too many to mention.
6: I think that everyone has their own specific specialization, so, I don't know. everyone is different.
7: I really don't think I know. But I do know that as soon as I get off of this computer, I will remember!!!

Weston 3Meyer said...

4. They would be bikes, cars, scooters, and a skateboard.
5. farming, tool making, building with stones
6. engineering-manchanicial, chemical and municipal
7. Extra food so they could survive through winter.

jesse natole pd8 said...

jesse pd 8natole The wheel is used today for cars and bikes to get from one place to anther place. wheel helpd by travoling hevy loads of things

shambree 6smith said...

people surpluse caned foods such as beans,corn,and peas.It healped to not worry as much for food. (i am continuing this from another day)

Dentonp8 Bose said...

1.The wheel is used for cars and bikes it so much easier to get around and it help for alot of other things.