Friday, December 19, 2008


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Time to Reflect...

Water for Sixth Grade has passed the 10,000 visitor Milestone. Water for Sixth Grade has also traveled to over 111 countries since it was launched in August of 2008. Despite the high number of countries blogging with Water for Sixth Grade, we are not satisified. There are still countries in the world that have not had the W.S.G. Experience and it is our goal to give that to them. There are about 80 countries that W.S.G. has not been represented at, so our work is not done. We are still on the quest to spread W.S.G. throughout the entire world, to change lives, to create a culture, to create a way of life and to make 6th Grade an unforgettable experience. That is what life is all about, Experiences that one will remember forever. My students, You, are part of something that is bigger than just this grade, bigger than just this city. It is something that is beyond these school walls. It is spanning the globe. It is not me alone that has pushed W.S.G. to this position, you, the student are a major part of making Water for Sixth Grade what it is. I Thank you. The World Thanks you.
Because of this monumental occasion, I think it is fitting to stop and take a moment to reflect on W.S.G.
Here you can post whatever you want about Water for Sixth Grade, about how it has changed your life, about how it has changed the world, about 6th grade in general, about blogging in general, about thoughts you have, ideas you have, stories you have, anything you have. Share it all here, on this post, all Winter Break long. Despite the two week break from school, let us stay connected and continue to share ideas and share experiences.
Blog On!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Laying China to Rest

Where does the time go. Here we are, at the end of the China unit and it seems like just yesterday we were starting the Stone Age. It's amazing how fast time goes, lucky for us, Water for Sixth Grade is timeless. (which means it will last FOREVER)
I am assuming you thought that once you were done with the test, you were done with your work for Social Studies. Oh, how you were wrong. This is going to be a multi-task post, which means you are going to have to do more than one thing. So perhaps you need to start reading faster to get to the part of this post that actually explains what you need to do. I'm kidding, no rush, I appreciate you reading this and taking the time out of your busy schedule to come to my class. By the way, did you get a hair cut? It looks nice. You Must Do BOTH Tasks.

Task 1: You need to reflect on Ancient China. That basically means you need to blog about what you learned about Ancient China. Here's a few tips to get you started: Tell the world what you liked the most about the Unit, tell the world what you thought was interesting, what types of activities you liked doing the most, what do you wish we would have done, etc. I am always open to new ideas for projects, activities, etc. Got a good one? Share it!
Task 2: Compare Ancient China with our previous unit, Ancient Egypt. Tell the world how these two civiliations are similar and how they are different. Here are a couple ideas on what to compare/contrast: the Rivers of both civilizations (how were they used? How were they similar?), Pyramids and the Great Wall (what were they both built for? Who worked on them? What are they used for today? Unique about them?)
What allowed these two civilizations to grow and become a major civilization, compare/contrast the impact each has had on our lives today (which civilization has impacted us the most? Why? What civilization do you like the most? Why?
Due Date: December 19, 2008. Midnight.
Points: 20 School Points
Worth: Continuing to become Master Bloggers

Good Luck, and as always, Thank You for your hard work and positive Attitude. You are the Best.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Chinese Innovation-Unlike Any Other...

Ancient China is Influential. Ancient China is Innovative. Ancient China is Amazing. Ancient China is paralleled by no other in the Ancient World when it comes to impacting our lives today. We have experienced the wide array of Chinese Inventions via the PowerPoint. We have a grasp on just how much this Ancient Civilization has impacted our lives today. It is amazing and scary to think what our world would be like if Ancient China had not produced the contributions they did. Their contributions to the modern world should make us stand up and say, "Thank you."
With all of these inventions in mind, let's discuss the impact they have had on our culture and the importance of each invention. Everybody has been assigned an invention. This is the only invention you are going to blog about. You may certainly respond to other comments.
Task: Tell us what your invention is, What it does, and Why YOU think it is the MOST important of all the Chinese Inventions. State or case, think about it, make a good arguement for your invention. This is good practice for when you give a speech on your invention.
Points: 10 School points
Worth: This will benefit you beyond the walls of BVMS
Due Date: December 15th, 2008. 10:00 p.m.

As we get into the heart of the Chinese Unit, keep working hard. Thank you for your effort and attitude. It is greatly appreciated!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Brain Teaser: Red Remover

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A "Chinese" State of Mind

Throughout the last four weeks, our attention and focus has been entirely devoted to Ancient Egypt. We learned about many interesting, if not fascinating, topics pertaining to Ancient Egypt-Pyramids, Nile River, Mummification, etc. It is my hope that those things have "stuck" in your brain. Despite the success of the Ancient Egypt Unit, we must move on and shift our attention and focus on our new topic-Ancient China. Despite the relative shortness of this Unit, we will discover that Ancient China has significantly placed its fingerprint on our culture today, here in the United States. How, exactly, Ancient China did that will not be revealed at this time, however, but slowly throughout the Unit as we discuss Ancient China.
Task: To help us get into a "Chinese State of Mind," lets think about what we already know about Ancient China. I am not asking you to tell me only what you know, I'm asking you to tell me what you know, what your mom knows, what your dad knows, what your siblings now, what anybody in your family knows about Ancient China.
DUE: Friday, December 5th 2008. 5:00 p.m.
Points: 10 School Points (Completion Grade)
Worth: Plenty...

Kick Ancient Egypt aside people, it's China Time!