Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Geography Mini-Unit: Open Note Test: August 27th (Friday)

Sixth graders, you have a test on friday, August 27th, 2010 over our short Geography unit. This is an open note test so make sure you have your notes. If you do not have all the notes, or you lost them, use the Geography Mini-Unit gadget located on the right side of this blog and get what you need or just use it to review. This is not one of our major units of the school year, but I feel that it is importnat to "brush up" on our geography skills, our maps skills, and our thinking skills. While we navigate our way through the ancient world, we will encounter maps that will help us learn and discover. A map is simply a picture unless we know how to read it and use it as a tool. Throughout our mini-geography unit week, we are only going to touch on a few items: where we live/our surroundings, map elements, different types of maps, and geographical physical features. It is important that you pay attention and use the Geography Mini-unit gadget located on the right side of this blog. Use those links to learn, review, or if you lost something. You do not have an assignment on this blog, though it is open ended. If you have something about geography you would like to say to us, simply post a comment. If you have a question about something pertaining to geography, post a comment and I will answer it or one of your splendid students will answer it.

Task: If you would like to say something about geography, post a comment.

Task: If you have a question about something we are going over, post a comment and an answer will come quickly.
Good Luck!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Welcome to Water for Sixth Grade.

Welcome to Water for Sixth Grade. Thank you for coming. This site is the single most important thing in your social studies life. The name of this blog means something: water is the most essential part of life. Without it, a person can not live. For your 6th grade social studies life, this blog is the single most important thing. Water for Sixth Grade will allow every advantage to you in helping you have a successful social studies year. On this site, you will find many different things, all of which will help you become a better student, a better person, and a better blogger. This is essentially a welcome post, which we will use to practice blogging. Trust me, you will be blogger experts in a very short time. To practice and get you thinking, we are going to start with some basic writing prompts.

For each task, you must have at least 5 sentenses. (Essentially a paragraph)
Task #1: Tell me about 5th grade. Include anything you want about your 5th grade year.
Task #2: Tell me about your summer. What did you do? Anything fun? Tell me anything you want about your summer.

**Remember, at least 5 sentenses for EACH task. Thank you.

Good Luck on your first of many Water for Sixth Grade posts.