Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scrapbooking the Ancient World

Now that we have concluded the Stone Age unit, it is time to work on our Scrapbook project. You all have a three ring binder. You are responsible for this. Take care of it. Each unit, everything we do goes into the binder so it's safe and so you don't lose it. However, in addition to each unit's materials, we will also be adding some "scrapbook requirements."  These are activities that will help us review what we learned in each ancient world. It will also enable us to reflect and remember all the things we learned throughout the year when we reach May. Before you click on the "Requirements" (which will be given to you in class as well), remember that this is YOUR scrapbook project. You make it as cool as you want. The quality of your project all depends on the amount of work and effort you put in. 
Click here to read the Scrapbook Project Details and Requirements

Friday, September 28, 2012

Stone Age Essay

Essay Question: Tell me about the story "I Discover Fire."  In your essay, you need to discuss challenges Johnny faced in communicating with the tribe, what the neanderthals needed help with, how Johnny made the discovery, the strategy of hunting, what happened on each hunt and the resolution of the story (how the story ended).  

Points: 20

Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you study for the test, you could win this....

This could be yours!!
Lynx Survival Bracelet
Students, I want you to study for the test. I so badly want you to study tonight that I am going to have a "giveaway" contest. You may not know this about me but I know how to make Survival Bracelets. I have seen many of you wearing them around school. I also wear one everyday. Perhaps you have noticed it. I think they are fun to make and fun to be creative with different colors. So, I am going to combined my bracelet making abilities with the Stone Age review.  So, here is the contest: If you post a comment to this blog post, your name will be entered into the drawing. One lucky student will win this one-of-a-kind Lynx Survival Bracelet tomorrow in class. Nobody in the entire school district has a bracelet like this, and it could be yours. All you have to do is study! 
To get your name entered in the contest, all you need to do is ONE of the following tasks:
1. Post a comment with all vocab words and definitions from the Stone Age work packet.
2. Tell me information about Otzi the Iceman
3. Tell me about the 4 theories on how Otzi may have died.
4. Tell me about the story "I Discover Fire"
5. Tell me the 3 theories on why neanderthals may have died out. 
6. Describe the characteristics of a neanderthal and a Cro-Magnon

Deadline: Friday, September 28th at 8:00 a.m.
Quick Links:
Study Guide
Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stone Age 2012 Study Guide Tools

Our first major test of the school year is upon us. Throughout the school year, we study 8 ancient civilizations. At the end of each unit, we have a test, which means we have 8 social studies tests this school year. Here is your first one: The Stone Age. Through Water for Sixth Grade, I like to provide you with some study tools that will help you and give you direction in what/how to study. The test is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28TH. It is 40 questions. With this post, I want to make it as easy as possible to access the review tools. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blueman meets Mustache

Let me introduce you to Blueman. An awkward, weird, and rude fellow, the Blueman often finds himself in interesting situations. Blueman helps us learn about social studies but not on purpose. Blueman doesn't want to help anyone or talk to anyone, especially Mustache. So take a look at the first installment of the Blueman comic strip called "Blueman Meets Mustache."
As you read through the Blueman comic, can you pull out all of the Stone Age stuff??
Go "Full Screen" to read the comic easier.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Otzi InfoGraphic

Otzi_Profile title=
An infographic is just that: information and graphics. An infographic allows us to learn some information with words and pictures. Here is an infographic of Otzi that I made to help us discuss what he was possibly wearing and doing at the time of his death. Use the infographic to answer the following questions.
Character Profile: Otzi the Iceman
1. What type of climate do you think he was in at the time of his death? Why do you think that? 
2. What did he carry in his birch canister? 
3. If someone was going to rob Otzi, what do you think they would go after? 
4. How do we know Otzi was not prepared for a fight or battle? 
5. What did Otzi mainly use to make his clothing? 

What Happened to Otzi?

Otzi the Iceman frozen in ice
Otzi the Iceman has taught us a lot about certain things from 5,500 years ago. From Otzi and the fact that he was preserved in the ice, we can learn what people during that time period wore, ate, lived, and did. Otzi was 5'2" and about 45 years old. He had worn down teeth from eating tough grain and bread. He was wearing all homemade clothing designed to keep him warm. Indeed, we have learned a lot, but not everything. One aspect of the Otzi story is his death. How exactly did he die? It may seem like "no big deal," that he just died. But certain clues on Otzi's body suggest that there might be a mystery here. Based on clues archaeologists have uncovered, there are four possible theories on how Otzi died. Today, we shall examine each theory and decide what we think really happened. 
The Four Theories:
1. Suffered Hypothermia
2. Was robbed
3. Assassinated
4. Died in battle

Task: Read through each Theory and tell me one detail from each theory that you think is the strongest. Then, state which theory you think happened. It couldn't have been all four, only one of them happened, but which one? The debate rages on...
Example Comment: 
Suffered Hypothermia: (write one detail for this theory from the link provided)
Was Robbed: (one detail)
Assassinated: (one detail)
Died in Battle: (one detail)

Opinion: I think it was......(state which theory  you think it was and WHY.)

