Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Sixth Graders! I hope you enjoy your five day vacation. Try to do something constructive over break like reading, blogging, or spending time with your family. Don't play video games the entire five days!
Thanksgiving is worthy of a post on Water for Sixth Grade. So, my 6th graders, here is what I want you to do: Tell us your Thanksgiving Day Traditions. Sharing on the blog not only allows your classmates to read, but also allows the whole world to read as Water for Sixth Grade continues to span the globe. Perhaps others from the United States will be moved to blog about their Thanksgiving traditions, thus offering different persepctives of this holiday from around the US.
**Some items to consider when talking about your traditions: What food do you eat? Anything special? Any traditional games you play? Where do you go? Do you travel a lot? Is it a big get togehter? Or is it a small gathering? Do you watch football? Does everyone fall asleep after eating the turkey? Do you go hunting? What do you do? What do you like best about Thanksgiving? Etc....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pyramids or Mummification?

Good Day, my 6th grade bloggers. Water for Sixth Grade has already dealt with the Nile River and Egyptian Daily Life. So for this post, we will be focusing on only two aspects of Ancient Egypt. You will be commenting on either Pyramids or Mummification. So, one might ask, "Mr. Klumper, how do we know which one to do?" The answer is quite simple: If your last name begins with any letter between A and K, your topic is Pyramids. If your last name begins with any letter between L and Z, your topic is Mummification. Simple, huh? All you need to know is what your last name starts with in order to figure out what your topic is.
Task: Using your guided notes for your topic, tell me about your topic as if I know nothing about it. Act like I have no clue about pyramids and mummification and you are trying to teach me about them. Remember, your audience is not just 6th grade students at Brandon Valley. Your audience is far greater than that. Water for Sixth Grade is sweeping the World. There are people from all over the world reading your thoughts and ideas. Educate them on Egypt!
Good Luck.
Format: Paragraph-Style. Topic Sentence. Use your guided notes to tell me EVERYTHING about your topic.
Length: In order to complete this assignment for full credit (A), you need AT LEAST 300 words. If you are only able to come up with 200 words, you will earn a B, 100 hundred words will earn you a C. Anything less than 100 words is not acceptable.
School Points: 20
Life Points: 5,000
Worth: More than you know, but will soon realize as you navigate your way through the years of life.
DUE: November 25, 2008. 7:00 p.m.

I greatly appreciate your effort and enthusiasm about Egypt. It is just a joy coming to school everyday when students like you are here waiting with great attitudes about Social Studies. You make this the best job in the world.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Daily Life Snapshot

We have discussed the daily life of Ancient Egypt together in class. Now it is your turn to discuss it together, blog-style. We discussed the family, peasant life, Homes, clothing and appearance. Using the things we have discussed, write a 100 word essay describing Ancient Egyptian Daily Life. For your essay, there are some options. You may want to focus in-depth on just one part of Daily Life (i.e. appearance, clothing, homes, etc.) or you may want to briefly cover all topics of Daily Life. It is your decision. You Decide. Whichever path you choose, make sure you hit 100 words.

Format: 100 words. Paragraph Style. Topic Sentence*
DUE: Monday, November 17th. 10:00 p.m.
School Points: zero
Life Points: 1,000
Worth: Gaining knowledge and skills to help you in the 21st century. As the world moves forward, you will be leading the charge with your technological savvy skills.

*Tip for this Post: A topic sentence states what you will be talking about in your essay.

Example of GOOD topic sentence: "The appearance of ancient Egyptians has a very distinct look." From here, I would continue my essay describing ancient Egyptians and explaing why they have a distinct look, what makes them distinct, etc.
Example of a BAD topic sentence: "I am going to talk about clothing."

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Great River Nile

The fact that we learn about the Nile River first during our Ancient Egypt Unit is by no accident. The Nile is by far the most important and essential element for Ancient Egypt. Without the Nile, Ancient Egypt would be a meaningless blip on the Ancient Civilization radar screen. We discussed the importance of the Nile and the various purposes the Nile serves the people of Egypt. Let's take some time to discuss what we have learn about the Nile. You may use your Nile River Notes if you get stuck.

Your discussion should include ALL of the following:
--Describe the picture I have attached to this post. Explain why the picture looks as it does.
--Discuss both the "Black Land" and the "Red Land." Why is it called that? What is possible in the Black land? Why? What is not possible in the Red land? Why?
--Describe how the Nile River is a "Giver of Life" and how it is a "Taker of Life"
--Why is the Nile River so important? Things to keep in mind/discuss: why do people live so close to the Nile, the many uses of the Nile, what Egypt would be like if the Nile River did not exsist, etc...

Good Luck on this very important Nile River post. This is the most essential element to understand in dealing with ancient Egypt. Be confident in your ability to adequately disucss the Nile.

The Egypt Unit is well underway. Thank you for your continued effort and enthusiasm about Social Studies.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Wins!

Water for Sixth Grade would like to offer our deepest, heartfelt 'congratulations' to Barack Obama for winning the Election, making him our next President of the United States. This is truely a historic moment in the history of our Country. We are fortunate to be able to witness these historic times first hand. We are here, living through them, in the moment. The record number of voters in this election signifies that there is a change in attitude in America. More people than ever are starting to care and starting to realize that they have a voice in this country. Appreicate the fact that you live in America. Do not take it for granted.
It will be exciting and interesting in the months ahead as Obama begins his presidency in January.
Good Luck to President Obama.
Students: Now that the election is over, what are your thoughts? Did you watch the election on T.V.? What do you think of the whole thing? Share your thoughts, comments, questions........