Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Egyptian Mythology Arcade!

The Ancient Egyptians were polytheistic, meaning they believed in many gods. Like the Greeks, they believed in gods for each specific aspect of life. God of the dead, god of the sky, god of flooding, etc. There's tons of them! So I thought I would give you the Egyptian Mythology Arcade to help you learn and remember all these gods and goddesses. Click the link to enter the Egyptian Mythology Arcade.

Egyptian Mythology Arcade!

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Fire Suit of Deltron

Here are two fire suits of Deltron: The Realm of the Nile. The fire suit protects against Napalm if it is being worn by one member of the Pyramid. When the Napalm falls and the heat rises, the fire suit will keep you cool and safe. Forged by the hands of the Keeper of the Realm himself, this fire suit is powerful enough to withstand an unlimited amount of Napalm blasts. One pyramid in each class earned one today. But how long will they keep it?

Andy Floats down the Nile River

Join Andy as he floats down the Nile river. What will he see? A lot, that's for sure.
The animation doesn't work with Google Drive Presenations, so you will not see Andy move. However, you will still be able to get the idea of what's happening and review what Andy sees along the way.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Detective Badge: Ancient Egypt Detective

The Ancient Egypt Detective is here! Students, there are some ancient Egypt "suspects" on the loose! It is your job to catch them by using the clues to identity all 10. If you are able to do this and turn your paper in to the Keeper of the Realm, the "Detective Badge" will by yours. Good Luck! 
 Detective Badge 
Blackout: End of Deltron

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Piecing Egypt Together

Puzzle Badge
You will be working collaboratively with your Pyramid to create a great document about ancient Egypt. There are many interesting topics of ancient Egypt, too many to tackle alone. That is why you will be working with your Pyramid because together, you can conquer this project. For this project, you will use Google Drive and create one document, which you will all work on together, but at your own computer. Outside of class, you can still work on the document on any computer/device that has the internet. Now, there is no walls keeping us contained. We are free to work when and where we choose.


Badge: Puzzle badge upon completion
Realm Points: 200 for your Pyramid
Blackout: November 26th, 2014. Midnight. (Day before thanksgiving break)

Google Drive
Project Details and Instructions

Friday, November 14, 2014

Deltron: Realm of the Nile

Welcome to Deltron: Realm of the Nile. Watch the "Deltron Trailer" above to get a glimpse of what you are in for. Let the games begin....

Thursday, November 13, 2014


How did your Ziggurat do in the Realm? Did you crack the "Top 10" list individually? Click the link below and see the results of Ziggantium: The Realm of the Fertile Crescent

Friday, November 7, 2014

The End Guy of Ziggantium: Mike Tyson

Strap on your gloves. Tie them tight. Step into the ring when you are ready and defeat Mike Tyson

 Mike Tyson

Thursday, November 6, 2014

WSG Live! Mesopotamia

Tomorrow you will face Mike Tyson, aka the test over Mesopotamia. On the night before you face the "end guy," it is a good idea to get some last minute help from the Keeper of the Realm, to load your arsenal with Mesopotamia knowledge so you are ready to knock (him) it out. We shall use a new tool for our WSG Live Event due to some technical difficulties with commenting at the moment. 
100% Badge awarded to any individuals who score a 100% on the test. Go for that badge! 

Time: 7-7:30

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mesopotamia Study Guide

Time flies. Another realm is about to close but before it does, you must face off against the "end guy." Do not feat this end guy, but be brave. Use your knowledge and wit. Use the power you have built in this realm. Good Luck. Use the study guide. It will help you. 
This is one of your study guides. You will also be given a "word chop" and WSG Live. 

2014 Events Tournament Official Results

12 major events of Mesopotamia entered the tournament. Only one survived. After much heated debate in each class period, we eventually arrived at a Champion for each class. I would like to share the results with you, as well as the overall results and allow you to compare this years results to the results of past tournaments.

Compare with previous tournaments

Student Task: Do you agree with the 2014 overall results? Reflect on the tournament with things such as: agree/disagree with overall results and why. What do you think is weird/wrong with the results? Did you find anything interesting or anything that stood out when comparing 2014 to the past tournaments? 
Blackout: November 7th
WSG Badge post

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"We're the Mesopotamians" by We Were Giants

Check out this interesting music video by the group "We Were Giants" as they sing about four Mesopotamians. It's got a pretty catchy tune. Give it a listen. 
Student Task: Watch the music video and tell me what you think about it. Minimum 2 sentences. 
Blackout: November 7th
WSG badge post