In-Class Blogging.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

WSG Message Board

Just want to post a random comment? Just want to tell me something or talk about something? Well, now you have that chance. I would like to introduce the WSG Message Board. There are many posts on this blog, but sometimes, you might just want to tell me something totally unrelated to the posts I have up. Where do you post questions or comments? Right here, at the WSG Message Board. On the WSG Message Board, it is just a discussion of whatever happens to be on my mind or on your mind! I will be checking this post a lot and posting many comments as well, so check it out and get involved! You can respond to what I say and to what each other says. Let the messaging begin...

The WSG Message Board can always be accessed by clicking on "1-Message Board" in the Label Cloud. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Where is Otzi?

It is time to search for Otzi. Today, you will be joining me as I enter the Alps in search for Otzi the Iceman. Otzi, who happens to be the oldest body ever found, is an extremely important "artifact" because he can teach us so much about what life was like when he roamed the Earth. We can study his weapons, tools, and clothing. We can also study his bones to get an idea of what people looked like. Otzi is truely an amazing discovery. However, today, you will watch as I search for Otzi and discover all the artifacts that were found with his body. The story of Otzi doesn't end there, however, because Otzi the Iceman did not die of natural causes. Was he murdered? Did he die in battle? Was he sick? You will read the evidence and try to solve the oldest mystery in the world.

Task #1: Using the Otzi PowerPoint, fill out your guided notes in your Otzi Packet. This will be done together, but you can follow along on your own screen.

Task #2: Watch the Video "Discoverying Otzi" and watch as the body and artifacts are discovered. In your Otzi packet, record all the artifacts found and why they are important.

Task #3: Sketch a scene of the area in which Otzi was discovered in. Try to place the items in the correct spot based on where they were found.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ancient Quest: "I Discover Fire"

Johnny has been challenged by Buddha. He has been challenged to go back to the ancient world and complete a quest. In 6th grade, Johnny came face to face with a tiger in the Roman Colosseum. With no other choice but to fight, Johnny killed the tiger. Over the years, that decision has caused Johnny to spiral into a depression. That, and an end to his time traveling has made Johnny miserable. He wants nothing more than to go back in time on another adventure. With Buddha's challenge, Johnny is going back. This time, Johnny must complete one task in each of the eight ancient worlds. He does not know what his task is. He must figure it out and complete it. The only clue Johnny was given was that the task will somehow improve the lives of the people living there or be something very significant to that world.  Johnny is poised for his first task in his first ancient world: The Stone Age. Nervous, scared, and excited, Johnny's ancient quest starts now...
Read: Ch. 2: "I Discover Fire" 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Why did Neadnerthals die out?

Thousands and thousands of years ago, the Neanderthals roamed the earth. The neanderthals were a species of human known as Homo Neanderthalis. These neanderthals had a distinct, drastically different look to them than Homo Sapiens, known as Human beings (like us). As you look around you, do you see any neanderthals? No, you don't. All the neanderthals died out. So, why is that? In class, we will be analyzing the question of "Why did the Neanderthals die out?" Since no books were written from the time of neanderthals, archaeologists need to study artifacts (bones, campires, etc) to try to answer that question and figure out why neanderthals died out. We will be looking at 3 possible theories (or guesses) on why the neanderthals died out. 

The 3 Theories 
1. Ousted by Humans 
2. Defeated by Climate 
3. Violent End 
 Task: After reading through all three possible theories in your article on why the neanderthals may have died out, post a comment with what you think happened. Be sure to include why you picked that particular theory. 
  Example Comment: "Ousted by Humans" I think this because....(go on to explain why you think that by stating TWO specific details that support your claim. 

DUE: Friday, September 21st, 2012. Midnight. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Walking with Beasts: Sabre Tooth

Check out this interesting video about the Sabre tooth cat and how things may have looked during the times that the Sabre tooth roamed the plains. This video is part of a series that looks at a variety of interesting animals.

