Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome to Water For Sixth Grade

Sixth Graders, I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to Water for Sixth Grade. This year you will have a blog experience like never before. You will soon come to realize that blogging and this blog in particular, can greatly enhance your learning. Water for Sixth Grade can provide ample opportunities and choices for you to be the best student you can be. This blog will allow ALL of us to share our ideas. We will be able to help each other, learn from each other, and experience Ancient Civilization together. On this blog, I will post pictures, videos, discussion topics, homework assignments, study guides, and anything else I want. With Water for Sixth Grade, there is no limit. You may or may not be familiar with blogging. It is actually quite simple. It will take very little time at all to become a Master Blogger. Basic blogging is this: I post something on the blog, and you respond to it by posting your comments. Yes, you will be posting your thoughts and ideas on the internet and Yes, the internet is used in over 200 countries world wide. By the way, to give you an idea of what type of audience you are dealing with on Water for Sixth Grade, last year this blog was visited by people in over 120 countries. Last year, Water for Sixth Grade had people blog from Turkey, Great Britain, Scotland, Egypt, and Russia. Water for Sixth Grade had over 30,000 hits last year alone. This website you are dealing with is not just some low level thing. It is a big deal. It is a big deal because of you, the student, and your ability to post ideas and thoughts that are provacative. Our goal this year is to beat the number of countries that visited last year. Our goal this year is to become the best students we can be. Water for Sixth Grade will help that goal. Once again, Welcome to Water for Sixth Grade.

Ancient Civilization Highlights PowerPoint

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Let's practice Blogging. I thought it would be appropriate to pick Respect as the topic of our first blog post. This, in my opinion, is the biggest thing one can give. To practice blogging, let's talk about respect. I will give you a few questions to get you started on this "respect" discussion.

1. What does the word Respect mean?

2. How do you show Respect?

3. How do you earn Respect?

4. How does someone LOSE respect?

5. Tell me who you should respect and why.

6. How will you earn the respect of your teachers?

7. How will you earn the respect of your classmates?

Respect, Respect, Respect. Very important Stuff. Good Luck.