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Ancient Egypt Test

We've lived and experienced Deltron: The Realm of the Nile for four weeks. It is now time to face the end guy of Deltron: Donkey Kong. Though this giant of a gorilla is intimidating, it is no match for the aresnel of knowledge you have equipped yourself with. Be confident. Be bold. Be courageous for it is time to step into the jungle, climb the ladder and take this behemoth down. 
Grab that mouse, steady your hand, focus your eyes and click. 

Ancient Egypt Test

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ancient Egypt Study Guide

Our time in Deltron is quickly coming to a close. With only two days before you face the "end guy" of Deltron (Donkey Kong), I want to provide you with a powerful weapon in your quest to beat the game and rule the Realm. The study guide is linked below. You will find many resources and tools to help you study the material. The main topics are: Mummification, Nile river, vocab words, Pyramids of Egypt, gods and goddesses and Ancient Quest chapter 4.  Good Luck! #beatDeltron

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Ancient Egypt Knowledge Share

We have covered some interesting topics thus far in the world of Deltron: Realm of the Nile. Ancient Egypt is packed with fascinating topics like King Tut, mummification, the Nile river, Pyramids, and Pharaohs. My challenge to you is simple: Share your knowledge of ancient Egypt! For this blog post, simply tell me 10 facts from the topics we have learned about during our ancient Egypt world. Remember, share information! Not opinions. Share something about pyramids, Nile river, mummification, King Tut, ancient Egypt mythology or daily life. 
Student Task: Share information about ancient Egypt by sharing up to 10 facts about ancient Egypt. 
Points: For each fact, 10 RP (max total of 100 RP for individual score)
Blackout: Thursday, December 11th. 11:59 pm

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Mummification of Pharaoh Khufu

Witness the images of the mummification of the Pharaoh Khufu. Mummification was an extremely important part of the ancient Egyptian belief system. In order to achieve passage into the afterlife, the soul needed to recognize the physical body, so they mummified the dead before burial. As we mummified the Pharaoh Khufu, we saw the steps taken to properly mummify a dead body.
1. Announcement of Death
2. Removal of brain: we inserted a wire hook up through the nose into the brain. We snagged the brain with the hook and removed it through the nose. We threw the brain away because the Egyptians believed the brain was a waste of space.
 3. Removal of Organs. The "slitter" cut a hole in the left side of the stomach area. The slitter was then pelted with stones for he had defiled the human body and needed to be punished. The organs were then removed from the body and placed in canopic jars to be preserved with the body. The four organs: lungs, liver, small intestines, and stomach. To ensure a natural look to the body, the Egyptians then stuffed the empty body cavity with rags and straw to bring it back to it's natural appearance.
 4. Drying out process. The body was covered with Natron Salt for about 40 days. This step sucked all the moisture out of the body and prepared it for wrapping.
5. Wrapping of the body. The body was wrapped from head to toe with hundreds of yards of white linen. The limbs were wrapped seperately, then the hole thing was wrapped together. The linen layers were held together with a substance called "mummia" which is a glue like substance. Within the layers of linen, golden amulets were played to protect the body into the afterlife.
 6. Final Procession. After the mummification process was complete, the mummified pharaoh was brought to his final resting place and sealed in his tomb. For the Pharaoh Khufu, his final resting place was the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Ancient Quest Present: Chapter 4-I Perform Mummification

Johnny entered the Stone Age and discovered how to control fire for the neanderthals. Then, he entered Mesopotamia and figured out how to irrigate the fields so the Mesopotamians could grow crops in the desert. In Johnny's first two worlds, he was successful, gaining his first two golden coins. However, Johnny has a lot of work to do because he still needs to earn six more. For his third task, Johnny will enter ancient Egypt, a land of incredible intrigue and fascination. As Johnny works to figure out his task, it might not be what it seems. Can Johnny figure out what to do and accomplish his task? One thing is certain: his ancient Egypt task will push him to the limits, and then some...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Float Down the Nile (Google Drive)

You have witnessed Andy float down the Nile River. You have created a Nile visual to help you "picture" what the Nile looks like. Now, it is time to pick up the pen (keyboard) and create your own story. You have time traveled back to ancient Egypt. You are standing on the shores of Lake Nasser, ready to jump into your raft. You will be floating down the Nile river all the way to the Delta (hopefully). What happens along the way? What do you see? What do you experience? The pen is mightier than the sword so now you wield the power to create your own story and your own adventure. In your "Shared with me" folder, you will find a document titled "Float Down the Nile." Open it up and let your adventure begin! 

Realm Points: 100
Blackout: December 12

Backup Document