Cave of Hands

The Cave of Hands is an extremely interesting piece of the past. Though not from the Stone Age time period, it is cave art, which we will be talking about during our unit. I encourage you to explore this very interesting topic a little more by doing some internet searches. I have attached a picture of what it looks like an one website to get you going. Cave of Hands is a Cave of Wonder!
Website on the Cave of Hands

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stone Age Concept Map on the iPad

Today we are going to practice yet another app on the iPads. The app is called "Inspiration Maps" and it is going to allow us to create an idea/concept map on the ipad. The picture included in this blog post is an example of what you will be doing. Explanation will of course be delivered in class, but use this blog post as a helper in creating your inspiration map. 
TOPIC: Stone Age
Use the stone age chapter (purple stone age logo to the right) to help you come up with 3 or 4 topics that can "shoot" out of the Stone Age bubble. 
-The Main/Middle bubble should say "Stone Age" along with your name so I know who created it. 
-Get pictures that go along with your topics off the internet AFTER you have gotten your 3 or 4 topics and information on your map (pictures are the last thing you do)
We will be saving these projects in my DropBox account. 
This is an inclass activity, but you must concentrate and focus because in the future, we will make these for points. This will still be a good opportunity to work with the Stone Age information. 
I look forward to your creations. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Water for Sixth Grade on Facebook

Water for Sixth Grade has an official Facebook page on You can look at the official Facebook page of Water for Sixth Grade and click "like." So far, we have over 150 "likes"!! It would be awesome if we could get over 200. So, if you  have Facebook, feel free to "like" the page and get excited about blogging! The WSG Facebook page has many things about social studies that you may find interesting and helpful. It also has some of the things we do in class. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED FACEBOOK!!!! So don't go home and tell your parents you need to sign up if you don't have your own already. The point of this Facebook page is to provide yet another option for my students to get involved with the ancient world and to get excited about Water for Sixth Grade.
Visit the official Facebook page of Water for Sixth Grade and Click "Like"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th, 2001. Never Forget

I vividly remember this day. On September 11th, 2001, terrorists hijacked four US planes and attacked America. They flew two into the WTC, one into the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed in a field because the members on the plan overtook the terrorists and crashed it into the field, saving hundreds of lives. The video above has some footage from various news stations on the day it happened. This day changed America.

Listen to the People Who were There...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Stone Age: You Are There

Today you have a unique opportunity. Today you will experience the Stone Age. You will not be reading about it, you will not be watching a video about it, you will not be doing worksheets about it, and you will not be listening to me talk about it. True, those are all ways you can learn about something, but today, you will be learning about the Stone Age by actually going there. That's right. You will warp back in time and spend one day in the Stone Age. While you are there, you have two goals: Learn about this wild and uncivilized place and survive. Throughout your day in the Stone Age, you will have to make decisions on what you are going to do. The decisions you make will have consequences-some good, some bad. But it is up to you to make them, and deal with the outcome. With that said, let's get on to our task below...

Task #1: Play the game "Stone Age: You Are There." Throughout your experience, you will record your journey on your "score sheet." Keep track of your decisions, consequences and point total. At the end, ask yourself, "How did my day in the Stone Age go?" then tell me about it on your sheet. YOU MUST USE COMPLETE SENTENCES.

BONUS QUESTIONS: (post a comment with your answers. In-class activity. You may have to go back and find the answers in the game) 

1. List 3 animals from this game.
2. What is found in caves that helps us learn about the Stone Age?
3. What is the best method of hunting the Irish Elk?
4. What tool is most effective in cutting through rough animal hide?
5. Describe a neanderthal. (3 things).

Task #2: Replay the game making different decisions. Fill out another score sheet.
Task #3: Read about the Stone Age. With these two links: Mr. Donn's Early Humans and Prehistoric Humans at Kidspast.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Get ready for the Ancient Quest

The Ancient Quest is here. A few years ago, I wanted to find a novel that my students could read that would be entertaining, exciting, but yet still teach them about the ancient worlds we study. I could not find such book, so I decided to write my own. I created Johnny Rawten, who is the main character in my books. In book 1, called "Johnny Rawten," he is a 6th grader who discovers that he has the ability to time travel to the ancient world. Throughout 6th grade, he has amazing adventures. At the end of 6th grade, he is faced with a choice: time travel again or go to the spring dance with his girlfriend. He chooses the dance, which he regrets immediately for he lost he chance at another adventure. Johnny spends the next 5 years desperately searching for another time warp portal. No matter how hard he tries, he can not find another time warp portal to go back to the ancient world, that is, however, until he is presented with, the Ancient Quest....

