This project is called "Scrapbooking the Ancient World" and it's going to be epic. In the past, I have always followed the same format: study an ancient civilization, take a test, throw away all the material, go to next ancient civilization, take a test, throw everything away, move on to next place, etc, etc, etc. I do not like that method because at the end of the year, we open up our social studies folder and have nothing. I want to do something to help you learn and remember all the important things we study during our time together. At the end of the year, I want you to have something that you can look through and see all the things we have studied. That, my friends, is your Ancient World Scrapbook. In class, I covered the basic requirements that you need to have in your Ancient World Scrapbook. However, you need to know that this is YOUR scrapbook. You need to help it reach its potential and to do that, you need to add "extras." Make your scrapbook cool. Make it something you can be proud of. Be creative, be imaginative, be a thinker. With this blog post, I will include the BASIC Requirements you need for this project, as well as some ideas for "Extra" things. I also want YOUR help in coming up with other "Extra" ideas for students. So, post a comment with ideas that you have of other "Extra" items that we could use or make to put in our scrapbook to make it as cool as possible. I can't wait to see what we come up with for these Scrapbooks. Rock this project, people!

Scrapbook Requirements
5 important vocab words
5 important things
map w/ important places
My Adventure (ongoing story. You are main character)

The 8 Ancient Worlds
-Stone Age
-Ancient Egypt
-Ancient China
-Ancient India
-Ancient Greece
-Ancient Rome
-Medieval Times
"Extras" Ideas
-Picture Collages
-Interesting facts
-Vocab Packet
-Ancient Quest stories
-Drawings, comics, artwork
-photo fun