Check out more on the book "Ancient Quest" by accepting the quest HERE.

Scrapbook Cover Design

The Ancient World Scrapbook project is something that we will be working on all year. It is a project that will help us remember all the wonders of the ancient world because we will have a place to keep everything we have learned. We will add to it as we go from place to place, so at the end of the year, we will have produced a quality product about the ancient world. A product that we can look through and remember and remind ourselves of all the things we learned about. Since this scrapbook project is a big deal, we are going all out with the cover. That means getting to print in COLOR! Since we will be using these scrapbooks a lot, we will be looking at the covers a lot, so we want to have something we are proud of and like looking at. So, today you will have a chance to design and print your scrapbook cover.  Before you can begin, you MUST look at the design studio link below and follow it closely for requirements and ideas. 

Stepping into the Ancient World

Time to crank up the intensity of our ancient world class. Today I am going to push you. Not literally, that would be bad, but figuratively. I am going to push you to work hard, to think, to try. What I am going to launch for you today is not easy and will not be completed in 5 minutes. The ancient world is not easy street. Once we step into the ancient world, we must get focused. We must keep our eye open for any and all dangers. We must be prepared and we must be willing to push ourselves to the limit. We are going to introduce ourselves to the ancient world be going on a "search for knowledge."  I have provided you with websites. These are the ONLY websites you can use today. Below, you will see the list of tasks that you must complete. Good Luck and try your best because this is not going to be easy.

***From the sites I have given you, choose ONE topic from any civilization on the list and tell me about it with AT LEAST 3 sentences. 

In-Class Task (NOT HOMEWORK): 
***Use the websites provided on the right to help you complete your task. 
***Click HERE for your task list. 
***Write your answers on a sheet of paper.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wax Museum 2012 Donation goes to Joel Kocer

Out of the 432 posts I have published on Water for Sixth Grade, this one means the most to me. I had a chance to talk with Joel Kocer about the his battle with cancer, the Wax Museum, and his trip to Alaska. I wanted to devote a post to Joel because of how inspirational he is in how he faced, battled, and beat cancer. He is one tough kid and he deserves to be honored. I also wanted to post this because Joel's story shows just how much of a difference the 6th graders make with the Wax Museum. In 2010, Joel participated in the first ever Wax Museum held at BVMS. That year, Joel and his classmates voted to donate the money to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The money went towards making a child's wish come true. Little did Joel know that he would be the recipient of a Wish in 2012. Joel was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. In the summer of 2012, Joel received a wish from the Make-A-Wish foundation. The Wax Museum of 2012's donation went towards Joel's wish. I think it is so cool that we were able to help out Joel, who is in our school district, who participated in the very same project and is just an all around great kid. I am honored that Joel took the time to talk with me and share his experiences. 
The Wax Museum changes lives and provides a once in a life-time experience. Just ask Joel.

Read my Interview with Joel Kocer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crazy Izzy's Ancient Timeline

Let me introduce you to Crazy Izzy. One thing you need to know about her is that she is crazy. However, she also likes to help you learn about the ancient world, so she has decided to tell you when each ancient civilization occurred throughout history. The first half of this video is Crazy Izzy showing signs with the ancient civilization name and year. The second half of this video is some deleted scenes, which you'll definitely want to watch.
So, when did all these ancient worlds occur? Watch Crazy Izzy's Ancient Timeline to find out.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Remind101 has Arrived

Remind101 is one of my favorite tech tools as a teacher. Remind101 helps me remind you about important dates, upcoming events, tests, projects, etc. It is a tool that will help you know and remember what's going on a lot better. Ideally, you as the student would write everything down in your planner and then look at it each day after school and complete your homework. Well, I am a realist and I know that many of you fill out your planner but then never look at it at home. The planner is okay, but I think there is a better tool to help remind you about important things in school: The CELL PHONE. We all check our cell phones constantly, so why not use that to my advantage as a teacher? If you have your own cell phone, then you can use that. If you don't have your own cell phone, you can have your parents sign up or use your email address. Remind101 allows me to text message my students in a very safe, secure way. With this tool, I can send out reminders directly to your cell phone, which are sure to be seen by you. Last year, I had 150 subscribers on my notifications list. Parents and students alike raved about how great Remind101 was and how much it helped them know what was going on in social studies.  This year, I hope to get even more. 
Directions on how to sign up will be provided in class. 

Click here for a Remind101 overview.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Little Jumpy...

Period 9 concentrating hard on their reading test right up until time runs out...